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8175291 Systems, methods, and apparatus for multi-microphone based speech enhancement May 8, 2012
Systems, methods, and apparatus for processing an M-channel input signal are described that include outputting a signal produced by a selected one among a plurality of spatial separation filters. Applications to separating an acoustic signal from a noisy environment are described, and
8175123 Collection window positioning using time tracking information May 8, 2012
A method for positioning a collection window for a Fourier transform function is disclosed. A first orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) symbol and a second OFDM symbol are received. The first OFDM symbol comprises a plurality of frequency division multiplexed (FDM) symb
8175100 Transmission scheduling optimization method and wireless user equipment device May 8, 2012
A wireless user equipment device transmits a control channel and a data channel. Each of the control channel and the data channel include a plurality of time slots. The control channel is configured to transmit control information and includes both transmission time slots and non-tra
8175090 Outer coding methods for broadcast/multicast content and related apparatus May 8, 2012
Transmission techniques are provided that improve service continuity and reduce interruptions in delivery of content that can be caused by transitions that occur when the User Equipment (UE) moves from one cell to the other, or when the delivery of content changes from a Point-to-Poi
8175050 Resource release and discontinuous reception mode notification May 8, 2012
Indications are provided related to discontinuous reception (DRX) and release of semi-persistent scheduling (SPS) resources from a base station to an access terminal. A DRX indicator that provides a command to an access terminal to transition to DRX mode and a resource release indica
8171381 Outer coding methods for broadcast/multicast content and related apparatus May 1, 2012
Transmission techniques are provided that improve service continuity and reduce interruptions in delivery of content that can be caused by techniques that occur when the User Equipment (UE) moves from one cell to the other, or when the delivery of content changes from Point-to-Point
8171300 Security method and apparatus May 1, 2012
A method and apparatus for providing password security to an electronic device. Access rights to an electronic device are determined by decrypting and decoding an encrypted password given to one or more individuals. When an individual enters a given encrypted password into the electr
8171250 Method and apparatus for delivering content based on receivers characteristics May 1, 2012
Media distribution systems may include methods and apparatus to perform memory management on a wireless devices configured to receive non-real time portions of media services. Such methods and apparatus may be based upon an allowable capacity of presentations storable in device memory, a
8171211 Method and system for minimizing impact of refresh operations on volatile memory performance May 1, 2012
A memory system is provided. The system includes a volatile memory, a refresh counter configured to monitor a number of advanced refreshes performed in the volatile memory, and a controller configured to check the refresh counter to determine whether a regularly scheduled refresh can
8171192 Hardware-assisted device configuration detection May 1, 2012
A method and apparatus for detecting the configuration of a device in a processing system are described. In one embodiment, a page size parameter associated with a memory device is identified. Further, one or more configuration parameters associated with the memory device are also id
8171175 Methods and systems using data rate driven protocol accelerator for mobile devices May 1, 2012
By controlling whether operations are offloaded to a protocol stack hardware accelerator as a function of data rate, power consumption may be reduced, for example, when data rates result in fragmented or segmented data not suitable for processing by the stack hardware accelerator.
8170819 Systems and methods for measuring non-linear characteristics of a power amplifier May 1, 2012
A method for measuring non-linear characteristics of a power amplifier is described. A calibration waveform is calculated during a testing procedure period. Amplitude characteristics of the calibration waveform at the output of the power amplifier are measured during the testing proc
8170609 Personal virtual assistant providing advice to a user regarding physiological information receiv May 1, 2012
A personal virtual assistant is provided. The personal virtual assistant includes a medical device and remote station that is connectable via a wireless network to a server containing a control processor and rules engine. The medical device is used to provide physiological information
8170596 Secondary data transmission in a group communication transmission data stream May 1, 2012
A system, method, and wireless communication device that allow the transmission of secondary data in a group-communication data stream between wireless communication devices across a wireless communication network. The wireless communication device selectively transmits at least grou
8170572 Methods and apparatus for supporting quality of service in communication systems May 1, 2012
An access node, e.g., base station, determines a configuration of an end node, e.g., wireless terminal, intended to support a specific traffic flow and sends a configuration command to the wireless terminal. A base station may determine one or more parameters associated with classifi
8170558 Method and system for performing a handoff in a wireless communication system, such as a hard ha May 1, 2012
A method for minimizing search time and disruption of current service on an originating frequency during a frequency search excursion to a target frequency as part of an inter-frequency hard handoff between cells on different RF CDMA channels. Disruption of service on the current fre
8170540 System and methods for remotely upgrading software applications May 1, 2012
The present invention includes a system and methods for upgrading software on a mobile terminal. The system includes a network management computer (NMC) adapted to receive a plurality of software upgrades and to transmit one of the plurality of software upgrades to one of a plurality
8170513 Data detection and demodulation for wireless communication systems May 1, 2012
Techniques for detecting and demodulating data transmissions in wireless communication systems. In one aspect, a decision-directed detector detects for data transmissions in a received signal by utilizing received data symbols as well as received pilot symbols. The decision-directed
8170506 Direct current (DC) offset correction using analog-to-digital conversion May 1, 2012
Techniques for reducing or eliminating DC (direct current) offset in transmitters are disclosed. An apparatus for DC offset reduction may include a converter, a digital engine, and a plurality of programmable current supplies. The converter is configured to provide digital representa
8170505 Driver amplifier having a programmable output impedance adjustment circuit May 1, 2012
A driver amplifier in an integrated circuit is suitable for driving a signal onto an output node and through an output terminal, and through a matching network to a power amplifier. A novel Programmable Output Impedance Adjustment Circuit (POIAC) within the integrated circuit is coup
8170491 System and method for real-time performance and load statistics of a communications system May 1, 2012
A system and method for producing real-time results of performance data for wireless communications servers are disclosed. A plurality of bins, each bin corresponding to a range, are maintained. When a measurable event is detected, the event is placed into the corresponding bin. When a
8170487 Baseband transmitter self-jamming and intermodulation cancellation device May 1, 2012
Some embodiments provide a method, system, and apparatus for interference cancellation at the baseband of a receiver. A wireless communication device, having a transmitter and receiver, is provided with an adaptive circuit that cancels interference caused by transmit signals (or other
8170482 Method and apparatus for receiving a transmission at a receiver May 1, 2012
An embodiment of the invention may include a method of receiving a transmission at a receiver. The method may include setting a receive window duration for receiving the transmission based on an elapsed time since last receiving a good transmission. The receive window duration may be
8170281 Detecting and tracking objects in images May 1, 2012
According to one disclosed method, coordinates in a multi-dimensional space are determined for an image point characterizing a particular object. An equation describing a model in the space is provided. The model is characteristic of a set of training images of one or more other obje
8170084 Quick detection of signaling in a wireless communication system May 1, 2012
Quick frequency tracking (QFT), quick time tracking (QTT), and non-causal pilot filtering (NCP) are used to detect sporadically transmitted signaling, e.g., paging indicators. For QFT, multiple hypothesized frequency errors are applied to an input signal to obtain multiple rotated si
8170068 Method, apparatus, and system for data transmission and processing in a wireless communication e May 1, 2012
According to one aspect of the present invention, a method is provided in which indications of signal quality associated with each of the plurality of user stations are received. Multiple user stations (e.g., a first user station and a second user station) are selected to receive data fr
8170059 System and method for mobile multimedia messages May 1, 2012
Systems and methods are provided for processing forward link only (FLO) messages. A device for processing forward link only (FLO) wireless messages comprises receiving a FLO message and processing the FLO message including a header, an 8-bit FLO information block field, a 7-bit FLO c
8170047 Data transmission with efficient slot and block formats in a wireless communication system May 1, 2012
Techniques for transmitting data and training sequence efficiently using new slot and block formats are described. A transmitter processes (e.g., encodes, interleaves, and partitions) a data block to obtain multiple output blocks. For each output block, the transmitter generates multiple
8170035 Data frame processing May 1, 2012
A method and apparatus for bridging network protocols is disclosed. In one embodiment, a data frame is received and stored in a dual-port memory queue by hardware logic. An embedded processor is notified of the data frame once a programmable number of bytes of the data frame have been
8170027 Apparatus and method for supporting higher data rates on links with variable frame sizes May 1, 2012
Methods and apparatus for communicating IP datagrams efficiently within communication links employing variable frame sizes bundles IP datagrams into data payloads. The number of datagrams that can fit within a current frame size is determined, a bundle header indicating that the bundle
8169982 Method and apparatus for creating a fingerprint for a wireless network May 1, 2012
The disclosure is directed to a wireless communication device and method for using the device. The wireless communications device may be used by accessing information in memory, the information relating to a first communications network. The information, along with one or more reference
8169980 Methods and apparatuses for interworking May 1, 2012
Apparatuses and methodologies are described that coordinate multiple wireless communication protocols within a mobile device. A single mobile device can contain multiple communication components (e.g., a Bluetooth component, an IEEE 802.11b/g component). To prevent interference and p
8169977 Methods and apparatus for characterizing noise in a wireless communications system May 1, 2012
Improved pilot signal sequences which facilitate multiple channel quality measurements, e.g., through the use of different signal pilot transmission power levels, are described. In various implementations the transmitted pilot sequences facilitate determining the contribution of inte
8169957 Flexible DTX and DRX in a wireless communication system May 1, 2012
A data traffic responsive battery-saving approach for a wireless user equipment (UE) device such as an data packet capable cellphone incorporates flexible discontinuous transmission and reception (DTX-DRX) when in Long Term Evolution (LTE) active mode as dictated by an evolved radio
8169956 Mapping uplink acknowledgement transmission based on downlink virtual resource blocks May 1, 2012
An acknowledgment (ACK) mapping automation that reduces overhead for a wireless communication systems such as UTRAN-LTE, Global System for Mobile communications (GSM: originally from Groupe Special Mobile), High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), or any packet-switched system, by
8169953 Method and apparatus for wireless multi-carrier communications May 1, 2012
A Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network supports multi-carrier operation on the downlink and/or uplink for a mobile station. The mobile station receives an assignment of multiple carriers for a first link in the GSM network, receives an assignment of at least one carr
8169947 Method and apparatus for data-centric multiplexing May 1, 2012
An apparatus and method for data centric multiplexing in a wireless communication system with a plurality of channels comprising assigning a first resource to a first of the plurality of channels; assigning a second resource to a second of the plurality of channels wherein the second
8169944 Random access for wireless multiple-access communication systems May 1, 2012
Techniques for facilitating random access in wireless multiple-access communication systems. A random access channel (RACH) is defined to comprise a "fast" RACH (F-RACH) and a "slow" RACH (S-RACH). The F-RACH and S-RACH can efficiently support user terminals in different operating st
8169890 Systems and method for high data rate ultra wideband communication May 1, 2012
A high data rate UWB system implements a frame structure that uses a connected set of m-sequences comprising the lowest possible cross-correlation and perfect, or near perfect autocorrelation. Each m-sequence can be used to identify a different piconet. A very efficient code matched
8169889 Transmit diversity and spatial spreading for an OFDM-based multi-antenna communication system May 1, 2012
A multi-antenna transmitting entity transmits data to a single- or multi-antenna receiving entity using (1) a steered mode to direct the data transmission toward the receiving entity or (2) a pseudo-random transmit steering (PRTS) mode to randomize the effective channels observed by
8169366 Reconfigurable satellite positioning system receivers May 1, 2012
Methods and apparatus are provided for operatively enabling at least a first receiver path to receive a first signal associated with a first satellite positioning system (SPS), operatively enabling at least a second receiver path to receive a signal associated with at least one other
8169353 Wideband digital to analog converter with built-in load attenuator May 1, 2012
A circuit for digital-to-analog conversion is described. The circuit includes a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The DAC includes a double cascaded current source and a differential current-mode switch (DCMS). The circuit further includes a direct current (DC) offset stage. The cir
8169351 Feedback circuits with DC offset cancellation May 1, 2012
Feedback circuits with DC offset cancellation are described. In an exemplary design, a feedback circuit includes a slow integrator and a summer. The slow integrator receives a first intermediate signal at a particular point in the feedback circuit and provides a second intermediate s
8169270 Overlapping, two-segment capacitor bank for VCO frequency tuning May 1, 2012
A VCO (for example, in an FM receiver) includes an LC resonant tank. The LC resonant tank includes a coarse tuning capacitor bank and a fine tuning capacitor bank. The coarse tuning capacitor bank contains a plurality of digitally controlled coarse tuning capacitor elements, each pro
8169243 Techniques for non-overlapping clock generation May 1, 2012
Techniques for generating precise non-overlap time and clock phase delay time across a desired frequency range are provided. In one configuration, a device includes a non-overlapping clock generation circuit which comprises a delay lock loop (DLL) circuit that in turn generates a con
8165807 Multipath mitigation using sensors April 24, 2012
Systems, methods and devices for multipath mitigation are presented. Specifically, embodiments of the invention can advantageously use sensor inputs to mitigate the effect of multipath signals received at a receiver. The use of physical sensors in navigation systems is deemed particu
8165644 Server initiated power mode switching in portable communication devices April 24, 2012
In a process, a power mode indicator is transmitted from a content server and is received by a Portable Communication Device (PCD). The indicator is indicative of a power mode potentially available to a circuit block in the PCD. The circuit block exhibits different levels of power consum
8165619 Power allocation for power control bits in a cellular network April 24, 2012
A power allocation value for power control information transmitted from a first station to a plurality of stations is determined by receiving data rate control information from the plurality of stations in a communications system. Supplemental information relating to the data rate co
8165592 System and method for creating a wireless picocell April 24, 2012
A system and method are provided for creating a picocell service alternate to a wireless network service. The method comprises: detecting a multiple access (MA) wireless communications network, such as a terrestrial or satellite network; and, generating a first picocell in response t
8165229 Channel estimation method and apparatus in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system April 24, 2012
Disclosed is a channel estimation method and apparatus in an OFDM system. The method includes performing channel estimation at a pilot position of a received symbol, thereby calculating a first channel estimate, performing diagonal interpolation between the first channel estimate and
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