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San Diego, CA
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8199001 Dynamic reporting scheme for location based services June 12, 2012
A dynamic position reporting and/or logging scheme is described herein. Position reporting and/or logging for a mobile device may be dynamically determined based on one or more reporting and/or logging constraints. The constraints may be based on time, distance, events, operating paramet
8198944 Digitally controlled oscillator with improved digital frequency calibration June 12, 2012
Techniques for calibrating digitally controlled oscillators (DCOS) are disclosed. In one aspect of the disclosure, an initial set of control codes for operating the DCO with a coarse frequency tuning bank with multiple overlapping coarse frequency tuning segments (LTBs) and one fine
8198736 Reduced susceptibility to electrostatic discharge during 3D semiconductor device bonding and ass June 12, 2012
A method to reduce electrostatic discharge susceptibility when assembling a stacked IC device. The method includes coupling a ground plane of a first semiconductor device and a ground plane of a second semiconductor device to substantially a same electrical potential. Active circuitry on
8196025 Turbo LDPC decoding June 5, 2012
An iterative low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoding system comprises a first shift register for storing bit estimates, a plurality of parity-check processing node banks configured for processing the bit estimates for generating messages, combiners configured for combining the messa
8196000 Methods and apparatus for interleaving in a block-coherent communication system June 5, 2012
A method, apparatus, and machine readable medium for processing a plurality of Z-vectors. Each Z-vector includes Z elements, and each element includes K bits. The Z-vectors correspond to a binary codeword, portions of which have a relationship to a plurality of transmission units. Th
8195991 Handling of integrity check failure in a wireless communication system June 5, 2012
Handling of integrity check failure in a wireless communication system can safely send the mobile station to the idle mode upon detection of security failure. Alternatively or in addition, attempts to recover from the security failure situation can be enabled without forcing the mobile
8195943 Signaling with opaque UE identities June 5, 2012
Techniques for deriving temporary identifiers (IDs) used to address specific user equipments (UEs) in a wireless communication network are described. At a network entity, a first ID assigned to a UE and additional information such as, e.g., a salt value and/or shared secret data for
8195940 Key updates in a mobile wireless system June 5, 2012
This disclosure describes a key update scheme for use in a mobile IP network. The update scheme may be implemented to facilitate key updates between a mobile device and a server computer that authenticates the mobile device. The techniques described herein can facilitate key updates
8195916 Apparatus and method to translate virtual addresses to physical addresses in a base plus offset June 5, 2012
An apparatus and method to translate virtual addresses to physical addresses in a base plus offset addressing mode are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method includes performing a first translation lookaside buffer (TLB) lookup based on a base address value to retrieve a speculative p
8195213 System and method for permitting recordation of voice transmissions among group members of a com June 5, 2012
A system, method, and computer readable product for allowing a member of a mobile communications group, such as a push-to-talk (PTT) group, to receive indications from at least one other mobile communication device that a current conversation or talk spurt may be recorded. The member may
8195131 Replying to an SMS broadcast message June 5, 2012
A method includes receiving a broadcast message at a receiver device. The message includes identification information identifying a message-type associated with the message, reply-to information, and user information. The method further includes determining the received message is a
8195124 Apparatus and methods for managing time sensitive application privileges on a wireless device June 5, 2012
Apparatus and methods for managing time sensitive application privileges on a wireless device include a computer platform operable to execute an application having a time sensitivity requirement. A time retrieval service resident on the computer platform is operable to retrieve a dat
8195119 Switchable input pair operational amplifiers June 5, 2012
Techniques for designing a switchable amplifier are described. In one aspect, a switchable amplifier including a core amplifier circuit configured to selectively enable one or more parallel input transistor pairs is described. The core amplifier circuit comprises a permanently enable
8195108 Altitude-dependent power management June 5, 2012
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to changing at least one power state of a mobile station at least in part in response to information indicating a change in altitude from one or more sensors.
8195099 Speed estimation and power control based on CQI reports June 5, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate utilizing different power control algorithms as a function of access terminal speed. For instance, instantaneous Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) reports can be inverted for slow moving access terminals while long-term geometry i
8195097 Serving sector interference broadcast and corresponding RL traffic power control June 5, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate broadcasting an interference level and adjusting transmit power corresponding to a reverse link in accordance with the interference level. An interference indication can be broadcasted on a broadcast channel in a wireless commun
8194987 Digital image encoding June 5, 2012
An apparatus and method for limiting bit rate of compressed data is disclosed. The apparatus and method allows the generation of parameters for encoding digital image data based on the data bit rate resulting from the use of different parameters. In one embodiment, a statistical anal
8194859 Efficient key hierarchy for delivery of multimedia content June 5, 2012
A Digital Rights Management (DRM) system provides a lightweight layering of encryption and decryption of keys that allows efficient use of different cryptographic techniques to effect the secure delivery of multimedia content. Asymmetric cryptography, where a public key is used to en
8194796 Methods and apparatus for transmitting layered and non-layered data via layered modulation June 5, 2012
A media access control (MAC) layer controller can manage base layer data and enhancement layer data in a layered modulation system. The MAC layer controller can process both base layer data and enhancement layer data and map the encoded symbols to a layered modulation constellation when
8194776 Multiplexing of real time services and non-real time services for OFDM systems June 5, 2012
Transmitter and receiver units for use in an OFDM communications system and configurable to support multiple types of services. The transmitter unit includes one or more encoders, a symbol mapping element, and a modulator. Each encoder receives and codes a respective channel data str
8194770 Coded MIMO systems with selective channel inversion applied per eigenmode June 5, 2012
Techniques to perform selective channel inversion per eigenmode in a MIMO system to achieve high spectral efficiency while reducing complexity at both the transmitter and receiver are presented. The available transmission channels are arranged into a number of groups, where each grou
8194719 Method and apparatus for maximizing standby time in remote stations configured to receive broadc June 5, 2012
A wireless telecommunications system includes a base station, a plurality of remote stations, a first channel for general page messages containing paging information and broadcast databurst message references, and an auxiliary channel for broadcast databurst notification indicators for t
8194617 Method and apparatus for increasing efficiency of data packet transmission June 5, 2012
An apparatus and method for increasing efficiency of data packet transmission comprising receiving a TCA message and a new pilot signal; determining if the TCA message includes at least one scheduler tag; performing one of the following: determining if there are other pilot signals a
8194614 Methods and systems for MOB.sub.--HO-IND message enhancement June 5, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method and apparatus for efficient reactivation of a previously exited sleep mode. The proposed method may send a request for reactivation of the sleep mode along with the handover cancellation message to the serving base station.
8194600 Air interface selection between nodes in peer-to-peer/ad-hoc networks June 5, 2012
Aspects describe pairs of nodes negotiating air interfaces in a peer-to-peer and/or ad hoc network. The negotiation can take into account the capability of each node. The negotiation can be performed on a default link and after negotiation, the nodes can facilitate a communication ha
8194598 Method and system for a data transmission in a communication system June 5, 2012
Methods and apparatus for a data transmission in a communication system are disclosed. Each of a subset of plural access terminals desiring to transmit user data in an interval transmits a request to transmit in the interval to an access network. The access network makes a decision to
8194588 Coding block based HARQ combining scheme for OFDMA systems June 5, 2012
A method and apparatus for combining retransmitted hybrid automatic repeat-request (HARQ) messages divided into coding blocks in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)/orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) receiver are provided. According to such a codin
8194563 Closed-loop rate control for a MIMO communication system June 5, 2012
In a MIMO system, rate control is achieved with an inner loop that selects rates for data streams sent via a MIMO channel and an outer loop that regulates the operation of the inner loop. For the inner loop, SNR estimates are obtained for each data stream based on received pilot symb
8194560 Access point identifier configuration procedure June 5, 2012
In an access point identifier configuration scheme, different procedures are used for configuring (e.g., updating) different types of access points. For example, the criteria used to determine which identifiers are to be assigned to mobile access points may be different than the criteria
8194551 Methods and apparatus for network controlled mobile IP flow movement June 5, 2012
Methods and apparatus for network controlled mobile IP flow movement. An infrastructure node, such as a home agent, signals a mapping between care-of-addresses (CoAs) and flows to be transmitted from a mobile device in uplink communications. The CoA associated with each flow is determine
8194478 Systems and methods for writing to multiple port memory circuits June 5, 2012
A multiple-port RAM circuit has a data-in line coupled to multiple bit lines and multiple bit line bars. The circuit also has multiple word lines. A memory cell is coupled to the bit lines, bit line bars, and word lines. The circuit further includes a controller than enables the word
8193860 Method and apparatus for automatically controlling an XNN.RTM. enhancement circuitry feeding a p June 5, 2012
Method and apparatus for automatically controlling the operation of a DC power enhancement circuitry connected to an RF power amplifier (PA) that operates at various input signal levels, according to which the instantaneous magnitude of the input signal is sensed and the instantaneou
8193630 System and method of silicon switched power delivery using a package June 5, 2012
In one particular embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a package and a substrate electrically and physically coupled to the package. The package includes a first package-substrate connection, a second package-substrate connection, and metallization coupling the first package-su
8193522 Diamond type quad-resistor cells of PRAM June 5, 2012
A method of forming a phase-change random access memory (PRAM) cell, and a structure of a phase-change random access memory (PRAM) cell are disclosed. The PRAM cell includes a bottom electrode, a heater resistor coupled to the bottom electrode, a phase change material (PCM) formed ov
8191024 Customizable H-tree synthesis tool May 29, 2012
A computer program for generating an H-tree for an integrated circuit design stored on a computer readable medium includes code to receive from a user a set of parameters to configure the H-tree. The parameters include a starting segment length and an ending segment length. The compu
8190854 System and method of processing data using scalar/vector instructions May 29, 2012
A method of processing data is disclosed that includes performing a fetch of a plurality of instructions from a memory unit. The method also includes grouping the plurality of instructions into packets of instructions of different types for parallel execution by a plurality of instru
8190163 Methods and apparatus of enhanced coding in multi-user communication systems May 29, 2012
Efficient coding and communication is accomplished by transmitting first and second sets of information using a relatively large transmission block including a plurality of minimum transmission units (MTUs), each MTU corresponding to a unique combination of resources. A first set of
8190083 Methods and apparatus for communicating in a system including relay stations May 29, 2012
Methods and apparatus relating to communicating in a system including relay stations are described. Various described methods and apparatus are directed to improved performance and/or mitigating interference in relay station boundary areas. Relay station transmission power is controlled
8190015 Method and device for damping lens vibration May 29, 2012
In a method for reducing lens vibration in an image capture device, a lens movement requirement is broken up into N smaller lens move steps, and the lens is moved a first of the N smaller steps. A wait time is inserted after completing the first of the N smaller steps, and then the m
8189802 Digital filtering in a Class D amplifier system to reduce noise fold over May 29, 2012
An improved power amplifier system is provided. The power amplifier system includes a programmable digital filter and a power amplifier, each responsive to a plurality of frequency response settings and switching frequency settings, respectively. Each frequency response setting and s
8189719 Detection of time-domain sequences sent on a shared control channel May 29, 2012
Techniques for sending and receiving signaling messages in a control segment are described. The control segment may be sent with CDM in multiple OFDM symbols. At a receiver, a received sequence is obtained for the control segment. A time-domain signaling sequence is generated based o
8189555 Communications methods and apparatus for supporting communications with peers using multiple ant May 29, 2012
Methods and apparatus for communicating information, e.g., peer discovery information, to peer communications devices using multiple antenna patterns at different times are described. One exemplary method includes transmitting first peer discovery information during a first period of
8189540 Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission May 29, 2012
Methods and apparatus used in a wireless communication system. A data request message may be periodically transmitting by a mobile station to a base station. The data request message may provide information about orthogonal codes to be used by the base station to communicate with the
8189539 System and method for frequency diversity May 29, 2012
A system and method for frequency diversity uses interleaving. Subcarriers of an interlace are interleaved in a bit reversal fashion and the interlaces are interleaved in the bit reversal fashion.
8189530 Methods and apparatus for VPN support in mobility management May 29, 2012
MIP forwarding methods are described that use additional access link-layer identifiers and redirecting data packet identifiers to provide unambiguous forwarding through the MIP Foreign Agent when the Mobile Node has multiple Home Addresses, and/or when the Home Agent, or some interme
8189527 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in an orthogonal frequency division multiple acces May 29, 2012
A method for receiving resources allocated from a base station by a terminal in an OFDMA mobile communication system. The method includes receiving, for a data channel, a number of first components, which indicates an amount of resources used with a first resource allocation scheme,
8189515 Method and apparatus for improving radio spectrum usage and decreasing user data delay when prov May 29, 2012
A method provides for operating a wireless communication system having packet data capabilities, and includes steps of: (a) sending a message from a mobile station to a network on a same physical channel that is used to transmit packet data, the message specifying individual ones of
8189508 Methods and apparatus for peer discovery assist May 29, 2012
Methods and apparatus related to peer, network or service discovery in a mobile wireless system, such as an ad hoc peer-to-peer network, are described. Transmission of discovery information, such as upper layer discovery information, is divided into a number of portions to be transmi
8189491 Apparatus and method of generating and maintaining non-orthogonal connection identifications (CI May 29, 2012
Apparatus and method are provided for generating transmission connection identifiers (CIDs) in a non-orthogonal or pseudo-random manner identifying peer-to-peer connections in a wireless communication network. When a transmitter terminal intends to transmit to its peer receiver termi
8189100 Mobile device with dual digital camera sensors and methods of using the same May 29, 2012
A mobile device comprising a first image sensor, a second image sensor configured to change position with respect to the first image sensor, a controller configured to control the position of the second image sensor, and an image processing module configured to process and combine images
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