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8218426 Multiple stage fourier transform apparatus, processes, and articles of manufacture July 10, 2012
In embodiments, a fast Fourier transform (FFT) engine includes a series of stages, each stage containing a butterfly and a data normalization device configured to scale output of the stage's butterfly. The scaling factors are adjusted, for example, periodically or on as-needed basis, so
8218425 Signaling method in an OFDM multiple access system July 10, 2012
A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symb
8218397 Audio source proximity estimation using sensor array for noise reduction July 10, 2012
Estimating the proximity of an audio source is accomplished by transforming audio signals from a plurality of sensors to frequency domain. The amplitudes of the transformed audio signals are then determined. The proximity of the audio source is determined based on a comparison of the
8217812 Adjustable sampling rate converter July 10, 2012
Techniques of this disclosure provide for adjustment of a conversion rate of a sampling rate converter (SRC) in real-time. The SRC determines relative timing of generated output samples based on non-approximated integer components that are recursively updated. The SRC may further base
8214728 Apparatus and method of early decoding in communication systems July 3, 2012
A method and apparatus are disclosed for forming a frame of interleaved information bits in a communication system, where the decoding of the frame of interleaved information bits may begin before all of the bits in the frame are received. An exemplary interleaved frame is formed by
8213971 Apparatus and method for activating computer applications with SMS messaging July 3, 2012
A method and system for remote activation of computer based applications uses Simple Message Service (SMS) messages to inform a remote computer that an application should be activated. The SMS message may be sent by a cell phone or from a computer. The remote computer receives the SMS
8213943 Constrained hopping of DL reference signals July 3, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate employing constrained frequency hopping of downlink reference signals. Constrained frequency hopping of reference signals provides a sufficiently large set of frequency hopping patterns while enhancing channel estimation. Respec
8213934 Automatic selection of a home agent July 3, 2012
The claimed subject matter relates to assigning a home agent to a wireless terminal during authentication, authorization, and/or accounting with respect to the wireless terminal. The wireless terminal can provide identifying indicia which can be relayed to a AAA server by way of a base
8213686 Optical flow based tilt sensor July 3, 2012
A method is described for determining a description of motion of a moving mobile camera to determine a user input to an application. The method may involve capturing a series of images from a moving mobile camera and comparing stationary features present in the series of images. Optical
8213607 Method for securely extending key stream to encrypt high-entropy data July 3, 2012
A stream stretcher is provided for securely expanding a key stream to match the length of a data block to be encrypted and/or decrypted. A key stream is obtained having a length of L.sub.Z bits. A length L.sub.D corresponding to a data block to be encrypted/decrypted is obtained, whe
8213554 Sparse sampling of signal innovations July 3, 2012
A method of signal processing, comprising: obtaining a digital signal (y.sub.n) based on another signal (x.sub.t) and noise; and estimating information relating to the another signal (x.sub.t) by using a denoising process to produce a denoised signal (y'.sub.n) and by processing the
8213548 Methods and apparatus for dynamic packet reordering July 3, 2012
Methods and apparatus for dynamic packet reordering. In an aspect, a method is provided for processing slot data on-the-fly to produce decodable packets, wherein the slot data includes interleaved modulation symbols. The method includes de-interleaving a stream of the interleaved mod
8213538 Methods and apparatus for improved utilization of air link resources in a wireless communication July 3, 2012
Methods and apparatus for improving the utilization of air link resources in a wireless communications system, e.g., an OFDM MIMO system, including a base station with multiple transmit antennas are described. Superposition signaling in the downlink is employed. The superimposed sign
8213498 Bitrate reduction techniques for image transcoding July 3, 2012
This disclosure describes techniques for encoding data to compress image data to a reduced size. The techniques may be particularly effective in transcoding an image to a reduced size for transmission. An encoding device may transcode an image to an acceptable file size using bitrate
8213487 Systems, methods, and apparatus for jammer rejection July 3, 2012
A method according to an embodiment obtains a list of peaks for each of a number of frequency hypotheses. Each peak has an energy result and corresponds to a code phase hypothesis. Embodiments include methods and apparatus that may be used in identifying a location of a signal (such as
8213485 High rate CDMA wireless communication system using variable sized channel codes July 3, 2012
Method and apparatus for high rate code-division multiple access wireless communication is described. Each of a channel encoded data is modulated by an associated code having a small number of pseudo-noise spreading chips per orthogonal waveform period, thus producing a set of streams of
8213484 Wireless communication network with extended coverage range July 3, 2012
A wireless communication network supports 802.11b/g and a range extension mode, which supports at least one data rate lower than the lowest data rate in 802.11b/g. A transmitting station (which may be an access point or a user terminal) includes first and second processors. The first
8213483 Hopping structures for broadband pilot signals July 3, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate defining and utilizing hopping patterns to transmit broadband pilot signals in a wireless communications network. Portions of bandwidth can be dedicated to transmitting the broadband pilot data, and patterns can be utilized to h
8213405 Wireless network synchronization July 3, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate synchronizing timing among wireless nodes in a wireless communication network. A tracking wireless node can synchronize to a global positioning system (GPS) signal if available. Alternatively, the tracking wireless node can rece
8213390 Reverse link automatic repeat request July 3, 2012
Upon successful decoding of a first set of slots of a first data packet, an Access Network (AN) can send an acknowledge message (ACK) to an Access Terminal (AT) to indicate that the AN has successfully decoded the data received in the first set of slots of the first data packet. Upon
8213310 High-priority communications session within a wireless communications system July 3, 2012
An access network receives a request from an access terminal for communication session support resources associated with a communication session, determines whether sufficient communication session support resources are available for allocating to the access terminal and selects comm
8213295 Transaction timeout handling in communication session management July 3, 2012
This disclosure describes techniques for handling transaction timeouts during setup and management of communication sessions. In particular, a communication device may be configured to handle transaction timeouts differently based on the type of signaling and control message that exp
8213142 Amplifier with improved ESD protection circuitry July 3, 2012
An amplifier (e.g., an LNA) with improved ESD protection circuitry is described. In one exemplary design, the amplifier includes a transistor, an inductor, and a clamp circuit. The transistor has a gate coupled to a pad and provides signal amplification for the amplifier. The inductor is
8212944 Fast stream switching July 3, 2012
A method of fast stream switching including receiving at least one first stream at a device corresponding to at least one first program, wherein the device employs dynamic power management and is operating at a first power level; activating a selection panel; receiving a plurality of
8212840 3-D clipping in a graphics processing unit July 3, 2012
A graphics processing unit (GPU) efficiently performs 3-dimensional (3-D) clipping using processing units used for other graphics functions. The GPU includes first and second hardware units and at least one buffer. The first hardware unit performs 3-D clipping of primitives using a first
8212723 Method and apparatus for determining at a predetermined granularity the direction and range of a July 3, 2012
Systems and methods for determining a direction and range, at a predetermined level of granularity, for a transmitting device in a communications system are presented. Determinations, based on indicia related to the signal conditions, information contained in the received signals, an
8212619 Split-biased current scalable buffer July 3, 2012
Disclosed are circuits, techniques and methods for buffering a high frequency signal for transmission over an integrated circuit. In one particular implementation, a plurality of amplification circuits are individually biased for amplifying a signal from a voltage controlled oscillat
8212592 Dynamic limiters for frequency dividers July 3, 2012
Techniques for generating quadrature signals from a local oscillator signal, wherein the generated quadrature signals have a frequency half of the local oscillator frequency. In an exemplary embodiment, two oscillators, e.g., injection locked oscillators, are provided, each oscillato
8209615 Apparatus and methods of linking to an application on a wireless device June 26, 2012
The described apparatus and methods define a predetermined scheme or syntax for an application-specific Universal Resource Identifier (URI) operable to deep link to a specified point, portion, or view of a target client application executable on a wireless device. Accordingly, the de
8209528 Method and system for certifying a circuit card lacking any non-volatile memory as being compati June 26, 2012
Systems and methods for confirming that a circuit card is compatible with a computer in which it is installed includes accessing a list of compatible circuit cards stored in the computer's nonvolatile memory, determining if the circuit card is included in the list of compatible circu
8209332 Method and apparatus for preferred roaming list compression June 26, 2012
Techniques for efficient storage and retrieval of Preferred Roaming Lists are disclosed. In one aspect, PRL entries are stored in two tables. One table contains records that are common to two or more PRL entries. Another table stores any information that is unique to a PRL entry, as
8208972 Low power dual processor architecture for multi mode devices June 26, 2012
A mobile computing device with multiple modes, for example, wireless communication and personal computing, has an application processor and a communication processor. In the computing mode, the application processor is the master processor. In the communication mode, the application
8208946 Method, apparatus, and system for transmitting messages June 26, 2012
A subscriber unit, for a cellular communication system, is arranged to store data representing a message to be transmitted together with data representing specified conditions associated with the transmission of the message. The subscriber unit responds to the specified conditions being
8208925 Method and apparatus for inter-system handover June 26, 2012
An inter-system handover system for a wireless communication system supports hand-down and hand-up of user equipment (UE) to different radio access technologies, including synchronous and asynchronous systems. Latency and handover connection failures are reduced by an access node (no
8208920 Reference signal management in mobile systems June 26, 2012
A reference signal management (RSM) program executing on a mobile device detects multiple reference signals, allocates those reference signals into groups, and performs reference signal management functions using information conveyed in the reference signals. The RSM program detects
8208758 Video sensor-based automatic region-of-interest detection June 26, 2012
The disclosure is directed to techniques for region-of-interest (ROI) video processing based on low-complexity automatic ROI detection within video frames of video sequences. The low-complexity automatic ROI detection may be based on characteristics of video sensors within video comm
8208634 Position based enhanced security of wireless communications June 26, 2012
The convenience of a wireless network is tempered by the concern that a rogue device can listen in on the wireless communications. Determining the position of the home device and other devices within range allows the user of the home device to choose the specific wireless devices with
8208585 D-PSK demodulation based on correlation angle distribution June 26, 2012
An apparatus and method is described that provides optimal D-PSK demodulation based on the distribution of phase differences between successive D-PSK symbols. A plurality of D-PSK data symbols are received, and each symbol is characterized by a real component and an imaginary compone
8208563 Boundary artifact correction within video units June 26, 2012
This disclosure describes techniques for correcting artifacts that occur along a boundary of a substitute video unit generated using video unit substitution, e.g., motion-compensated video unit interpolation or extrapolation. In accordance with the techniques described in this disclo
8208554 Line-based video compression June 26, 2012
A method for line-based video rate control is provided. The line based video rate control method includes system feedback to change system operating parameters, including on a packet-by-packet basis and also on a line-by-line basis. Also provided is a method for line-based compression.
8208548 Video encoding June 26, 2012
An embodiment is directed to a method for selecting a predictive macroblock partition from a plurality of candidate macroblock partitions in motion estimation and compensation in a video encoder including determining a bit rate signal for each of the candidate macroblock partitions,
8208516 Encoder initialization and communications June 26, 2012
The disclosure is directed to an apparatus and method for encoder initialization and communications. The apparatus may include a database and an encoder module. The database may be configured to receive a plurality of parameters to be used for operation of the encoder module. The dat
8208498 Methods and systems for HFN handling at inter-base station handover in mobile communication netw June 26, 2012
Systems and methods for addressing the de-synchronization of the cryptosync between the network and the mobile stations (eNB) that can occur at mobility are addressed. De-synchronization is resolved by forwarding HFN and PDCP Sequence Number(s) from the source eNB to the target eNB.
8208497 Time stamped packet data interface between a modem and an RF unit June 26, 2012
System and method for providing a timestamp packetized data interface between an RF unit and a modem. According to one embodiment, the RF unit receives an inbound RF signal, processes and demodulates the inbound RF signal to generate samples, generates a timestamp indicative of when the
8208495 Data transmission with supplemental resources June 26, 2012
Communication systems and methods that minimize repetition of data packets in the presence of supplemental resources are disclosed. Control channels not engaged in transmission of control messages are dynamically allocated to carry traffic data. The data packets that comprise the tra
8208459 Partitioned traffic segment communications methods and apparatus June 26, 2012
Methods and apparatus related to partitioning traffic segments are described. An access router, having concurrent connections with two access terminals, each desiring to transmit traffic signals to the access router in the same traffic segment, partitions a traffic segment. The parti
8208427 Multiple peer-to-peer signaling June 26, 2012
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product operable in a wireless communication system are provided in which a first signal is generated for transmission to a wireless node to enable the wireless node to determine a first preferred beam pattern. A second preferred beam pa
8208394 Service data unit discard timers June 26, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate enforcing quality of service requirements. A first timer is employed for each data packet arriving at a packet data convergence protocol layer of a wireless communications apparatus. The first timer can be configured based upon
8208388 Method and apparatus for time-based reception of transmissions in a wireless communication syste June 26, 2012
Method for segmented message transmission wherein each message is first divided into segments and the segments are fragmented. A segment parameter is applied to each segment, and a segment identifier to each fragment. The fragments are provided to a lower level for preparation into f
8208378 Protocol data unit priority management June 26, 2012
A single receiver can collect multiple protocol data units at one time originating from different sources. While it can be desirable for higher priority protocol data units to be processed, loss of data unit portions can cause confusion to the receiver. Therefore, even if a higher priori
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