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8229014 Fast fourier transform processing in an OFDM system July 24, 2012
An FFT processor for an OFDM receiver includes multiple interrelated operational blocks. The FFT processor is configured to perform data demodulation, channel estimation, and fine timing acquisition on received OFDM symbols. The FFT processor incorporates a pipelined FFT engine using
8229013 Methods and systems for maximum-likelihood detection using post-squaring compensation July 24, 2012
A "post-squaring" detection algorithm, and related devices, that may reduce the complexity of maximum likelihood detection (MLD) schemes while preserving their performance is provided. Rather than search for optimum metrics (such as minimum distance metrics) based on squared norm values,
8228949 Quasi-orthogonal multiplexing for a multi-carrier communication system July 24, 2012
For quasi-orthogonal multiplexing in an OFDMA system, multiple (M) sets of traffic channels are defined for each base station. The traffic channels in each set are orthogonal to one another and may be pseudo-random with respect to the traffic channels in each of the other sets. The m
8228935 MIP/PMIP concatenation when overlapping address space are used July 24, 2012
Systems, methodologies, and devices are described that enable communication devices, such as mobile devices, to efficiently connect and communicate with public data networks (PDNs) even if overlapping Internet protocol address spaces exist in the PDNs. The subject innovation can empl
8228917 Method and apparatus for ciphering and re-ordering packets in a wireless communication system July 24, 2012
Techniques for performing ciphering and re-ordering using a single full sequence number are described. A transmitter ciphers input packets to obtain ciphered packets, with each input packet being ciphered with a full sequence number. The transmitter generates output packets for the c
8228865 Method and apparatus for operating in a wireless local area network based on information from a July 24, 2012
Techniques to efficiently search for a WLAN are described. A terminal receives country information from a wireless wide area network (WWAN), which may be a cellular network or a broadcast network. This country information may be a Mobile Country Code (MCC) that is broadcast by the WW
8228855 Uplink power headroom definition for E-DCH in CELL.sub.--FACH July 24, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate reporting an uplink power headroom (UPH) during an E-DCH transmission in a CELL_FACH state. For a E-DCH transmission, a reduced measurement period can be utilized in order to report a UPH measurement. In particular, the reduced
8228853 Serving base station selection in a wireless communication network July 24, 2012
Techniques for selecting a serving base station for a terminal in a wireless communication network are described. In one design, multiple candidate base stations for the terminal may be identified, with each candidate base station being a candidate for selection as the serving base s
8228714 Memory device for resistance-based memory applications July 24, 2012
In a particular embodiment, a memory device is disclosed that includes a memory cell including a resistance-based memory element coupled to an access transistor. The access transistor has a first oxide thickness to enable operation of the memory cell at an operating voltage. The memory
8227708 Via structure integrated in electronic substrate July 24, 2012
A system of via structures disposed in a substrate. The system includes a first via structure that comprises an outer conductive layer, an inner insulating layer, and an inner conductive layer disposed in the substrate. The outer conductive layer separates the inner insulating layer
8227351 Fabrication of magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) devices with reduced surface roughness for magneti July 24, 2012
Reliability and yield of MTJ devices is improved by reducing surface roughness in the MTJ layers of the MTJ devices. Surface roughness is reduced by reducing surface roughness of layers below the MTJ layers such as the bottom electrode layer. Planarizing the bottom electrode layer th
8225258 Statistical integrated circuit package modeling for analysis at the early design age July 17, 2012
In designing an integrated circuit on a die having a set of die bumps, a method to generate a set of lumped circuit parameter values associated with the set of die bumps, based upon distances between the set of die bumps and the center of the die, the method also based upon a sample-data
8225186 Ecoding and decoding methods and apparatus for use in a wireless communication system July 17, 2012
The claimed subject matter relates to encoding and decoding information in a wireless communication system using soft-demodulation and interleaving of concatenated code received in a strip channel. A set of symbols is received containing a plurality of information bits, dividing the
8225093 Providing secure inter-application communication for a mobile operating environment July 17, 2012
Providing for secure and efficient communication for mobile applications executed in a mobile operating environment is described herein. As an example, a primary mobile application can initiate a handshake that includes a unique identifier of the primary application and a random numb
8224375 Proximity purchase ringtones July 17, 2012
A method of conduction transactions at a point-of-sale terminal using a wireless device is disclosed and may include initiating a transaction with the point-of-sale terminal via a wireless link, receiving at least one price from the point-of-sale terminal, determining whether the at
8224366 System and method for multiple simultaneous communication groups in a wireless system July 17, 2012
A system and method enable a wireless device to support simultaneously multiple push-to-talk (PTT) communications and interrupt certain PTT communication with higher priority ones. A user subscribes to multiple PTT communication groups and designates one of the groups as the primary
8224356 Dual event slotted paging July 17, 2012
A novel and improved method and system for paging a cellular telephone or other wireless terminal using two paging channels that reduces standby mode power consumption described. In one embodiment of the invention, a minimally encoded quick paging channel is established over which short,
8224304 Systems and methods for disambiguating entries in a contacts list database implemented on a mobi July 17, 2012
Methods and systems for disambiguating entries within a contacts listing database of a mobile device detect newly created contact records having a same data element (e.g., a telephone number) and alert the user. Other contact records storing the same data element may be identified. Match
8224283 FM band availability based on GPS July 17, 2012
Methods and apparatus for determining an available FM frequency channel for interfacing with FM modulated output signals from a wireless device are described herein. A SPS receiver, such as a GPS receiver, can determine its position based on conventional techniques. The SPS receiver
8223988 Enhanced blind source separation algorithm for highly correlated mixtures July 17, 2012
An enhanced blind source separation technique is provided to improve separation of highly correlated signal mixtures. A beamforming algorithm is used to precondition correlated first and second input signals in order to avoid indeterminacy problems typically associated with blind sou
8223908 Selection of acquisition sequences for optimal frequency offset estimation July 17, 2012
Systems and methods are provided to generate a set of synchronization channel sequences that optimize time and frequency acquisition. A set of root indices of Zadoff-Chu sequences in a first domain (e.g., time domain) that optimize a performance metric or merit factor are identified.
8223904 Multiple hypothesis decoding July 17, 2012
A multiple-input receiver for processing one or more communication signals is disclosed. The receiver includes a first and second demodulators, a decoder and decision logic. The first and second demodulators respectively use a first algorithm and a second algorithm and are both coupl
8223899 Methods and apparatus for initial acquisition gain control in a communication system July 17, 2012
Methods and apparatus for initial acquisition gain control in a communication system a method for use in a wireless communication system are disclosed. A disclosed methodology includes measuring the power of a signal received by a transceiver a number of times over a prescribed time
8223853 Method and apparatus for decoding data in a layered modulation system July 17, 2012
A decoder for a layered modulation system can be configured to independently and concurrently decode each of a base and enhancement layer. The base layer decoder and enhancement layer decoder can be configured substantially in parallel and can each operate concurrently on the same re
8223729 Radio interface selection for a terminal July 17, 2012
Techniques for selecting a radio interface for an application are described. A terminal identifies locally-addressable and globally-addressable wireless networks among wireless networks available to the terminal. Radio interfaces supported by the terminal may be prioritized based on
8223662 Concurrent operation in multiple wireless local area networks July 17, 2012
A wireless terminal concurrently associates with multiple wireless local area networks. The wireless terminal may operate in power save mode on both of the WLANs to prevent a disruption of communication on either WLAN. The wireless terminal may adjust the times at which it listens for
8223627 Signaling method in an OFDM multiple access system July 17, 2012
A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symb
8223625 Acquisition in frequency division multiple access systems July 17, 2012
Systems and methods allow cell acquisition in a wireless communication system in frequency division multiple access mode of operation. Code sequences transmitted over primary synchronization channel (P-SCH) enable detection of symbol boundary, cyclic prefix duration, and indication of
8223623 Timing and frequency acquisition for OFDM systems July 17, 2012
Systems and methods are provided for processing Time Domain Multiplexing Pilot symbols by employing complex accumulators to determine peak values which indicate the start of timing and frequency information. In an embodiment, a method is provided for timing acquisition in a wireless
8223622 Methods and systems for mobile WiMAX three-way downlink concurrent processing and three-way hand July 17, 2012
Methods and apparatus for establishing multiple connections between a wireless device and multiple base stations and transferring data using these connections via different segments of an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) frame are provided. The multiple connectio
8223567 Memory read stability using selective precharge July 17, 2012
A memory device utilizes selective precharge and charge sharing to reduce a bit line voltage before accessing a bit cell. A reduction in bit line voltage is achieved by precharging different sections of the bit line to different voltages (e.g., a supply voltage and ground) and using char
8223230 Systems, methods, and apparatus for camera tuning and systems, methods, and apparatus for refere July 17, 2012
Descriptions are provided of various implementations of an automated tuning process configured to optimize a procedure for post-processing images captured by a camera sensor.
8219891 Method and apparatus for creating beamforming profiles in a wireless communication network July 10, 2012
A wireless communications network uses a beamforming process to increase signal quality as well as transmission capabilities and reduction of interference. An improved Golay sequence is also used in the wireless communications network. In one aspect, the processes can be used to comm
8219888 Multi-channel transmission and reception with block coding in a communication system July 10, 2012
Techniques for transmitting and receiving multiple channels with block coding in a communication system are disclosed. In one aspect, a secondary broadcast channel is transmitted concurrently with parity information, encoded from a primary broadcast channel. In another aspect, a mobi
8219392 Systems, methods, and apparatus for detection of tonal components employing a coding operation w July 10, 2012
Systems, methods, and apparatus for the detection of signals having spectral peaks with narrow bandwidth are described herein. The range of described configurations includes implementations that perform such detection using parameters of a linear prediction coding (LPC) analysis sche
8219099 Methods and apparatus for subscriber station-based admission selection in a wireless communicati July 10, 2012
A subscriber station may identify base stations that have sufficiently strong signal strength so that the base stations are candidates to be used for network entry. The subscriber station may determine which of the candidate base stations is least utilized. The subscriber station may
8219085 Method and apparatus for optimizing compressed mode duration July 10, 2012
An apparatus and method for optimizing compressed mode duration comprising collecting a first set of receive signal strength indication (RSSI) measurements from at least one 2G cell; determining a best 2G cell from the at least one 2G cell using the first set of RSSI measurements; id
8219077 Apparatus and methods for managing malfunctions on a wireless device July 10, 2012
Apparatus and methods for managing predetermined malfunction events in a wireless device operating in a wireless communications network. Malfunction event data and operational data are recorded by the wireless device based on a selected malfunction event tracking configuration. Furth
8219060 Dual inductor circuit for multi-band wireless communication device July 10, 2012
This disclosure describes a dual inductor circuit, which may be particularly useful in a mixer of a wireless communication device to allow the mixer to operate for two different frequency bands or in a multi-differential branch low noise amplifier wherein each of the differential bra
8219030 Adaptive distributed frequency planning July 10, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate employing distributed frequency planning and reuse factor optimization based upon forward link and/or reverse link interference management techniques. An optimal reuse factor for a base station can be determined based upon a met
8218858 Enhanced object reconstruction July 10, 2012
Processing images includes projecting an infra-red pattern onto a three-dimensional object and producing a first image, a second image, and a third image of the three-dimensional object while the pattern is projected on the three-dimensional object. The first image and the second ima
8218768 Cryptosync design for a wireless communication system July 10, 2012
A cryptosync design comprising (1) a channel identifier indicative of a particular channel via which a data packet is sent, (2) an extended time stamp indicative of a time value associated with the data packet, and (3) a counter indicative of a packet count associated with the data packe
8218615 Method and apparatus for block-wise decision-feedback equalization for wireless communication July 10, 2012
Techniques for performing decision feedback equalization are described. A feed-forward filter response and a feedback filter response are derived based on a channel estimate and a reliability parameter and further without constraint on the feedback filter response or with a constraint
8218609 Closed-loop rate control for a multi-channel communication system July 10, 2012
Closed-loop rate control for data transmission on multiple parallel channels is provided. An inner loop estimates the channel conditions for a communication link and selects a suitable data rate for each of the multiple parallel channels based on the channel estimates. For each paral
8218573 Power boosting in a wireless communication system July 10, 2012
Method and apparatus for power boosting a portion of installments in transmission of a packet of data. The power boosting incorporates a power boost factor for each installment. On receipt of a negative acknowledgement after the power boosted portion of installments, transmission of
8218568 Method and apparatus for synchronization of RF module activities July 10, 2012
An apparatus and method for synchronizing RF activities comprising receiving a notification relating to transmission activities; determining at least one of a plurality of RF modules to relay the notification; and relaying the notification to at least one of the plurality of RF modules.
8218530 Seamless handoff between access networks with saved session information July 10, 2012
More seamless handoff between access networks is achieved by saving session information for each access network upon being handed off from the access network and invoking the saved session information upon being handed back to the access network. An access terminal establishes a first
8218479 Method and apparatus for processing a multi-code word assignment in wireless communication syste July 10, 2012
A method and apparatus for processing a Multi-code word assignment is provided, comprising receiving a MCW-FLAB1, determining value of supplemental field in the MCW-FLAB1 received with a MACID of an access terminal from the SS MAC protocol with a supplemental field, determining wheth
8218467 Method and apparatus for optimizing idle mode stand-by time in a multicast system July 10, 2012
Methods and apparatus for optimizing idle mode stand-by time in wireless device operable in a multicast system are disclosed. In order to maximize or optimize the stand-by time for idle mode, a time line for decoding of overhead information symbol (OIS) data received in one or more s
8218466 Methods and apparatus for changing paging parameters in a communication system July 10, 2012
A base station and a subscriber station may negotiate paging parameters so that the subscriber station can enter idle mode. After the subscriber station has entered idle mode, the base station may change at least one paging parameter at the base station. The base station may direct the
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