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8238855 Candidate system search and soft handoff between frequencies in a multi-carrier mobile communica August 7, 2012
The present invention encompasses a mobile station comprising a transmitter for transmitting outgoing signals from the mobile station and a receiver for receiving incoming signals, the receiver coupled to the transmitter and having N subreceivers, where N is an integer greater than o
8238836 Methods for sending small packets in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network August 7, 2012
An improved mechanism is provided that facilitates transmission of small packets within an ad hoc peer-to-peer network. A small packet is identified to a receiver within a control channel so that its lower power can be considered in an interference management protocol implemented amo
8238481 Blind channel estimation for PSK and D-PSK modulated multicarrier communication systems August 7, 2012
An apparatus and method is described that provide an efficient blind channel estimation approach for PSK and DPSK modulated multicarrier communication systems. With the requirement that the channel phase difference between any two adjacent carriers is smaller than one half of the min
8238475 Methods and systems for PDCCH blind decoding in mobile communications August 7, 2012
Various methods and systems for efficiently performing the blind decoding of downlink signals is described. Several forms of arranging possible CCE combinations are examined and investigated. Based on PDCCH size estimation/information, CCE concatenations that are most likely (of limi
8238428 Pixel-by-pixel weighting for intra-frame coding August 7, 2012
Techniques for improving the accuracy of prediction in intra-frame coding. A prediction mode can specify a pixel along a direction independently of other pixels along the same direction. In an embodiment, an encoder selects a prediction mode to best represent the image block. In an a
8238321 Techniques for accessing a wireless communication system with tune-away capability August 7, 2012
To access a first communication system, a terminal determines a transmission time for an access probe, an expected response time from the system, and a protected time interval based on the transmission time and/or expected response time. The terminal determines a starting time for se
8238304 Apparatus and method for channel resource description August 7, 2012
An apparatus and method for describing channel resources comprising allocating channel resources for a plurality of tiles; and determining a description of the channel resources allocated for a tile of the plurality of tiles by performing one or more of the following steps: a) compar
8238295 Demodulation of a subset of available link assignment blocks August 7, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate assigning indices to link assignment blocks (LABs) communicated via a downlink. Indices in a first subset are allocated to shared LABs, which are decoded by a plurality of access terminals. Indices in a second subset are assigned to
8238289 Method and apparatus for requesting selected interlace mode in wireless communication systems August 7, 2012
A method and apparatus for requesting selected interlace mode with a particular sector is provided, comprising generating a SelectedInterlaceRequest message comprising an 8 bit MessageID field, a 12 bit PilotPN field wherein the PilotPN field indicates a value of PilotPN of the secto
8238280 Methods and systems for transmission scheduling during sleep mode in WIMAX networks August 7, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure allow data for a second connection to be exchanged while the second connection is in a low power state that overlaps with a listening interval of a first connection.
8238234 Switching between MIMO and receiver beam forming in a peer-to-peer network August 7, 2012
Aspects describe different multiple antenna techniques that can be utilized in a peer-to-peer network based on a network congestion level. A MIMO scheme where a transmitter sends to a receiver multiple spatial streams at substantially the same time in the same traffic segment can be
8238143 Magnetic tunnel junction device and fabrication August 7, 2012
A magnetic tunneling junction (MTJ) device and fabrication method is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, an apparatus is disclosed that includes an MTJ device. The MTJ device includes a barrier layer, a free layer, and a magnesium (Mg) capping layer. The free layer is positioned b
8237739 Method and device for performing user-defined clipping in object space August 7, 2012
A method and device for performing and processing user-defined clipping in object space to reduce the number of computations needed for the clipping operation. The method and device also combine the modelview transformation of the vertex coordinates with projection transform. The use
8237709 Method and apparatus for optimizing triangles into triangle strips according to a variety of cri August 7, 2012
Methods and computing devices enable optimized triangle strip generation using forward looking game tree evaluation methods with node evaluation of strip options based on desired performance criteria. The evaluation of possible triangle paths is performed using metrics which may be weigh
8237611 Method for processing combined navigation signals August 7, 2012
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for processing multiple navigation signal components received from multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS'). In a particular implementation, a code phase in a first navigation signal component may be detec
8237610 Methods and apparatuses for requesting/providing code phase related information associated with August 7, 2012
Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be used by one or more devices within in wireless communication network to request and/or provide code phase related information signals associated with various Satellite Positioning Systems (SPSs).
8237509 Amplifier with integrated filter August 7, 2012
An amplifier with integrated filter (e.g., an LNA) is described. In one design, the amplifier may include a gain stage, a filter stage, and a buffer stage. The gain stage may provide signal amplification for an input signal. The filter stage may provide filtering for the input signal
8237269 High Q transformer disposed at least partly in a non-semiconductor substrate August 7, 2012
An assembly involves an integrated circuit die that is bonded, e.g., flip-chip bonded, to a non-semiconductor substrate by a plurality of low-resistance microbumps. In one novel aspect, at least a part of a novel high-frequency transformer is disposed in the non-semiconductor substra
8234552 Method and apparatus for preamble creation and communication in a wireless communication network July 31, 2012
A wireless communications network uses a beamforming process to increase signal quality as well as transmission capabilities and reduction of interference. An improved Golay sequence is also used in the wireless communications network. In one aspect, the processes can be used to comm
8234319 System and method of performing two's complement operations in a digital signal processor July 31, 2012
A method of completing a two's complement operation includes receiving a plurality of byte values and splitting the plurality of byte values into a first portion and a second portion. Further, the method includes inputting the first portion to a first segment of a first four-to-two c
8233932 Method and apparatus for improving signaling reliability in wireless communications July 31, 2012
Techniques for sending signaling at different power levels in different operating modes are described. In one design, a UE may send signaling at a first power level in a first operating mode and may send the signaling at a second power level in a second operating mode. The UE may send th
8233623 Methods and systems for blackout provisioning in a distribution network July 31, 2012
Methods and systems for blackout provisioning in a communication network. In an aspect, a method is provided for blackout provisioning in a distribution network. The method includes determining one or more affected regions, and generating a blackout key based an original key and the
8233572 Interference mitigation for impulse-based communication July 31, 2012
In a pulse-based communication system a transmitting device may generate a series of pulses to convey information via a communication medium to a receiving device. In some situations, interference from one or more interfering devices may alter the pulse energy as it is transmitted th
8233555 Time varying delay diversity of OFDM July 31, 2012
Methods and apparatuses that apply a time-varying delay to symbols to be transmitted from one or more antennas are provided. One such method may include providing a first symbol comprising a first plurality of samples to a first antenna. The first symbol is provided to a second antenna
8233544 Video coding with fine granularity scalability using cycle-aligned fragments July 31, 2012
The disclosure describes FGS video coding techniques that use cycle-aligned fragments (CAFs). The techniques may perform cycle-based coding of FGS video data block coefficients and syntax elements, and encapsulate cycles in fragments for transmission. The fragments may be cycle-align
8233540 Method of time base reconstruction for discrete time labeled video July 31, 2012
A method and an apparatus for converting multimedia data of a digital format to multimedia data of an analog format, such as NTSC or PAL is disclosed, multimedia synchronous digital multimedia interfaces may be supported in a similar manner. The digital format includes image data and
8233516 Wideband correlation mode switching methods and apparatuses July 31, 2012
Methods and apparatus are provided for use in devices operatively enabled to perform waveform correlation result processing.
8233462 High speed media access control and direct link protocol July 31, 2012
Techniques for MAC processing for efficient use of high throughput systems that may be backward compatible with various types of legacy systems are disclosed. In one aspect, a data frame is formed comprising a common portion for transmission in a format receivable by various stations
8233452 Signaling transmission on shared and dedicated channels in a wireless communication system July 31, 2012
Techniques for sending and receiving signaling messages on shared and dedicated channels in a wireless communication system are described. A user equipment (UE) may receive a first signaling message on a shared channel during a first time period, receive a second signaling message on
8233416 Handoff supports for networks having different link establishment protocols July 31, 2012
In a communication system in which a roaming node seeking network access among different networks which are implemented with different network interface layer protocols, handoff schemes are instituted whereby the node may freely move from one network to another with reduced levels of
8233077 Method and apparatus with depth map generation July 31, 2012
An apparatus and method are disclosed wherein a depth map is generated using a single camera (e.g., single lens of a camera) and multiple images are captured by the camera. In some embodiments, a single digital camera is used to capture a set of images corresponding to a set of lens
8230610 Orientation-sensitive signal output July 31, 2012
Orientation-sensitive signal output, in which a neutral position of a device is automatically determined in relation to at least a first axis, an angular displacement of the device is measured about at least the first axis, and shaking of the device is detected. A selection of the fi
8230239 Multiple power mode system and method for memory July 24, 2012
A memory power management system and method supporting multiple power modes for powering memory channels. The power management system can include a memory controller that controls the memory channel; a throughput detector that detects a requested throughput of the memory channel; a p
8229983 Channel switch frame July 24, 2012
Methods and apparatus to process multimedia data enabling faster channel acquisitions, improved error recovery and improved efficiency. An encoder device encodes a first portion of multimedia data using inter-coding to generate a first version, and encodes the first portion of multimedia
8229708 Methods and apparatus for signal and interference energy estimation in a communication system July 24, 2012
Methods and apparatus for signal and interference energy estimation in a communication system. In an aspect, a method includes setting a threshold value, and comparing a channel estimate to the threshold value to determine an interference estimate (I.sub.est). The method also includes
8229499 Enhancements for multi-mode system selection (MMSS) and MMSS system priority lists (MSPLS) July 24, 2012
A mobile device or access terminal of a wireless wide area network (WWAN) communication system is provisioned for Multi-Mode System Selection (MMSS) wherein an MMSS System Priority List (MSPL) is used with respect to the underlying system selection priority list (e.g., Private Land M
8229492 Throttling transmit power in a WWAN device based upon thermal input July 24, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate throttling transmit power of a WWAN module based upon thermal input. For instance, the thermal input can be a detected temperature, a signal from a computing device associated with the WWAN module, a signal from an alternate tec
8229440 Systems, methods and apparatus to facilitate identification and acquisition of access points July 24, 2012
Systems, apparatus and methods for facilitating identification and/or acquisition of an access point are provided. Methods can include transmitting or receiving access point information ("API") indicative of an identification of the access point ("AP"). The API can be provided at the
8229433 Inter-frequency handoff July 24, 2012
Embodiments are described in connection with seamless inter-frequency handoff in a wireless network. Provided is a method that includes reporting to an access network sector pilot strength information for at least one frequency member in a message specified in an active set managemen
8229427 Status validation for terminals in a wireless communication system July 24, 2012
A terminal is assigned an active identifier for use while in an active state of a connection with a base station. The base station periodically broadcasts the status of the active identifiers for that base station, e.g., via status validation bits that indicate whether each active id
8229423 Broadcast and multicast services in wireless communication systems July 24, 2012
Methods and apparatus for assigning, identifying and controlling broadcast transmissions are disclosed. A broadcast flow is assigned to a broadcast logical channel of the physical resources of a wireless communication channel. A broadcast channel control message indicative of paramet
8229410 Methods for supporting multitasking in a mobile device July 24, 2012
Methods are provided for effectively accessing and managing open applications on a mobile device. In response to an End key key-press event, an open application is terminated and another open application is promptly maximized. In an embodiment, another key may be pressed to access to
8229398 GSM authentication in a CDMA network July 24, 2012
Systems and techniques for secured communications from a subscriber station is disclosed. The subscriber station includes a processor having an authentication algorithm for a first network. The processor is configured to use a key for a second network in the authentication algorithm
8229385 Dual inductor circuit for multi-band wireless communication device July 24, 2012
This disclosure describes a dual inductor circuit, which may be particularly useful in a mixer of a wireless communication device to allow the mixer to operate for two different frequency bands. The dual inductor circuit comprises an inductor-within-inductor design in which a small i
8229369 Mitigating interference in a communication network July 24, 2012
Aspects relate to mitigating interference in a communication network that does not employ a centralized scheduler. A transmission sent on a subset of resources is evaluated to determine a number of communication pairs that have selected that subset of resources on which to transmit. If
8229367 Low noise amplifier with combined input matching, balun, and transmit/receive switch July 24, 2012
A low noise amplifier (LNA) with combined input matching, balun, and/or transmit/receive (T/R) switch is described. In one exemplary design, an apparatus includes a coupled inductor and an LNA. The coupled inductor receives a single-ended input signal, performs single-ended to differ
8229366 Tunable duplexer with common node notch filter July 24, 2012
A mobile station with a tunable duplexer is disclosed. The mobile station includes a processor and memory in electronic communication with the processor. The mobile station includes a receive path that has a receive band reject filter in electronic communication with an antenna at a
8229212 Interpolation system and method July 24, 2012
Interpolations systems and methods are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a system is disclosed that includes an input to receive image data. The system also includes an image processing system responsive to the image data and including a demosaicing module. The demosaicing module
8229118 Method and apparatus for authentication in wireless communications July 24, 2012
Systems and methods of securing wireless communications between a network and a subscriber station include inserting a marker denoting an encryption type within a random value used for authentication, calculating a first session key and a first response value as a function of the ran
8229043 Stepped gain mixer July 24, 2012
An amplified stepped gain mixer portion improves the signal-to-noise ratio of a receiver by using multiple gain states to improve linearity. The mixer portion includes an amplifier, a switch and two transistors. The amplifier output is coupled to the sources of the two transistors. An
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