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8253278 Ferrite antennas for wireless power transfer August 28, 2012
Ferrite core antenna used for transmitting or receiving wireless power. The antenna can move relative to the core.
8250428 Scheduling data with time diversity in flow systems August 21, 2012
Methods and systems are described for scheduling data in an FLO system. The method may include turbo encoding the data, and dividing a packet of the turbo-coded data into a plurality of subpackets. The method may include scheduling the turbo-coded packet of data so as to distribute the
8250337 Array processor with two parallel processing paths of multipliers and ALUs with idle operation c August 21, 2012
General purpose array processing techniques including processing methods and apparatus. Processors may include parallel processing paths designed with reusable computational components such as multipliers, multiplexers, and ALUs. Flow of data through the paths and operations performed ma
8250332 Partitioned replacement for cache memory August 21, 2012
In a particular embodiment, a circuit device includes a translation look-aside buffer (TLB) configured to receive a virtual address and to translate the virtual address to a physical address of a cache having at least two partitions. The circuit device also includes a control logic c
8249636 Method and apparatus for detecting adverse channel conditions and conserving power August 21, 2012
A wireless device detects for an adverse channel condition, which may be (1) a frequent out of service (FOOS) condition indicative of frequent in and out of service or (2) an unbalanced forward/reverse link condition indicative of unbalanced coverage for the forward and reverse links. A
8249629 Providing transparent CDMA short message service using non-CDMA mobile devices, smart cards and August 21, 2012
Methods and systems for sending, receiving, storing, and reading CDMA type SMS messages on wireless non-CDMA or multimode mobile devices include embedding a CDMA SMS message in a non-CDMA SMS host message. Such a host message may be created, transmitted, received, or otherwise proces
8249619 Methods and apparatuses for use in mobile device positioning systems August 21, 2012
Methods and apparatuses are provided which may be adapted for use in and/or with mobile device positioning systems and/or the like. In an example, a method may include accessing a plurality of measurements associated with a plurality of location signals as received by the mobile devi
8249577 Method and apparatus for network initiated uninstallation of application program over wireless n August 21, 2012
Network-initiated uninstallation of programs on remote modules, such as wireless telephones, is performed over a wireless network to recall programs stored on the wireless telephone that are faulty or harmful to the wireless telephone, the wireless network, or a user of the wireless
8249260 Method and apparatus for audio path filter tuning August 21, 2012
Methods and apparatus for tuning the audio path response of an audio device are described herein. The audio output of an audio device is captured and monitored over a predetermined frequency band. The frequency response of the captured audio output can be compared to one or more pred
8249203 Truncation of noisy taps in channel estimation August 21, 2012
Methods and systems are described for processing a signal in wireless communications. The signal may have synchronization information. A method of processing a signal having synchronization information may include receiving the signal, and determining a truncation region of the time
8249117 Dynamic adjustment of reordering release timer August 21, 2012
Aspects describe dynamically adjusting a reordering release timer to mitigate latency in a MAC-hs queue. Information already available at a mobile device is utilized for current packets and for missing packets to dynamically adjust the value of the T1 timer in an effort to mitigate l
8249116 Methods and systems for timing acquisition robust to channel fading August 21, 2012
The embodiments provide mechanisms for synchronizing a receiver with OFDM pilots that are robust in the presence of channel fading conditions. In addition to using instantaneous channel estimate values to locate the first arriving path and last arriving path, the methods calculate ti
8249046 Interference management with MIMO in a peer-to-peer network August 21, 2012
Aspects relate to interference management in a multiple-input-multiple-output peer-to-peer network utilizing connection scheduling. When channel side information is available at both transmitter and receiver, both devices determine transmit/receiver beamforming vectors. Transmitter s
8249029 Low reuse preamble for a wireless communication network August 21, 2012
Techniques for sending low reuse preambles in a wireless network are described. In an aspect, a base station may send a low reuse preamble on reserved frequency resources to allow terminals to detect the base station even in the presence of strong interfering base stations. The base
8249021 Methods and apparatuses for CDMA2000/GPRS roaming August 21, 2012
IIF architectures and corresponding call flows are provided for CDMA2000/GPRS roaming scenarios such as GPRS foreign mode with Mobile IPv4, GPRS foreign mode with Simple IPv4 or IPv6, CDMA2000 packet data foreign mode with Mobile IPv4, and CDMA2000 packet data foreign mode with Simpl
8249005 Systems and methods for reducing power consumption using a variable constraint length convolutio August 21, 2012
Systems and methods are provided for selecting transmission parameters used in the transmission of a communication signal in a wireless communications device. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for determining a convolutional code constraint length and/or a modulation t
8248996 Methods and apparatus for using a licensed spectrum to transmit a signal when an unlicensed spec August 21, 2012
Methods and apparatus of using a licensed spectrum to transmit a signal when an unlicensed spectrum is congested are disclosed. One method includes receiving, at a first mobile device, a request signal from a second mobile device, receiving, at the first mobile device, a remote signa
8248978 Detection of stations for wireless communication August 21, 2012
Techniques for detecting other stations in a power efficient manner are described. A station may operate in a passive mode or a search mode. In the passive mode, the station receives for one receive period in each time interval. In the search mode, the station transmits for a series of
8248950 Method of transmitting and receiving a redirect message in a wireless communication system August 21, 2012
An apparatus and method of transmitting a Redirect message in a wireless communication system is described. A Redirect message is generated comprising an 8 bit MessageID field, a 16 bit StayAwayDuration field wherein the StayAwayDuration field indicates the units of second for which
8248947 Methods and apparatus for improving power efficiency and latency of mobile devices using an out August 21, 2012
Methods and apparatus of using a licensed spectrum to transmit data when an unlicensed spectrum is congested are disclosed. The method includes transmitting a first signal from a first mobile device to a second mobile device using an unlicensed spectrum, determining, at the first mobile
8248938 Preamble miss detection in transmission of multi-slot packets August 21, 2012
A communication system (100) transmits data packets from a sender (120A) to a receiver (130A) using hybrid automatic repeat request processes. The sender redundantly encodes each packet, divides the packet into subpackets, and sends the subpackets to the receiver in a time-interlaced
8248840 Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) with integrated magnetic film enhanced circuit elem August 21, 2012
A Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) integrated circuit includes a substrate, a magnetic tunnel junction region, a magnetic circuit element, and an integrated magnetic material. The magnetic tunnel junction region is disposed on the substrate, and includes a first magnetic
8248660 Efficient diffusion dithering using dyadic rationals August 21, 2012
Diffusion dithering can be performed efficiently by applying a set of diffusion filter weights with one or more shift, add, and/or subtract operations. An existing diffusion filter can be approximated with dyadic rationals, thereby allowing division operations in applying the filter
8245911 M-commerce virtual cash system, method, and apparatus August 21, 2012
A virtual cash system, method, and apparatus has an account record containing a record of money amounts associated with a wireless device and a transmitter for wirelessly transmitting to the wireless device predetermined information from the account record. Cash amounts can be spent
8245315 Remote diagnosis of unauthorized hardware change August 14, 2012
Aspects describe remotely diagnosing unauthorized hardware changes on a mobile device. The changes can be identified based on hardware component identification and/or based on behavior characteristics of the device. If an unauthorized change is detected, information relating to that chan
8244947 Methods and apparatus for resource sharing in a programmable interrupt controller August 14, 2012
Efficient techniques are described for identifying active interrupt requests to improve performance and reduce power requirements in a processor system. A method to identify active sampled interrupt requests begins with scanning groups of the sampled interrupt requests one group at a
8244526 Systems, methods, and apparatus for highband burst suppression August 14, 2012
In one embodiment, a highband burst suppressor includes a first burst detector configured to detect bursts in a lowband speech signal, and a second burst detector configured to detect bursts in a corresponding highband speech signal. The lowband and highband speech signals may be dif
8244256 Method and apparatus in a CDMA communication system August 14, 2012
A novel and improved method and apparatus, in a WCDMA communication system (100), for informing a mobile station (101) of a downlink data frame time offset by determining the downlink data frame time offset, and transmitting the downlink data frame time offset via an Active Set Update
8244246 Better system reselection in multi-system wireless communication environment August 14, 2012
Disclosed are systems, methods and computer program products for better system reselection (BSR) in a multi-system wireless communication environment. In one aspect, the BSR procedure provisions a mobile device to determine if a currently-registered wireless communication system is t
8244183 Concurrent sync channel searching August 14, 2012
A bank of correlator modules is used to concurrently execute a series of sync channel searches in a system in which the available frequency spectrum is larger than a channel bandwidth and in which a sync channel bandwidth is more narrow than the channel bandwidth.
8244181 Portable personal SIM card August 14, 2012
Devices and methods store provisioning data for use in one or mobile devices within a SIM card enclosed within a personal article, such as a wrist watch or item of jewelry. A close range communication link, such as a near field communication (NFC) protocol link, is used to transmit the
8243864 Noise reduction filtering in a wireless communication system August 14, 2012
A technique for noise reduction in a wireless communication system uses controllable bandwidth filters (120) to filter a received signal. In a typical implementation, the filters (120) are used at baseband frequencies. A measurement (RSSI) is indicative of the strength of the receive
8243775 ID-cell index search algorithm and carrier frequency offset estimation August 14, 2012
Techniques for initial wireless network synchronization by a mobile station are provided. For certain embodiments, the techniques may involve a joint search for the cell identification (ID-cell index) and the coarse carrier frequency offset (CFO) estimation. For certain embodiments, the
8243731 Apparatus and methods for code-enhanced messaging August 14, 2012
Apparatus and methods for messaging comprise obtaining a communication message including at least one messaging code, determining an authority-specific action corresponding to each messaging code, and initiating performance of each authority-specific action by execution of a software
8243712 Base station synchronization using multi-communication mode user equipment August 14, 2012
A method for time synchronizing base stations in an asynchronous cellular communication system via multi-communications mode user equipment is described. The method includes receiving time-of-day in a synchronous cellular communication signal with the user equipment operable in a syn
8243695 Method and apparatus for improved detection of rate errors in variable rate receivers August 14, 2012
A system and method for detection of rate determination algorithm errors in variable rate communications system receivers. The disclosed embodiments prevent rate determination algorithm errors from causing audible artifacts such as screeches or beeps. The disclosed system and method
8243644 Method and system for a multicast service initiation in a communication system August 14, 2012
Method and a system for multicast service notification in cellular telephone system to enable the cellular telephone systems to provide both multicast and point-to-point services are disclosed. Several embodiments describe the signaling interaction between an access network and subsc
8243640 WCDMA device and method for discontinuous reception for power saving in idle mode and flexible m August 14, 2012
A WCDMA enabled user equipment device configured to have functions collectively or selectively idle to conserve power. A discontinuous receiver is used to detect and read network messages and report the messages to the computer within the WCDMA enabled user equipment device. The comp
8243100 System and method to perform fast rotation operations August 14, 2012
Systems and methods to perform fast rotation operations are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a method includes executing a single instruction. The method includes receiving first data indicating a first coordinate and a second coordinate, receiving a first control value that in
8242854 Enhancing device reliability for voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) buffers under high voltage August 14, 2012
A circuit for a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) buffer is described. The circuit includes a first capacitor connected to an input of the VCO buffer that is connected to a VCO core. The circuit also includes a second capacitor connected to the input of the VCO buffer and the gate of
8242543 Semiconductor wafer-to-wafer bonding for dissimilar semiconductor dies and/or wafers August 14, 2012
A semiconductor manufacturing process for wafer-to-wafer stacking of a reconstituted wafer with a second wafer creates a stacked (3D) IC. The reconstituted wafer includes dies, die interconnects and mold compound. When stacked, the die interconnects of the reconstituted wafer correspond
8239766 Multimedia coding techniques for transitional effects August 7, 2012
This disclosure is directed to techniques for encoding and decoding transitional effects, i.e., visual video effects that are used to transition from a current scene of a multimedia sequence. According to the disclosed techniques, an encoding device detects a transitional effect asso
8239694 Dynamic frequency scaling of a switched mode power supply August 7, 2012
System(s) and method(s) are provided for dynamically scaling switching frequencies and clock sources of switched mode power supplies (SMPSs) in a mobile station. Switching frequency is scaled to an optimal value in response to at least one of (i) a change in mode of operation for wir
8239657 Address translation method and apparatus August 7, 2012
Address translation performance within a processor is improved by identifying an address that causes a boundary crossing between different pages in memory and linking address translation information associated with both memory pages. According to one embodiment of a processor, the pr
8239190 Time-warping frames of wideband vocoder August 7, 2012
A method of communicating speech comprising time-warping a residual low band speech signal to an expanded or compressed version of the residual low band speech signal, time-warping a high band speech signal to an expanded or compressed version of the high band speech signal, and merg
8238979 System and method for mobile device display power savings August 7, 2012
Systems and methods displaying information from a mobile device are described herein. One embodiment of the disclosure provides a method comprising detecting a wireless connection between a mobile device and an external display device. The method further comprises adjusting a display
8238923 Method of using shared resources in a communication system August 7, 2012
An apparatus and method of delivering data in a wireless communication system, the apparatus and method comprising of determining, based on first criteria, if a shared channel can utilized to transmit an actual data packet; converting said actual data packet into one or more first da
8238911 Apparatus and methods of configurable system event and resource arbitration management August 7, 2012
Methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for management and arbitration of dedicated mobile communication resources for mobile applications are provided. Mobile applications can be given a priority level that establishes an importance with respect to one or more other mobile a
8238863 Methods and apparatuses for identifying and mitigating interference in a wireless signal August 7, 2012
Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented in various electronic devices and/or circuits to identify and mitigate to some extent various known and unknown interference signals that may appear in a received signal.
8238861 Automatic gain control in a wireless communication network August 7, 2012
Techniques for performing automatic gain control (AGC) at a terminal in a wireless communication network are described. In an aspect, the terminal may use different receiver gain settings to receive different types of signals in different time intervals. The terminal may determine a
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