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8260229 I-Q mismatch compensation September 4, 2012
Techniques for compensating for I-Q mismatch in a communications receiver. In an exemplary embodiment, incoming I and Q samples are adjusted by multiplying with certain compensation coefficients to generate mismatch-compensated I and Q samples. The compensation coefficients may thems
8260206 Methods and apparatus for uplink and downlink inter-cell interference coordination September 4, 2012
A method for inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) by a home evolved NodeB (HeNB) is described. A portion of bandwidth is reserved for a user equipment (UE). Notification of the reserved portion of bandwidth is sent to at least one potentially interfering evolved NodeB (eNB). A
8259996 Tracking bimanual movements September 4, 2012
Hands may be tracked before, during, and after occlusion, and a gesture may be recognized. Movement of two occluded hands may be tracked as a unit during an occlusion period. A type of synchronization characterizing the two occluded hands during the occlusion period may be determined
8259947 Recreating a cryptographic key in a replacement device September 4, 2012
Embodiments describe a method and/or system whereby a secret key in a cryptographic system may be replaced without revealing the secret key. One embodiment comprises creating a first private key and corresponding first public key. A second private key associated with the first private
8259867 Methods and systems for turbo decoding in a wireless communication system September 4, 2012
Certain embodiments provide methods and apparatus for decoding a string of data bits, encoded with a turbo encoding scheme, in a wireless communication system. One or more a-priori bit values corresponding to expected bit values at one or more identified bit locations in the string o
8259866 Decoding scheme using A-priori information about transmitted messages September 4, 2012
A method and apparatus for decoding encoded data bits of a wireless communication transmission are provided. A set of a-priori bit values corresponding to known bit values of the encoded data bits may be generated. Decoding paths that correspond to decoded data bits that are inconsis
8259865 Methods and apparatus for adapting channel estimation in a communication system September 4, 2012
Methods and apparatus for adapting a channel estimation scheme in a transceiver in a communication system are disclosed to adapt channel estimation to the transceiver environment, particularly for high Doppler environments. The disclosed methods and apparatus effect determination of
8259864 Methods and systems for fourier-quadratic basis channel estimation in OFDMA systems September 4, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a Fourier-Quadratic (FQ) method for channel estimation that may help improve error rate performance of existing techniques, with only moderate increase in computational complexity. The proposed FQ scheme according to certain emb
8259848 Hierarchical modulation for communication channels in single-carrier frequency division multiple September 4, 2012
System(s) and method(s) are provided to transmit simultaneously a first and a second communication channel in a single-carrier waveform format with disparate error rate requirements. First channel and second channel are coded individually to form an alphabet for a first and second co
8259743 Methods for sending small packets in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network September 4, 2012
An improved mechanism is provided that facilitates transmission of small packets within an ad hoc peer-to-peer network. A small packet is identified to a receiver within a control channel so that its lower power can be considered in an interference management protocol implemented amo
8259702 Efficient over the air address methods and apparatus September 4, 2012
Addressing methods and apparatus which use airlink resources in an efficient manner are described. In order to use airlink resources efficiently, a variety of address types are supported. The number of bits in the address may vary depending on the type. In order to support a variety
8259680 Apparatus and method for facilitating efficient handover September 4, 2012
A method and apparatus facilitating efficient handover by a wireless communications device is provided. The method may comprise obtaining at least two handover metrics for a target cell and for a serving cell, wherein the at least two handover metrics are determined by a request rece
8259669 On-demand reverse-link pilot transmission September 4, 2012
Pilots are transmitted on demand on a reverse link and used for channel estimation and data transmission on a forward link. A base station selects at least one terminal for on-demand pilot transmission on the reverse link. Each selected terminal is a candidate for receiving data tran
8259663 Methods and systems using efficient ranging message transmission during initial ranging September 4, 2012
Techniques for efficient transmission of messages in a ranging procedure between a mobile station (MS) and a base station (BS) are provided. The techniques may allow efficient bandwidth allocation for the ranging procedure.
8259599 Systems and methods for distributed beamforming based on carrier-to-caused interference September 4, 2012
In accordance with a method for distributed beamforming based on carrier to caused interference, a base station may receive channel state information from users. The base station may select a codeword from a codebook. The codeword may be selected so as to maximize a utility function
8259566 Adaptive quality of service policy for dynamic networks September 4, 2012
A close-loop quality of service system is provided that collects real-time network performance indicators at the physical, data link and network layers. Using those indicators, the system dynamically controls the network traffic in order to achieve improved performance according to t
8259081 Low-power touch screen controller September 4, 2012
While taking X-Y coordinate measurements to determine the location of a point of contact on a touch screen, a controller circuit drives the touch screen with a selectable voltage. Voltages output from the touch screen are converted by an ADC into the X-coordinate and Y-coordinate values.
8259010 Qualifying coarse position injection in position determination systems September 4, 2012
A position determining system (PDS) receiver gathers independent location information from multiple sources. These multiple pieces of location information are analyzed to determine consistency of location. If the location is consistent among the various independently gathered location
8259008 DGNSS correction for positioning September 4, 2012
Techniques for supporting positioning with differential corrections are described. In an aspect, differential correction for a satellite may include (i) a user differential range error (UDRE) indicating an uncertainty in a pseudo-range correction for the satellite, (ii) a UDRE growth
8258812 Software programmable logic using spin transfer torque magnetoresistive devices September 4, 2012
Systems, circuits and methods for software programmable logic using Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) technology are disclosed. Magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) storage elements can be formed into input planes and output planes. The input planes and
8255912 Techniques for setting events in a multi-threaded system August 28, 2012
To set one or more events without intermediate scheduling of threads in a multi-threaded system, a scheduler is first rendered essentially ineffective. The events are then set, for example, by repeatedly calling a function to set a single event, once for each event to be set. The sch
8255759 APP (a priori probability) storage design for LTE turbo decoder with quadratic permutation polyn August 28, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate ensuring contention and/or collision free memory within a turbo decoder. A Posteriori Probability (APP) Random Access Memory (RAM) can be segmented or partitioned into two or more files with an interleaving sub-group within each
8255716 Power optimization for data services August 28, 2012
Systems and methods for optimizing the power of a battery in a mobile device are provided. The systems and methods include receiving a request from at least one of a plurality of applications running on the mobile device. The systems and methods further include determining user chara
8255700 Lockstep mechanism to ensure security in hardware at power-up August 28, 2012
A system and method of ensuring hardware security of a device, such as an integrated circuit having secure data stored thereon. The integrated circuit or other hardware device can implement one or more configurable fuses that limit access to one or more secure locations within the de
8255010 Methods and systems for state-driven power savings for WiMAX August 28, 2012
Methods and apparatus for conserving battery power in a mobile device for wireless communication by dynamically adjusting the clock frequency and/or the voltage of the device's processor according to the Media Access Control (MAC) layer state are provided. By using a higher clock fre
8255004 Methods and systems for communicating using variable temperature control August 28, 2012
Information can be communicated by a temperature change of a communication device equipped with one or more temperature modifying elements. A processor configured by software determines when a temperature change should be generated and accomplishes such a change by controlling the ap
8254978 Methods and systems for fast power control(FPC) message broadcasting in WiMAX systems August 28, 2012
Methods and systems or broadcasting the fast power control message in wireless communications systems are provided. In certain embodiments, the methods and systems can include receiving Carrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio (CINR) values from multiple mobile stations, determining
8254977 Centralized medium access control algorithm for CDMA reverse link August 28, 2012
A novel MAC algorithm is disclosed having various features for a modern CDMA interference-shared reverse link, including (a) link quality assurance, (b) individual congestion control, (c) variable data rate transition policy, and/or (d) reverse link partitioning. Link quality assuran
8254946 Methods and apparatus for flexible spectrum allocation in communication systems August 28, 2012
The disclosed embodiments provide for methods and systems for flexibly allocating a shared frequency spectrum to a plurality of users, the spectrum may have a first number of segments, each segment having a second number of clusters associated with a certain sector/cell. In one aspec
8254927 SFN and signaling mechanisms for softer handoff groups August 28, 2012
Softer handoff groups are provided utilizing fractional frequency reuse set, which can be managed by a single master sector that is part of the group. The group can based on handoff rules that can include a group indication by an access point or a group request by an access terminal. A
8254924 Method and apparatus for adaptive registration and paging area determination August 28, 2012
Accordingly, a method adaptive registration is disclosed, wherein the access terminal adjusts the registration area based on mode and its location. Accordingly, the network also adjusts its paging area. Generally, the access terminal will transition from small registration area to la
8254921 Default configurations with differential encoding in a wireless communication system August 28, 2012
Techniques for efficiently configuring and reconfiguring calls using a set of default configurations and differential encoding are described. At the network side, a configuration to use for communication with a wireless device is initially selected. A default configuration is identif
8254877 Method and apparatus for extended call establishment for IMS emergency calls August 28, 2012
Apparatus and methods of establishing an emergency voice call include user equipment transmitting, and a first serving core network receiving, a request for an emergency call via a wireless access network. The apparatus and methods further include a determination by the first serving
8254855 Frequency spur detection and suppression August 28, 2012
Techniques for identifying and suppressing frequency spurs in a signal are disclosed. In an embodiment, an incoming signal is rotated by a frequency related to a spur frequency, and an estimate of the content of the rotated signal is derived. The estimate may be subtracted from the r
8254849 FM radio frequency plan using programmable output counter August 28, 2012
An FM radio with a wide frequency range operates in a cell phone without interfering with the VCO of the RF transceiver. The FM transceiver generates a VCO signal whose frequency varies by less than .+-.7% from the midpoint of a narrow first range. A synthesizer signal is generated b
8254595 System and method of companding an input signal of an energy detecting receiver August 28, 2012
An apparatus configured as a compandor to achieve a defined dynamic range for an output signal in response to an input signal. In particular, the apparatus comprises a first circuit adapted to generate a first signal from the input signal, wherein the first signal includes a first dynami
8254512 Method and apparatus for increasing coherent integration length while receiving a positioning si August 28, 2012
A receiving method and apparatus for increasing coherent integration length while receiving a positioning signal from transmitters such as GPS satellites. In order to compensate for frequency drifts that may occur in the positioning signal, a hypothesis is made as to the frequency drift,
8254502 Post decoding soft interference cancellation August 28, 2012
The present patent application discloses a method and apparatus for decoding, comprising decoding signals iteratively, mutually exchanging extrinsic information, calculating APP LLRs for both systematic and parity bits and making a hard decision after a plurality of iterations is com
8254366 Wireless MAC layer throughput improvements August 28, 2012
Methods, apparatuses, and systems are presented for transmitting data packets in a wireless network over a multi-access channel involving sequentially sending a plurality of medium access control (MAC) data packets from a transmitter over the multi-access channel, using a physical la
8254364 Route protocol August 28, 2012
A route protocol is established whereby a mobile device can communicate to a multitude of (receiving) base stations though a tunnel created through a serving base station. A message that includes a Route Creation Header can be transmitted by the mobile device to create the tunnel. The
8254360 OFDMA control channel interlacing August 28, 2012
Apparatus and methods for interlacing communications in random access control channels of an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) wireless communication system are described. A wireless communication device communicating over distinct OFDMA control channels to multip
8254349 Routing data in a cluster August 28, 2012
Various techniques for routing data through a cluster are disclosed. The cluster includes a number of nodes that support communications by an access terminal. A node may be configured to use an identifier assigned to an access terminal to route data associated with the access terminal
8254304 Channel capacity adaptive repeater August 28, 2012
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for increasing data rate in a signal. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a mobile broadcast signal including inner code and outer code information; generating an adjusted mobile br
8254287 Methods and apparatus for optimal participation of devices in a peer to peer overlay network August 28, 2012
Methods and apparatus for optimal participation of devices in a peer-to-peer overlay network. A method for dynamically configuring a node includes operating on an overlay network using a first participation mode, obtaining at least one configuration parameter, selecting a second part
8254279 Estimation of thermal noise and rise-over-thermal in a wireless communication system August 28, 2012
Techniques for estimating thermal noise and rise-over-thermal (RoT) in a communication system are described. In an aspect, thermal noise in a sideband may be measured and used to estimate thermal noise in a signal band. In one design, received power in the sideband may be measured, e
8254276 Packet data services using version and capability information August 28, 2012
A method and apparatus of providing packet data services that includes establishing an over-the-air communication connection between a mobile station and a wireless network infrastructure. The mobile station communicates a version and capability indication of a wireless packet data s
8254244 Arrangement and method for transmitting control information in wireless communication systems August 28, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate arrangement and transmission of control information in a wireless communication system. As described herein, a scheduled transmission of acknowledgement (ACK) signaling and channel quality information (CQI) signaling in a common
8254195 High-speed sensing for resistive memories August 28, 2012
Embodiments of the present disclosure use one or more gain stages to generate an output voltage representing whether a resistive memory element of a data cell stores a high data value or a low data value. In a particular embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensing circuit. The sensin
8253752 Method and apparatus for encoder assisted pre-processing August 28, 2012
This application includes devices and methods for processing multimedia data to generate enhanced multimedia data at a receiver based on encoder assisted pre-processing. In one aspect, processing multimedia data includes identifying at least one pixel intensity range in at least one
8253506 Wideband temperature compensated resonator and wideband VCO August 28, 2012
A resonator of a VCO includes a fine tuning main varactor circuit, an auxiliary varactor circuit, and a coarse tuning capacitor bank circuit coupled in parallel with an inductance. The main varactor circuit includes a plurality of circuit portions that can be separately disabled. Wit
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