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QUALCOMM Incorporated Patents
QUALCOMM Incorporated
San Diego, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44577 Method and apparatus for providing a private communication system in a public switched telephone November 5, 2013
A private communication network through which a plurality of member users communicate using the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is disclosed herein. Each member user utilizes either a modified land line telephone directly connected to PSTN, or uses a modified mobile telephone
RE43741 Systematic encoding and decoding of chain reaction codes October 16, 2012
A method of encoding data into a chain reaction code includes generating a set of input symbols from input data. Subsequently, one or more non-systematic output symbols is generated from the set of input symbols, each of the one or more non-systematic output symbols being selected from
RE42586 Method and apparatus for improving radio spectrum usage and decreasing user data delay when prov August 2, 2011
A method provides for operating a wireless communication system having packet data capabilities, and includes steps of: (a) sending a message from a mobile station to a network on a same physical channel that is used to transmit packet data, the message specifying individual ones of
RE42543 GPS satellite signal acquisition assistance system and method in a wireless communications netwo July 12, 2011
A system and method for assisting an integrated GPS/wireless terminal unit in acquiring one or more GPS satellite signals from the GPS satellite constellation. The invention includes a method for narrowing the PN-code phase search. That is, by accounting for the variables in geograph
RE41773 Signalling method September 28, 2010
The invention relates to methods for transmission of signalling data in cellular telecommunication networks. According to the invention, multiple radio bearers can be allocated for transferring signalling traffic, but all higher layer signalling is in any case taken through the RRC p
RE38010 Trellis encoder and decoder based upon punctured rate 1/2 convolutional codes February 25, 2003
An encoder for encoding data as trellis coded data and a decoder for decoding the trellis coded data. The encoder uses a rate 1/2 convolutional encoder punctured to a rate k/n to produce n symbols from k input bits. The symbols are converted by a converter to sets of p symbols and provid
D589461 Remote control device March 31, 2009
D588554 Remote control device March 17, 2009
D583782 Portable phone December 30, 2008
D581299 Dual transducer cargo sensor device November 25, 2008
D571308 Remote control device June 17, 2008
D571307 Remote control device June 17, 2008
D571306 Remote control device June 17, 2008
D555649 Media display unit November 20, 2007
D554636 Media display unit November 6, 2007
D551665 Media display unit September 25, 2007
D550219 Portable phone September 4, 2007
D549116 CDMA wireless untethered trailer tracking terminal August 21, 2007
D548630 Structural portions of a CDMA wireless untethered trailer tracking terminal August 14, 2007
D515317 Belt clip for a portable electronic device February 21, 2006
D495322 Driver interface unit August 31, 2004
D468685 Desk top battery charger for a portable phone January 14, 2003
D447739 Wireless telephone September 11, 2001
D439245 Cradle for a cellular telephone March 20, 2001
D435253 Docking module for a portable phone December 19, 2000
D429212 Desk top charger for portable phone August 8, 2000
D429210 Battery pack for a portable telephone August 8, 2000
D427143 Battery pack June 27, 2000
D426219 Portable telephone June 6, 2000
D424573 Car adapter for a portable telephone May 9, 2000
D424052 Push-to-talk-wireless telephone May 2, 2000
D422262 Housing for piggyback mounted battery for portable phone April 4, 2000
D421981 Portable telephone March 28, 2000
D416555 Portable telephone November 16, 1999
D413860 Data connector plug for a portable phone September 14, 1999
D413857 Housing for piggyback mounted battery for portable phone September 14, 1999
D413117 Portable telephone August 24, 1999
D412483 Battery pack August 3, 1999
D411823 Wall mounted battery charger July 6, 1999
D410893 Battery pack for a portable telephone June 15, 1999
D409561 Battery pack May 11, 1999
D409150 Cable for connecting a portable phone with headset May 4, 1999
D407701 Cellular telephone April 6, 1999
D397110 Portable telephone August 18, 1998
D393856 Foldable wireless telephone housing April 28, 1998
D386186 Wireless local loop antenna November 11, 1997
D376804 Wireless local loop handset December 24, 1996
D375937 Wireless local loop power supply November 26, 1996
D375740 Wireless local loop telephone November 19, 1996
D361065 Portable phone August 8, 1995

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