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8290096 Radius adaptive sphere decoding with probabilistic noise constraint October 16, 2012
Method and apparatus for decoding code words received over a communication channel are disclosed. A radius-adaptive sphere decoding methodology reduces the number of operations in sphere-constrained search. Imposing probabilistic noise constraint on top of sphere constraint, particul
8290095 Viterbi pack instruction October 16, 2012
A Viterbi pack instruction is disclosed that masks the contents of a first predicate register with a first masking value and masks the contents of a second predicate register with a second masking value. The resulting masked data is written to a destination register. The Viterbi pack
8290089 Derivation and feedback of transmit steering matrix October 16, 2012
Techniques for efficiently deriving a transmit steering matrix and sending feedback for this matrix are described. A receiver determines a set of parameters defining a transmit steering matrix to be used for transmission from a transmitter to the receiver. The receiver may derive the
8290083 Quadrature imbalance mitigation using unbiased training sequences October 16, 2012
A system and method are provided for transmitting an unbiased communications training sequence. The method generates an unbiased training sequence in a quadrature modulation transmitter. The unbiased training sequence represents a uniform accumulated power evenly distributed in the c
8290069 System and method to implement concurrent orthogonal channels in an ultra-wide band wireless com October 16, 2012
A system and method for media access control are disclosed. The method comprises providing concurrent orthogonal channels to access media using pulse division multiple access to define pulse positions, wherein the pulse division multiple access includes a time hopping sequence and an
8290025 Slicer input and feedback filter contents for block coded digital communications October 16, 2012
Improved decision directed adaptation and decision feedback equalizers are provided in a block coded digital communication system. The performance of a receiver is significantly improved by allowing the decision feedback equalizer to perform time-tracking and residual frequency offse
8289954 Split and sequential paging for voice call continuity October 16, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate paging for establishing a Voice Call Continuity (VCC)-supported voice call in a network containing access point(s) that can support packet switched (PS) voice communication, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and acces
8289946 Reference signal generation in a wireless communication system October 16, 2012
Techniques for generating reference signals in a wireless communication system are described. A set of Q reference signal sequences may be generated based on G pseudo-random sequences and L scrambling sequences, where Q=GL, G>1 and L>1. The Q reference signal sequences may be u
8289920 Method and apparatus for handoff between access systems October 16, 2012
Systems and methods for switching among networks (e.g., heterogeneous) and inter-working between a source access system and a target access system, by implementing tunneling from the AT to the target access system via the source access system. An inter-system handoff control component
8289908 Method and apparatus for processing simultaneous assignment in wireless communication systems October 16, 2012
A method and apparatus for processing simultaneous assignment, the method comprising receiving multiple Forward Link Assignment Blocks (FLABs), determining if ChIDs are set to ChID.sub.DEASSIGN for one of the FLABs and discarding all FLABs except the FLABs having a ChIDs set to ChID.
8289897 Method and apparatus for processing open state in wireless communication system October 16, 2012
A method and apparatus for processing Open state is provided, the method comprising receiving a Control Channel and a Forward Traffic Channel, requesting a MultipleInputMultipleOutput(MIMO) mode on the Forward Traffic Channel by sending a MIMORequest message, monitoring overhead mess
8289866 Flexible power offset assignments for acquisition indicator channels October 16, 2012
A method for wireless communications is provided. The method includes generating at least one adjustable power parameter for an acquisition indicator channel (AICH) and generating at least one adjustable power parameter for an extended acquisition indicator channel (E-AICH). The meth
8289861 Systems and methods for managing resources during handoff across communication systems having di October 16, 2012
In a method for managing quality of service (QoS) resources during handoff across communication systems having different grades of QoS awareness, an access terminal (AT) determines that handoff has occurred from a QoS unaware system to a QoS aware system. The AT also determines wheth
8289846 Statistical sub-multiplexer for centrally formatted broadcast programming October 16, 2012
Methods and systems generate a multiplex signal including two or more different sub-multiplexes for transmission via a broadcast network. A first sub-multiplex may include several services for broadcast in multiple locations, while multiple second sub-multiplexes may include services
8289837 Methods and apparatuses for multimode Bluetooth and WLAN operation concurrently October 16, 2012
A wideband telecommunications device with narrow band support. The device may be a receiver having a wireless interface configured to receive combined first and second signals, the first signal having data in a first frequency band and the second signal having data in a second freque
8289724 Signal-producing mechanism October 16, 2012
The present invention provides devices for controlling a desired output of an output device. These devices include a first conductor, a second conductor having a varying, predetermined spacing from the first conductor, and a third conductor positioned on the actuator mechanism and ha
8289159 Wireless localization apparatus and method October 16, 2012
The location of a device may be determined with respect to another device. For example, a locating device may be moved as it measures at least one distance to a target device. The locating device may then generate one or more indications relating to the measured distance or distances
8289090 Amplitude control for oscillator October 16, 2012
An amplitude control circuit includes a pair of peak detectors. The pair of peak detectors are responsive to a voltage reference generator. The amplitude control circuit is configured to be responsive to an oscillating signal of a crystal oscillator and configured to generate a contr
8289074 Discrete time operational transconductance amplifier for switched capacitor circuits October 16, 2012
A discrete-time operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) with large gain and large output signal swing is described. In an exemplary design, the discrete-time OTA includes a clocked comparator and an output circuit. The clocked comparator receives an input voltage and provides a
8288893 Adaptive matching and tuning of HF wireless power transmit antenna October 16, 2012
Exemplary embodiments of the invention s are directed to a wireless power system with different coupling loops, such as two loops. The coupling loops are switched. One can be used for vicinity coupling, e.g., greater than a distance away, the other for proximity coupling, e.g., less than
8286463 Method for determining the null point of a gyroscope October 16, 2012
A system for correcting angular velocity measurements from a gyroscope and using the corrected angular velocity measurements to position an antenna used with a vehicle. The system determines an approximate null point voltage of a gyroscope of the type that produces a voltage related
8285504 Method of obtaining measurement data using a sensor application interface October 9, 2012
A method involves, via a sensor application interface, 1) receiving, from an application, a measurement request associated with a quality-of-service control; 2) in accord with the quality-of-service control, obtaining measurement data from a sensor; and 3) returning to the applicatio
8285331 System and method for base station initiated call setup October 9, 2012
A system and method for performing base station initiated call setup is provided. A base station initiated call setup may be utilized to establish a test call, to deliver a packet data services call to a subscriber unit, or to reactivate a dormant packet call. The base station transm
8285321 Method and apparatus for using virtual noise figure in a wireless communication network October 9, 2012
Techniques for using virtual noise figure for various functions in a wireless communication network are described. A virtual noise figure is an indication of a virtual noise level at a receiver, which may be higher than an actual noise level at the receiver. In an aspect, virtual noise
8285318 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power while in soft handoff October 9, 2012
Method and apparatus for adjusting the transmission power of base stations in simultaneous communication with a mobile station. The methods described provide for the transmission power of the base stations to be aligned. In the first exemplary embodiment, the transmitters are attached
8285285 Intra-frequency cell reselection restriction in wireless communications October 9, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate utilizing reselection indicators in reselecting access points in wireless communications. In particular, an indicator can be provided relating to a restricted association access point that specifies whether intra-frequency resel
8285283 Methods and apparatus for making a handoff determination as a function of service level indicati October 9, 2012
Method and apparatus for an access terminal which makes handoff decisions between a number of potential alternative attachment points based on service level indicating metrics are described. The access terminal computes a service level indicating metric differently for a current conn
8285281 Methods and apparatus for self configuring network relations October 9, 2012
Systems and methods that enable a network to configure its neighbor relation (e.g., automatically) by commanding each user equipment (UE) to scan its respective area for neighbor base stations on a predetermined frequency or radio access technology. Moreover, the network can compile
8285226 Steering diversity for an OFDM-based multi-antenna communication system October 9, 2012
A transmitting entity uses different steering vectors for different subbands to achieve steering diversity. Each steering vector defines or forms a beam for an associated subband. Any steering vector may be used for steering diversity. The steering vectors may be defined such that the
8285216 Inter-cell power control for interference management October 9, 2012
A system and method for inter-cell power control for interference management in an OFDM system is provided. The system provides for a combination use of open loop and closed loop PSD control algorithms. The open loop control is a function of path loss from the serving cell as well as
8285201 Wideband echo cancellation in a repeater October 9, 2012
A wireless repeater having a receiving antenna for receiving an input signal and a transmitting antenna for transmitting an amplified signal includes first and second front-end circuits and a repeater baseband block coupled between the first and second front-end circuits. The repeate
8284875 Methods and systems for frequency domain gain control in OFDM MIMO systems October 9, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for frequency-domain gain control in system utilizing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) multiple input multiple output (MIMO). The proposed method reduces the complexity of the system while maximizing the
8284826 Synchronization of satellite and terrestrial broadcast ODFM signals October 9, 2012
Synchronization of satellite and terrestrial broadcasts in a shared frequency arrangement is use in order to facilitate simultaneous reception of the broadcasts. A delay value is adjusted based on a synchronization between a first terrestrial broadcast and a satellite broadcast, and
8284793 Backoff control for access probe transmission in communication systems October 9, 2012
A random backoff time can be determined and the transmission of an initial access probe can be delayed for the random backoff time. A backoff interval can be determined based on channel load, wherein the backoff interval defines a range from which the random backoff time is selected.
8284752 Method, apparatus, and system for medium access control October 9, 2012
Embodiments addressing MAC processing for efficient use of high throughput systems are disclosed. In one aspect, an apparatus comprises a first layer for receiving one or more packets from one or more data flows and for generating one or more first layer Protocol Data Units (PDUs) fr
8284737 Method of buffering to reduce media latency in group communications on a wireless communication October 9, 2012
A system and method for minimizing latency for direct group communications, such as push-to-talk (PTT) calls, among a group of wireless telecommunication devices on a wireless telecommunication network. The wireless telecommunication device has a dormant state without an open dedicat
8284734 Methods for intra base station handover optimizations October 9, 2012
The method and apparatus as described are directed toward techniques and mechanisms to improve efficiency in wireless communication networks through optimization of handover scenarios. Determining whether an intra-base station or inter-node-B handover is too performed, and determinin
8284714 Systems and methods for temporary media file storage on a wireless communication device October 9, 2012
Methods, devices, computer program products, processors and wireless networks are presented that provide for temporary storage of media content on a wireless communication device. According to aspects, when a wireless communication device requests media content from a media content s
8284707 Hybrid power-saving mechanism for VoIP services October 9, 2012
An embodiment of the invention is a technique for power saving in mobile communication. At least one of a base station (BS) and a mobile station (MS) is initialized for power saving using a downlink (DL) status and an uplink (UL) status associated with the BS and the MS, respectively,
8284706 Semi-connected operations for wireless communications October 9, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate reducing battery consumption during periods of inactivity intermixed with traffic bursts in wireless communications systems. A semi-connected mode is provided that fast recognition of mobile devices upon wakeup and access while
8284705 Methods and systems for recovering from an incomplete idle mode entry October 9, 2012
This application provides techniques for a mobile station (MS) to determine whether a base station (BS) successfully receives a response to a BS request for the MS to enter an idle mode.
8284682 Facilitating transfer of push and pull messages for remotely testing mobile devices October 9, 2012
Providing for remote field testing of mobile communication devices is described herein. By way of example, network initiated data received at a mobile device or like device activated on a mobile network can be monitored. Further, an over the air (OTA) message sent by the mobile netwo
8284660 Method and apparatus for scheduling of quality of service (QoS) transmissions in a wireless comm October 9, 2012
Scheduling real-time Quality of Service (QoS) data flows in a large-scale wireless communications system uses credit allocation to active QoS flows based on quality-of-service weights, and the credits are measured in dimensionless units of air interface slot capacity. Scheduling addresse
8284652 Enhanced forward link transmission October 9, 2012
A method for processing forward link channel signals generated by a CDMA base station includes time sharing by several mobile stations of spreading codes, which are orthogonal codes such as Walsh Code, and code-combining soft/softer handoff across sectors in the mobile station active
8283964 Level shifters and high voltage logic circuits October 9, 2012
Level shifters and high voltage logic circuits implemented with MOS transistors having a low breakdown voltage relative to the voltage swing of the input and output signals are described. In an exemplary design, a level shifter includes a driver circuit and a latch. The driver circuit
8283933 Systems and methods for built in self test jitter measurement October 9, 2012
An apparatus configured for built in self test (BIST) jitter measurement is described. The apparatus includes a time-to-voltage converter. The time-to-voltage converter generates a voltage signal proportional to timing jitter present in a clock/data signal input. The apparatus also i
8283776 Microfabricated pillar fins for thermal management October 9, 2012
An electrical package with improved thermal management. The electrical package includes a die having an exposed back surface. The package further includes a plurality of fins extending outwardly from the back surface for dissipating heat from the package. The die can be arranged in a
8281111 System and method to execute a linear feedback-shift instruction October 2, 2012
A system and method to execute a linear feedback-shift instruction is disclosed. In a particular embodiment the method includes executing an instruction at a processor by receiving source data and executing a bitwise logical operation on the source data and on reference data to gener
8281023 Systems and methods for data authorization in distributed storage networks October 2, 2012
Storage authorization and access control of data stored on a peer-to-peer overlay network is provided. A publishing node stores data on a storage node in the overlay network. The publishing node is adapted to facilitate data storage authorization by generating a resource identifier as a
8280726 Gender detection in mobile phones October 2, 2012
An apparatus for wireless communications includes a processing system. The processing system is configured to receive an input sound stream of a user, split the input sound stream into a plurality of frames, classify each of the frames as one selected from the group consisting of a n

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