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7933250 Code channel management in a wireless communications system April 26, 2011
Systems and techniques are disclosed relating to communications. The systems and techniques involve dividing a plurality of subscriber stations into a plurality of groups, assigning a different plurality of orthogonal codes to each of the groups, the number of the orthogonal codes as
7933235 Multiflow reverse link MAC for a communications system April 26, 2011
An access terminal (206) configured for wireless communication with an access network (204) within a sector (1032). The access terminal includes a transmitter (2608) for transmitting a reverse traffic channel to the access network (204), an antenna (2614) for receiving signals from the
7933219 Method and apparatus for requesting a channel measurement report in wireless communication syste April 26, 2011
A method and apparatus for requesting a ChannelMeasurementReport in a wireless communication system are described. A ChannelMeasurementReportRequest message comprising an 8 bit MessageID field set to "0x07", a 12 bit PilotPN field wherein the PilotPN field is set to the PilotPN of th
7933215 Synchronization on reverse link of mobile mode communications systems April 26, 2011
Methods and apparatus are disclosed to provide orthogonal multiple access communication in a return link of a satellite communication system. In one embodiment, a closed loop control of a transmit parameter associated with transmission of signals may be performed. In addition, changes in
7932757 Techniques for minimizing control voltage ripple due to charge pump leakage in phase locked loop April 26, 2011
Techniques for adaptively control of a loop filter sampling interval to mitigate the effects of charge pump leakage current in an apparatus including a phase lock loop circuit are provided. In one aspect, the apparatus includes a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a phase frequency
7932736 Integrated circuit with improved test capability via reduced pin count April 26, 2011
An integrated circuit that supports testing of multiple pads via a subset of these pads includes at least two sections. Each section has multiple pads and multiple test access circuits coupled to these pads. For each section, one pad is designated as a primary pad and the remaining pads
7932630 Packaging and details of a wireless power device April 26, 2011
A wireless power system includes a power source, power receiver, and components thereof. A current sensor senses the amount of current through the antenna. That amount of current is then used to adjust characteristics of the transmitting or receiving.
7930613 Apparatus and method for channel interleaving in communications system April 19, 2011
An apparatus and method for interleaving systematic bits and parity bits to generate an output sequence that can be transmitted in multi-slot packets from a base station to a remote station in a wireless communication system. The apparatus comprises a memory element and a control ele
7930471 Method and system for minimizing impact of refresh operations on volatile memory performance April 19, 2011
A memory system is provided. The system includes a volatile memory, a refresh counter configured to monitor a number of advanced refreshes performed in the volatile memory, and a controller configured to check the refresh counter to determine whether a regularly scheduled refresh can
7930249 Mobile wireless financial instrument for automatically selecting a payment instrument April 19, 2011
The specification and drawing figures describe and illustrate a point-of-sale payment system. The point-of-sale payment system includes a mobile wireless communications instrument having at least one data processor. The data processor is capable of automatically selecting a payment i
7929991 Mobile device interface for input devices April 19, 2011
A mobile electronic device includes an earphone/microphone port, an I/O circuit to receive a modulated data signal from data input devices via the earphone/microphone port, and a processor unit programmed to extract data from the modulated data signal. The processor unit (or the I/O
7929776 Method and apparatus for error recovery using intra-slice resynchronization points April 19, 2011
A method of video coding that includes encoding resynchronization point information, where the resynchronization point information includes information identifying a location of a resynchronization point within a section of a video bitstream and information for decoding the bitstream
7929714 Integrated audio codec with silicon audio transducer April 19, 2011
An integrated audio transducer with associated signal processing electronics is disclosed. A silicon audio transducer, such as a MEMS microphone or speaker, can be integrated with audio processing electronics in a single package. The audio processing electronics can be configured usi
7929699 Method and apparatus for authentication in wireless communications April 19, 2011
Systems and methods of securing wireless communications between a network and a subscriber station include inserting a marker denoting an encryption type within a random value used for authentication, calculating a first session key and a first response value as a function of the ran
7929652 Adaptive pilot and data symbol estimation April 19, 2011
Techniques for performing adaptive channel estimation are described. A receiver derives channel estimates for a wireless channel based on received pilot symbols and at least one estimation parameter. The receiver updates the at least one estimation parameter based on the received pil
7929646 Map decoder with bidirectional sliding window architecture April 19, 2011
A MAP decoder, or a turbo decoder having constituted MAP decoders, is configured with bi-directional sliding windows. A sliding window architecture is applied to the forward state metric (FSM) calculation of an encoded data block having a trellis with N time-steps. The data block is
7929619 Methods and apparatus for using tones in a wireless communication system April 19, 2011
Methods and apparatus for allocating tones for communications in the strip-symbol periods in an OFDM system are described. In a strip-symbol, the signal is transmitted using the tones in a tone subset, which is selected from a predetermined set of tone subsets according to a fixed sc
7929597 Equalizer for a receiver in a wireless communication system April 19, 2011
Techniques for performing equalization at a receiver are described. In an aspect, equalization is performed by sub-sampling an over-sampled input signal to obtain multiple sub-sampled signals. An over-sampled channel impulse response estimate is derived and sub-sampled to obtain multiple
7929590 Method and apparatus for multiplexing data and control information in wireless communication sys April 19, 2011
A signal transmission apparatus includes a symbol block generator configured to generate a first symbol block by multiplexing data information and control information in a symbol period, and a transmitter configured to transmit the first symbol block over a wireless communication net
7929535 Geolocation-based addressing method for IPv6 addresses April 19, 2011
One feature provides a method for encoding geolocation information into a next-generation internet protocol (IP) address, such as IPv6, to facilitate distribution of geolocation information among networked devices. A request for an IP address assignment is received from a network dev
7929509 Reduced cell acquisition time April 19, 2011
A method and apparatus for reduced acquisition time are disclosed. In one embodiment, such as in a W-CDMA system, a receiver receives one or more signals from remote stations, each signal comprising a scrambling code associated with one of a plurality of code groups, each code group
7929501 Methods and apparatus for communicating information using beacon signals April 19, 2011
Methods and apparatus related to efficiently communicating information, such as base station identification information and/or timing information, via beacon signals are described. Base station identification information and/or timing information is communicated via beacon signals. A
7929496 Method and apparatus for implementing composite channel trees for resource assignments April 19, 2011
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for implementing composite channel trees for resource assignment. The composite channel tree includes a binary channel tree structure and at least one supplemental node facilitated by an additional bit to the channel identification. The methods and
7929494 High-speed data transmission in a digital mobile communication system April 19, 2011
The invention relates to a data transmission in a digital mobile communication system. In a mobile communication system employing a so-called multi-channel access technique, one or more traffic channels may be allocated to a mobile station (MS) for data transfer, in accordance with t
7929482 Data rate selection in a constant power variable data rate two-way mobile satellite communicatio April 19, 2011
A method an apparatus for selecting a forward link and return link data rate for a constant power, variable data rate two-way, mobile satellite communications link. The forward link and return link signal strength (in the form of carrier power to noise power spectral density ratio) is
7929481 Method and apparatus for communications of data in a communication system April 19, 2011
A method and apparatus provides for efficient data rate control and power control processes by transmitting a primary and a secondary pilot channel associated with a data channel. The primary and secondary pilot channels are used for decoding the data. A ratio of power levels of the prim
7929480 Quality indicator bit (QIB) generation in wireless communication systems April 19, 2011
Techniques for generating quality indicator bits in a wireless communication system (e.g., a cdma2000 that implements IS-2000). In one method, a determination is first made whether a good data frame was received from a first transmission for the current frame interval. This first tra
7929473 Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system April 19, 2011
Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system when the source of interference is a deterministic component of the system. In one embodiment, the receiver weights the transmitters according to when the source of interference is transmitted. Further,
7929334 In-situ resistance measurement for magnetic random access memory (MRAM) April 19, 2011
A method of measuring resistance of a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) of an MRAM memory cell includes applying a voltage of a selected level to a memory cell comprising an MTJ in series with a memory cell transistor in a conducting state. A current through the memory cell is determined. A
7928990 Graphics processing unit with unified vertex cache and shader register file April 19, 2011
Techniques are described for processing computerized images with a graphics processing unit (GPU) using a unified vertex cache and shader register file. The techniques include creating a shared shader coupled to the GPU pipeline and a unified vertex cache and shader register file cou
7928807 Frequency synthesizer architecture for multi-band ultra-wideband system April 19, 2011
The present invention provides a frequency synthesizer for a wireless communication system. The synthesizer includes an oscillator that generates an electronic signal as well as frequency dividers, frequency selectors and mixers. The signal generated by the oscillator is sequentially
7925955 Transmit driver in communication system April 12, 2011
Embodiments describe a transmit driver that processes data communication between a scheduler and a turbo encoder. Transmit driver receives a request for a super frame and ascertains whether it has enough information to start the super frame. If there is enough data, the super frame i
7925715 Apparatus and methods for service programming of a wireless device on a wireless communications April 12, 2011
Apparatus, methods, and programs for servicing persistent storage items on a wireless device. Embodiments include a wireless device having a computer platform with a module operable to retrieve and/or change persistent storage items on the wireless device based on a received configur
7925690 Prioritising phonebook numbers in a telephone April 12, 2011
A circuit for a telephone, having a data store for storing user data including telephone numbers and associated data, and sorting means (46) for sorting the user data for display. The sorting means sorts the user data according to frequency of use (e.g. frequency of calls received and
7925302 Method and apparatus for receive diversity control in wireless communications April 12, 2011
Receiver diversity in a wireless device is controlled in response to operating conditions, transmission requirements, and control settings. The control of diversity reduces power consumption by enabling receive diversity on given conditions. Operating conditions, transmission require
7925292 Methods, devices and systems relating to reselecting cells in a cellular wireless communications April 12, 2011
Signals of different cells in a cellular wireless communications system are observed during associated intervals to predict a signal behavior in future. A target cell is selected by observing over time signal characteristics of potential target cells. Thereafter a target cell is sele
7925291 User specific downlink power control channel Q-bit April 12, 2011
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate controlling transmission power of a wireless terminal. A downlink power control channel segment may include an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) tone-symbol that may comprise a first component and a second compon
7925290 System and method for efficiently providing high-performance dispatch services in a wireless sys April 12, 2011
A system and method for providing high performance dispatch services for a push-to-talk (PTT) communication over a wireless communication network. When a wireless device is powered up, it registers with a server and then transitions to a paging state instead of an idle state. When the wi
7925261 Methods and apparatus for resovling frequency errors during transistion between communication ne April 12, 2011
Methods and apparatus for resolving frequency errors in a wireless device transitioning from a first communication network to a second communication network are disclosed. The methods and apparatus effect reception of a first and second channels from the second communication network
7925253 Radiated performance of a wireless device April 12, 2011
Systems, methods, apparatus, processors and computer-readable media include a radiated testing module that executes a predetermined radiated performance test on a wireless device. The test dictates various performance-related parameters to measure and log at each of a plurality of pr
7925203 System and method for controlling broadcast multimedia using plural wireless network connections April 12, 2011
Digital multimedia is broadcast to wireless receivers on a unidirectional wireless broadcast channel, while control data necessary for presentation of the multimedia is provided on a bidirectional, point-to-point wireless link.
7925136 Method and apparatus for recording information in battery operated devices April 12, 2011
A technique for recording information in a battery operated device is provided such that quality level of the recorded information may be changed "on the fly." In one embodiment, while persistently recording information at a first quality level, the battery operated device may, in re
7924891 Method and apparatus for allocating data streams onto a single channel April 12, 2011
A method and system that enables multiplexing a plurality of data streams onto one data stream based on data stream priorities and available transport frame combinations (TFCs) is disclosed. A mobile station has applications that produce separate data streams. Example applications in
7924800 Method and apparatus for setting reverse link CQI reporting modes in wireless communication syst April 12, 2011
A method and apparatus for setting Reverse Link CQI Reporting Modes in an access terminal is provided, comprising determining a value for CQIReportingMode received as a parameter in a transmitted message and setting the reverse link CQI reporting mode of the access terminal based on
7924781 Method and apparatus for communications of data rate control information in a communication syst April 12, 2011
In a communication system, a method and an apparatus provide for efficient communications of data rate control information. A mobile station communicates a request on a data channel for reception of a data file on a traffic channel. In response to the request, a transmitter in mobile
7924771 Multimedia communication using co-located care of address for bearer traffic April 12, 2011
In a wireless communications system in which a mobile node seeks a communication session with a correspondent node by first signaling for initialization of the communication session through a first data path via an intermediate node. Thereafter, contents of the communication is estab
7924753 Method and system for decoding April 12, 2011
Methods and apparatus to decode encoded data. One method starts and stops turbo decoding depending on channel conditions of a received pilot signal. One method may be used with Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (H-ARQ).
7924751 Reverse link power controlled repeater April 12, 2011
The invention provides a mechanism for automatically setting reverse link gain or power for a repeater (120) used in a communication system (100) through the use of the reverse link power control of a built-in wireless communications device. By embedding a wireless communication device (
7924711 Method and apparatus to adaptively manage end-to-end voice over internet protocol (VolP) media l April 12, 2011
A method and apparatus for adaptively managing communication latency, including processing one or more data frames in a communication network; sampling the one or more data frames in accordance with a first sampling time; interpolating the sampled one or more data frames; and forming a
7924699 Signaling method in an OFDM multiple access system April 12, 2011
A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symb

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