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7995378 MRAM device with shared source line August 9, 2011
In a particular embodiment, a memory device includes a first memory cell and a second memory cell. The memory device also includes a first bit line associated with the first memory cell and a second bit line associated with the second memory cell. The memory device also includes a so
7995143 Wireless video link synchronization August 9, 2011
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for synchronizing wireless video data. The method involves first synchronizing the pixel clock of a video output device with the pixel clock of a video input device. This is accomplished by latching video counters in the input and
7994870 Tunable filter with gain control circuit August 9, 2011
An apparatus includes a filter and a gain control circuit. The filter receives and filters an input signal and provides an output signal in a first mode and operates as part of an oscillator in a second mode. The gain control circuit varies the amplitude of an oscillator signal from
7994850 Discrete time multi-rate analog filter August 9, 2011
A discrete time analog filter suitable for use in a receiver and other electronics devices is described herein. In one exemplary design, an apparatus may include a transconductance amplifier, a sampler, and a discrete time analog filter. The transconductance amplifier may amplify a v
7992062 Logic device and method supporting scan test August 2, 2011
A logic device includes a data input, a scan test input, a clock demultiplexer, and a master latch. The clock demultiplexer is responsive to a clock input to selectively provide a first clock output and a second clock output. The master latch is coupled to the data input and to the s
7991418 Method and apparatus for retrieving data from one or more wireless communication devices August 2, 2011
A system, method, and apparatus that retrieve data from one or more wireless communication devices that are at least members of a communication group without user intervention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a request for data is sent to an intermediate device, which forwards the r
7991416 Prepackaging call messages for each target interation in setting up a push-to-talk call August 2, 2011
Systems and methods are provided for setting up a push-to-talk group call in a wireless communications system 100. The call setup information in a call message 400 is established as potential targets 108-114 are identified on a wireless device 106 to reduce call setup time and overall
7991414 Position computation in a positioning system using synchronization time bias August 2, 2011
In general, this disclosure is directed to techniques for computing a positioning solution for a mobile unit based on signals received from the satellite navigation system and the wireless communication system. The techniques allow for, and resolve, a synchronization bias that constrains
7991396 Method and apparatus for broadcast application in a wireless communication system August 2, 2011
Systems and methods are provided in which an origination station broadcasts a broadcast program to at least one of a plurality of destination stations. A first destination station (or a first group of destination stations) receives a first registration period parameter from the origi
7991374 Methods and apparatus for supporting communications using horizontal polarization and dipole ant August 2, 2011
Methods and apparatus for supporting the communication of an information stream using an individual polarization type are described. For example, a first data stream is communicated from a base station sector transmitter using horizontal polarization signals and a second data stream
7991362 Methods and apparatus for supporting timing and/or frequency corrections in a wireless communica August 2, 2011
A wireless terminal determines the position of a moving base station and determines timing and/or frequency corrections. A wireless terminal determines its relative position with respect to the base station and determines a timing adjustment correction. The wireless terminal applies
7991095 Sampling method, reconstruction method, and device for sampling and/or reconstructing signals August 2, 2011
A reconstruction method for reconstructing a first signal from a set of sampled values generated by sampling a second signal at a sub-Nyquist rate and at uniform intervals, the method includes retrieving from the set of sampled values a set of shifts and weights with which the first
7991067 Calibration of transmit and receive chains in a MIMO communication system August 2, 2011
Techniques for calibrating the transmit and receive chains at a wireless entity are described. For a pre-calibration, N first overall gains for a receiver unit and N transmitter units in the transmit chain are obtained, where N>1. Each first overall gain is for a combined response for
7991065 Efficient computation of spatial filter matrices for steering transmit diversity in a MIMO commu August 2, 2011
Techniques for efficiently computing spatial filter matrices are described. The channel response matrices for a MIMO channel may be highly correlated if the channel is relatively static over a range of transmission spans. In this case, an initial spatial filter matrix may be derived
7991053 Method and apparatus to enable acquisition of media in streaming applications August 2, 2011
Methods and apparatus for encoding and decoding multimedia frames are presented. The method comprises encoding a set of acquisition frames including a viewable frame, each frame comprising one or more intra-coded portions and one or more inter-coded portions, wherein the act of encod
7991041 Iterative detection and cancellation for wireless communication August 2, 2011
Techniques for recovering a desired transmission in the presence of interfering transmissions are described. For iterative detection and cancellation, multiple groups of code channels are formed for a plurality of code channels for at least one sector. Processing is performed for the
7991040 Methods and apparatus for reduction of a peak to average ratio for an OFDM transmit signal August 2, 2011
Methods and apparatus for reduction of a peak to average ratio for an OFDM transmit signal. In an aspect, a method is provided for reducing a peak to average ratio of a transmit waveform. The method includes obtaining a primary scrambler sequence, generating a secondary scrambler seq
7990998 Connection setup using flexible protocol configuration August 2, 2011
A user terminal establishes a session with a first access point (AP0) and obtains a token associated with modem configuration information used for radio communication. The user terminal thereafter establishes a connection with a second access point (AP1) by sending the token. AP1 rec
7990964 System for message delivery to field personnel August 2, 2011
System for message delivery to field personnel. The system includes a method for operating a server in a message delivery system. The method includes receiving a message for transmission to a recipient, and determining a message characteristic associated with the message. The method
7990925 Method and apparatus for communication handoff August 2, 2011
Seamless communication handoff is achieved by establishing a protocol tunnel to route leftover packets between network access nodes during the handoff. For example, in a mobile IP-based system, a mobile node may perform a handoff from a first access node that is associated with a fir
7990911 Efficient ACK to NACK error detection August 2, 2011
A method and apparatus to determine whether a transmission was successfully received in a multiple access communication system is claimed. First and second encoded data packets are received and decoded. The first and second data packets are then re-encoded, and correlated to determin
7990904 Wireless network repeater August 2, 2011
A frequency translating repeater (250) for use in a time division duplex radio protocol communications system includes a processor (260), a bus (261), a memory (262), an RF section (264), and an integrated station device (264). An access point (210) is detected based on information t
7990844 Signaling method in an OFDM multiple access system August 2, 2011
A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symb
7990843 Signaling method in an OFDM multiple access system August 2, 2011
A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symb
7990841 Diversity transmission modes for MIMO OFDM communication systems August 2, 2011
Techniques for transmitting data using a number of diversity transmission modes to improve reliability. At a transmitter, for each of one or more data streams, a particular diversity transmission mode is selected for use from among a number of possible transmission modes. These trans
7990840 Methods and apparatus for efficient digital broadcast signaling in a wireless communications sys August 2, 2011
First and second transmitters transmit signals communicating the same information, e.g., program segment, but at different times. Different carriers may, but need not be, used by the different transmitters. If a wireless terminal can not recover broadcast segment information from one
7987089 Systems and methods for modifying a zero pad region of a windowed frame of an audio signal July 26, 2011
A method for modifying a window with a frame associated with an audio signal is described. A signal is received. The signal is partitioned into a plurality of frames. A determination is made if a frame within the plurality of frames is associated with a non-speech signal. A modified
7986959 Preamble based uplink power control for LTE July 26, 2011
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate utilizing power control preambles with closed loop power control techniques in a wireless communication environment. An uplink grant can be transferred over a downlink (e.g., a first uplink grant after uplink inactivity), and a
7986948 Wireless handoffs between multiple networks July 26, 2011
The disclosure is directed to a mobile communication device, and method for handing off a mobile communications device between two networks. A processor in the mobile device may be used to establish a network connection with a server in a first network while supporting a call in a se
7986922 Jammer detection and suppression for wireless communication July 26, 2011
Techniques for detecting and suppressing jammers are described. A receiver may perform post-FFT jammer detection and pre-FFT jammer suppression. The receiver may transform an input signal to obtain a frequency-domain signal and may detect for jammers in the input signal based on the
7986921 Wireless device with privacy screen July 26, 2011
A cellular telephone including a medical device to monitor the medical or health condition of a user is provided. The cellular telephone is provided with a keypad that is movable from a first position, where a first display and keypad is exposed, to a second position where a second d
7986756 Method and apparatus for filtering noisy estimates to reduce estimation errors July 26, 2011
Techniques for filtering noisy estimates to reduce estimation errors are described. A sequence of input values (e.g., for an initial channel impulse response estimate (CIRE)) is filtered with an infinite impulse response (IIR) filter having at least one coefficient to obtain a sequen
7986749 Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system July 26, 2011
A method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in a mobile communication system is disclosed. The method disclosed provides for a closed-loop power control method for variable rate transmissions. The power of transmissions is varied in accordance with the rate of the frame
7986748 Peak to average mitigation July 26, 2011
A method and transmitter for generating a transmission signal are disclosed in various embodiments. In one step, a first magnitude relationship of a received first plurality of symbols is determined to see if it qualifies for modification. At least one of the first plurality of symbo
7986742 Pilots for MIMO communication system July 26, 2011
Pilots suitable for use in MIMO systems and capable of supporting various functions are described. The various types of pilot include--a beacon pilot, a MIMO pilot, a steered reference or steered pilot, and a carrier pilot. The beacon pilot is transmitted from all transmit antennas and m
7986728 Equalizer with combined CCK encoding-decoding in feedback filtering of decision feedback equaliz July 26, 2011
A decision feedback equalizer includes a chip estimate buffer that forms chip estimates into a vector. A CCK decoder decodes the vector of chip estimates, and a CCK encoder, connected with the CCK decoder, re-encodes the vector of chip estimates into a valid CCK code word. At the same
7986709 Systems and methods for increasing the capacity of a channel in a communications system July 26, 2011
In accordance with a method for increasing the capacity of a channel in a communications system, characteristics of a channel may be evaluated. The channel may include a plurality of slots, and the slots may have a slot format among a set of slot formats. A slot format among the set of s
7986698 Methods and apparatus for using connection identifiers having different priorities at different July 26, 2011
Methods and apparatus related to scheduling and/or utilization of air link traffic resources are described. A connection identifier is associated with priority with regard to use of an air link resource, e.g., a peer to peer traffic segment which is in contention. A particular connec
7986680 Transmit format selection with consideration for resource reuse July 26, 2011
Techniques for selecting transmit formats in a manner to account for the degrees of resource reuse for multiple data streams sent simultaneously from multiple antennas are described. The degree of resource reuse for each data stream indicates the amount of reuse of resources (e.g., o
7986674 Method and apparatus for call setup latency reduction July 26, 2011
Techniques for minimizing call setup latency are disclosed. In one aspect, a channel assignment message is sent with a flag to direct the use of previously negotiated service parameters. This aspect eliminates the need for service negotiation messages. In another aspect, a channel as
7986672 Method and apparatus for channel quality feedback in a wireless communication July 26, 2011
Method and apparatus for providing link quality feedback to a transmitter. In one embodiment, a periodic link quality message is transmitted on a gated channel, while continuous differential indicators are transmitted. Between quality messages, the differential indicators track the q
7986670 Dynamic configuration of IP for a terminal equipment attached to a wireless device July 26, 2011
Techniques for dynamically configuring IP and providing IP connectivity for a terminal equipment attached to a wireless device are described. The wireless device obtains from a wireless network a dynamically assigned IP address, an IP gateway's IP address, a subnet mask, or none or any
7986666 Creation and transmittal of add messages July 26, 2011
Described herein are mechanisms and methods that facilitate enabling a first network module to "take over" for a second network module. An access router can be configured to act as a regional mobility agent with respect to a wireless terminal. The wireless terminal can then identify a
7986661 Efficient utilization of transmission gaps for cell measurements July 26, 2011
A terminal communicates with a first wireless network and obtains a list of cells in a second wireless network to measure. The terminal operates in a compressed mode and receives multiple transmission gap pattern sequences for different measurement purposes, e.g., RSSI measurements,
7986660 Channel allocation for communication system July 26, 2011
A communication system covering an area, including a plurality of first units. Each of the first units being configured to control the allocation of channels in a part of the area. At least one of the first units being configured to send information relating to channel allocation in the
7986648 Methods and apparatus for communicating information using different types of symbols July 26, 2011
Methods and apparatus implementing communications using different types of symbols, e.g. different characteristic OFDM symbols, at different times for different purposes are described. A first type of symbol is used for control signaling including conveying transmission request signa
7986351 Luma adaptation for digital image processing July 26, 2011
Luma adaptation for digital image processing. Luminance signals are separated from sensor RGB signals representing an image. A transfer function is obtained from the luminance signals. Using the transfer function, the sensor RGB signals are adjusted to adapt the luma of the image.
7986165 Voltage level shifter with dynamic circuit structure having discharge delay tracking July 26, 2011
An apparatus is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the apparatus includes a a dynamic circuit structure that includes a dynamic node coupling a precharge circuit, a discharge circuit, and a gated keeper circuit. The gated keeper circuit is enabled by a signal from a discharge del
7985620 Method of fabricating via first plus via last IC interconnect July 26, 2011
A multi-tiered IC device contains a first die including a substrate with a first and second set of vias. The first set of vias extends from one side of the substrate, and the second set of vias extend from an opposite side of the substrate. Both sets of vias are coupled together. The fir
7984492 Methods and apparatus for policy enforcement in a wireless communication system July 19, 2011
An apparatus and associated method is provided for facilitating policy decision in a communication system, wherein the apparatus receiving a message, the message comprising a first destination device identification of a first destination device, determining a second destination device

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