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8005498 Mobile group data distribution August 23, 2011
A mobile collaborative community system provides distribution of shared data (e.g., media, preference, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc.) for a group of individuals (e.g., families, business organization, team, project, etc.) to the mobile devices of the group members. The system maint
8005475 Method and system for mapping provisioning information of different communications networks August 23, 2011
A wireless communications device is configurable to communicate with either one of two networks over a wireless medium, each of the two networks having a different air interface protocol. Additionally, the wireless device includes stored provisioning information for a set of networks
8005420 Method and apparatus for seamlessly switching reception between mutlimedia streams in a wireless August 23, 2011
Techniques to seamlessly switch reception between multimedia programs are described. For "continued decoding", a wireless device continues to receive, decode, decompress, and (optionally) display a current program, even after a new program has been selected, until overhead information
8005297 Method and apparatus for adaptive and self-calibrated sensor green channel gain balancing August 23, 2011
A method and apparatus for adaptive green channel odd-even mismatch removal to effectuate the disappearance of artifacts caused by the odd-even mismatch in a demosaic processed image. In one example, a calibrated GR channel gain for red rows and a calibrated GB channel gain for blue
8005171 Systems and method for generating a common preamble for use in a wireless communication system August 23, 2011
A UWB system comprising a plurality of piconets, wherein each piconet uses a different code to generate a preamble for use in communicating with a plurality of remote communication devices. The preamble can be generated from the combination of repeated versions of the code, negative
8005158 Overhead signaling in a wireless communication system August 23, 2011
Improved ways of communicating assignment signals using flash signaling are described, e.g., for wireless terminals with low SNR, that are more robust against large variation of channel gains due to e.g., frequency selective fading and fast fading in time. Coding and modulation methods
8005091 Apparatus and method of generating and maintaining hybrid connection identifications (IDs) for p August 23, 2011
An apparatus and method are disclosed for generating a transmission connection identifier (CID) for a transmitter/receiver pair in a wireless network. The CID may be selected from or mapped to a hybrid CID space comprising a first set of orthogonal CIDs and a second set of non-orthog
8005065 Keep-alive for wireless networks August 23, 2011
A transmitting device transmits data to one or more receiving devices. At least one of the receiving devices transmits a keep-alive to the transmitting device. The keep-alive is transmitted at a reduced rate relative to the data transmission rate. In some implementations multiple rec
8005042 Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission August 23, 2011
In a data communication system capable of variable rate transmission, high rate packet data transmission improves utilization of the forward link and decreases the transmission delay. Data transmission on the forward link is time multiplexed and the base station transmits at the high
8004992 Adding hybrid ARQ to WLAN protocols with MAC based feedback August 23, 2011
A wireless node having a MAC layer configured to coordinate access to a shared wireless medium using a MAC protocol, a PHY layer configured to provide an interface to the shared wireless medium, and a HARQ layer between the MAC and PHY layers, the HARQ layer being configured to suppo
8004881 Magnetic tunnel junction device with separate read and write paths August 23, 2011
In an embodiment, a device is disclosed that includes a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) structure. The device also includes a read path coupled to the MTJ structure and a write path coupled to the MTJ structure. The write path is separate from the read path.
8004880 Read disturb reduction circuit for spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory August 23, 2011
Systems, circuits and methods for reducing read disturbances in Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) are disclosed. A resistive element can be used during the read operation to control the read current and control read disturbances. An isolation eleme
8004566 Self calibration of white balance for a digital camera device using correlated color temperature August 23, 2011
This disclosure describes automatic self-calibration techniques for digital camera devices. In one aspect, a method for performing a calibration procedure in a digital camera device comprises initiating the calibration procedure when a camera sensor of the digital camera device is op
8004535 Apparatus and method for selectively double buffering portions of displayable content August 23, 2011
A method of generating displayable content is provided. The method includes obtaining a display package having a plurality of display elements defining a plurality of display frames. The method further includes rendering at least one selected group of the plurality of display element
8004438 Circuit and method for dynamically selecting circuit elements August 23, 2011
Techniques for dynamically selecting circuit elements to combat mismatches are described. In one design, an apparatus includes first, second, and third circuits. The first circuit receives input data and provides first signals that are asserted based on the input data, e.g., with the
8004431 Fast parsing of variable-to-fixed-length codes August 23, 2011
Methods and systems for parsing and decoding compressed data are provided. Random segments of the compressed data may be decompressed and positioned appropriately in the corresponding uncompressed data set. The methods and systems utilize variable to fixed length (VF) coding techniqu
8000843 Critical event reporting August 16, 2011
A fleet management system for remotely monitoring a vehicle is disclosed in one embodiment. The fleet management system includes a data receiver and a display. The data receiver is configured to wirelessly receive information from the vehicle. That information includes a location for
8000717 Apparatus, system, and method for managing reverse link communication resources in a distributed August 16, 2011
An apparatus, system, and method efficiently manage reverse link communication in a communication system having geographically distributed base stations. Coupled load information is exchanged between base stations allowing a base station to determine an appropriate allocation of reve
8000687 Wireless terminal location using apparatus and methods employing carrier diversity August 16, 2011
Wireless terminals, e.g., mobile nodes, receive, identify, and measure broadcast signals from a plurality of cells. They determine relative transmission power relationships corresponding to the received measured signals and determine at least two channel gain ratios. A geographic area
8000411 Decoding scheme using multiple hypotheses about transmitted messages August 16, 2011
A method and apparatus for decoding encoded data bits of a wireless communication transmission are provided. A set of a-priori bit values corresponding to known bit values of the encoded data bits may be generated. Decoding paths that correspond to decoded data bits that are inconsis
8000407 Method and apparatus of transmitting and receiving channel parameter attributes in wireless comm August 16, 2011
A method and apparatus of transmission and reception of SetManagementSameChannelParameters, the method comprising generating a SetManagementSameChannelParameters attribute comprising an 8 bit Length field, an 8 bit AttributeID field, a 6 bit PilotAdd field, a 6 bit PilotCompare field
8000382 I/Q imbalance estimation and correction in a communication system August 16, 2011
Certain aspects and embodiments provide for accurate measurement and estimation of imbalances between in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) components of a complex baseband signal. The accuracy of I/Q phase imbalance estimates may be enhanced by conducting them on a transmitter and a recei
8000326 Method and apparatus for fragmenting a control message in wireless communication system August 16, 2011
Techniques for sending control information are described. In an aspect, information to send in a control message may be fragmented into multiple parts, with each part including information of a particular type. The multiple parts may be segregated into multiple categories such as dyn
8000302 Adaptive multi-channel modem August 16, 2011
An adaptive multi-channel (AMC) modem that can receive one or multiple spread spectrum signals simultaneously includes an adjustable filter, a .DELTA..SIGMA. ADC, and a digital processor. The adjustable filter filters an input signal with an adjustable bandwidth and provides an outpu
8000284 Cooperative autonomous and scheduled resource allocation for a distributed communication system August 16, 2011
An access terminal (206) configured for wireless communication with an access network (204) within a sector (1032). The access terminal (206) includes a transmitter (2608) for transmitting a reverse traffic channel to the access network (204), an antenna (2614) for receiving signals from
8000241 Methods and apparatus for controlling access link packet flow aggregation and resource allocatio August 16, 2011
Methods and apparatus for aggregating IP packets over an access link between a wireless access router and a core node and for managing resource allocation to access link packet aggregates, e.g., as a function of the status of wireless communications links used to couple mobile nodes
8000221 Adaptive pilot insertion for a MIMO-OFDM system August 16, 2011
A transmitting entity transmits a "base" pilot in each protocol data unit (PDU). A receiving entity is able to derive a sufficiently accurate channel response estimate of a MIMO channel with the base pilot under nominal (or most) channel conditions. The transmitting entity selectively
8000165 Self reset clock buffer in memory devices August 16, 2011
A memory device includes a clock buffer circuit. The clock buffer circuit includes a cross-coupled logic circuit. The cross-coupled logic circuit has at least two logic gates in which an output of at least one of the logic gates is coupled to an input of at least one of the logic gates.
8000068 ESD protection for field effect transistors of analog input circuits August 16, 2011
During an ESD event, an ESD current flows from a ground node of a first ESD protection circuit and out of an integrated circuit to a terminal of a package that houses the integrated circuit. To improve ESD performance, a second ESD protection circuit is provided. A diode of the second ES
7999740 Methods and systems for fast ranging in wireless communication networks August 16, 2011
A method for efficiently performing ranging in a wireless communication network may be implemented by a mobile station. The method may include sending a ranging code to a base station. The method may also include receiving a ranging response message from the base station. The method
7999702 Method and apparatus for obtaining weather information from road-going vehicles August 16, 2011
In one embodiment taught herein, a plurality of road-going vehicles report weather-related data to a weather-determining system. For example, trucks and/or cars having in-vehicle information systems wirelessly transmit one or more items of weather-related data, such that the weather-
7999625 Method and apparatus for calibrating oscillators August 16, 2011
A method of calibrating oscillators is disclosed that includes searching, in an array storing an operational characteristic of the oscillator, for an index value that is associated with an output of the oscillator; determining that the output is within a predetermined accuracy as com
7998815 Shallow trench isolation August 16, 2011
Shallow trench isolation methods are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a method includes implanting oxygen under a bottom surface of a narrow trench of a silicon substrate and performing a high-temperature anneal of the silicon substrate to form a buried oxide layer. The method
7996695 Circuits and methods for sleep state leakage current reduction August 9, 2011
A circuit for reducing sleep state current leakage is described. The circuit includes a hardware unit selected from at least one of a latch, a flip-flop, a comparator, a multiplexer, or an adder. The hardware unit includes a first node. The hardware unit further includes a sleep enabled
7996616 Apparatus and methods to reduce castouts in a multi-level cache hierarchy August 9, 2011
Techniques and methods are used to control allocations to a higher level cache of cache lines displaced from a lower level cache. The allocations of the displaced cache lines are prevented for displaced cache lines that are determined to be redundant in the next level cache, whereby cast
7996032 Power control and resource management in orthogonal wireless systems August 9, 2011
A method for controlling power in a wireless network is provided. The method includes determining a relative power parameter at a wireless device such as a mobile wireless terminal and receiving a load parameter at the wireless device, where the load parameter is associated with at l
7995849 Method and apparatus for improving video quality of low bit-rate video August 9, 2011
Embodiments describe a method, apparatus and system for processing images using block based compression. In one embodiment, a method comprises determining whether two blocks are neighboring blocks, determining whether the two neighboring blocks are both subdivided, if the two blocks
7995845 Digital signal pattern detection and classification using kernel fusion August 9, 2011
This disclosure describes techniques for determining a shape of a signal. In particular, a kernel is applied to a portion of a signal to compute at least a first, first order derivative of the portion of the signal and a second, first order derivative of the portion of the signal in a si
7995751 Method and apparatus for encrypting data in a wireless communication system August 9, 2011
In a communications system, a method of transforming a set of message signals representing a message comprising the steps of first encoding one of the set of message signals in accordance with a first keyed transformation, a second encoding of the one of the set of message signals in
7995689 Transmission/reception apparatus and method for frequency domain signal processing in a smart an August 9, 2011
An apparatus and a method can improve the performance of a smart antenna system for signal processing in the frequency domain. The method includes: performing Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on a plurality of incoming signals received through antennas according to a predetermined FFT wi
7995684 Method and apparatus for automatic gain control of a multi-carrier signal in a communication rec August 9, 2011
A receiver operates to AGC a multi-carrier signal through a corresponding number of inner loops and an outer loop AGC processes. A first number of bits for representing the multi-carrier signal with a limited amount of interference is determined through a calibration mode process. The fi
7995671 Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission with rank-dependent precoding August 9, 2011
Techniques for performing rank-dependent precoding for a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission are described. Each rank may be associated with a set of at least one precoding vector or matrix that can provide good performance for that rank. A transmitter may obtain a pre
7995656 Scalable video coding with two layer encoding and single layer decoding August 9, 2011
Some embodiments comprise a method of decoding a video bitstream that include receiving a first layer of data and a second layer of data, combining the received first layer data and the received second layer data, and decoding the combined data. Also, a method of video encoding that
7995616 Acquisition of timing information in wireless communication systems August 9, 2011
A method for identifying a reference point in time in a wireless communication system includes: receiving a first repeated sequence of symbols; receiving a second repeated sequence of symbols; performing an autocorrelation between the first and second sequences of symbols; and identi
7995538 Method and apparatus for throttling access to a shared resource August 9, 2011
A method and apparatus for throttling requests to access a shared resource throttles requests that are made too frequently. The methodology reduces the frequency of requests by setting a throttle end time that is based upon the frequency of previously desired access. Access is denied
7995534 Method and apparatus for SRNS relocation in wireless communication systems August 9, 2011
A method for SRNS relocation comprises sending a relocation request from a Source Node B+ to a Target Node B+ based on measurements received from a User Equipment; sending a Physical Channel reconfiguration message from the Source Node B+ to the UE; forwarding Packet Data Units (PDU) fro
7995531 Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission August 9, 2011
In a data communication system capable of variable rate transmission, high rate packet data transmission improves utilization of the forward link and decreases the transmission delay. Data transmission on the forward link is time multiplexed and the base station transmits at the high
7995527 Multiple access wireless communications system using a multi-sector configuration August 9, 2011
Power control methods and apparatus for use in a sectorized cell of an OFDM communications system are described. Each sector of a cell uses the same frequencies and transmission times and is synchronized with the other sectors in the cell in terms of tone frequencies used at any given
7995460 Control interface protocol for telephone sets for a satellite telephone system August 9, 2011
A control interface protocol governs communications in a satellite telephone system. The satellite telephone system comprises a radio antenna unit (RAU) and a plurality of desksets connected to the RAU. An interface bus connects the desksets to the RAU. The RAU and the desksets commu
7995383 Magnetic tunnel junction cell adapted to store multiple digital values August 9, 2011
A particular magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) cell includes a side wall defining a first magnetic domain adapted to store a first digital value. The MTJ cell also includes a bottom wall coupled to the side wall and defining a second magnetic domain adapted to store a second digital val

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