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8041302 Method and apparatus for determining the transmission data rate in a multi-user communication sy October 18, 2011
A method and apparatus are described for controlling the data rates for communications to and from a base station and a plurality of remote users. The usage of the communications resource whether the forward link resource (from base station to remote users) or reverse link resource (
8041057 Mixing techniques for mixing audio October 18, 2011
This disclosure describes audio mixing techniques that intelligently combine two or more audio signals into an output signal. The techniques allow audio to be combined, yet create perceptual differentiation between the different audio signals. The result is that a user is able to hear
8040965 Method and apparatus for processing data for transmission in a multi-channel communication syste October 18, 2011
Techniques to process data for transmission over a set of transmission channels selected from among all available transmission channels. In an aspect, the data processing includes coding data based on a common coding and modulation scheme to provide modulation symbols and pre-weighting t
8040961 Sample rearrangement for a communication system with cyclic extension October 18, 2011
Signal detectivity is improved by implementation of address adjustment to reorder samples and to discard undesired samples. Such reordering is utilized when the time order of received samples are distorted and/or corrupted, which can occur in at least three situations. If the samples
8040942 Method and apparatus for determining an outage in communication systems October 18, 2011
A method of detecting an outage includes determining at a source of data a quality metric of a link over which data is to be transmitted, modifying the quality metric by a quality metric margin, and declaring an outage event when power required for transmission of a reference signal
8040936 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving high speed data using code division multiple October 18, 2011
The present invention describes a spread spectrum communication system wherein the frequency of carriers and the code channels of the carriers or both for transmission to a given remote station user vary in time. This provides for a direct sequence spectrum communications system which
8040850 Advanced internet protocol with flash-OFDM methods and systems October 18, 2011
In various embodiments, communication apparatuses and methods for providing robust communications are disclosed. For example, an apparatus may establish an air interface in accordance with an orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) protocol. According to another particular asp
8040849 Maintaining a data connection during a dormant data session with a wireless communication networ October 18, 2011
A wireless device establishes a data session with a data call, and a data connection is set up for the data session. The wireless device may receive or originate a voice call while the data session is dormant, exchange traffic data for the voice call, and perform handoff between base
8040645 System and method for excess voltage protection in a multi-die package October 18, 2011
A protection system implemented on one die of a multi-die package provides a discharge path for excess voltages incurred on one or more other die of the package. Ground paths are provided for certain circuitry in the package that have high noise-sensitivity, and ground paths are prov
8040240 Method and apparatus to automatically trigger position location fixes for external devices October 18, 2011
A method and apparatus automatically triggers position location fixes for external devices. In one embodiment of the present invention, a mobile station generates position location data for a position location function in an external device in response to determining that the mobile stat
8040233 Methods and systems for configuring mobile devices using sensors October 18, 2011
Methods and systems enable selection of a theme for implementation on a computing device based on sensor data. The computing device can include a variety of sensors including sensors capable of sensing ambient temperature, light, and sound, as well as geographic position, for example
8038815 Fluorescent dye to improve primer coverage accuracy for bonding applications October 18, 2011
A method of visually verifying the application of a primer or adhesion promoter to a surface for optimizing the adhesion of a bonding tape to the surface. A fluorescing agent is mixed with the primer and a light source is emitted on the surface causing the agent to fluoresce when the
8037515 Methods and apparatus for providing application credentials October 11, 2011
Methods and apparatus for providing an application credential for an application running on a device. In one embodiment, a method provides an application credential to an application running on a device, wherein the application credential is used by the application to authenticate to a
8037188 Soft handoff across different networks assisted by an end-to-end application protocol October 11, 2011
A method for soft handoff across different networks is disclosed. A first communication link through a first network is used for communicating between a first user agent and a second user agent. The user agents negotiate to use a second communication link for the same call. The secon
8036710 Power-efficient multi-antenna wireless device October 11, 2011
A power-efficient wireless device is equipped with multiple (N) antennas. Each antenna is associated with a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The wireless device also has processing units used to perform various digital processing tasks. The transmitter units, receiver units, and
8036698 Mobile station message having a station class mark field for indicating an MEID capable mobile s October 11, 2011
A mobile station for wireless communication includes a control processor configured to generate a message for transmission on a reverse signaling channel, the message including a Station Class Mark field having a plurality of bits, a portion of the Station Class Mark field indicating
8036672 Methods and apparatus related to resource allocation in a wireless communications system October 11, 2011
Methods and apparatus of efficient communication of resource allocation are described. A base station transmits a resource assignment message, e.g., a state transition message, to a wireless terminal including a first part, e.g., a base station assigned wireless terminal On state ide
8036669 Orthogonal resource reuse with SDMA beams October 11, 2011
A wireless communication system can implement beamforming across multiple omni-directional antennas to create beams at different spatial directions. The communication system can arrange the beams in sets, with each set arranged to provide substantially complete coverage over a predet
8036623 Wireless receiver with notch filter to reduce effects of transmit signal leakage October 11, 2011
This disclosure describes techniques for reducing adverse effects of TX signal leakage in a full-duplex, wireless communication device. The techniques make use of a notch filter to reject TX signal leakage in a signal processed in the RX path of the wireless communication device. The
8036622 DC offset cancellation circuit for a receiver October 11, 2011
Techniques for cancelling DC offset are described. A DC offset cancellation circuit in a receiver cancels DC offsets caused by leaked LO (local oscillator) signals from a LO signal generator. The receiver first calibrates itself by using the DC offset cancellation circuit during a tr
8036517 Parallel decoding of intra-encoded video October 11, 2011
A video stream (for example, H.264 video) includes intra-encoded portions. Decoding an intra-encoded portion utilizes the result of decoding one or more other portions (called predecessors) in the frame. Frame reconstruction involves identifying a portion that has no predecessor port
8036263 Selecting key frames from video frames October 11, 2011
This disclosure describes identifying key frames from a sequence of video frames. A first set of information generated by operating on uncompressed data is accessed. A second set of information generated by compressing the data is also accessed. The first and second sets of information a
8036242 Dynamic capacity operating point management for a vocoder in an access terminal October 11, 2011
A variable rate vocoder is configured to encode speech signals with a plurality of encoding rates and to change from a first encoding rate to a second encoding rate according to a received signal indicating reverse link load.
8036205 Methods and apparatus for supporting uplinks with remote base stations October 11, 2011
A wireless terminal using OFDM signaling supporting both terrestrial and satellite base station connectivity operates using conventional access probe signaling in a first mode of operation to establish a timing synchronized wireless link with a terrestrial base station. In a second m
8036151 Power-based rate signaling for cellular uplink October 11, 2011
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate utilizing power-based rate signaling for uplink scheduling in a wireless communications system. A maximum nominal power (e.g., relative maximum transmit power that may be employed on an uplink) may be known to both a base statio
8036135 Mac performance of a mesh network using both sender-based and receiver-based scheduling October 11, 2011
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate determining when and whether to implement a sender-based data packet scheduling mechanism or a receiver-based data packet scheduling mechanism based on one or mode scheduling factors. For example, a sending node and a receiving node
8036104 Methods and apparatus for improving resiliency of communication networks October 11, 2011
Techniques for supporting fault tolerance in communications systems are described. Fault notification messages are communicated which may be affected by a detected/reported service disruption. End nodes receiving a fault notification message determine if the message indicates a disru
8035650 Tiled cache for multiple software programs October 11, 2011
Caching techniques for storing instructions, constant values, and other types of data for multiple software programs are described. A cache provides storage for multiple programs and is partitioned into multiple tiles. Each tile is assignable to one program. Each program may be assig
8035447 Active circuits with load linearization October 11, 2011
Active circuits with active loads linearized via distortion cancellation are described. In one design, an apparatus includes a first stage and a load stage. For an amplifier, the first stage amplifies an input signal and provides an output signal having a larger signal level. For a mixer
8035443 Amplifier with gain expansion stage October 11, 2011
Techniques are disclosed for extending an amplifier's linear operating range by concatenating an amplifier exhibiting gain compression with a gain expansion stage. In an exemplary embodiment, a gain expansion stage incorporates a Class-B stage, a Class-AB stage, or a combination of the
8032369 Arbitrary average data rates for variable rate coders October 4, 2011
Methods and apparatus are provided for achieving an arbitrary average data rate for a variable rate coder. One method includes selecting a set (e.g., a pair) of initial composite rates surrounding the arbitrary average data rate. A reallocation fraction is then calculated based on th
8032172 Method and apparatus for forward link gain control in a power controlled repeater October 4, 2011
A power controlled repeater is disclosed for use in a wireless communication system to control the forward link gain. The power controlled repeater includes a forward link for communications from a base station to a mobile station. In addition, the power controlled repeater includes
8032156 Procedure to increase position location availabilty October 4, 2011
A device, method and system are provide which permits the methodology used to make the position determination to change dynamically in connection with achieving a position fix of a desired accuracy.
8032145 Restrictive reuse set management algorithm for equal grade of service on FL transmission October 4, 2011
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate restrictive reuse resource set management with equal grade of service on forward link transmission. User throughput over a resource reuse set can be estimated, and an iterative method can be employed to reallocate users with poor
8031820 Sampling method, reconstruction method, and device for sampling and/or reconstructing signals October 4, 2011
Reconstruction method for reconstructing a first signal (x(t)) regularly sampled at a sub-Nyquist rate, comprising the step of retrieving from the regularly spaced sampled values (y.sub.s[n], y(nT)) a set of weights (c.sub.n,, c.sub.k) and shifts (t.sub.n, t.sub.k) with which
8031807 Systems and methods for detecting the presence of a transmission signal in a wireless channel October 4, 2011
A method for detecting the presence of a transmission signal in a wireless spectrum channel. The frequency of a signal is converted from a first frequency to a second frequency. The signal with the second frequency is filtered to remove signals that are not within the band of the sec
8031645 Archival of session data exchanged with a wireless communication network October 4, 2011
Techniques for archiving data exchanged between a terminal and a wireless communication network during a session are described. Session data may be archived at a network entity in real-time while the session is in progress or may be uploaded to the network entity for archival after the
8031626 Packet structure for a mobile display digital interface October 4, 2011
An Enhanced Reverse Link Encapsulation packet for a MDDI system combines and improves upon the functionality of the Round Trip Delay Measurement packet and Reverse Encapsulation packet. The combination of these packets allows for reduced MDDI link overhead when providing client reverse l
8031622 Method and apparatus for receive diversity in a communication system October 4, 2011
In a communication system (100) for decoding a quick paging channel (QPCH), a receiver (200) determines a channel condition of a pilot channel received at a mobile station (102-104). A control system (210, 401) determines receive diversity at the receiver (200) by determining a numbe
8031113 System and method to obtain signal acquisition assistance data October 4, 2011
Signal acquisition assistance data is obtained for receiving devices such as wireless position assisted location devices seeking signals from any source, such as satellite vehicles and base stations. The data may be obtained from previously acquired data, based upon evaluation of changes
8031026 System and method for efficiently generating an oscillating signal October 4, 2011
An apparatus for generating an oscillating signal including an oscillator configured to generate the oscillating signal, a controller configured to generate a control signal that controls a characteristic (e.g., amplitude or frequency) of the oscillating signal, and a power supply config
8031019 Integrated voltage-controlled oscillator circuits October 4, 2011
Techniques for providing voltage-controlled oscillator circuits having improved phase noise performance and lower power consumption. In an exemplary embodiment, a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is coupled to a mixer or a frequency divider such as a divide-by-two circuit. The VCO
8031005 Amplifier supporting multiple gain modes October 4, 2011
Techniques for designing a low-noise amplifier (LNA) for operation over a wide range of input power levels. In an exemplary embodiment, a first gain path is provided in parallel with a second gain path. The first gain path includes a differential cascode amplifier with inductor source
8030982 Systems and methods using improved clock gating cells October 4, 2011
A clock gating cell that comprises a latch in communication with an input enable logic and an output logic circuit, wherein the latch includes a pull-up and/or a pull-down circuit at an input node of the output logic circuit and circuitry preventing premature charge or discharge of the
8030568 Systems and methods for improving the similarity of the output volume between audio players October 4, 2011
A method for improving the similarity of the volumes in different audio players is described. First player metrics for one or more Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) instruments may be determined. A digital music file that uses the MIDI protocol may be received. A note param
8028143 Method and apparatus for transmitting memory pre-fetch commands on a bus September 27, 2011
A processing system and method is disclosed wherein a processor may be configured to predict an address of memory from which data will be needed, transmit to a memory controller a pre-fetch command for the data at the predicted address of the memory, and transmit to the memory contro
8028024 System and method of instant messaging between wireless devices September 27, 2011
A system and method of instant messaging is disclosed and includes transmitting an indication from a wireless device to an instant messaging server that instant messaging is enabled at the wireless device. Further, a plurality of communication signals between the wireless device and a
8027690 Methods and apparatus for sensing the presence of a transmission signal in a wireless channel September 27, 2011
Methods and apparatus for sensing the presence of a transmission signal type within a wireless channel in a wireless communication system, such as those including the use of wireless microphones, are described. Sensing the transmission signal type includes calculating a spectral dens
8027645 Systems and methods for automatically tuning a frequency modulator in a mobile device September 27, 2011
A method for automatically tuning a frequency modulator in a mobile device is described. A frequency band is automatically scanned using a frequency modulation (FM) receiver. The FM receiver is integrated as a part of the mobile device. Quality associated with channels of the frequen
8027642 Transmission canceller for wireless local area network September 27, 2011
A frequency translating repeater (200) for use in a wireless local area network includes a cancellation unit. Canceller (402) is controlled by control (401) to provide an injection signal for canceling leakage in a receive signal path. Reference coupler (403) provides a reference signal

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