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8077692 Enhanced frequency division multiple access for wireless communication December 13, 2011
Enhanced frequency division multiple access (EFDMA) is a multiplexing scheme that sends modulation symbols in the time domain and achieves a lower PAPR than OFDM. An EFDMA symbol occupies multiple subband groups that are spaced apart in a frequency band, with each subband group conta
8077691 Pilot transmission and channel estimation for MISO and MIMO receivers in a multi-antenna system December 13, 2011
A transmitter generates multiple composite pilots with a training matrix and a gain matrix. Each composite pilot includes multiple training pilots generated with multiple columns of the training matrix and scaled with multiple gain elements in a column of the gain matrix. The transmitter
8077679 Method and apparatus for providing protocol options in a wireless communication system December 13, 2011
Method and apparatus for providing broadcast overhead information interleaved with a broadcast session in a transmission on a broadcast channel of a wireless communication system. In one embodiment, the information is stored at the receiver to provide quick updating when a user chang
8077655 Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission December 13, 2011
In a data communication system capable of variable rate transmission, high rate packet data transmission improves utilization of the forward link and decreases the transmission delay. Data transmission on the forward link is time multiplexed and the base station transmits at the high
8077654 Auxiliary FL MIMO pilot transmission in 1XEV-DO December 13, 2011
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate providing auxiliary multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) pilot signals to MIMO user devices in a wireless communication environment. According to some aspects, a portion of data transmission power may be reallocated for auxili
8077650 Methods of announcing a call and transmitting application data to an access terminal in a wirele December 13, 2011
Exemplary embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems and methods for announcing a call to an access terminal in a wireless communications system. Receiving, at an access network, a request to call a given access terminal and determining whether a cluster to which the
8077638 Methods and apparatus for providing quality of service in a peer to peer network December 13, 2011
Methods and apparatus related to scheduling traffic slots in a wireless communications system, e.g., an ad hoc peer to peer communications network are described. An implemented timing structure includes multiple traffic transmission slots and multiple request blocks with different pr
8077634 System and method for providing group communication services December 13, 2011
A system and method for providing group communication services. Each of a plurality of communication devices coverts information signals into data packets suitable for transmission over a data network, such as the Internet. The data packets are transmitted through the data network to a
8077626 Quality of service (QoS) aware establishment of communication sessions December 13, 2011
In general, this disclosure relates to the establishment of communication sessions between communication devices. In particular, this disclosure describes techniques that provide for quality of service (QoS) aware establishment of communication sessions. As an example, a communication
8077596 Signaling transmission and reception in wireless communication systems December 13, 2011
Techniques for sending and receiving signaling in a wireless communication system are described. Multiple (e.g., eight) vectors of modulation symbols may be defined and may be orthogonal to one another. Multiple subscriber stations may share transmission resources and may simultaneou
8077595 Flexible time-frequency multiplexing structure for wireless communication December 13, 2011
Techniques for efficiently sending data in a wireless communication system are described. Code division multiplexing (CDM) or orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) may be selected for each traffic segment, which may correspond to specific time frequency resources. An outp
8077504 Shallow trench type quadri-cell of phase-change random access memory (PRAM) December 13, 2011
A method of forming a phase-change random access memory (PRAM) cell and PRAM arrangement, and embodiments of phase-change random access memory (PRAM) cells and PRAM arrangements are disclosed. A phase-change random access memory (PRAM) cell includes a bottom electrode, a heater resistor
8077242 Clock management of bus during viewfinder mode in digital camera device December 13, 2011
This disclosure describes techniques for managing the clock speed of a bus during viewfinder mode in a digital camera device. The techniques involve determining a frame rate of frames displayed on a viewfinder, determining whether to adjust a clock speed of a bus based at least in pa
8077228 Processing of sensor values in imaging systems December 13, 2011
A digital image system identifies defective pixels of a digital image sensor based on sensor values of pixels positioned in at least two dimensions on the digital image sensor. The exemplary imaging system includes a buffer for receiving sensor values that are each associated with a
8077163 Mobile device with acoustically-driven text input and method thereof December 13, 2011
A mobile device has a housing having first and second display areas. A mic-array is integrated into the housing and has microphones operable to sense sound signals at multiple locations on the housing from a sound pen when handwriting an alphanumeric symbol on a surface separate from and
8077019 Method of associating groups of classified source addresses with vibration patterns December 13, 2011
In a meeting or group event, people having a portable device, such as a cell phone or pager, may wish to be discretely notified when an important message is received, an urgent call comes in from a selected person or a selected group of people, or to be alerted to an upcoming important e
8076963 Delay-locked loop having a delay independent of input signal duty cycle variation December 13, 2011
A Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) uses a delay line to delay a first signal by a "delay time", thereby generating a second signal. A capacitor is charged at a first rate starting at a first edge of first signal and continuing until an edge of the second signal. The capacitor is then discharged a
8076960 Digital phase-locked loop with two-point modulation using an accumulator and a phase-to-digital December 13, 2011
A digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) supporting two-point modulation is described. In one design, the DPLL includes a phase-to-digital converter and a loop filter operating in a loop, a first processing unit for a lowpass modulation path, and a second processing unit for a highpass mod
8076768 IC interconnect December 13, 2011
A multi-tiered IC device contains a first die including a substrate with a first and second set of vias. The first set of vias extends from one side of the substrate, and the second set of vias extend from an opposite side of the substrate. Both sets of vias are coupled together. The fir
8076762 Variable feature interface that induces a balanced stress to prevent thin die warpage December 13, 2011
A packaged semiconductor product includes a packaging substrate coupled to a semiconductor die through an interconnect structure with elements of variable features. The interconnect structure may be bumps or pillars. The variable features of the interconnect structure induce a reverse be
8074158 Erasure detection for a transport channel with an unknown format December 6, 2011
To perform erasure detection for an intermittently active transport channel with unknown format, a receiver determines an energy metric and a symbol error rate (SER) for a received block with CRC failure. The receiver computes uncorrelated random variables u and v for the received bl
8073503 Personal health modules supported by portable communication devices December 6, 2011
A wireless device having a remote station portion, such as a cellular telephone, PDA, laptop computer, handheld computer, or the like and a removably connectable medical device portion, such as a blood glucose monitor or the like, is provided. The medical device portion is separated
8073481 Interference and power control for wireless communication December 6, 2011
Techniques for performing interference and power control in a wireless communication system are described. An asymmetric power control scheme adjusts the transmit power of a user equipment (UE) in an asymmetric manner, e.g., with different up and down step sizes. In one design, a par
8073464 Method and apparatus for identifying transmitters in a wireless communication system using power December 6, 2011
Identification of transmitters for signals received by a terminal. To determine the transmitter of a given received signal, a list of candidate transmitters that may have transmitted that signal is determined. A coverage zone to use for the received signal is also determined. This co
8073416 Method and apparatus for controlling a bias current of a VCO in a phase-locked loop December 6, 2011
A local oscillator includes a phase-locked loop. The phase-locked loop includes voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and a novel VCO control circuit. The VCO control circuit may be programmable and configurable. In one example, an instruction is received onto the VCO control circuit to
8073393 Methods and systems for least squares block channel estimation December 6, 2011
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques for channel estimation without resorting to the channel second-order statistics. Methods and systems are proposed for improving the performance of an un-constrained least squares channel interpolator by using available
8073282 Scaling filter for video sharpening December 6, 2011
A device has a single scaling filter to filter a video signal once to perform both sharpening and scaling. A memory stores original scaling filter coefficients for the scaling filter. An integrated circuit calculates new sharpening-scaling filter coefficients derived from the origina
8073087 Multi-carrier incremental redundancy for packet based wireless communications December 6, 2011
Methods and apparatus are disclosed herein for providing incremental redundancy in a wireless communication system to aid in error recovery. One or more redundancy versions are sent on different carriers than the primary version of information to be transmitted. At the receiver end the
8073076 Method and apparatus for processing a communication signal December 6, 2011
An access terminal for processing a communication signal includes a receiver. The receiver is configured to determine a bias point for the communication signal based on a quality measurement of the communication signal, the quality measurement having a carrier-to-interference (C/I) e
8073068 Selective virtual antenna transmission December 6, 2011
Techniques for transmitting data from virtual antennas instead of physical antennas are described. Each virtual antenna may be mapped to some or all physical antennas by a different mapping. The performance of different sets of at least one virtual antenna is evaluated based on one o
8073007 Method and apparatus for intertechnology IPv6 address configuration December 6, 2011
Methods and apparatus for resolving incompatible network configurations are described herein. A mobile device having peripheral devices connected thereto receives a request from a peripheral device, determines whether the address configuration protocol associated with the peripheral devi
8072942 Code channel management in a wireless communications system December 6, 2011
Systems and techniques are disclosed relating to communications. The systems and techniques involve separating a plurality of subscriber stations into first and second groups, a different first code from a plurality of orthogonal codes to each of the subscriber stations in the first
8072922 Method and apparatus for negotiating personalities in a wireless communications system December 6, 2011
A method and apparatus are disclosed for negotiating and managing one or more personalities in a wireless communications system. The method comprises advertising one or more supported initial protocol set identifiers. Furthermore, the method comprises selecting a starting initial pro
8072917 Methods and apparatus supporting adaptive decentralized traffic scheduling for wireless communic December 6, 2011
Methods and apparatus relating to scheduling of air link resources, e.g., traffic segments, in wireless communications are described. Various described methods and apparatus are well suited to wireless peer to peer networks in which traffic scheduling is decentralized, e.g. an ad hoc
8072379 GPS power savings using low power sensors December 6, 2011
A position location system, apparatus, and method are disclosed. A wireless device includes a satellite positioning system (SPS) receiver and position location processor. The SPS receiver detects the availability of positioning signals and the position location processor determines a
8072371 Multiple-mode location determining methods and systems December 6, 2011
Methods, apparatuses and/or systems are provided for selectively initiating a first mode location determination process using a location determining device if an item is not substantially stationary, and selectively initiating at least a second mode location determination process usi
8072297 Apparatus and method for improving channel filter selectivity and performance using voltage vari December 6, 2011
A controllable filter arrangement with a voltage controlled device that subjects a signal to a predetermined impedance as part of the filtering process when the voltage controlled device is in an active state. In an inactive state, the voltage controlled device may subject the signal to
8072278 System and method for reducing power consumption of an oscillator December 6, 2011
An apparatus for generating an oscillating signal including a negative-resistance circuit, a crystal, and a component to modify a series resonance of the crystal to decrease power consumption of the negative-resistance circuit in generating the oscillating signal. The component may i
8072272 Digital tunable inter-stage matching circuit December 6, 2011
A tunable inter-stage matching circuit that can improve performance is described. In an exemplary design, an apparatus includes a first active circuit (e.g., a driver amplifier), a second active circuit (e.g., a power amplifier), and a tunable inter-stage matching circuit coupled bet
8072255 Quadrature radio frequency mixer with low noise and low conversion loss December 6, 2011
In one embodiment of the invention, a method for convolution of signals is disclosed including generating four phased half duty cycle clocks each being out of phase by a multiple of ninety degrees from the others; coupling the four phased half duty cycle clocks into a four phase half
8072240 Die apparatus having configurable input/output and control method thereof December 6, 2011
A metal configurable I/O structure for an integrated circuit is disclosed. The metal configurable I/O structure may be configured for one of any of a plurality of I/O specifications. Preferably a common voltage reference and a common current reference is generated for provision to a
8069040 Systems, methods, and apparatus for quantization of spectral envelope representation November 29, 2011
A quantizer according to an embodiment is configured to quantize a smoothed value of an input value (e.g., a vector of line spectral frequencies) to produce a corresponding output value, where the smoothed value is based on a scale factor and a quantization error of a previous output
8068859 Dual event slotted paging November 29, 2011
A novel and improved method and system for paging a cellular telephone or other wireless terminal using two paging channels that reduces standby mode power consumption described. In one embodiment of the invention, a minimally encoded quick paging channel is established over which short,
8068842 Idle mode handling in a hybrid GSM/CDMA network November 29, 2011
In a mobile wireless telecommunications system, which includes base stations (30) of a first type operating over a first air interface, and base stations (32) of a second type operating over a second air interface, a method for reselection by a mobile station (40) camped on a cell as
8068841 Multi-carrier communications methods and apparatus November 29, 2011
Methods and apparatus for implementing a multi-carrier communications system are described. Various approaches to a phased system deployment and system configurations resulting from different levels of deployment are described. In addition mobile node and methods of operating mobile
8068835 Tune-away and cross paging systems and methods November 29, 2011
Systems and methods are provided for processing wireless signal components for a mobile wireless access broadband service. This can include processes for measuring signal strength of an alternative frequency by tuning away from an existing frequency associated with an existing commun
8068834 Intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-radio access technology searching for neighbor cells November 29, 2011
Techniques for searching neighbor cells within a fixed time duration are disclosed. In one embodiment, cells in a monitored list are ranked. A first subset of the ranked cells are searched during each cycle in a series of cycles, and a subset of the remainder of ranked cells is searc
8068823 Optimizing call setup latency for geographically dense groups November 29, 2011
A system and method for optimizing call setup latency for geographically dense groups including updating client location information using at least one application server while the client moves from one sector to another to provide a location update; identifying and updating parameters
8068641 Interaction interface for controlling an application November 29, 2011
Image sequences are accessed, the sequences each taken, from a different perspective, of a portion of a radiation region defined by projected electromagnetic radiation. The image sequences each include a projection image taken during an emitting period in which the projected electrom
8068530 Signal acquisition in a wireless communication system November 29, 2011
Each base station transmits a TDM pilot 1 having multiple instances of a pilot-1 sequence generated with a PN1 sequence and a TDM pilot 2 having at least one instance of a pilot-2 sequence generated with a PN2 sequence. Each base station is assigned a specific PN2 sequence that uniqu

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