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8095142 Configuration of overhead channels in a mixed bandwidth system January 10, 2012
A method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast information in a multi-carrier communication system. The Sync Channel of the multi-carrier system is transmitted a 1.25 MHz channel bandwidth (i.e., over a single carrier), and to specify the preferred channels for the Sync Channel tr
8095141 Use of supplemental assignments January 10, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate dynamically supplementing resource assignments to mobile devices in a wireless network environment without requiring transmission of replacement assignments. Supplemental assignments can be generated based on information related
8095130 Controlling hand-off in a mobile node with two mobile IP clients January 10, 2012
Extending Mobile IP to support both local and remote access by using two MIP client stacks in the end node, a roaming Node in the local access network, a standard Home Agent in the remote network. Messages between the AR and the MN, and between the internal modules of the MN, are then
8095103 Upconverter and downconverter with switched transconductance and LO masking January 10, 2012
An upconverter and a downconverter having good performance are described. In one design, the upconverter includes first, second, and third sets of transistors. The first set of transistors receives baseband signals and provides an upconverted signal. The second set of transistors switche
8095082 Dual band radio frequency transmitter January 10, 2012
A transmitter includes a transformer and a transformer tuning circuit. The transformer transforms a differential radio frequency (RF) signal to a single-ended RF signal. The transformer tuning circuit tunes the transformer to permit the transmitter to transmit the single-ended RF sig
8095076 Methods and systems for low-complexity channel estimator in OFDM / OFDMA systems January 10, 2012
The present disclosure proposes a method for channel estimation with excellent accuracy for a large variety of channel conditions and with low computational complexity. The method represents a specific combination of a plurality of linear channel estimation schemes. A resulting hybrid
8095067 Frequency translating repeater with low cost high performance local oscillator architecture January 10, 2012
A frequency translating repeater (120) for use in a time division duplex (TDD) radio protocol communications system includes local oscillator (LO) circuits (210, 310, and 410) to facilitate repeating by providing isolation, reduced phase noise, reduced pulling, and the like. Tunable
8094873 Mobile video-based therapy January 10, 2012
Mobile video-based therapy, using a portable therapy device that includes a camera, a therapy application database, a processor, and a display. The camera is configured to generate images of a user, and the therapy application database is configured to store therapy applications. The
8094821 Key generation in a communication system January 10, 2012
A communication system generates a Master Session Key (MSK) for accesses to a system entity that does not provide encryption to traffic. Both the home server and the user generate the same MSK. The MSK is used to generate encryption keys for traffic. In one embodiment the MSK is gene
8094760 Channel estimation January 10, 2012
Aspects describe channel estimation in an OFDM system. Baseline DFT-based channel estimation can be performed and scaling can be applied to mitigate distortion in the DFT-based estimations. In some aspects, baseline DFT-based channel estimation can be performed and tones for which DF
8094740 Method of determining the location of the FFT window and the delay spread for the platinum broad January 10, 2012
In one embodiment, the invention comprises a channel estimation method, comprising determining a FFT window position, and calculating a delay spread. In another embodiment, the step of determining a FFT window position comprises setting an initial position of the FFT window, computin
8094735 Methods and apparatus for maximum ratio combining for duplicated signals in OFDMA systems January 10, 2012
In accordance with a method for processing a received orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) signal that comprises a duplicated signal, sub-carriers within the OFDMA signal may be arranged into a duplicated format. The OFDMA signal may be equalized and combined after t
8094702 System and/or method for detecting multi-tone jamming January 10, 2012
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for processing a signal received from a satellite positioning system (SPS) in the presence of a multi-tone jammer. In one particular implementation, processing of a signal may be altered in response to detection of one or
8094643 Dynamic power management for time division multiplexing devices January 10, 2012
A method of dynamic power management in a time division multiple access (TDMA) system. The method comprising comparing each of a plurality of streams; grouping each of the plurality of streams into a plurality of powergroups, wherein each of the plurality of powergroups may comprise
8094635 Method and apparatus for implementing Short Message Service in wireless communication networks January 10, 2012
A method for implementing Short Message Service (SMS) in a wireless communication network may be implemented by a mobile station. The method may include sending mobile-originated SMS data while in idle mode. Ranging procedures may be used to send the mobile-originated SMS data. The m
8094628 Half-duplex terminal operation in a full-duplex network January 10, 2012
A method for communication includes deploying a half-duplex terminal in a wireless full-duplex communication network configured to permit simultaneous transmission of downlink paging messages and uplink access messages between a base station and full-duplex mobile terminals in the ne
8094625 Resource allocation for MIMO-OFDM communication systems January 10, 2012
Techniques to schedule terminals for data transmission on the downlink and/or uplink in a MIMO-OFDM system based on the spatial and/or frequency "signatures" of the terminals. A scheduler forms one or more sets of terminals for possible (downlink or uplink) data transmission for each of
8094623 Method and apparatus for choosing a sector based on a scaled forward link metric January 10, 2012
Methods and apparatus for selecting a serving sector in a high rate data (HDR) communication system are disclosed. An exemplary HDR communication system defines a set of data rates, at which a sector of an Access Point may send data packets to an Access Terminal. The sector is selected b
8094595 Method and apparatus for packet communications in wireless systems January 10, 2012
Techniques for transmitting and receiving data in an efficient manner to potentially improve capacity for a wireless network and achieve power savings for a wireless device are described. The techniques utilize a Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC) mode comprised of multiple (e.g.,
8094571 Channel quality feedback mechanism and method January 10, 2012
Methods and apparatus are presented for improving the feedback of channel information to a serving base station, which allows a reduction in the reverse link load while allowing the base station to improve the forward link data throughput. Over a channel quality indicator channel, three
8094554 Compressed mode operation and power control with discontinuous transmission and/or reception January 10, 2012
Techniques to support operation in a compressed mode and/or a continuous packet connectivity (CPC) mode are described. In an aspect, a user equipment (UE) may obtain an assignment of enabled subframes for the CPC mode and an assignment of transmission gaps for the compressed mode. The
8094486 Pad design with buffers for STT-MRAM or other short pulse signal transmission January 10, 2012
A Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) bit cell array is provided. The STT-MRAM array includes a STT-MRAM bit cell and an input net coupled to the STT-MRAM bit cell. The STT-MRAM array includes a pulse signal input pad and a buffer coupled between the
8094072 Adaptive coherent integration time January 10, 2012
A mobile receiver having a coherent integration time that can be adaptively lengthened and shortened. The coherent integration time is based on determining whether information is already known regarding a received satellite signal. Thus, when information, such as, ephemeris, satellit
8094052 Circuit and method for dynamically selecting circuit elements January 10, 2012
Techniques for dynamically selecting circuit elements to combat mismatches are described. In one design, an apparatus includes first, second, and third circuits. The first circuit receives input data and provides first signals that are asserted based on the input data, e.g., with the
8093982 Three dimensional inductor and transformer design methodology of glass technology January 10, 2012
An inductor or transformer for use in integrated circuit devices that includes a high-resistivity substrate. The inductor includes a plurality of conductive traces around the substrate forming a continuous conductive path from a first to a second port. The conductive path can be sole
8091121 Method and apparatus for supporting different authentication credentials January 3, 2012
Techniques for supporting concurrent data services with different credentials are described. A wireless communication network authenticates a user/device whenever new credentials are used. An access terminal sends first credentials via a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) link to a Packet
8090573 Selection of encoding modes and/or encoding rates for speech compression with open loop re-decis January 3, 2012
In a device configurable to encode speech performing an open loop re-decision may comprise representing a speech signal by amplitude components and phase components for a current frame and a past frame. During the current frame, there may be an extraction of uncompressed amplitude co
8090395 Scanning channels while a device is out of service January 3, 2012
A channel scanning order is dynamically created, modified, selectively ignored, or combinations thereof based on historical data, motion information, context information, alert message systems, network reselection, or combinations thereof. If a less preferred network has served a mob
8090369 User equipment capability handling in long-term evolution systems January 3, 2012
Systems, methodologies, and devices are described that facilitate management of user equipment (UE) capability information in a network to facilitate improved connection and communications associated with a mobile device. A core network can include a capability management component t
8090332 Tracking filter for a receiver January 3, 2012
A tracking filter for attenuating out-of-band signals and adjacent channel signals in a receiver is described. In one exemplary design, an apparatus includes a tracking filter, an LNA, and a downconverter. The tracking filter includes a summer, a filter, and an upconverter. The summe
8090068 System and method of calibrating power-on gating window for a time-to-digital converter (TDC) of January 3, 2012
A system and method are disclosed related to calibrating a power-on gating window for a time-to-digital converter (TDC) of a digital phase locked loop (DPLL). The gating window is calibrated to ensure proper operation of the DPLL, while at the same time operating the TDC in a power e
8089948 Header compression of multimedia data transmitted over a wireless communication system January 3, 2012
Methods and apparatus are described for improving the transmission of multimedia data over wireless communication channels. These techniques include determining a physical layer packet size of the wireless communication system and determining a maximum size of a compressed header. Th
8089940 Method and system for efficient and reliable data packet transmission January 3, 2012
A method and system provides for efficient data throughput by avoiding unnecessary data sub-packets transmission while not missing new data packets. The method and system distinguishes between a sub-packet for a current data packet and a sub-packet for a new data packet by assigning
8089924 Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission January 3, 2012
In a data communication system capable of variable rate transmission, high rate packet data transmission improves utilization of the forward link and decreases the transmission delay. Data transmission on the forward link is time multiplexed and the base station transmits at the high
8089913 Physical layer repeater with selective use of higher layer functions based on network operating January 3, 2012
A physical layer frequency translating repeater for use in a wireless network can include a baseband section with demodulator, a processor and a memory. A portion of a packet for repeating can be processed during a physical layer repeating operation and a higher layer function performed
8089894 Methods and systems for adaptive effective CINR reporting in a wireless communication system January 3, 2012
Embodiments of the present disclosure allow a MS to dynamically adjust the mapping of a physical CINR measurement to an effective CINR. For some embodiments, an effective CINR value may be generated based on a physical CINR value and a measured packet error rate (PER) over one or more ti
8089893 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a channel measurement reports in wireless co January 3, 2012
A method and apparatus for transmitting a ChannelMeasurementReport message in a wireless communication system, comprising generating a ChannelMeasurementReport message comprising a 8 bit MessageID field, a 12 bit PilotPN field that indicates the PilotPN of a sector for which a measur
8089888 Method and apparatus for testing traffic and auxiliary channels in a wireless data communication January 3, 2012
Techniques to test performance of terminals and access points in CDMA data (e.g., cdma2000) systems. A framework of protocols and messages is provided to support systematic performance testing of terminals and to ensure interface compatibility. The framework comprises a Forward Test
8089881 Method and apparatus for increasing spectrum use efficiency in a mesh network January 3, 2012
Mesh Network Access Points (APs) points, including gateways and routers, are deployed over a geographic area. The APs monitor the communication channel for other carriers and transmit accordingly. The APs selectively co-transmit when other carriers are sensed, if the efficiency of the me
8089855 Transmission of overhead information for broadcast and multicast services in a wireless communic January 3, 2012
To transmit overhead information for broadcast and multicast services in a system that utilizes multiple radio technologies, time slots used for OFDM in a super-frame are initially ascertained. Overhead information for multiple streams to be sent in the time slots used for OFDM is genera
8089854 Companded transmit path for wireless communication January 3, 2012
This disclosure describes companded transmit path techniques that may be implemented in a wireless communication device to reduce power consumption and possibly simplify signal modulation. In accordance with this disclosure, in phase (I) and quadrature phase (Q) components of a trans
8089486 Tiled prefetched and cached depth buffer January 3, 2012
A 3D graphics pipeline includes a prefetch mechanism that feeds a cache of depth tiles. The prefetch mechanism may be predictive, using triangle geometry information from previous pipeline stages to pre-charge the cache, thereby allowing for an increase in memory bandwidth efficiency. A
8087014 Method and apparatus for configuration management for a computing device December 27, 2011
A method and apparatus for configuration management for a computing device. The apparatus comprises an interface for providing available software to the computing device to be loaded onto the computing device. A processor executes a set of computer instructions to determine whether o
8086748 Avoiding PPP time outs during IPCP negotiations December 27, 2011
Methods and apparatus are presented for extending the protocol synchronization period between a PPP client and a PPP server, wherein the PPP server is located on a wireless communication device. In one aspect, the PPP server generates and sends an IPCP Configure-Nak message to the PP
8086231 Download and display of system tags in wireless communication systems December 27, 2011
Techniques for downloading and displaying system tags by wireless terminals based on roaming status. A tag includes texts and/or graphics. The system tags include home system tags and roaming system tags, which include group tags and specific tags. A home system tag is associated wit
8086207 Linear transconductor for RF communications December 27, 2011
The present patent application comprises a linear transconductor having at least one input and at least one output, comprising a differential amplifier having a plurality of transistors and a plurality of inputs, wherein a difference of input signals is amplified, a cascode circuit h
8086179 Mobility management of multiple clusters within a wireless communications network December 27, 2011
Aspects of mobility management within a wireless communications network including a plurality of sectors are disclosed. In an example, the wireless communications network includes a first cluster of sectors with at least one target sector and at least one supporting sector. The multi
8086169 Method and apparatus for switching between shared and individual channels to provide broadcast c December 27, 2011
A wireless communications network (100) includes various base stations (110) and subscriber-stations (114). The base stations each provide (602) broadcast content services to subscriber-stations over communication channels of one of the following types: 1) shared channels for use by
8085875 Incremental pilot insertion for channnel and interference estimation December 27, 2011
Dynamic resource allocation systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for selectively improving the ability of a receiver to determine a channel estimate in an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) system. A wireless communication system can use a common pilot cha
8085873 Systems and methods for enhanced channel estimation in wireless communication systems December 27, 2011
Disclosed herein are methods and apparatus for enhancing the estimation of channel response in a wireless communication system. An apparatus (and associated method) for optimizing channel estimation in a communication system includes a receiving antenna; a receiver adapted to receive a

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