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8111736 Rapid acquisition methods and apparatus for GPS signals February 7, 2012
A method and apparatus for receiving a signal from transmitters such as GPS satellites, for fixing the location of the receiver. Each of the transmitted signals includes a unique periodically-repeating sequence. A received signal is stored by the receiver for at least two repetitions of
8111663 Methods and systems for variable rate broadcast with soft handoff February 7, 2012
Embodiments described herein relate to providing variable rate broadcast services with soft handoff in wireless communications. In an embodiment, a plurality of access points (e.g., servicing various cells in a broadcast area) may transmit a broadcast content in accordance with a rat
8111645 Wireless local area network repeater with detection February 7, 2012
A frequency translating repeater (200) for use in a time division duplex radio protocol communications system includes an automatic gain control feature. Detection is performed by comparators (401, 411) ADCs (402, 412); DACs (404, 414) and a processor (315). Detection can be overridden
8111300 System and method to selectively combine video frame image data February 7, 2012
Systems and methods to selectively combine video frame image data are disclosed. First image data corresponding to a first video frame and second image data corresponding to a second video frame are received from an image sensor. The second image data is adjusted by at least partially
8111268 Image scaling method and apparatus February 7, 2012
A method and apparatus for down scaling image data is disclosed. One method controls a phase for an M/N filter, where N represents a number of input samples, and M represents a number of output samples. N is greater than M. Another method may switch between an M/N filter and a phase-
8111088 Level shifter with balanced duty cycle February 7, 2012
A level shifter and method are provided for balancing a duty cycle of a signal. An input circuit receives a differential logic signal with two complimentary logic levels. A level transition balancing circuit balances the rise and fall times of a level shifted version of each complimentar
8108579 Mechanism and method for managing data storage January 31, 2012
Described are techniques and mechanisms for media data storage management. Briefly stated, a media control component monitors the usage patterns of media files on a local device. Any media files whose usage pattern falls below a given threshold is identified as a trim candidate. The
8108563 Auxiliary writes over address channel January 31, 2012
A processing system and method for communicating in a processing system over a bus is disclosed. The processing system includes a receiving device, a bus having first, second and third channels, and a sending device configured to address the receiving device on the first channel, and
8107987 Apparatus and method for uplink power control of wireless communications January 31, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate employing periodic closed loop power control corrections in a wireless communication environment. A periodic power control command can be sent over a downlink to control and/or correct an uplink power level employed by an access
8107938 System and method for establishing communication between wireless devices January 31, 2012
A method of communication is disclosed and includes attempting to establish a connection with a destination wireless device. The method also includes determining that the destination wireless device does not include required software. Additionally, the method includes transmitting an
8107910 Differential to single-ended conversion for radio frequency devices January 31, 2012
In an exemplary embodiment, a circuit is disclosed comprising a plurality of inputs, each input to receive a radio frequency waveform from a plurality of differential input waveforms having different phases; and an inverter circuit to invert a waveform from the plurality of differential
8107762 Systems, methods, and apparatus for exposure control January 31, 2012
Systems, methods, and apparatus for image processing are described in which pixels of an image are classified according to color. In some systems, an exposure control operation is performed according to the pixel classifications. In some cases, the pixels are classified according to
8107566 Noise estimation for wireless communication January 31, 2012
Techniques for deriving and using noise estimate for data reception in a wireless communication system are described. A noise estimate may be derived for each packet received in a data transmission. Data detection may then be performed for each packet using the noise estimate for that
8107565 Automatic gain control (AGC) for OFDM-based transmission in a wireless communication network January 31, 2012
Techniques for performing automatic gain control (AGC) at a receiver are described. The receiver may receive an OFDM-based symbol composed of a cyclic prefix and a useful portion. The receiver may scale the OFDM-based symbol with an initial receiver gain, adjust the initial receiver gain
8107561 Method and apparatus for carrier frequency offset estimation and frame synchronization in a wire January 31, 2012
A method for performing carrier frequency offset estimation and frame synchronization is disclosed herein. In one approach, the method includes performing a first level frequency discrimination on at least one estimated channel tap to generate a frequency discriminated value; estimat
8107549 Multi-stage receiver for wireless communication January 31, 2012
Techniques for receiving a MIMO transmission are described. A receiver processes received data from multiple receive antennas in multiple stages. A first stage performs front-end filtering/equalization on the received data with a front-end filter to process non on-time signal compone
8107517 Average-tap energy based thresholding for channel estimation in multi antenna systems January 31, 2012
Techniques to facilitate estimating the frequency response of a wireless channel in an OFDM system are provided. The method and systems allow for combining signal information across multiple communication channels at one or more channel tap delays in order to determine appropriate taps f
8107492 Cooperative writes over the address channel of a bus January 31, 2012
A processing system and method for communicating in a processing system over a bus is disclosed. The processing system includes a receiving device, a bus having first, second and third channels, and a sending device configured to address the receiving device on the first channel, and
8107481 Methods and apparatus for identifying and/or selecting a connection identifier January 31, 2012
Wireless terminals in a peer to peer system, which desire to communicate traffic signals, acquire a connection identifier associated with traffic transmission request air link resources. The air link resources in the system, in some embodiments, are structured so that each connection
8107441 Method and apparatus for generating control information for packet data January 31, 2012
Systems and techniques for communications wherein a data packet is transmitted over at least one time slot from a transmission site, a value is computed from an initial value and information, the initial value being a function of the number of time slots of the data packet transmissi
8107436 Satellite diversity system, apparatus and method January 31, 2012
Communication diversity using a plurality of satellites is disclosed. The satellites can support multiple regions corresponding to multiple satellite beams. Each satellite can support all regions in the reverse direction and each satellite can be designated as a primary satellite for
8107422 Method and apparatus for uplink and downlink channel alignments for 3GPP continuous packet data January 31, 2012
An apparatus and method for implementing uplink and downlink channel fine time alignments for 3GPP continuous packet data connection (CPC) channels comprising determining if a HS-SCCH radio frame boundary is detected before a UL DPCCH radio frame boundary; aligning a transition of a
8107421 Method and apparatus for requesting pilotreport in wireless communication systems January 31, 2012
A method and apparatus for transmitting PilotReportRequest message in a wireless communication system is described. A PilotReportRequest message comprising an 8 bit MessageID field and an 8 bit ReportFormat field is generated, wherein the ReportFormat field indicates the format of the
8107280 Word line voltage control in STT-MRAM January 31, 2012
Systems, circuits and methods for controlling the word line voltage applied to word line transistors in Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) are disclosed. One embodiment is directed to a STT-MRAM including a bit cell having a magnetic tunnel junction
8106821 Methods and apparatuses for use with mode-switchable navigation radio January 31, 2012
Methods and apparatuses are provided for use with mode switchable navigation radios and the like. The methods and apparatuses may be implemented to selectively switch between certain operating modes based, at least in part, a mode-switching test that takes into consideration one or m
8106809 Sigma-delta converters and methods for analog-to-digital conversion January 31, 2012
A switched capacitor sigma-delta modulator or another analog-to-digital converter (ADC) uses chopper stabilization. Chopping clock transitions are performed during non-active periods of the sampling clock phases, reducing disturbance of the circuit caused by chopping and increasing the
8106801 Methods and apparatus for built in self test of analog-to-digital convertors January 31, 2012
An apparatus configured for built in self test (BiST) of analog-to-digital convertors (ADCs) is described. The apparatus includes an ADC to be tested. The apparatus includes a ramp generator. The ramp generator provides a voltage ramp to the ADC. The apparatus further includes feedba
8106699 High signal level compliant input/output circuits January 31, 2012
A level shifter has at least one of either a pull up or a pull down circuit. The circuit is made of electronic components with reliability limits less than a maximum signal level output by the level shifter. The level shifter also has a timing circuit coupled to at least on of either
8103994 Generating cutting forms along current flow direction in a circuit layout January 24, 2012
Metal is deleted from portions of metal wires in an integrated circuit layout, based upon a width of the metal wires. Preliminary cutting forms having a length and a width are inserted with a first orientation in the portions of metal wire. It is determined if the width of each of the
8103891 Efficient low power retrieval techniques of media data from non-volatile memory January 24, 2012
Power consumption may be reduced in a media device including a first processor coupled to the non-volatile memory, either directly or indirectly, allowing the first processor to generate a pointer structure. The first processor may also be coupled, either directly or indirectly to a
8103301 Dynamic noise floors in a wireless device January 24, 2012
A wireless device configured to support a wireless networking protocol may utilize signal processing techniques that can mitigate the effects of jammer signals. For example, when a measured power associated with a digital sample of a received wireless signal is greater than a threshold,
8103300 System and method for forming ad-hoc location-based multicast group January 24, 2012
A system, method, and media for providing group communication services to an ad-hoc group formed according to vicinity with other users of communication devices in a communication system. Communicating among a communication group of a plurality of wireless communication devices in a
8103299 Uni-directional traffic channel assignment for a receive-only group call in a mobile communicati January 24, 2012
Aspects of mobile communication for establishing a receive-only group communication, such as a Push-to-Talk (PTT) call or multicast call with a plurality of wireless communication devices that are in a receive-only mode are disclosed. When a group call between wireless communication
8103295 Optimistic access procedure at dormant target handset in a CDMA2000 1X network with F-QPCH enabl January 24, 2012
A system and method for reducing communication latency including monitoring a communication channel for a plurality of indicators wherein a first indicator represents a desired communication operation; basing a communication operation upon a second indicator that indicates that the c
8103266 Apparatus and methods for managing battery performance of a wireless device January 24, 2012
Apparatus, methods, and programs that determine and manage battery performance characteristics of a wireless device. Embodiments include a wireless device having a computer platform with a processing engine operable to generate a plurality of battery performance data associated with
8103228 Method for determining line-of-sight (LOS) distance between remote communications devices January 24, 2012
An apparatus for wireless communications is disclosed including a super regenerative receiver adapted to receive an incoming signal from a remote apparatus, and a circuit adapted to at least partially determine the distance to the remote apparatus based on the incoming signal. The super
8102949 Bit log likelihood ratio evaluation January 24, 2012
A system and method are provided for generating bit log likelihood ratio (LLR) values for two-layered Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying (QPSK) turbo decoding in a wireless communications user terminal (UT). The method includes receiving a two-layered QPSK signal with an energy ratio that is
8102944 Mode and rate control for MIMO transmission January 24, 2012
Techniques for performing mode and rate control for a MIMO transmission are described. For mode selection, the use of an eigensteering mode is permitted if a first set of at least one criterion is satisfied. The eigensteering mode is selected for data transmission if a second set of
8102935 Estimation of data-to-pilot ratio in a wireless communication system January 24, 2012
Techniques for estimating data-to-pilot ratio are described. A terminal may receive pilot sent to multiple terminals and may receive data sent specifically to the terminal. The terminal may estimate channel gain and noise variance based on the received pilot. The terminal may then es
8102929 Low power ultra wideband transceiver January 24, 2012
Low-power transmitter and/or receiver devices are provided by sacrificing time and/or frequency diversity in exchange for lower power consumption. When channel conditions indicate that time and/or frequency spreading are unnecessary for transmissions, a transmitter may enter into a p
8102926 Method and apparatus for communication in a system employing differing transmission protocols January 24, 2012
A method and apparatus for communication in a system employing differing transmission protocols. It is determined whether a first time slot of one transmission protocol is adjacent to a second time slot of another transmission protocol, and if a first symbol within the first time slot
8102925 Low peak-to-average ratio preamble, and associated method, for packet radio communication system January 24, 2012
Apparatus, and an associated method, for facilitating communications is a packet radio communication system, such as an IEEE 802.15.3a-compliant communication system. A deterministic sequence is used as a channel estimation sequence. The channel estimation sequence exhibits a peak-to
8102923 Hierarchical coding for multicast messages January 24, 2012
Techniques for sending signaling information using hierarchical coding are described. With hierarchical coding, individual messages for users are encoded using multiple interconnected encoders such that (1) the message for each user is sent at a data rate suitable for that user and (
8102907 Space-frequency equalization for oversampled received signals January 24, 2012
Techniques for performing space-frequency equalization and spatial equalization in the frequency domain are described. Space-frequency equalization combines signal components across both space and frequency dimensions whereas spatial equalization combines signal components across spa
8102878 Video packet shaping for video telephony January 24, 2012
The disclosure relates to techniques for video packet shaping for video telephony (VT). The techniques can be used to prioritize audio packets to reduce audio delay. Channel conditions, excessive video content, or both can cause delays in audio transmission. When reverse link (RL) throug
8102872 Method for discontinuous transmission and accurate reproduction of background noise information January 24, 2012
The present invention comprises a method of communicating background noise comprising the steps of transmitting background noise, blanking subsequent background noise data rate frames used to communicate the background noise, receiving the background noise and updating the background
8102849 Association procedure to enable multiple multicast streams January 24, 2012
A method, system and computer program product for a wireless mobile display digital interface (WMDDI) association procedure that allows establishing and joining more than one multicast group to facilitate the interoperability of multiple client devices based on host and client capabi
8102832 Fast frequency hopping with a code division multiplexed pilot in an OFDMA system January 24, 2012
Techniques are provided to support fast frequency hopping with a code division multiplexed (CDM) pilot in a multi-carrier communication system (e.g., an OFDMA system). Each transmitter (e.g., each terminal) in the system transmits a wideband pilot on all subbands to allow a receiver
8102795 Channel equalization with non-common midamble allocation in 3GPP TD-CDMA systems January 24, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate implementing a linear adaptive equalizer receiver on the downlink link of a UMTS TDD wireless communication system. A reference signal can be generated based on multiple non-common midamble sequences in a time slot of a received
8102792 Enabling foreign network multicasting for a roaming mobile node, in a foreign network, using a p January 24, 2012
Permitting a mobile host to roam in a foreign network, with multiple access node handoffs, while permitting foreign network multicasting by (i) having the mobile node (MN) use a persistent address, for purposes of multicasting, and (ii) relaxing or modifying reverse path forwarding c

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