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8135405 Efficient search for wireless networks while minimizing page loss March 13, 2012
Techniques to efficiently search for wireless networks while minimizing page loss are described. An available search time that excludes paging periods is determined. A search for cells in wireless networks is performed during the available search time. Pertinent information is obtain
8135395 Methods and apparatus for monitoring configurable performance levels in a wireless device March 13, 2012
Apparatus and methods may include a performance module operable to monitor and generate performance statistics on a wireless device based on a received monitoring configuration. In some aspects, the wireless device may forward the performance statistics to another device upon meeting
8135351 Systems and methods for improving channel estimation March 13, 2012
A method for improving channel estimation in a wireless communication system is disclosed. A wireless signal that includes a plurality of multipath components is received. N channel estimates are then obtained, where N is any positive integer greater than one. Each channel estimate o
8135348 Rejection of transmit signal leakage in wireless communication device March 13, 2012
This disclosure describes techniques for reducing adverse effects of transmit signal leakage in a full-duplex, wireless communication system. The disclosure describes techniques for reducing adverse effects of second order distortion and cross-modulation distortion of transmit signal
8135097 Sequential tracking and offline demodulation in receiver March 13, 2012
An apparatus and method for tracking a desired signal by sequentially tracking the desired signal with a variable integration time, performing automatic frequency control of the desired signal, and demodulating the desired signal using offline software. In one aspect, the automatic f
8135056 Noise and channel estimation using low spreading factors March 13, 2012
Noise measurements are made within a fraction of a single symbol period of a longest orthogonal code symbol. A control processor identifies an unoccupied code having a spreading factor that is less than a longest spreading factor for the system. A despreader measures symbol energy ba
8135055 I/Q calibration of transmit and receive paths in OFDM FDD communication systems March 13, 2012
I/Q gain and phase mismatches of both transmit and receive paths of an OFDM FDD transceiver are simultaneously estimated. An up-converted RF signal is generated when the transmit path performs IQ modulation on a reference signal having a single sideband tone. The up-converted RF sign
8135047 Systems and methods for including an identifier with a packet associated with a speech signal March 13, 2012
A method for including an identifier with a packet associated with a speech signal is described. A signal is received. The signal is partitioned into a plurality of frames. A frame of the signal is encoded into a packet. A determination is made if the packet is encoded as a wideband
8135026 Disjoint and common link operation in a wireless communication system March 13, 2012
Techniques for supporting communication with disjoint links and common links are described. A sector may broadcast an overhead message and/or send unicast messages to indicate whether the sector supports disjoint links. A terminal may receive at least one message indicating whether d
8135015 System and method of transmitting and receiving data frames March 13, 2012
A method of transmitting a data frame is disclosed and may include transmitting a preamble, transmitting a physical layer convergence protocol (PLCP) header, and transmitting a plurality of MAC protocol data units (MPDUs). Each MPDU may be configured to reset a convolutional decoder
8134991 Method of and an apparatus for effecting a smooth transition between adjacent symbol bursts tran March 13, 2012
A first sequence for a first digital symbol burst is selected to be transmitted, which first sequence comprises a set of end symbols with a first particular symbol pattern. A second sequence for a second digital symbol burst is also selected for transmission after the first digital s
8134977 Tune-away protocols for wireless systems March 13, 2012
Systems and methods are provided for processing wireless signal components for a mobile wireless access broadband service. This can include processes for defining a protocol that controls whether to invoke a tune away component to determine an alternative wireless communications path
8134976 Channel calibration for a time division duplexed communication system March 13, 2012
Techniques to calibrate the downlink and uplink channels to account for differences in the frequency responses of the transmit and receive chains at an access point and a user terminal. In one embodiment, pilots are transmitted on the downlink and uplink channels and used to derive e
8134952 PN code based addressing methods and apparatus for airlink communications March 13, 2012
Methods and apparatus for communicating between an access terminal (AT) and an Access Point (AP) are described. For communications over the air link, between an AP and an AT a PN (Pseudo-random Noise) code based address is used as an AP identifier, e.g., address. The PN code based ad
8134943 Repeating multicast message transmissions in a wireless communications system March 13, 2012
In an embodiment, an application server determines a priority associated with a given multicast message for transmission to at least one access terminal, configures the given multicast message to indicate the priority of the given multicast message and forwards the configured multicast
8134931 Apparatus and method of generating and maintaining orthogonal connection identifications (CIDs) March 13, 2012
A first device is configured to select and utilize a connection identifier (CID) for a peer-to-peer communication connection between the first device and a second device in a wireless communications network. The CID is selected from a predetermined set of a plurality of CIDs. Prior t
8134924 Methods and apparatus related to scheduling in a wireless communications system using shared air March 13, 2012
Methods and apparatus related to scheduling decisions of a peer to peer communications device for transmission into traffic intervals are described. A first peer to peer communications device maintains a set of information which allows it to base a scheduling decision for a current t
8134856 Data protection scheme during power-up in spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random access me March 13, 2012
A Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) array including a plurality of bit cells, a power-up controller, and a first plurality of precharge transistors is disclosed. The plurality of bit cells are each coupled to one of a plurality of bit lines and word
8134413 Low-power oscillator March 13, 2012
Techniques for synthesizing a signal having a desired frequency from an oscillation signal. In an aspect, a reference signal having a known frequency may be periodically used to determine a ratio between the desired frequency and the frequency of the oscillation signal. The oscillati
8132072 System and method for providing H-ARQ rate compatible codes for high throughput applications March 6, 2012
In one embodiment, the present patent application comprises a method and apparatus to generate low rate protographs from high rate protographs, comprising copying a base graph; permuting end points of edges of a same type in copies of the base graph to produce a permuted graph; and pruni
8132069 Selective HARQ combining scheme for OFDM/OFDMA systems March 6, 2012
A method and apparatus for combining retransmitted hybrid automatic repeat-request (HARQ) messages at different stages in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)/orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) receiver are provided. The type of HARQ combiner used f
8132041 Method and apparatus for generating or utilizing one or more cycle-swallowed clock signals March 6, 2012
An electronic device is provided for generating or utilizing one or more cycle-swallowed clock signals derived based on one or more first clock signals. The device includes a module configured to receive a first clock signal having a first frequency. The module is configured to generate
8131867 Dynamic layer congestion control for multicast transport March 6, 2012
A multicasting system provides congestion control for multicasting using a dynamic layer scheme, where the aggregate sending rates of layers decline over time. Multicast packets are transmitted to layers that are joined by at least one host. A host maintains a reception rate by joining
8131465 Motion detection for tracking March 6, 2012
An apparatus and method for tracking a target wherein a new position fix is taken when the measured movement of the target is more than a predetermined threshold amount or when the position fix has not been updated in a predetermined interval. The apparatus and method manage energy u
8131464 Transmitter identifier database for enhanced GPS performance March 6, 2012
A mobile station database of cellular identifications and associated position information is stored in mobile station memory. The mobile station uses the position information in the database to assist in determining a current position for the mobile based on an identifier, such as ce
8131326 GPS position tracking method with variable updating rate for power conservation March 6, 2012
A system and method in which the position update rate is adaptively modified, based on previous position measurements. By adjusting the update rate based on velocity predictions from two or more position fixes, a lower update rate may be used without exceeding the maximum error. Lowe
8131290 Method and apparatus for supporting positioning of roaming mobile stations March 6, 2012
Techniques to support positioning of roaming mobile stations are described. A roaming mobile station communicates with a visited network and has a data connection to a home network. The mobile station sends a request for positioning assistance to a home position determining entity (H
8131015 Multiple camera control system March 6, 2012
A multiple camera tracking system for interfacing with an application program running on a computer is provided. The tracking system includes two or more video cameras arranged to provide different viewpoints of a region of interest, and are operable to produce a series of video images.
8130958 Transmit power control for wireless security March 6, 2012
The present invention provides a method for establishing a secure channel between wireless devices. The method involves reducing the transmit power of the devices in conjunction with placing the devices in close proximity to one another. By reducing the transmit power, wireless communica
8130870 UWB system employing gaussian minimum shift key modulation, common mode signaling and beamformin March 6, 2012
A multi-mode transmission system supporting OFDM and single-carrier signals is configured to perform interpolation and decimation such that the ratio of the interpolation factor to the decimation factor equals the ratio between the OFDM sampling rate and the single-carrier chip rate. A
8130867 Pilot design for improved channel and interference estimation March 6, 2012
Techniques for transmitting pilot and for processing received pilot to obtain channel and interference estimates are described. A terminal may generate pilot symbols for a first cluster in a time frequency block based on a first sequence and may generate pilot symbols for a second cl
8130857 Method and apparatus for pilot multiplexing in a wireless communication system March 6, 2012
Techniques for multiplexing pilots in a wireless transmission are described. In one aspect, a transmitter station generates multiple pilot sequences for multiple transmit antennas, with each pilot sequence comprising pilot symbols sent in the time domain on a different set of subcarr
8130820 Method and apparatus for interference cancellation in a wireless communications system March 6, 2012
Successive interference cancellation is performed with improved computational efficiency while offering performance approaching that of full CRC-based successive interference cancellation. In a "blind" interference cancellation technique, reconstructed streams are used for interferen
8130778 System and method for a wireless network protocol suite March 6, 2012
Systems and methods are provided for processing forward link only (FLO) signals. A device for receiving forward link only (FLO) wireless communications comprises a receiver for receiving a forward link only (FLO) signal, a demodulator for demodulating the FLO signal, a processor for
8130727 Quasi-orthogonal allocation of codes in TD-CDMA systems March 6, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate increasing throughput in a time-division duplexed CDMA wireless communication environment. A set of orthogonal Walsh code sequences can be assigned to a first group of users in a network sector, and a duplicate set of orthogonal
8130726 Coarse bin frequency synchronization in a communication system March 6, 2012
For frequency bin error estimation, multiple hypotheses are formed for different frequency bin errors, pilot offsets, or combinations of frequency bin error and pilot offset. For each hypothesis, received symbols are extracted from the proper subbands determined by the hypothesis. In
8130705 Method and apparatus for service capability modification March 6, 2012
Methods and apparatus for modifying wireless devices represented or available capabilities and for allocating a portion of the UE's actual capabilities for simultaneously supporting a second service is disclosed. A modified capability is determined and offered to maintain the dedicated
8130535 Flexible word-line pulsing for STT-MRAM March 6, 2012
A method for generating a variable pulse width signal on an integrated circuit (IC) chip, includes receiving a first clock signal on the IC chip and receiving a second clock signal on the IC chip having a variable delay relative to the first clock signal. A signal having a rising edge
8130534 System and method to read and write data a magnetic tunnel junction element March 6, 2012
A system and method to read and write data in magnetic random access memories are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a device includes a spin transfer torque magnetic tunnel junction (STT-MTJ) element and a transistor with a first gate and a second gate coupled to the STT-MTJ ele
8130313 System and method to estimate autoexposure control and auto white balance March 6, 2012
In a particular embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes determining at least one ambient exposure parameter using an ambient illumination, the at least one ambient exposure parameter including a first sensitivity parameter of an autoexposure controller using the ambient illum
8130145 Receive diversity in GNSS receivers March 6, 2012
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to receiving one or more SPS signals at two or more physically separated antennae. In an aspect, signals from the physically separated antennae may be downconverted into complex digital signals that may undergo further processing to improve
8130046 Frequency calibration of radio frequency oscillators March 6, 2012
A wireless communication device incorporating a set of comparators and logic interrupt into the local oscillator generation circuit block is described. In one design, the local oscillator circuit block includes a RF VCO with coarse and fine frequency tuning. The RF VCO fine frequency
8130020 Switched-capacitor decimator March 6, 2012
A switched-capacitor decimator that can attenuate undesired signal components at odd harmonics of an output sample rate is described. In one design, the switched-capacitor decimator includes at least one sampling capacitor and multiple switches. For each sampling capacitor, the top p
8127184 System and method including built-in self test (BIST) circuit to test cache memory February 28, 2012
A resizable cache memory and a system including a Built-In Self Test (BIST) circuit configured to test a cache memory are disclosed. The system further includes a non-volatile storage device including an E-fuse array to store one or more indicators. Each indicator identifies a corres
8127117 Method and system to combine corresponding half word units from multiple register units within a February 28, 2012
A method and system to combine corresponding half word units from multiple register units within a microprocessor, such as, for example, a digital signal processor, during execution of a single instruction are described. An instruction to combine predetermined disparate source regist
8127114 System and method for executing instructions prior to an execution stage in a processor February 28, 2012
A method of processing a plurality of instructions in multiple pipeline stages within a pipeline processor is disclosed. The method partially or wholly executes a stalled instruction in a pipeline stage that has a function other than instruction execution prior to the execution stage
8127105 Parallel pruned bit-reversal interleaver February 28, 2012
A parallel lookahead pruned bit-reversal interleaver algorithm and architecture have been proposed. The algorithm interleaves a packet of length N in at most log(N)-1 steps compared to N steps using existing sequential algorithms, and has a simple architecture amenable for high-speed
8126953 Multi-port mixed-radix FFT February 28, 2012
A processor for performing a fast Fourier transform or inverse fast Fourier transform comprises a radix-2 butterfly structure; and a radix-4 butterfly structure. A method of performing a fast Fourier transform or inverse fast Fourier transform comprises selectively performing a radix-2
8126708 Systems, methods, and apparatus for dynamic normalization to reduce loss in precision for low-le February 28, 2012
A dynamic normalization factor for a current frame of a signal is determined to reduce loss in precision for low-level signals. The normalization factor depends on an amplitude of the current frame of the signal. The normalization factor also depends on values of filter states after
8126499 Processing Qoffset parameter February 28, 2012
Systems, methodologies, and devices are described that employ indicators related to a parameter value(s) associated with a neighbor cell to facilitate communication by a mobile device in a network. The mobile device optionally can read a parameter value associated with a detected nei

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