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8188999 Method and apparatus for organizing object geometry for spatial and memory coherency and optimal May 29, 2012
Methods and computing devices enable the generation of contiguous triangle patches for use in generating triangle strips for processing in a computer graphics engine. A seed triangle is selected and a patch of contiguous triangles is formed by incrementally adding adjacent triangles
8188915 System and/or method for reducing ambiguities in received SPS Signals May 29, 2012
Systems, apparatuses, and/or methods are provided for resolving ambiguities associated with signals received from space vehicles (SVs) in a satellite navigation system. For example, certain methods include receiving a first SV signal from a first satellite positioning system (SPS), a
8188802 System and method for efficiently generating an oscillating signal May 29, 2012
An apparatus for generating an oscillating signal including an oscillator configured to generate the oscillating signal, a controller configured to generate a control signal that controls a characteristic (e.g., amplitude or frequency) of the oscillating signal, and a power supply config
8185935 Method and apparatus for dynamic home address assignment by home agent in multiple network inter May 22, 2012
A method and apparatus for dynamic home address assignment by a home agent in multiple network interworking. The invention provides a method and apparatus send a key authorization request from a mobile station to a network device, the request indicating that the mobile station wishes to
8185726 Sleep optimization based on system information block scheduling May 22, 2012
Methods and apparatuses are presented for sleep optimization based on system information block SIB scheduling. A method for invoking sleep states within user equipment (UE) is presented. The method includes decoding a broadcast control channel with a cell, determining a System Inform
8185725 Selective powering of a BHT in a processor having variable length instructions May 22, 2012
In a processor executing instructions in at least a first instruction set execution mode having a first minimum instruction length and a second instruction set execution mode having a smaller, second minimum instruction length, line and counter index addresses are formed that access
8185721 Dual function adder for computing a hardware prefetch address and an arithmetic operation value May 22, 2012
A system including a dual function adder is described. In one embodiment, the system includes an adder. The adder is configured for a first instruction to determine an address for a hardware prefetch if the first instruction is a hardware prefetch instruction. The adder is further co
8185381 Unified filter bank for performing signal conversions May 22, 2012
A unified filter bank for performing signal conversions may include an interface that receives signal conversion commands in relation to multiple types of compressed audio bitstreams. The unified filter bank may also include a reconfigurable transform component that performs a transf
8185307 System and method for sending destination locations to navigation devices May 22, 2012
A navigation device receives a destination location to automatically calculate a route to the destination location over a wireless network. The destination location may be generated by a third party at a remote computer or wireless device. The destination location may be entered into
8185140 Methods and apparatus for supporting short burst messages over wireless communication networks May 22, 2012
In accordance with a method for supporting short burst messages over a wireless communication network, mobile-originated short burst messages may be sent using at least one of a message-based approach and a service flow-based approach. Also, mobile-terminated short burst messages may be
8185138 Paging messages for power saving in a mobile WiMAX system May 22, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide a paging schedule that may allow a WiMAX mobile device to return to a low power state prior to the end of a listening interval, thereby reducing power consumption. For certain embodiments, the paging schedule may be controlled by a ba
8185134 Multimode GPS-enabled camera May 22, 2012
A method and device of geographically tagging images by capturing an image, determining a position based on detection of satellite signals and a wireless network signal, and tagging the image with the determined position is provided.
8185128 Method and apparatus for supporting location services with roaming May 22, 2012
Techniques for supporting location services with roaming are described. A mobile station interacts with a home mobile positioning center (H-MPC) in a home network for location services even when roaming. The mobile station communicates with a visited network for a data session and re
8185060 Serving base station selection using backhaul quality information May 22, 2012
Techniques for selecting a serving base station for a terminal by taking into consideration the backhaul quality of candidate base stations are described. In one design, a base station may determine backhaul quality information indicative of its current backhaul quality. The base station
8184816 Systems and methods for detecting wind noise using multiple audio sources May 22, 2012
A method for detecting wind noise is described. At least two audio signals are received. The at least two audio signals are filtered to reduce higher frequencies and to reduce lower frequencies to provide at least two filtered audio signals. The cross correlation of the at least two
8184647 Network element configuration scheme May 22, 2012
In a configuration scheme for one or more network elements, a network management entity determines a set of at least one parameter value from a set of operable parameter values and sends the determined set to a network element. The network element then selects a parameter value from
8184615 Wireless terminal methods and apparatus for establishing connections May 22, 2012
Methods and apparatus for establishing communication links, used to support communications sessions with one or more end nodes, e.g., mobile devices, are described. Various features are directed to a mobile node controlling the establishment of initial links to a first access node and
8184611 Mobile station assisted timing synchronization in a CDMA communication system May 22, 2012
In the present invention, the slave base station attains synchronization with the reference base station through messages transmitted from and received by a mobile station either in the soft handoff region between the reference base station and the slave base station or within a range
8184607 Preamble channel decoding May 22, 2012
Rather than attaching a preamble to a data traffic subpacket, a preamble channel is transmitted along with a traffic channel. In a system wherein the data traffic subpackets are variably sized, preambles can also be variably sized if a target station can decode variably sized preambles.
8184599 Management of UE operation in a multi-carrier communication system May 22, 2012
Techniques for managing operation of a user equipment (UE) in a multi-carrier system are described. The system may support two or more carriers on the downlink and one or more carriers on the uplink. One carrier on each link may be designated as an anchor carrier. In an aspect, a low
8184574 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving an accessparameters group message in a wirel May 22, 2012
A method and apparatus for transmitting an AccessParameters group message in a wireless communication system, the method comprising generating the AccessParameters group message comprising a 2 bit AccessCycle Duration field wherein the AccessCycle Duration field determines the duration o
8184563 Selecting a position fix to determine the location of a wireless communication device May 22, 2012
Different types of position fixes may be used to determine the location of a mobile station in a wireless communication system. The position fixes include terrestrial, or network, based techniques, and non-network based techniques, such as satellite, based techniques. An apparatus and
8184533 Systems and method for quality of service control over multiple accesses May 22, 2012
Systems and methods for quality of service control over multiple accesses, more particularly quality of service control over multiple accesses via enhanced quality of service rules. A policy rules and charging function, or similar network entity, can include an indicator in a set of
8184414 Method and apparatus for forming I/O clusters in integrated circuits May 22, 2012
A first I/O pad has a first type transistor disposed at a first end of the first I/O pad. A second I/O pad has another first type transistor disposed at a first end of the second I/O pad. The first end of the first I/O pad abuts the first end of the second I/O pad, so the first type
8184196 System and method to generate depth data using edge detection May 22, 2012
Systems and methods of generating depth data using edge detection are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, first image data is received corresponding to a scene recorded by an image capture device at a first focus position at a first distance. Second image data is received correspo
8184038 Two-way ranging with inter-pulse transmission and reception May 22, 2012
Relatively short turnaround times are provided in conjunction with two-way ranging to, for example, facilitate accurate ranging measurements when the relative clock drift between ranging nodes (e.g., devices) is relatively high. In some aspects, relatively short turnaround times are
8183713 System and method of providing power using switching circuits May 22, 2012
In a particular illustrative embodiment, a system is disclosed that includes a first power domain that is responsive to a first power switching circuit and a second power domain that is responsive to a second power switching circuit. The system also includes a logic circuit adapted t
8181079 Data transmission with HARQ and interference mitigation May 15, 2012
Techniques for transmitting data with hybrid automatic retransmission (HARQ) and interference mitigation are described. In one design, a transmitter processes a packet of data in accordance with a rate and sends at least one transmission of the packet to a receiver with HARQ. In one
8180899 Apparatus and method for supporting broadcast/multicast IP packets through a simplified sockets May 15, 2012
A method for configuring an IP address to receive broadcast or multicast data flow which modifies the bind( ) Application Programming Interface (API) to survey available local interfaces to determine their ability to be configured to receive data from a particular IP address, configure a
8180644 Method and apparatus for scrolling text display of voice call or message during video display se May 15, 2012
A method and communication device disclosed includes displaying a video on a display, converting voice audio data to textual data by applying voice-to-text conversion, and displaying the textual data as scrolling text displayed along with the video on the display and either above, be
8180335 System information modification notification and detection in wireless communications May 15, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate notifying and detecting system information block (SIB) modification in subsequent modification periods. Access points can advertise information in a current SIB indicating a subsequent modification period in which the SIB will b
8179903 Providing multiple levels of service for wireless communication devices communicating with a sma May 15, 2012
Local breakout is provided by one or more nodes (e.g., a local access point and/or a local gateway) in a wireless network to facilitate access to one or more local services. In conjunction with local breakout, multiple IP points of presence relating to different levels of service may
8179876 Multiple modulation technique for use in a communication system May 15, 2012
A method for receiving an indication to apply a first modulation scheme to modulate one or more segments of a first portion includes determining a first segment set, having at least one segment of the first portion for applying the first modulation scheme. The method further includes
8179865 Method and apparatus for cancelling other cell interference in a wireless communication system May 15, 2012
A method and apparatus for reducing other cell interference in a wireless communication system are provided, in which a symbol generator for generating at least one modulation symbols to be transmitted, a resource mapper for mapping and assigning the modulation symbols into a resource
8179840 Method for extending mobile IP and AAA to enable integrated support for local access and roaming May 15, 2012
This document describes a way to extend Mobile IP Authentication Authorization and Accounting (AAA) signaling to enable a node to request from a network operator combinations of home and local service capabilities (when roaming) in an efficient and scalable manner. It also enables th
8179833 Hybrid TDM/OFDM/CDM reverse link transmission May 15, 2012
A communication system includes a plurality of access terminals, and an access network. The access network schedules a transmission of data in a time interval from one of the access terminals. The access network selects a multiple access transmission mode from a plurality of multiple
8179813 Methods and systems for ranging using ranging loading factor May 15, 2012
Methods and apparatus for indicating a base station's amount of ranging traffic to a mobile station (MS) and for selecting a base station (BS) for performing ranging based on the ranging traffic indication are provided. This notification may occur via a ranging loading parameter, suc
8179811 Data attachment point selection May 15, 2012
An algorithm for improving efficiency of data attachment points (DAPs) in a wireless access network (AN) is provided herein. By way of example, the algorithm can identify a serving access point (APs) coupling an access terminal (AT) to the wireless AN. A cost metric for the serving AP ca
8179286 System and method for sensing cargo loads and trailer movement May 15, 2012
The specification and drawing figures describe and illustrate a system for sensing cargo loads and trailer movement that includes a mobile wireless communications system. A mobile computing platform is mounted on a remote vehicle and operatively connectable across the mobile wireless
8176167 Methods and apparaus for requesting wireless communication device performance data and providing May 8, 2012
Methods, systems, devices and computer program products are presented for requesting wireless device performance data and providing an optimal file size for the performance data. Present aspects provide for estimating the size of requested performance data, at the time of the request, an
8175871 Apparatus and method of noise and echo reduction in multiple microphone audio systems May 8, 2012
Multiple microphone noise suppression apparatus and methods are described herein. The apparatus and methods implement a variety of noise suppression techniques and apparatus that can be selectively applied to signals received using multiple microphones. The microphone signals receive
8175660 Wireless energy transfer May 8, 2012
Method for wireless energy transfer is disclosed. According to an embodiment, the method includes transferring electrical energy from one electronic device to another electronic device with the help of electromagnetic waves. An electronic device that requires electrical energy can ge
8175656 System and method of displaying incoming communication alerts at a wireless device May 8, 2012
A method of providing an alert of an incoming communication is disclosed and includes receiving an incoming communication at a wireless device and determining whether the wireless device has access to a photograph that is associated with an identified source of the incoming communication
8175635 Methods and apparatus for system selection in a multimode wireless device May 8, 2012
Methods and apparatus for system selection in a multimode wireless device are disclosed. The method and apparatus afford selection of a wireless communication system access technology from a number of wireless system access technologies supported by a wireless device. Selection is ac
8175594 Active set management with hotspot carriers May 8, 2012
Techniques for managing communications in a cellular network are disclosed. The cellular network can include one or more sectors in which hotspot carriers are deployed. The hotspot carriers can be available to mobile devices beyond sector boundaries defined by the signal strength of
8175592 Wireless network search May 8, 2012
A mobile communication device prior to establishing a communication session needs first to connect to a reachable network. To facilitate the search for the reachable network, the mobile communication device is preprogrammed intermediate parameters which lead to a plurality of reachab
8175568 Method of improving battery life May 8, 2012
The specification and drawing figures describe and show an apparatus, system and method of extending and improving battery life that includes identifying one or more parameters that affect linearity of a receiver, assigning the one or more parameters to one or more modes, and adjusting
8175567 Method and apparatus for searching for signals in a wireless communication system May 8, 2012
Techniques to search for signals while in an out-of-service state are described. In an aspect, a network entity may collect information for wireless devices within a designated area, determine at least one search parameter (e.g., a scan rate) based on the collected information, and p
8175566 Multiple multi-mode low-noise amplifier receiver with shared degenerative inductors May 8, 2012
A device with multiple multi-mode low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), each with common operating modes and separate operating frequency bands, are coupled to shared degenerative inductors for common operating modes. Common load inductors are coupled to the multi-mode LNA outputs to reduce t
8175532 Apparatus and method for wireless communication via at least one of directional and omni-directi May 8, 2012
Techniques for using at least one of omni-directional and directional antennas for communication are described. A station may be equipped antenna elements selectable for use as an omni-directional antenna or one or more directional antennas. The station may select the omni-directional
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