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Primax Electronics Ltd.
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D643033 Portable device August 9, 2011
D465494 Scanner November 12, 2002
D464970 Scanner October 29, 2002
D464656 Scanner October 22, 2002
D458262 Scanner June 4, 2002
D452862 Scanner January 8, 2002
D448794 Shredder October 2, 2001
D447758 Camera September 11, 2001
D445708 Wireless transmitter July 31, 2001
D441755 Scanner May 8, 2001
D440976 Scanner April 24, 2001
D440975 Scanner April 24, 2001
D437296 Travel surge protector February 6, 2001
D424518 Power center May 9, 2000
D395294 Computer input device June 16, 1998
D391930 Flatbed scanner March 10, 1998
D380207 Handy track pointer June 24, 1997
D377789 Touch pad February 4, 1997
D373122 Computer mouse August 27, 1996
D372904 Computer mouse August 20, 1996
D371771 Computer mouse July 16, 1996
D371341 Side-entry current tap July 2, 1996
D367073 Overhead projector February 13, 1996
D327674 Video display control or similar article July 7, 1992
8586887 Membrane circuit board and luminous keyboard using same November 19, 2013
A membrane circuit board and a luminous keyboard with such a membrane circuit board are provided. The membrane circuit board includes an upper wiring board and a lower wiring board. The upper wiring board has a first film layer and a first circuit pattern formed on a bottom surface of th
8583045 Method of pairing a computer and wireless electronic devices November 12, 2013
The present invention discloses a method for pairing a computer and wireless electronic devices including searching at least one wireless electronic device adjacent to a computer; recording a media access control (MAC) address of the wireless electronic device; pairing the computer a
8581846 Sensing computer mouse having touch-sensitive members disposed on curved bottom surface November 12, 2013
A sensing mouse includes a base, an upper cover, a plurality of touch-sensitive members and a controlling unit. The base has a curvy surface. The base is sheltered by the upper cover. The touch-sensitive members are disposed on the curvy surface and in communication with the controll
8581130 Key structure with scissors-type connecting member November 12, 2013
A key structure with a scissors-type connecting member is provided. The scissors-type connecting member includes a first frame and a second frame. The first frame includes a rotating shaft and a pushing bulge. After the first frame is stacked on the second frame, if the second frame
8581127 Key structure with scissors-type connecting member November 12, 2013
A key structure includes a keycap, a scissors-type connecting element, a membrane module, a light-emitting element and a base plate. The light-emitting element is used for emitting light beams. The keycap has a protrusion structure for blocking the light beams and preventing the ligh
8581125 Illuminated keyboard November 12, 2013
An illuminated keyboard includes a supporting plate, a transparent frame plate, a key, a light source and a membrane switch circuit module. The light source is arranged between the key and the transparent frame plate. The transparent frame plate is disposed on said supporting plate for
8579275 Duplex document feeding device November 12, 2013
A duplex document feeding device includes a first paper transfer channel, a second paper transfer channel, a paper exit, a power source, a paper pick-up mechanism, a paper ejecting mechanism, and a linking mechanism. The paper ejecting mechanism includes an ejecting drive roller and an
8567737 Clamping device October 29, 2013
A clamping device is used for clamping an object. The clamping device includes a main body, an actuating mechanism, and two clamping arms. The actuating mechanism is disposed within the main body. The actuating mechanism includes a gear and cam, which are coaxial with each other. Eac
8564537 Wheel module for input device October 22, 2013
A wheel module for an input device includes a circuit board, a wheel swinging member, and a wheel. A plurality of switch elements are installed on the circuit board. These switch elements are arranged between the circuit board and the wheel swinging member. The wheel is disposed on t
8563886 Key structure with scissors-type connecting member October 22, 2013
A key structure with a scissors-type connecting member is provided. The scissors-type connecting member includes a first frame and a second frame. The first frame has a bulge. The second frame has a recess. The height of the bulge is smaller than the length of the recess entrance. Th
8561977 Post-processing apparatus with sheet ejection device October 22, 2013
A post-processing apparatus with a sheet ejection device includes a first sheet tray, a second sheet tray, and a sheet ejection arm. The sheet ejection arm includes a first pushing element and a second pushing element. The second pushing element is pivotally coupled to the first push
8282096 Automatic document feeder October 9, 2012
An automatic document feeder includes a transfer channel, a pick-up module and a thickness detecting module. The thickness detecting module includes a detecting member, a transmission member and an optical displacement sensing member. By the pick-up module, a sheet article is fed int
8279501 Scanning apparatus October 2, 2012
A scanning apparatus includes a scanning module. The scanning module includes plural light emitting diodes, a porous reflective plate with plural openings, and a reflective element. When the scanning apparatus starts scanning a document, the light beams emitted by the light emitting
8276904 Sheet pick-up module of automatic document feeder October 2, 2012
A sheet pick-up module includes a driving shaft, a driving shaft sleeve, a pick-up driving roller, a pick-up roller sleeve and a sliding sleeve. When the driving shaft is rotated to drive rotation of the driving shaft sleeve, the driving shaft sleeve pushes the sliding sleeve toward the
8274663 Thickness detecting mechanism September 25, 2012
A thickness detecting mechanism is provided for detecting a thickness of a to-be-measured article. The thickness detecting mechanism includes a detecting arm and an optical displacement sensing module. The detecting arm is moved as the to-be-measured article is sustained against the
8274476 Computer cursor control system September 25, 2012
The present invention provides a computer cursor control system comprising a touchpad device and a cursor control program. The cursor control program displays a virtual pointer on a screen according to a finger's touch on the touchpad device and simultaneously moves a computer and th
8259063 Input method of pointer input system September 4, 2012
The present invention relates to an input method of a pointer input system. A setting procedure and a correcting procedure having been performed on the pointer input system to obtain a space conversion relationship and an over-bright position. The input method includes steps of input
8253991 Duplex scanning apparatus August 28, 2012
A duplex scanning apparatus includes an automatic document feeder and a flatbed scanner. The automatic document feeder includes a first scanning module. The flatbed scanner includes a second scanning module and a first calibration plate. The first calibration plate is disposed on the sec
8253687 Slim mouse August 28, 2012
A slim mouse includes a mouse body, a battery box case, a wheel function module, multiple click buttons, a PCMCIA connecting part and a connecting frame. The mouse body includes a first receiving part, a first body fillister, a second receiving part and a second body fillister. The c
8251292 Processing method of barcode and apparatus thereof August 28, 2012
A processing method of detecting a barcode from an original image includes: an edge processing process, a barcode positioning process and a projection modification process. The edge processing process is for converting an original image into a binarized input image. The barcode posit
8249327 Method for detecting monetary banknote August 21, 2012
A method for detecting an image corresponding to at least a monetary banknote is provided. The method includes selecting a detection procedure from a plurality of different detection procedures, and verifying the image according to the selected detection procedure.
8248369 Wheel mouse August 21, 2012
A wheel mouse includes a mouse case, a base, a circuit board, an encoder, a fixing element, a wheel, a switch element and a spring. The circuit board is disposed on the base. The fixing element includes a ring-shaped part and a hollow post. The encoder is accommodated within the ring
8246037 Automatic document feeder August 21, 2012
An automatic document feeder includes a feeder casing, a pressing structure, a guiding notch, plural first guiding ribs and plural second guiding ribs. The pressing structure is disposed on a bottom part of the feeder casing. The guiding notch is formed in the pressing structure. The
8243327 Method for generating basic template utilized to form screening mask August 14, 2012
Disclosed is a method for generating a basic template utilized to form a screening mask. The method includes adjusting lines per inch or minimum pattern (such as cluster size or density) of a testing template, printing the adjusted testing template by an outputting device, determining if
8233713 Image processing method and image processing apparatus July 31, 2012
An image processing method, for receiving an input image and separating pixels having text characteristics and pixels having figure characteristics, includes: applying a first filtering processing for the input image to derive a first image processing result; applying a second filter
8231122 Paper-stopping mechanism of automatic document feeder July 31, 2012
A paper-stopping mechanism of an automatic document feeder is provided. The paper-stopping mechanism comprises an auxiliary gear, a traction member and a paper-stopping arm. As a paper pick-up arm of the automatic document feeder is moved upwardly or downwardly, the auxiliary gear is
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