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Porta Systems Corp. Patents
Porta Systems Corp.
Syosset, NY
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D326266 Power transfer block for telephone systems or similar device May 19, 1992
D318262 Grounded multiple outlet July 16, 1991
D317112 Combined telephone block support and wire guide May 28, 1991
D315566 Telephone circuit connecting device March 19, 1991
D315142 Grounded multiple outlet March 5, 1991
D314577 Telephone protector or similar article February 12, 1991
D314552 Telephone connector block or similar article February 12, 1991
D310206 Telephone circuit protector block August 28, 1990
D308061 Telephone main frame module or similar article May 22, 1990
D305641 AC surge protector January 23, 1990
D297531 Telephone protector block September 6, 1988
D287963 Telephone building entrance terminal January 27, 1987
D285433 Telephone connector block or similar article September 2, 1986
D279897 Telephone bridge lifter block July 30, 1985
D276606 Horizontal type telephone protector block December 4, 1984
D276605 Telephone attenuation block or similar article December 4, 1984
D276426 Demarcation telephone protector block November 20, 1984
D276333 Telephone transfer relay unit November 13, 1984
D273290 Telephone connector block April 3, 1984
D273289 Telephone connector block April 3, 1984
D271295 Combined telephone connector block and circuit protector November 8, 1983
D271100 Telephone connector block October 25, 1983
D249789 Telephone connector block October 3, 1978
6411487 Coaxial surge protector having thermal fail-safe shunt June 25, 2002
A coaxial surge protector includes a housing in which is situated a transmission line in the form of a two-sided printed circuit board. The surge protector includes input and output signal connectors mounted on a housing and connected to the transmission line, and a gas discharge tube
6195245 Low capacitance surge protector for high speed data transmission February 27, 2001
A surge protector circuit and method of protecting electronic equipment which do not load down a circuit at high frequencies and do not degrade a signal in high speed data transmission. A gas tube is connected in parallel with low capacitance diodes and an avalanche semiconductor dev
6074257 Electrical connection strip with pivoting conductor guide June 13, 2000
An electrical connection strip used for high density wiring in telecommunication systems includes an elongated block, a first and second row of connector elements and a conductor guide pivotally mounted to a bottom surface of the block. The connector elements are mounted within the b
5906502 Two wire termination connection strip May 25, 1999
An insulation displacement contact for a two wire termination connection strip includes first and second generally planar leaf elements, each having longitudinal centerlines lying in a common longitudinal plane. The longitudinal plane is perpendicular to both of the leaf elements. The
5893776 Electrical connection strip with releasable mounting for mounting on brackets of different confi April 13, 1999
An electrical connection strip with a releasable mounting for attaching to mounting brackets of different configurations. The electrical connection strip includes an elongated block of electrically non-conductive material and a first mounting assembly. The mounting assembly comprises two
5646812 Telephone line surge protector module with fast-acting, high resistance heat coil assembly July 8, 1997
A telephone line surge protector module with fast-acting, high resistance heat coil assembly includes a plurality of turns of resistive heating wire having a conductive core, a heat-resisting insulative coating, and a relatively high tensile-strength serving for resisting manufacturing
5553179 Varied insertion loss fiber optic coupling and method of making same September 3, 1996
A varied ratio coupler, and a method of forming the same, constructed and arranged, in a unitary structure, to cause optical power in an input optical fiber to couple asymmetrically to at least two output optical fibers in a manner establishing different insertion losses between the
5469526 Optical fiber support for printed circuit boards November 21, 1995
An arrangement for supporting an optical fiber and related optical components in a raised position above a surface of a printed circuit board on which electrical components are mounted includes a support which defines an endless, oval raceway for receiving one or more optical fibers,
5356309 Connector block with releasable mounting October 18, 1994
A connector block (20) which contains a plurality of electrical contacts (38) is mounted on mounting tabs (32) of a mounting bracket (22) and is releasably locked in place by means of projections (56) on release tabs (52) at the ends of the block. The release tabs are resiliently bendabl
5342209 Connector strip assembly with ground connection August 30, 1994
A grounding arrangement for connector strips which are mounted across the edges of parallel rails. A ground element is connected to the ground system inside the connector strip and extends though the back of the strip to a connector clip. The connector clip is engaged with a flange which
5328380 Electrical connector July 12, 1994
An electrical connector for connecting together cables containing at least two twisted wire pairs which transmit and receive different electrical signals, The connector has an electrically conductive shield between pairs of connector elements which are respectively connected to the diffe
5323479 Package for fiber optic cable June 21, 1994
A specialized package for shipping and using fiber optic cable which simplifies handling prior to installation, and serves as a storage device after the cable has been installed. The disclosed device comprises a fiber board box of planar configuration with an integral lid secured in clos
5297970 Connector block and connector block assembly with offset contacts March 29, 1994
An elongated electrically insulative connector block (12) contains internal spring finger electrical conductors 78 arranged in sets in adjacent cells (C.sub.1, C.sub.2, ... C.sub.n) which are arranged in a line, with adjacent cells being mutually offset in a direction transverse to the
5239609 Means for routing buffer tube type fiber optical cable August 24, 1993
A means and method for routing and managing buffered tube type fiber optical cable, particularly outside plant cable to an optical fiber cabinet or similar structure. The disclosure describes novel clamping elements engaging the outside plant cable which serve to separate the contain
5233675 Fiber optic adapter with replaceable attenuation means August 3, 1993
An improved fiber optic connector including a selectively positioned attenuation barrel which forms part of a connector plug. As contrasted with the prior art construction which it replaces, structure is provided for preventing rotational movement of the attenuation barrel relative to
5222179 Means for routing ribbon type fiber optic cable June 22, 1993
An improved means and method for routing and managing ribbon type fiber optic cables used in the telecommunications industry. The means includes a split housing defining an entry channel formed by a shank adapted to be clamped beneath an outer sheath enclosing a plurality of ribbon cable
5205762 High frequency patch cord data connector April 27, 1993
A patch cable assembly for making patch connections between connector blocks while protecting against cross talk and signal interference. The assembly includes a patch cable with transmit and receive conductors and a surrounding ground sheath and a printed circuit board insert at the end
5187768 Fiber optic variable signal attenuator February 16, 1993
A fiber optic connector having an adjustable element providing for optical signal attenuation. The connector includes a pair of plug connector elements maintained in axially aligned relation upon engagement with a medially positioned adapter element. One of the plug connector elements
5170452 Fiber optic plug connector and adapter therefor December 8, 1992
A fiber optic plug connector for single fiber jacketed conductors and a corresponding jack type adapter supported in a bulkhead and adapted to receive a corresponding plug on an opposite side of the bulkhead in aligned relation. The plug connector incorporates means for maintaining b
5160273 Connector block assembly November 3, 1992
A connector block assembly for connecting closely spaced wired on which high frequency signals are present, contains pairs of spring finger connectors with electrically conductive shields between different pairs. Ground contacts are arranged to be engaged by an insert module in advance
5146525 Fiber optic plug connector having optical center adjustment means September 8, 1992
A fiber optic plug connector incorporating an adjustable keying means for maintaining a specific relative adjustment between the engaged fiber optic cable and the body of the connector which is not disturbed by removal and reconnection to a corresponding plug. The construction includes a
5142606 Optical fiber cable distribution frame and support August 25, 1992
Adaptive racking and distribution frame systems for handling optical fiber cables and including racking sections with wall portions that can be replaced without removing the section or displacing cables in the section and further including housings with moveable shelves that can be adapt
5142598 Fiber optic connector having snap ring adjustment means August 25, 1992
A fiber optic connector of the so-called D-4 type incorporating means for incrementally adjusting the fiber core supporting ferrule with respect to an alignment projection which engages a corresponding recess in an adapter when the connector is engaged with the adapter. In addition to th
5119459 Optical fiber storage and distribution cabinet June 2, 1992
An optical fiber storage and distribution cabinet of molded plastic box-like construction with U-shaped formations open through the bottom wall of the cabinet to provide an easily molded door hinge and spool-like fiber storage elements which also serve to mount a removable splice tray.
5100221 Optical fiber cable distribution frame and support March 31, 1992
Adaptive racking and distribution frame systems for handling optical fiber cables and including racking sections with wall portions that can be replaced without removing the section or displacing cables in the section and further including housings with moveable shelves that can be adapt
5027100 Gas tube fail safe device for telephone protector modules June 25, 1991
A gas tube fail safe device for use in individual subscriber circuit telephone mmodules and related equipment, in which a fusible element is adapted to by-pass the conductive function of the gas tube in the event of gas tube failure. In one embodiment the construction provides for the
5008772 Telephone circuit protector module having plural circuit grounding means April 16, 1991
An improved telephone subscriber circuit protector module providing plural surge voltage and excess current protection elements including so-called sneak current protection. The module includes a three-element gas tube which protects against voltage surges in the range of 200 to 300 volt
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