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Polycom, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D635955 Speakerphone April 12, 2011
D571776 Speakerphone June 24, 2008
D480059 Speakerphone September 30, 2003
D478560 Speakerphone August 19, 2003
D477622 Video camera system July 22, 2003
D476345 Video camera June 24, 2003
D473546 Integrated audio/video call control pod April 22, 2003
D472233 Vertical microphone array March 25, 2003
D471899 Horizontal microphone array March 18, 2003
D471895 Audio system enclosure with speaker grills March 18, 2003
D471573 Videoconferencing system with extensible microphone arrays and microphone grills March 11, 2003
D471533 Audio system enclosure March 11, 2003
D471219 Videoconferencing system with extensible microphone arrays March 4, 2003
D470873 Videoconferencing system February 25, 2003
D449286 Speakerphone October 16, 2001
D449285 Speakerphone October 16, 2001
D441000 Personal videoconferencing device April 24, 2001
D421606 Speakerphone with handset March 14, 2000
D419997 Speakerphone February 1, 2000
D406266 Remote control unit March 2, 1999
D403328 Microphone pod December 29, 1998
D400549 Video conferencing unit November 3, 1998
D382266 Speakerphone August 12, 1997
D382265 Speakerphone August 12, 1997
D367663 Remote interactive projector March 5, 1996
D342732 Speaker phone December 28, 1993
8582794 Speaker with acoustic damped port November 12, 2013
Systems, methods, and devices for improving speaker performance with an acoustic damped port are disclosed. In accordance with various embodiments of the present invention, a damping material is placed around a vented frame of a speaker driver, and substantially covers or fills the v
8582520 Method and apparatus for wideband conferencing November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus for wideband voice and optional data conferencing over a telecommunications network channel between at least two wideband communications devices. An exemplary method comprises establishing an audio link, verifying wideband capability between the at least two wi
8289371 Smart cropping of video images in a videoconferencing session October 16, 2012
Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling cropping areas of video images to match the allocated area associated with the image in a video conferencing layout. The disclosed methods can protect regions of interest from being cropped. A region of interest within a video image is
8279257 High resolution graphics side channel in video conference October 2, 2012
A videoconference system can automatically transmit first and second images from a local site to a remote site where the first image is a high-resolution live image and the second image may be transmitted either as a high-resolution live or still frame image. Two video streams repres
8274543 Tag-aware multipoint switching for conferencing September 25, 2012
Conferencing methods and systems are disclosed wherein tags are associated with conferencing endpoints. The tags provide information enabling a decision-making entity to determine the preferability of one or more processing aspects of the endpoints. In a multipoint conference a tag c
8249298 Ultrasonic camera tracking system and associated methods August 21, 2012
A camera tracking system includes a controllable camera, an array of microphones, and a controller. The microphones are positioned adjacent the controllable camera and are at least responsive to ultrasound emitted from a source. The microphones may additionally be capable of responding
8248455 Method for creating a videoconferencing displayed image August 21, 2012
A user can design their own custom composed view for a videoconference depending on the users' individualized needs. The view can include segments (windows) in which participating conferees' video images are presented and accessory elements such as window borders, text, icons, and th
8248448 Automatic camera framing for videoconferencing August 21, 2012
A videoconferencing apparatus automatically tracks speakers in a room and dynamically switches between a controlled, people-view camera and a fixed, room-view camera. When no one is speaking, the apparatus shows the room view to the far-end. When there is a dominant speaker in the room,
8234573 Computer program and methods for automatically initializing an audio controller July 31, 2012
A computer program of the type commonly known as a "wizard" is disclosed that initializes user interface software for controlling an audio conferencing device. The wizard allows the desired audio inputs (e.g., microphone, telephones, etc.) and audio outputs (speakers, recording devic
8228363 Method and system for conducting continuous presence conferences July 24, 2012
Disclosed are methods and systems for multipoint videoconferencing. A Media Relay MCU (MRM) receives compressed media (audio, video, and/or data) from a plurality of endpoints participating in a video conferencing session. For a given endpoint, the MRM selects which of other endpoints
8223942 Conference endpoint requesting and receiving billing information from a conference bridge July 17, 2012
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and devices for improved audio, video, and data conferencing. The present invention provides a conferencing system comprising a plurality of endpoints communicating data including audio data and control data according to a communication protocol
8223715 Handoff method in a wireless LAN in the presence of a radar signal July 17, 2012
A wireless local area communications network that includes one or more access points each of which may have associated wireless communications devices in communication with it over a plurality of channels, some of which may be shared with a radar signal. The wireless communications d
8223191 Delay reduction for transmission and processing of video data July 17, 2012
The present invention is a method and system for reducing delay in video communication, including, for example, video transcoding and continuous presence in a multipoint multimedia conference. The video communication control unit reduces such delay by processing a video stream in a small
8219400 Stereo to mono conversion for voice conferencing July 10, 2012
Stereo to mono voice conferencing conversion is performed during a voice conference. Conferencing equipment receives audio for right and left channels and filters each of the channels into a plurality of bands. For each band of each channel, the equipment determines an energy level and
8218829 System and method for using biometrics technology in conferencing July 10, 2012
A system and method are provided which utilize biometrics technology in a conference environment. A biometrics engine detects facial images of a user, generates biometrics of the detected facial images, and compares the generated biometrics with biometrics information of authorized users
8217987 Method for creating a videoconferencing displayed image July 10, 2012
The present disclosure provides methods and systems of multipoint videoconferencing wherein layout description information is used to create videoconferencing displayed images of a composite video of one or more video images and one or more accessory elements. The layout description
8217986 System and method for exchanging connection information for videoconferencing units using e-mail July 10, 2012
A videoconferencing system includes a first videoconferencing unit coupled to a network and associated with a first e-mail address. The first videoconferencing unit receives a second e-mail address and automatically sends a request e-mail requesting connection information to the seco
8217984 Videoconferencing network adapter detection using STUN protocol July 10, 2012
A network adapter detection is used to establish a videoconference between a videoconferencing unit and a remote endpoint. Information about a plurality of network adapters available for the videoconferencing application is obtained, and one or more test messages are sent to at least
8217981 Configuring videoconferencing systems to create video sessions with realistic presence July 10, 2012
Methods and apparatuses for automating the interface of different videoconferencing systems are disclosed. In brief, according to one or more embodiments according to the invention, a first method comprises, upon connection of two videoconferencing systems, information containing the
8208002 Distance learning via instructor immersion into remote classroom June 26, 2012
A distance learning scenario includes a local classroom having a local videoconferencing device communicating with a remote videoconferencing device at a remote classroom. A first local camera captures images of the local participants, a second local camera captures images of an inst
8199791 Mixed voice and spread spectrum data signaling with enhanced concealment of data June 12, 2012
Systems, methods, and devices for mixed voice and spread spectrum data signaling with enhanced concealment of data are disclosed. Audible artifacts may be reduced or suppressed in order to improve the audible quality of the sound. The distortion to the audio may be kept just below pe
8184142 Method and system for composing video images from a plurality of endpoints May 22, 2012
The present application discloses a method and apparatus for a multipoint video conferencing system that can offer a wide variety of layouts and the ability to support a large number of conferees. A received stream of NALs from a plurality of endpoints can be processed by an exemplary NA
8175636 Desktop phone with interchangeable wireless handset May 8, 2012
Systems, methods, and devices for providing an external wireless interface for use with a desktop telephone are disclosed. In accordance with various embodiments of the present disclosure, a telephone is provided which may include a universal connector operable to removably connect t
8170200 Method and apparatus for percussive noise reduction in a conference May 1, 2012
A conferencing unit reduces or eliminates percussive noise in audio that it outputs to a far-end. The unit filters near-end audio into a plurality of bands and calculates instantaneous energies for each band. The energies in first and second ranges of the bands are summed, and a diff
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