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Polaroid Corporation Patents
Polaroid Corporation
Cambridge, MA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31362 Autofocus movie camera having pulsed terminal drive means August 30, 1983
The operational range of an adjustable focus lens is subdivided into a plurality of focus zones, of finite size, by a lens control system that produces a plurality of discrete signals representative of said focus zones, said control system utilizing bidirectional drive means to position
RE31219 Automatic focusing camera April 26, 1983
A focusing mechanism for a camera includes a drive arrangement for displacing the camera lens in accordance with the contents of a counter into which the output of a pulse generator is gated during a range pulse whose duration is directly related to the distance of a subject from the
RE31034 Range synchronized flash photographic apparatus and method for achieving optimum flash exposure September 21, 1982
An image recording apparatus and method employing a diaphragm shutter having a time variable exposure aperture with flash firing, following actuation of the shutter, after a time interval dependent on subject range. The functional relationship between the time interval and subject ra
RE30534 Electronic flash inhibit arrangement March 3, 1981
Electronic flash apparatus for a camera having automatic focusing with sonic ranging has a charge control system which inhibits charging of the flash tube capacitor during at least the automatic focusing operation of the camera. The flash apparatus thus schedules capacitor charging to oc
RE30232 Large capacity film cassette March 18, 1980
A photographic film cassette including a drive transmission arrangement configured for operating a film capstan and for selectively driving supply and take-up reels of the cassette responsive to projector driving operation. The cassette is a large capacity film cassette for use with
RE29756 Photographic film assemblage and apparatus September 5, 1978
A photographic film assemblage including a film container holding a plurality of film units and having a withdrawal slot in one end thereof. The container is provided with a withdrawal slot light sealing arrangement in the form of a primary light sealing sheet and a secondary light seali
RE28784 High-voltage switching for three-color line-sequential color television April 20, 1976
This specification discloses a color television system of the type in which a full color image is produced by superimposed red and white images corresponding to different color video signals representing different wavelength contents of the televised scene. The red and white images are
H654 Positive vignetting accessory July 4, 1989
A positive vignetting accessory having a simple, lightweight snap-on plastic construction and adapted for use with a camera having a flash unit. The positive vignetting accessory diverts a portion of the flash illumination produced during a normal flash exposure cycle and directs thi
H37 Film pack having improved pack spring March 4, 1986
The present disclosure relates to a pack spring for film units, and an improved film pack including the spring. The pack spring comprises arm assemblies which maintain the image area, pod and trap of each film unit in the stack in a generally flat condition. The leg assemblies are co
D505966 Camera June 7, 2005
D493811 Camera back August 3, 2004
D483785 Camera December 16, 2003
D470878 Camera February 25, 2003
D470877 Camera February 25, 2003
D469256 Shoulder strap module January 28, 2003
D463812 Erect photographic apparatus October 1, 2002
D459380 Folded photographic apparatus June 25, 2002
D451528 LCD projector December 4, 2001
D448784 Electronic camera October 2, 2001
D445450 Stand alone printer July 24, 2001
D440592 Collapsed folding photographic camera April 17, 2001
D439921 Erect folding photographic camera April 3, 2001
D439593 Compact photographic apparatus March 27, 2001
D438882 Compact combination camera March 13, 2001
D436531 Product package January 23, 2001
D425924 Photographic apparatus May 30, 2000
D412163 Hand-held imager July 20, 1999
D400551 Folding photographic apparatus November 3, 1998
D399518 Folding photographic apparatus October 13, 1998
D390678 Flashlight February 10, 1998
D389165 Photographic apparatus January 13, 1998
D383735 Scanning apparatus September 16, 1997
D381999 Photographic apparatus August 5, 1997
D380765 Multiple slide holder for use in a photographic scanner July 8, 1997
D371565 Automatic film processor for self-developing peel-apart film July 9, 1996
D368256 Scanner for use with a computer March 26, 1996
D364419 Thermal laser printer November 21, 1995
D335681 Compact folding photographic camera May 18, 1993
D335491 Electronic scanner May 11, 1993
D333670 Foldable photographic camera March 2, 1993
D321358 Pop-up strobe camera or similar article November 5, 1991
D320029 Pop-up strobe autofocus camera or similar article September 17, 1991
D317785 Electronic film printer June 25, 1991
D315569 Folding photographic camera or similar article March 19, 1991
D312085 Sunglasses or similar article November 13, 1990
D311015 Video camera or similar article October 2, 1990
D311012 Spectacles with apertured frame or similar article October 2, 1990
D310534 Photographic camera or similar article September 11, 1990
D306309 Portrait camera with built-in folding flash February 27, 1990
D303535 Camera or similar article September 19, 1989

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