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Pittway Corp. Patents
Pittway Corp.
Chicago, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6603387 Programming of RF transmitter identification data by monitoring power August 5, 2003
A device and a method used during installation of a security system that allows the security system control panel to learn the IDs of the wireless transmitters in the security system without receiving an RF transmission from the wireless transmitter. The installation device comprises a p
6593850 Wireless intrusion detector with test mode July 15, 2003
A wireless intrusion detector that contains a test mode that temporarily overrides the normal inhibit function of the wireless intrusion detector allowing all alarm messages to be transmitted. Wherein the inhibit function lets a single detected event signal to be transmitted upon the
6472993 Singular housing window or door intrusion detector using earth magnetic field sensor October 29, 2002
The present invention is a method, an apparatus, and a system for detecting a change in position of a door or a window in an alarm system. The present invention is a singular housing with a magnetometer for monitoring the magnetic field of the earth, and a microprocessor for detecting a
6351214 Glass breakage detector February 26, 2002
A method and a device for detecting the breakage of glass. A glass breakage detector that uses an acoustic transducer, an analog-to-digital converter, and a processing means which uses software algorithms to determine if a signal received by the acoustic transducer is a result of glass b
6294992 High power control signal transmission and low power data signal transmission in a wireless secu September 25, 2001
A method, apparatus and system for maximizing transmission power levels in wireless security systems wherein the transmitted power is adjusted depending on the type of signal being transmitted in order to comply with power level restrictions imposed by agency regulations (e.g. Federal
6255944 Remote indication device for use in wireless security systems July 3, 2001
A wireless security system having a remote indication device, which operates in a low power mode. The remote indication device provides feedback in the form of a display indicating that a command from a remote control device has been successfully performed or to provide status. The u
6243010 Adaptive console for augmenting wireless capability in security systems June 5, 2001
A security system comprising a plurality of remote wireless units, a central control unit and an adaptive console for translating messages in radio frequency signals into messages in signals suitable for transmission over a wire in order to augment the wireless capability of the system.
6236313 Glass breakage detector May 22, 2001
A glass breakage detector that uses an acoustic transducer, an analog-to-digital converter, and a processing means which uses software algorithms to determine if a signal received by the acoustic transducer is a result of glass breaking. The glass breakage detector also uses amplifie
6229997 Interference detecting receiver May 8, 2001
A method and apparatus for detecting interference in radio frequency signals for use in wireless alarm systems which increases a charge voltage in response to a dc-coupled signal during a charging time when the dc-coupled signal contains interference, decreases a charge voltage in re
6208694 Reduced power supervisory message transmission in a wireless alarm system March 27, 2001
A self testing wireless data communications system suitable for use with an alarm system, the transmitting element of the communications system is capable of transmitting at two different output power levels. If the message is a supervisory message, it is transmitted at a lower power lev
6201472 Wireless communication system with increased dynamic range March 13, 2001
A method for increasing the dynamic range of the receiver/control unit of an alarm system. The alarm system comprises the receiver/control unit, the receiver comprising at least one antenna apparatus and apparatus for switching the antenna apparatus. The control unit, or processing a
6188318 Dual-technology intrusion detector with pet immunity February 13, 2001
A dual-sensing intrusion detection device for detecting an intruder comprising a PIR sensor and a microwave sensor. The device comprises PIR processing means and microwave processing means, means for summing the processed PIR signal with the processed microwave signal to generate a s
6167137 Secure communications in a wireless system December 26, 2000
Disclosed are three major aspects relating to wireless transmission of encrypted data messages in a security system wherein the receiver stores locally an encryption key utilized by the transmitting device to encrypt the data message and the receiver uses the encryption key to decrypt an
6137402 Method for arming a security system October 24, 2000
A method of arming a security system comprising one or more send-only RF sensor. The method comprises the steps of receiving a request to arm the system from a keypad, determining if a faulted status exists in the receiver/controller, if a faulted status does exist, then changing the
6135826 Surface mountable housing for electrical components and wiring connections October 24, 2000
A hinged covered surface mountable housing for electrical components such as a magnetic reed switch, having an internal conductor channel and a plurality of routing paths with access means for routing an electrical conductor therethrough. The electrical status of the component is not
6084522 Temperature sensing wireless smoke detector July 4, 2000
A wireless integrated smoke detector and temperature monitoring device. The device comprises a photoelectric sensor for determining the presence of smoke, thermistor for providing a temperature signal reflective of the temperature level, processing means for monitoring the smoke and
5963850 Method and apparatus for verifying the operability of a balanced diode mixer and local oscillato October 5, 1999
A method and apparatus for testing a balanced diode mixer and local oscillator combination in a microwave receiver. The diodes comprising a balanced mixer are unbalanced in a selective, controlled manner to generate an offset signal. The unbalancing of the mixer is accomplished by he
5016785 Skirtless mounting cup May 21, 1991
An apparatus and method is disclosed for an improved mounting cup for sealing with a container of an aerosol device. The container includes an annular bead extending about an opening in the container with the annular bead defining an internal surface contour having a generally partially
4991750 Mounting for extension tube February 12, 1991
An improved mounting for an extension tube is disclosed for use with a fluid sprinkling apparatus. The fluid sprinkling apparatus has an input orifice communicating with a liquid internal a pressurized container for spraying the liquid through the extension tube. An actuator controls the
4915266 Aerosol assembly for filling April 10, 1990
An improved aerosol assembly is disclosed for filling an aerosol container having an aerosol valve and a mounting cup turret with a turret aperture for receiving a valve stem. The aerosol container receives an aerosol product for discharge through the valve stem upon opening of the aeros

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