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Pitney Bowes Inc. Patents
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Stamford, CT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40443 System and method for accounting for postage for mail July 22, 2008
A permit mail metering system that preprints the non-variable portion of an indicia. The pre-printed portions may be printed with a fluorescent and phosphorescent ink, while other pre-printed portions may be printed using standard colored or black inks. Some variable printed portions may
RE39779 Method for the recovery of unusable printed postage August 21, 2007
A method for recovering postage for metered mail pieces that have not been posted, the method includes: placing information that uniquely identifies the mail piece .[.in a postal indicia.]. ; storing the information that uniquely identifies each metered mail piece at a remote site; reque
RE34338 Method for folding and sealing sheets August 10, 1993
A method for folding and sealing sheets comprises feeding a sheet forward along a path, bulging a portion of the sheet, folding said bulged portion, adhering a portion of the sheet face to face to a portion thereof trailing backward of the fold, and passing the formed fold forward. Appar
RE34288 Device for folding and sealing sheets June 22, 1993
Apparatus for folding and sealing sheets comprises means for feeding a sheet, means for bulging a portion of the sheet, means for folding the bulged portion, and means for adhering a sheet portion face to face to a portion thereof trailing the fold. Apparatus for enhancing the security o
RE31875 Computer responsive postage meter April 30, 1985
A high volume mailing installation is disclosed in which the output of a programmable high speed electronic digital computer provides destination and postage amount information, a high speed chain printer driven by the computer prints the destination information on address labels, and an
RE31501 Method of producing a binary code and means for using the same January 17, 1984
A method of representing decimal numbers in a quasi binary coded decimal (BCD) form is disclosed along with apparatus for using the same. The value assigned to a combination of binary bits is dependent on the location of the combination on the medium which is encoded. Use is made of the
RE30878 Copying apparatus cover March 9, 1982
In an electrophotographic copying apparatus, a cover and document keep device comprises a rigid cover member for securely holding original documents during copying and for effectively shielding the user from exposure to ultraviolet or visible radiation. A support member incorporating
RE30855 Powder metal composition January 26, 1982
A powder metal composition containing 1.0-2.5% Ni, 0.3-0.7% Mo, 0.15-0.30% Mn, 0.5-1.5% Cu, 0.3-0.7% C, 0.50-1.0% zinc stearate, the balance being Fe.
RE29792 Batch ticket reader October 3, 1978
Ticket reading apparatus is disclosed having a moving grooved belt for transporting tickets fed singly thereto by separator rollers controlled by a clutch and brake in relation to information recording speed. Reading is accomplished by at least two detectors spaced to read information al
D647776 Letter opener November 1, 2011
D633138 Mailing machine February 22, 2011
D632733 Mailpiece tabber February 15, 2011
D631506 Mailing machine January 25, 2011
D602075 Mailing machine October 13, 2009
D592035 Letter opener with stacker May 12, 2009
D582472 Mailing machine December 9, 2008
D576669 Printer September 9, 2008
D555721 Folding and inserting machine November 20, 2007
D530736 Printer October 24, 2006
D529079 Mailing machine September 26, 2006
D520053 Mailing machine May 2, 2006
D520052 Mailing machine May 2, 2006
D507594 Mailing machine July 19, 2005
D502962 Mailing machine March 15, 2005
D501025 Mailing machine January 18, 2005
D494615 Mailing machine August 17, 2004
D488501 Mailing machine April 13, 2004
D480751 Rate card adaptor for a mailing machine October 14, 2003
D473262 Core assembly for a printer April 15, 2003
D465517 User interface controller for a mailing machine November 12, 2002
D464992 Mailing machine October 29, 2002
D464991 Mailing machine October 29, 2002
D462994 Envelope moistener September 17, 2002
D455777 Tabletop folder/inserter April 16, 2002
D434435 Feeder November 28, 2000
D428436 Sorter July 18, 2000
D427628 Ink cartridge July 4, 2000
D427094 Weighing scale June 27, 2000
D422305 Addressing printer April 4, 2000
D421454 Mailing system March 7, 2000
D421453 Mailing system March 7, 2000
D415705 Postal security device October 26, 1999
D414798 Mailing machine October 5, 1999
D413624 Mail preparation system September 7, 1999
D404422 Postage meter January 19, 1999
D398583 Multi-connector expansion interface device September 22, 1998
D395018 Scale June 9, 1998
D391293 Ink cartridge February 24, 1998
D389076 Scale January 13, 1998
D385810 Scale November 4, 1997

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