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Phillips and Rodgers, Inc. Patents
Phillips and Rodgers, Inc.
Conroe, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5623780 Bore for weapons April 29, 1997
A cartridge in a weapon capable of firing several different calibers is provided. The cartridge bore is adapted for use in weapons having extractor and positioner mechanisms which permit use of different caliber casings in the same weapon. With the cartridge bore according to the pre
5613315 Firing pin mechanism March 25, 1997
A firing pin for a weapon is movably mounted in a pin bushing which is resiliently biased within a bushing guide. The bushing guide limits maximum forward travel of the pin bushing. The pin bushing is urged into a position of firm contact with the rear of the cartridge, but limited in
5341587 Ejector and cartridge positioner August 30, 1994
An extractor and positioner mechanism is provided for revolvers or like weapons. An increased area contact surface is provided for enhancing the positioning and extraction or ejection functions. The mechanism also allows proper seating in the chamber for rimmed and rimless cartridges.

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