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RE29820 Method for the production of material for printed circuits October 31, 1978
A method for the production of a material for printed circuits is disclosed. A temporary base is coated by electroplating with a thin, unbroken and unpatterned metallic layer having a thickness less than and the free surface of said metallic layer is bonded to a final insulat
D421183 Transport container February 29, 2000
D417539 Pallet December 7, 1999
D390458 Bottle tray February 10, 1998
D387557 Transport container with flap doors December 16, 1997
D383975 Bottle package September 23, 1997
D383974 Package for a plurality of bottles September 23, 1997
D382403 Transport container August 19, 1997
D382401 Pallet container August 19, 1997
D381513 Collapsible container July 29, 1997
D381202 Pallet container July 22, 1997
D377865 Lid for transport container February 11, 1997
D377269 Pallet container January 14, 1997
D374121 Pallet container October 1, 1996
D371882 Pallet July 16, 1996
D371881 Pallet July 16, 1996
D371670 Pallet July 9, 1996
D343941 Coffin February 1, 1994
D318568 Portable storage bin July 30, 1991
D291739 Waste container September 1, 1987
D291738 Waste container September 1, 1987
D271000 Container for plastic bags October 18, 1983
D260079 Mixing can August 4, 1981
D256152 Watering pitcher July 29, 1980
D255207 Preparation bowl June 3, 1980
D255206 Preparation bowl June 3, 1980
D250804 Cup-mounted holder for coffee filter paper January 16, 1979
6617418 Hyperbranched dendritic polyether and process for manufacture thereof September 9, 2003
A hyperbranched dendritic polyether, which optionally is further processed, such as further chain extended, chain terminated and/or functionalised. The hyperbranched dendritic polyether is obtained in a process comprising the step of thermally initiated cationic ring-opening polymerisati
6515152 Process for production of an oxetane February 4, 2003
A process for production of an oxetane, which process comprises subjecting an alcohol having two or more hydroxyl groups to reaction with a carbamide at a molar ratio employing 1-2 moles of said carbamide on 1-2 moles of said alcohol. The alcohols preferably have at least one 1,3-diol gr
6479656 Phosphorylation process and catalyst November 12, 2002
A process and use of at least one catalyst for phosphorylation, in particular phosphitylation, of hydroxyl groups, whereby a phosphorous compound is added to a hydroxyfunctional compound having at least one hydroxyl group. The addition yields a phosphorylated product having at least
6375777 Process for the production of a thermosetting laminate April 23, 2002
Process for the production of a thermosetting laminate made of a number of continuous paper webs impregnated with a thermosetting resin. The dry webs are fed continuously between an upper and a lower press belt (101 and 102 respectively) of a continuous double belt press (100). The conti
6293432 Bag shaped inner layer in the form of a so-called liner intended for use together with a carryin September 25, 2001
Bag shaped inner layer in the form of a so-called liner (1) intended for use together with a carrying outer structure (2) when transporting and storing bulk goods. The liner (1) is provided with a supporting member (11) towards which a liner bag is folded and/or rolled whereby a self
6290869 Lubricant ester September 18, 2001
A lubricant ester having enhanced hydrolytic stability is disclosed. The ester is a mono or diester of 2-ethyl-2-butyl-1,3-propanediol or an alkoxylate thereof and at least one carboxylic acid having 5-10 carbon atoms. The invention in a further aspect refers to a refrigeration working
6251180 Shrinkage-reducing agent for cement compositions June 26, 2001
Shrinkage-reducing agent intended as additive in aqueous cement comprising compositions. The agent comprises at least one acetal, preferably a cyclic formal, of a tri- or polyhydric alcohol, which acetal comprises at least one 1,3-dioxa group. The acetal has preferably a water solubility
6225404 Thermoplastic compound May 1, 2001
A thermoplastic compound comprising at least one linear or branched thermoplastic polymer or copolymer, having at least one reactive or graftable site (F.sub.1), which polymer is compounded with at least one hyperbranched dendritic polyester macromolecule being composed of a monomeri
6211329 Process for preparation of a dendritic polyol April 3, 2001
A process for synthesis of a polymeric polyalcohol substantially and preferably built up form polyester units and composed of a monomeric or polymeric initiator molecule to which at least one dentritic branch (dendron) consisting of a number of branching generations is added. The bra
6188840 Process for the manufacturing of a pressure vessel and a pressure vessel, especially for a water February 13, 2001
A process for the manufacturing of a pressure vessel made from a thermoplastic material or a thermosetting resin. The vessel comprises a first and a second vessel end part, and possibly an intermediate tube part. The vessel end parts include a circumfering shell (4) and each one dome
6166162 Refractory material December 26, 2000
An ecologically sound refractory material includes a binder made of a cashew nutshell liquid and a resin selected from a liquid phenol resin, a phenol homologue and a formaldehyde homologue.
6153603 Method of treating angiogenesis in tumor tissue November 28, 2000
The present invention relates to a method of treating angiogenesis in tumor tissue, such as glioma and glioblastama tissue. The method comprises administering to a mammal, including, man an effective amount at an isomer of inositol trisphosphate, such as D-myo-inositol-1,2,6-trisphosphat
6135287 Collapsible container for transport and storage of fluid and particulate bulk goods October 24, 2000
Collapsible container (1) for fluent and particulate bulk goods, which container includes a carrying base part (20) which is provided with shock absorbing members (21), collapsible side walls (30) and preferably a lid. The side walls (30) are movably attached to the base part (20) via hi
6134854 Glider bar for flooring system October 24, 2000
A flooring system for use with floating floors is described which includes a glider bar having base portions including extending rails in the form of dovetail protrusions. The bases and rails are longitudinally moveable relative to anchoring plates, which anchoring plates are affixed to
6106654 Process for the manufacturing of a decorative thermo-setting plastic laminate August 22, 2000
Process for the manufacturing of a decorative thermosetting laminate with a wear-resistant and a scratch resistant surface layer, wherein a continuous paper web is impregnated with melamine-formaldehyde resin, that one side of the web is coated with hard particles with a size of 30-90 .m
6093777 Dendritic polyester macromolecule in thermosetting resin matrix July 25, 2000
A partially or fully cured thermosetting product which includes a cured and molded product of a thermosetting composition. The composition includes 70% to 99% by weight of at least one thermosetting resin or compound and 1% to 30% by weight of at least one toughening agent. The toughenin
6046334 Heterocyclic chemical compound April 4, 2000
The present application is directed to a heterocyclic compound having the structural formula: ##STR1## where R is hydrogen, C.sub.1 -C.sub.2 alkyl, cyclohexyl, phenyl, benzyl, phenylethyl, 2-hydroxyethyl, 3-hydroxypropyl, carboxymethyl, 4-(carboxylamine)butyl or diphenylmethyl; M
6029840 Collapsible container February 29, 2000
Collapsible container for transport and storage, comprising a bottom part (2) and side walls (1) movably connected to the bottom part (2) via hinges (3) which are formed by lower hinge-parts (3') and upper hinge-parts (3"). The hinge-parts (3', 3") are integrated with their respective pa
6024911 Method of producing a molded article having a hollow rim February 15, 2000
A method of producing an injection molded article, such as a pallet made of a polymeric material. The pallet having an integral rim. Said rim is manufactured by means of a gas injection procedure involving a mold and means for injecting a pressurized gas into a molten polymeric material
5990260 Branched alkenyl functional polyester November 23, 1999
A branched alkenyl functional polyester of a prepolymer having at least one carboxyl and at least three hydroxyl groups, which is made allylfunctional by reaction between at least one of said hydroxyl groups in the prepolymer and at least one monomeric or polymeric compound having at lea
5944215 Vessel for a pressurized fluid August 31, 1999
A plastic vessel for a pressurized fluid, having an upper end wall and a lower end wall and an intermediate part with an outer wall and internal partition walls. The internal partition walls are placed in such a way in respect of each other and the outer wall that at least two longitudin
5846957 Use of an ester of inositoltrisphosphate for the preparing of medicaments December 8, 1998
The present invention relates to the use of an ester of inositoltrispbosphate for the preparing of a medicament effective against retroviral diseases.
5760022 Pharmaceutical composition with improved bioavailability of inositol phosphate June 2, 1998
The invention relates to an inositol phosphate containing pharmaceutical composition which comprises an aliphatic ester or ether for improvement of the bioavailability of the inositol phosphate in mammals including man at non-parenteral administration. The invention also covers the use o
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