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Pegatron Corporation
Taipei, TW
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D599791 Desktop computer September 8, 2009
D599492 Flashlight September 1, 2009
D593534 Audio playing assembly June 2, 2009
8584996 Support stand November 19, 2013
A support stand includes a first casing, a rotary mechanism, a second casing and a holder. The rotary mechanism is disposed in the first casing and has a first gear and a threaded rod coordinated with each other. The second casing is connected with the rotary mechanism. The second casing
8294169 Light-emitting diode October 23, 2012
This invention provides a light-emitting diode (LED). The LED is electrically connected with a circuit board. The LED includes a light-emitting chip, an encapsulating element, a lead, and a heat insulating element. The encapsulating element encapsulates the light-emitting chip. The l
8292472 Light-emitting device and light-guiding member thereof October 23, 2012
This invention discloses a light-emitting device. The light-emitting device includes a light-guiding member and an LED light source. The light-guiding member includes a reflection surface, a first refraction surface, and a second refraction surface. A first part of light emitted from
8278842 Lamp set October 2, 2012
A lamp set includes a control device and a first lighting device. The control device includes an energy-generating unit for providing an energy distribution. The first lighting device includes a pre-processing unit, a first lighting element, and a controller. The controller is coupled to
8276782 Cushioning structure October 2, 2012
A cushioning structure includes a main body and two first cushioning elements. The first cushioning elements clip two ends of the main body, respectively, to form a containing space. Each of the first cushioning elements has two symmetrical cushioning portions for sandwiching the main
8264835 Base and electronic device using the same September 11, 2012
A base includes an engaging module, a release button and a code lock module. The release button presses the engaging module to release the host. The code lock module includes a cam assembly, a plurality of dials and a retaining assembly. The cam assembly includes cams arranged along
8263911 Electronic device with heating protection circuit and heating protection method thereof September 11, 2012
This invention discloses an electronic device with a heating protection circuit and a heating protection method thereof. The electronic device includes a control module, a heating protection circuit, a heating switch module, and a heating module. The control module provides a first contr
8217594 Light emitting device with variable volume July 10, 2012
This invention provides a light emitting device with variable volume. The light emitting device includes a main body with variable volume, a sensor, a light emitting element, and a controller. The sensor is disposed in the main body for generating a volume measuring signal. The light
8144201 Portable computer capable of performing digital photo frame function under main-power-off state March 27, 2012
This invention discloses a portable computer capable of performing a digital photo frame function under a main-power-off state. The portable computer includes a base, a display device, an image capturing device, an image capturing switch, and a processor. The display device includes a
8141771 Packaging carton box structure March 27, 2012
A packaging carton box structure includes a first sheet and a second sheet, and a pre-tearing portion is disposed on a first side plate of the first sheet. After the first sheet and the second sheet are bent, an object is packaged, and then, after the packaged object is placed on a p
8138929 Method for protecting data in non-volatile storage device and computer thereof March 20, 2012
The invention discloses a method for protecting data in a non-volatile storage device and a computer thereof. The computer includes a non-volatile storage device, a temperature sensing unit, and a controller. The temperature sensing unit is disposed at the non-volatile storage device
8132291 Hinge device March 13, 2012
A hinge device includes a bearing seat, a spherical joint, a plurality of positioning pins, and a retaining ring. The bearing seat has a containing recess. The spherical joint is rotatably disposed in the containing recess, and the surface of the spherical joint has a plurality of po
8111513 Industrial computer February 7, 2012
An industrial computer includes a first casing, a second casing, a storage unit, a cover, and a heat dissipation unit. The second casing and the first casing form a closed casing, and the outside of the second casing has a containing area. The storage unit is disposed at the containi
8072748 Portable electronic device December 6, 2011
A portable electronic device includes a casing, a key, a loudspeaker, a soft insulating material, and an actuating unit. The key is disposed at the casing. The loudspeaker is embedded into the casing flatly. The soft insulating material covers the casing and the loudspeaker. The actuatin
8072746 Electronic device with a casing with a containing space for storing an adapting element when not December 6, 2011
This invention provides an electronic device capable of being connected with an external device. The electronic device includes a first connecting port, an adapting element, and a casing. The first connecting port is disposed at the casing. The adapting element has a second connectin
8054617 Desktop computer and method for manufacturing the same November 8, 2011
This invention discloses a desktop computer and a method for manufacturing the same. The desktop computer includes a display device and a main body. The display device has a display side and a back side. One end of the main body is connected to the back side of the display device. Th
8046781 Optical disc drive October 25, 2011
An optical disc drive suitable for reading a data in an optical disc is provided. The optical disc drive includes a housing, a tray suitable for carrying the optical disc, and a panel. The housing has a first opening, and the panel is disposed at the first opening. The tray is disposed i
7959311 Portable electronic device having illuminated keyboard June 14, 2011
A portable electronic device having an illuminated keyboard includes a display having a recessed portion and a main body pivotally connected with the display. The main body includes a casing, a keyboard, a fastening element, and a plurality of light-emitting elements. The keyboard is
7944779 Multifunction time display device May 17, 2011
A multifunction time display device includes a main body, a first element, a second element, and an indication element. The main body includes a casing, and the casing possesses a transparent portion. The first element moves inside the casing as time goes by. The second element is re
7942050 Reliability test plate for appearance treatment and the method thereof May 17, 2011
The reliability test plate for appearance treatment is used to coat with predetermined paint or material. The reliability test plate at least includes an appearance simulation area for simulating at least partial appearance of an electronic product, and at least one test plane area.
7932929 Quick image capture system April 26, 2011
A quick image capture system for a notebook computer able to capture the images while the notebook computer does not launch an operation system is described. The quick image capture system includes a hot key, a read-only memory, a central processing unit, a chip set, a random-access memo
7901244 Stacked electrical connector March 8, 2011
This invention discloses a stacked electrical connector including a first connector, a second connector, and a conductive casing. The first connector includes a first signal connection portion and a first group of soldering pins extending along a direction. The second connector includes
7896691 Electronic device and airproof connector module thereof March 1, 2011
An electronic device and an airproof connector module thereof are provided. The electronic device is connected to a peripheral device by the connector module. The connector module includes a casing, an adapting board, a first connector, a second connector, a first elastic sealing ele
7841853 Injection molding machine having a heat insulated barrel November 30, 2010
This invention discloses an injection molding machine and a heat-insulating structure of a barrel thereof. The heat-insulating structure covers the barrel of the injection molding machine. The heat-insulating structure includes a plurality of heat-insulating units and a plurality of
7836796 Screwing device November 23, 2010
A screwing device includes a holder, an interaction unit and a screwing unit. The holder has a rotation axle. The interaction unit is connected to the rotation axle and has an interaction ring. The screwing unit has a plurality of screwing elements and interacts with the inner peripheral
7828588 Connector structure with two assembling directions November 9, 2010
This invention discloses a connector structure including a base, a plurality of metal pins, and a cover. The metal pins are disposed at the base. The cover has a first side and a second side being separately and pivotally connected to the base, respectively. The first side is capable
7758232 Electronic device July 20, 2010
An electronic device includes a case, a display panel and a backlight module. The case has at least a hole. The display panel is disposed in the case to display information. The backlight module is disposed in the case as a light source of the display panel. The backlight module has at
7748011 Optical disk drive having noise reduction functionality June 29, 2010
An optical disk drive with a noise reduction function, is used to read an optical storage media. The optical disk drive includes a turntable, a housing and a clamper. The turntable supports the optical storage media. An opening is formed on the housing. The camper is positioned on the
7697290 Electronic apparatus and fan module thereof April 13, 2010
The invention discloses an electronic apparatus and a fan module thereof. The fan module includes a base, an impeller, a liquid container, an atomizing device and a cover. The impeller is provided in the base. The liquid container is placed at the center of the impeller, and the liquid
7660221 Optical disk differentiating method and electronic device thereof February 9, 2010
An optical disk differentiating method applied to an optical disk drive, in which a first level value, a second level value and an optical disk differentiating value generating program are stored and an optical disk is put. The method comprises the steps of: generating a laser beam i

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