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Parker-Hannifin Corporation Patents
Parker-Hannifin Corporation
Cleveland, OH
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RE41576 Conformal thermal interface material for electronic components August 24, 2010
A thermally-conductive interface for conductively cooling a heat-generating electronic component having an associated thermal dissipation member such as a heat sink. The interface is formed as a self-supporting layer of a thermally-conductive material which is form-stable at normal r
RE31121 Control device for prosthetic urinary sphincter cuff January 11, 1983
A device for controlling flow of fluid to and from a resilient inflatable cuff implanted about the urethra to control flow of urine therethrough. The device comprises a flexible bulb reservoir and a control unit that includes a manually operated valve that opens automatically when the bu
D598985 Hose fitting having a non-crimped shell mounted on a formed tube August 25, 2009
D577795 Hose fitting having a non-crimped hex shell mounted on a formed tube September 30, 2008
D567898 Filter element April 29, 2008
D548307 Filter element August 7, 2007
D537502 Filter element February 27, 2007
D529126 Filter end cap September 26, 2006
D497972 Filter element November 2, 2004
D497089 Portable crimping device October 12, 2004
D495938 One-piece crimper housing September 14, 2004
D441422 Filter element May 1, 2001
D357199 Housing for an electronic sampling and measuring device April 11, 1995
D304710 Rear view mirror or similar article November 21, 1989
D302001 Rear view mirror or similar article July 4, 1989
D280201 Hose assembly crimping machine August 20, 1985
D277731 Windshield washer pump package February 26, 1985
D270437 Rear view mirror September 6, 1983
D268665 Motorized truck mirror April 19, 1983
D268664 Motorized rear view mirror April 19, 1983
D268576 Rear view mirror mounting April 12, 1983
D268575 Rear view mirror April 12, 1983
8297658 Coupling device fitted with instantaneous or quasi-instantaneous anchor means October 30, 2012
A coupling device comprising a tubular body defining a channel and axially subdivided into an anchor section provided on the outside with an anchor member associated with a cover mounted on the body to have both an actuator end for actuating the anchor member and a drive end, and so as
8288048 Fuel cell/battery thermal management system October 16, 2012
A thermal management system is disclosed for a hybrid vehicle having an electrochemical power source (battery/fuel cell) and an internal combustion engine. In cooling mode, the system will flow liquid refrigerant over an evaporator attached to the battery/fuel cell, a two-phase mixtu
8282013 RFID-tagged seal October 9, 2012
O-ring or other fluid seal member (10) and method of making such member. The member has a body (12) provided as a preform of a curable elastomeric polymeric material. A radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder (50) is inserted into the preform. The preform is then cured to form
8281607 Electronic block valve October 9, 2012
An electrically controlled expansion valve package (10) comprises an expansion valve (30), sensors (32, 33, 36) and control electronics (35) all included in a monolithic package that greatly simplifies installation, while also enabling performance enhancements. The expansion valve is
8272463 Electro-hydraulic machine for hybrid drive system September 25, 2012
A combined hybrid drive system and electro-hydraulic machine includes a hybrid drive system that is adapted to decelerate a rotatably driven mechanism, accumulate the energy resulting from such deceleration, and use the accumulated energy to subsequently accelerate the rotatably driv
8272402 Sequential stepped directional control valve September 25, 2012
A sequential stepped directional control valve accepts pressurized hydraulic fluid from a pressure port, and directs that pressurized fluid to a first stage port, or to both a first stage port and a second stage port. In the neutral position, the valve blocks the flow of pressurized
8256746 Integrated cross-flow reservoir September 4, 2012
A cross-flow reservoir has a uniquely integrated filter and heat exchanger, whereby the reservoir, filtration and cooling functions are all performed by a single unit and without connecting fittings and connecting hoses therebetween.
8240719 Adaptor and method for converting standard tube fitting/port to push-to-connect tube fitting/por August 14, 2012
An adaptor for converting to a push-to-connect tube fitting/port a standard tube fitting/port body having a threaded portion for threaded attachment of a nut/plug, comprises a coupling nut/plug having an axially inner threaded end portion for threaded attachment to the threaded porti
8240151 Fuel injector nozzles for gas turbine engines August 14, 2012
A fuel injector for a gas turbine engine comprises a housing stem and a nozzle, the nozzle including an internal wall in heat transfer relation with fuel flowing through the nozzle, and an external wall in heat transfer relation with ambient air. The internal and external walls have
8240145 Hydrostatic assembly having coupled yokes August 14, 2012
A hydrostatic assembly includes a pump having a yoke and an associated rotating group. The pump yoke has a bucket portion and an arm portion. At least one fluid passage extends through the pump yoke. The hydrostatic assembly also includes a motor having a yoke and an associated rotating
8237334 Piezo actuator August 7, 2012
A transducer mechanism has a stacked piezo electric actuators driving arms rotating in different directions and having a structure such that the arms remain generally parallel to each other. A flexible member may be attached to the arms to obtain an extended stroke in a direction per
8236176 Replaceable filter cartridge August 7, 2012
A filter assembly wherein a housing seat (220) and a cartridge cap (330) are keyed to insure correct filter replacement procedures. The seat (220) can comprise a family of pedestals (270) and the end cap (330) can comprise a corresponding family of pedestal-insertion pockets (370). The
8235706 Methods and apparatus for atomization of a liquid August 7, 2012
Representative embodiments provide for corresponding fluid atomizer bodies, each generally defining a fluidicly communicative interior cavity. The interior cavity is typically defined by an entry passageway portion, a chamber portion, a plurality of feeder passageways that are tangen
8230750 Electromechanical actuating assembly July 31, 2012
An electromechanical actuating assembly can have a redundant design with a first electric motor providing actuator-moving power via a first drive train and a second electric motor providing actuator-moving power via a second drive train. A first decoupling train can transmit decoupling
8228009 Twin motor actuator July 24, 2012
A twin motor actuator includes a pair of motor controllers for controlling respective motors according to commands received by each motor controller, and a communication link for communicating the commands received by each motor controller to the other motor controller. The motor con
8220843 Sealing joint for connecting adjoining duct pieces in an engine exhaust system July 17, 2012
An engine exhaust system comprises duct pieces and a thermally expandable sealing joint for interconnecting their adjoining ends. The sealing joint comprises a tubular body including a first axial end portion, a second axial end portion, and a bridge portion extending therebetween. The f
8217601 Robust rotational position alignment using a relative position encoder July 10, 2012
A robust method for detecting a relative position of a feedback device, such as an encoder or resolver, coupled to a shaft, such as a motor shaft, is provided. To detect the relative position, electrical commands are issued in an open loop mode to spin the motor shaft an amount greater
8211199 Filter cartridge July 3, 2012
A filter cartridge (400) with a first end cap (420) comprising a rigid adaptor ring (430) and a seal structure (480). The adaptor ring (430) includes a shelf (440) on which the first axial edge (413) of filtering media (410) sits and a clip (450) situated radially and axially outward
8209975 Arrangement for operating a hydraulic device July 3, 2012
A fluid system includes a controllable first pump unit for supplying fluid pressure to at least one implement; a prime mover arranged to supply a driving torque to the first pump The first pump unit is arranged to supply fluid pressure to the implement. The fluid system further inclu
8205641 Hydraulic apparatus having an axially actuatable bypass valve June 26, 2012
A hydraulic apparatus includes a housing portion having two main conduits and a central conduit. Valves are supported in the housing portion. At least one valve is interposed between each main conduit and the central conduit. Each of the valves has a closed position for preventing a free
8196523 Railroad tanker car manway cover seal June 12, 2012
A railroad tanker car 10 with a fluid cargo tank 11 and a manway assembly 12 is disclosed. The manway assembly 12 includes a nozzle 17 having a nozzle sealing surface 24 and a cover 18 having a cover sealing surface 33. An attachment device 19 supplies a closing force to bias the cover 1
8192698 Sampling probe, gripper and interface for laboratory sample management systems June 5, 2012
A self-contained sampling probe characterized by a drive module and a syringe module removably coupled coaxially to the drive module to allow for different syringe modules to be interchangeably coupled to the drive module. The coupling is effected by quick connect and disconnect devices,
8191857 Linear motor valve June 5, 2012
A valve having a valve body having spaced inlet and outlet ports separated by an intermediate valve seat in open communication with the inlet and outlet ports includes a piston and a valve member being adapted to sealingly mate with the valve seat. A biasing member is positioned to b
8187535 Robotic handling system and method with independently operable detachable tools May 29, 2012
An analytical system and method that enables more efficient transport of movable devices (22) among stations (24, 25, 26). According to one aspect of the invention, the system and method permit operational timesharing of a transport mechanism (34) for the movable devices. According to an
8186691 Composite seal and coupling May 29, 2012
A seal and coupling, wherein the seal has a thin profile including a primary sealing element that provides both a face and radial seal, and a secondary or backup sealing element that provides a face seal. The secondary or backup sealing element seals against leakage past or through t
8181458 Pressure recovery system May 22, 2012
A pressure recovery system according to the present invention comprises a pump, a flow control valve and a flow amplifier. The flow control valve has an inlet connected to the outlet of the pump, an outlet for supplying fluid to the load to which pressurized fluid is to be supplied, and
8176943 High temperature fire sleeve May 15, 2012
A flexible hose for conveying fluids and suitable for high temperature environments, the hose comprising a core tube, a thermal insulating layer surrounding the core tube, a metal layer surrounding the thermal insulating layer, and a vented jacket surrounding the cover layer. The the
8174828 Narrow gap spray cooling in a globally cooled enclosure May 8, 2012
Electronic circuit boards are arranged as respective parallel pairs defining a narrow gap there between. One or more such pairs of boards are supported within a hermitically sealable housing and cooled by way of spraying an atomized liquid coolant from a plurality of nozzles into each
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