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Paravax, Inc. Patents
Paravax, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5418137 Flea membrane binding site proteins as screening tools May 23, 1995
The cellular binding proteins present in membranes of fleas, especially those which are present in the digestive tract, are useful as screening tools for systemic anti-flea reagents and in the design of vaccine formulations. Particularly useful is the .alpha.-subunit of (Na.sup.+ /K.
5356622 Flea midgut-supernatant vaccines October 18, 1994
A vaccine for protecting avian and mammalian subjects against flea infestation comprises the supernatant fraction of flea midgut, or the antigenic components thereof. This also has the effect of reducing flea populations in the environment of the subject. Antibodies raised by these v
5015476 Immunization implant and method May 14, 1991
Antigenic parasites are encapsulated in semipermeable polymeric envelope membranes to prepare implant capsules for immunizing an animal against parasitic infection. An animal may be immunized against parasitic infection by implanting into the animal the implant capsule at a location

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