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Pahnke Engineering GmbH & Co. K.G. Patents
Pahnke Engineering GmbH & Co. K.G.
Dusseldorf, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5732588 Double press March 31, 1998
The invention pertains to a double press for forging round or edged bar-shaped workpieces using two presses set at to each other, each having a pair of forging tools (A1, A2, B1, B2) that hydraulically work pairs I and II of the forging tools being driven alternatingly and
5454262 Process and apparatus for operating a press unit October 3, 1995
In a process for operating a press unit comprising a press, more particularly a forging press, having a hydraulic driving and control system that causes the working stroke movement of the press to follow a substantially sinusoidal course, and at least one integrated forging manipulat
5447050 Forming machine September 5, 1995
In a forming machine of the hydraulic press or forging machine type having at least one press cylinder acted on by a pair of values of stroke frequency and stroke volume predetermined by a first piston pump, the stroke frequency and stroke volume of the press cylinder can be adapted to
5379628 Drive for shifting the stroke position of forming machines January 10, 1995
A method of controlling the drive of a forming machine, in particular of a hydraulic press or hydraulically driven forging machine, having at least one pump cylinder actuated by a crank-type driving mechanism and having return cylinders subjected to constantly rechargeable accumulator
5000026 Long forging machine for the forging of round or sharp-edged bars March 19, 1991
To permit round and sharp-edged bars to be forged down to the smallest sizes on a long forging machine without the need for tool changes, swivelling steering levers (30) with guide rams (29) carrying tools (31) are actuated at the ram ends when the steering levers (30) are in a freely
4905495 Long forging machine for the forging of round or sharp-edged bars March 6, 1990
To permit round and sharp-edged bars to be forged down to the smallest sizes on a long forging machine without the need for tool changes, swivelling steering levers which guide rams carrying tools, are provided with additional tools which may be actuated together with the tools to at
4745793 Hydraulically driven forging machine May 24, 1988
A hydraulically driven forging machine with four radially arranged working cylinders has piston pumps disposed as individual pumps about the forging machine with all pump-end pipe connections located on the horizontal center plane of the forging machine, so that all pipe conduits leading
4073180 Ring forging apparatus for forming and enlarging large rings February 14, 1978
Apparatus is provided for enlarging metal rings using a hydraulic press having a piston and anvil including a pair of generally parallel arms adapted to fit between the piston and anvil and be acted on intermediate their ends. The arms are maintained in a parallel relationship by a l
4064734 Hammer forging presses December 27, 1977
A forging press is provided having two U-shaped vertical frame components on opposite sides of the forging axis and at an angle thereto connected to a top and a bottom transom by at least four tie rods extending from the top to the bottom transom and within the U-shaped vertical members

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