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8587316 Noise reduction systems and methods for a geophysical survey cable November 19, 2013
A disclosed geophysical survey cable includes a signal amplifier coupled between two electrodes spaced apart along the length of the geophysical survey cable (the electrodes being coupled to the signal amplifier by a first conductor pair), and a noise amplifier coupled to a second co
8582394 Method for determining positions of sensor streamers during geophysical surveying November 12, 2013
A method for determining geodetic position of at least one point on a geophysical sensor streamer towed by a vessel in a body of water includes determining geodetic positions of a plurality of locations along a first geophysical sensor streamer towed at a first depth in the body of water
8575938 Electrical power system for towed electromagnetic survey streamers November 5, 2013
A marine electromagnetic receiver cable includes a plurality of signal processing modules disposed at spaced apart locations along the receiver cable. A power supply line is connected to each of the signal processing modules and to an electric current source. A current regulation device
8573050 Methods and systems for streamer depth profile control November 5, 2013
Disclosed are methods and systems for controlling depth profiles of marine geophysical sensor streamers as they are towed in a body of water. An embodiment discloses a method for marine geophysical surveying, the method comprising: towing a geophysical sensor streamer in a body of wa
8570829 Depth steerable seismic source array October 29, 2013
A steerable seismic energy source includes at least one float. The floatation device includes a device for changing buoyancy thereof. A frame is coupled to the at least one float. At least one seismic energy source is suspended from the frame. At least one steering device is coupled
8300498 Method for dynamic aperture determination for three-dimensional surface-related multiple elimina October 30, 2012
Dips are calculated for a series of sets of adjacent multiple contribution traces, from seismic data representative of subsurface formations, in the vicinity of a boundary of an aperture of a multiple contribution gather, the seismic data acquired by deploying a plurality of seismic
8279706 Method for full-bandwidth source deghosting of marine seismic streamer data October 2, 2012
Seismic data recorded in a marine streamer are obtained, sorted as a common receiver gather. A complex Laplace frequency parameter is used to transform the seismic data from a space-time domain to a spectral domain. An iterative conjugate gradient scheme, using a physically-based pre
8274858 Method for full-bandwidth deghosting of marine seismic streamer data September 25, 2012
Seismic data recorded in a marine streamer are obtained, with the seismic data being representative of characteristics of subsurface earth formations and acquired by deployment of a plurality of seismic receivers overlying an area of the subsurface earth formations to be evaluated, the
8267031 Tension management control system and methods used with towed marine sensor arrays September 18, 2012
A method for towing a sensor streamer array in a body of water includes towing a plurality of sensor streamers behind a vessel in the water, measuring tension at a plurality of positions along the array and determining at least one of an optimum operating speed for the vessel, when t
8239135 Method for calculation of seismic attributes from seismic signals August 7, 2012
Filters are applied to seismic signals representative of subsurface formations to generate filtered signals with attenuated spatially aliased energy. The filtered signals are multiplied in the frequency-wavenumber domain by a complex function of frequency and wavenumber representing the
8208342 Method for combining signals of pressure and particle motion sensors in marine seismic streamers June 26, 2012
A cross-line slowness is determined for each sample in the signals in towed marine seismic streamers. A range of assumed cross-line slownesses is selected. Vertical wavenumbers are determined using the range of assumed cross-line slowness determined for samples in the signals of pres
8198899 Method and system for calibrating streamer electrodes in a marine electromagnetic survey system June 12, 2012
A marine electromagnetic sensor system includes a sensor cable having at least one electromagnetic sensor thereon. A first calibration electrode is disposed on the cable on one side of the sensor. A second calibration electrode is disposed on the cable on an opposite side of the sensor.
8174926 Method for wavefield separation for dual-sensor data using kirchhoff-type datuming and migration May 8, 2012
A first weighted integral operator is applied to dual-sensor data to extrapolate the dual-sensor data to a first position above an acquisition surface, generating extrapolated data. A second weighted integral operator is applied to the extrapolated data to extrapolate the extrapolate
8131522 Method for estimating and removing air wave response in marine electromagnetic surveying March 6, 2012
A method for determining resistivity distribution of formations below a bottom of a body of water from transient electromagnetic signals acquired by imparting a transient electromagnetic field into the water and detecting an electromagnetic response thereto at a plurality of spaced a
8126652 Azimuth correction for data reconstruction in three-dimensional surface-related multiple predict February 28, 2012
A best fitting trace in seismic data is determined for a desired trace to be reconstructed. An azimuth correction is calculated for the azimuth difference between the best fitting trace and the desired trace. The azimuth correction is applied to the best fitting trace to reconstruct
8102731 Method for operating marine seismic vibrator array to enhance low frequency output January 24, 2012
A method for operating marine seismic vibrators includes towing at least a first and a second marine seismic vibrator in a body of water beneath the hull of a vessel. At least a third marine seismic vibrator is towed at a selected depth in the water other than beneath the hull of the
8098542 Combined electromagnetic and seismic acquisition system and method January 17, 2012
A method for marine geophysical surveying according to one aspect of the invention includes towing at least one geophysical sensor streamer in a body of water. The streamer includes a plurality of spaced apart electromagnetic field receivers disposed at spaced apart locations along t
8094514 Seismic vibrator array and method for using January 10, 2012
A method for generating seismic energy for subsurface surveying includes operating a first seismic vibrator and operating at least a second seismic vibrator substantially contemporaneously with the operating the first seismic vibrator. A driver signal to each of the first and the at
8089825 Method of summing dual-sensor towed streamer signals using cross-ghosting analysis January 3, 2012
A merged particle velocity signal is generated by combining a recorded vertical particle velocity signal, scaled in an upper frequency range using a time-dependent arrival angle as determined by cross-ghosting analysis, with a simulated particle velocity signal, calculated in a lower
8051791 Helicopter landing platform having motion stabilizer for compensating ship roll and/or pitch November 8, 2011
A motion compensation system for a helipad on a vessel includes a sensor for measuring a parameter related to at least one or pitch and roll of the vessel. The system includes a first actuator functionally coupled to the helipad to move the helipad translationally with respect to the
8035393 Fiber optic system for electromagnetic surveying October 11, 2011
An electromagnetic survey sensing device includes at least two electrodes disposed at spaced apart locations. An electrical to optical converter is electrically coupled to the at least two electrodes. The converter is configured to change a property of light from a source in response to
7986586 Method for deghosting marine seismic streamer data with irregular receiver positions July 26, 2011
Seismic data are obtained for each seismic source activation in a marine streamer and for each frequency, after being transformed to a spectral domain. An iterative conjugate gradient scheme, using a physically-based preconditioner, is applied to the transformed seismic data, to provide
7974152 Control system for marine vibrators and seismic acquisition system using such control system July 5, 2011
A method for controlling output of a marine seismic vibrator includes operating the vibrator using a predetermined driver signal. A vibrator output signal is measured at at least two different places on the vibrator. The at least two measured vibrator output signals are used to deter
7969818 Method for regularizing offset distribution in towed seismic streamer data June 28, 2011
Seismic data from towed marine streamers are sorted into two-dimensional common midpoint gathers of traces. The gathered traces are ordered by offset. The offset distribution of the ordered traces is regularized. The source and receiver coordinates of the regularized traces are adjusted
7957906 Method for attenuating low frequency noise in a dual-sensor seismic streamer June 7, 2011
A calculated vertical velocity sensor signal is determined from a recorded pressure sensor signal. A constructed vertical velocity sensor signal is determined as a linear combination of the calculated vertical velocity sensor signal and a recorded vertical velocity sensor signal in d
7957221 Method for optimum combination of pressure and particle motion sensors for a 3-D spread of dual- June 7, 2011
A method for determining upgoing pressure components of seismic signals from signals detected by combined pressure responsive sensors and motion responsive seismic sensors disposed in a plurality of laterally spaced apart streamers includes determining a threshold time at which angle of
7929373 Method of wavefield extrapolation for single-station, dual-sensor towed streamer signals April 19, 2011
A time-dependent arrival angle is determined at a single receiver station in a towed streamer. Up-going and down-going pressure wavefields are calculated from pressure and vertical particle velocity wavefields measured at the receiver station. Extrapolated up-going and down-going pre
7881159 Seismic streamers which attentuate longitudinally traveling waves February 1, 2011
A seismic streamer includes at least one array of sensors each disposed in a sensor holder at longitudinally spaced apart locations. A longitudinal orientation of at least one sensor or at least one sensor holder is different from that of the other sensors along the length of the array.
7881158 Seismic vibrator having multiple resonant frequencies in the seismic frequency band using multip February 1, 2011
A seismic vibrator includes a transducer, a reactive mass, a base plate to couple motion of the reactive mass to subsurface formations and a linkage system configured to couple motion of the transducer to the reactive mass and the base plate. The linkage system cooperates with the reacti
7881153 Steerable paravane system for towed seismic streamer arrays February 1, 2011
A paravane for a seismic acquisition system includes a float, a frame suspended from the float, deflectors affixed to the frame, and means for coupling a tow rope to a lead-in functionally extending between a forward end and an aft end of the frame. The paravane includes means for se
7872942 Method for imaging a sea-surface reflector from towed dual-sensor streamer data January 18, 2011
A pressure wavefield and a normal velocity wavefield measured on a smoothly shaped acquisition surface by towed dual-sensor marine seismic streamers are decomposed into up-going and down-going pressure and particle velocity components on an observation level between the acquisition s
7869303 Method for noise suppression in seismic signals using spatial transforms January 11, 2011
A method for identifying a position of a source of noise in a marine seismic record includes defining, for at least one shot record, a set of possible noise source positions. A difference between travel time of noise from each possible noise source position to each of a plurality rec
7835225 Method for attenuating particle motion sensor noise in dual sensor towed marine seismic streamer November 16, 2010
Signals detected by particle motion sensors in a towed dual sensor marine seismic streamer are scaled to match signals detected by pressure sensors in the streamer. The pressure sensor signals and the scaled particle motion sensor signals are combined to generate up-going and down-going
7834632 Receiver streamer system and method for marine electromagnetic surveying November 16, 2010
A receiver streamer system for marine electromagnetic surveying includes a first streamer, and a second streamer disposed substantially parallel to and spaced apart from the first streamer. A first pair of electrodes is associated with the first streamer and a second pair of electrodes i
7830747 Method for multi-azimuth prestack time migration for general heterogeneous, anisotropic media November 9, 2010
Three data subsets are obtained in three selected azimuthal directions from seismic data in heterogeneous, anisotropic media. Azimuthal velocities are determined for each of the data subsets. A linear system of equations in the three selected azimuthal directions and the three determ
7800976 Single foil lateral force and depth control device for marine seismic sensor array September 21, 2010
A lateral force and depth control device for a marine streamer includes a housing configured to be coupled within the streamer. A control surface is mounted to the housing such that a rotary orientation and an angle of attack of the control surface with respect to the housing are changea
7751277 Method for interpolating seismic data by anti-alias, anti-leakage Fourier transform July 6, 2010
An estimated frequency-wavenumber spectrum is generated by applying a first Anti-leakage Fourier transform method to unaliased frequency components in temporal-transformed seismic data and applying a second Anti-leakage Fourier transform method to aliased frequency components in the
7737698 Low noise, towed electromagnetic system for subsurface exploration June 15, 2010
A detector for a marine electromagnetic survey system includes a housing arranged to minimize turbulence when the housing is towed through a body of water, and to minimize motion of the housing in any direction other than the tow direction. The housing includes at least one of an electri
7733741 Method for reducing 3-D migration operator to 2-D migration operator for inhomogeneous media June 8, 2010
Time slices of seismic data are transformed from rectangular space-time domain to cylindrical space-time domain. 2-D seismic migration is performed on the transformed data for each radial direction. Slices of the migrated data are inverse transformed back to the rectangular space-tim
7733740 Sensor mount for marine seismic streamer June 8, 2010
A seismic streamer includes a jacket covering an exterior of the streamer. At least one strength member extends along the length of and disposed inside the jacket. At least one seismic sensor is mounted in a housing affixed to the at least one strength member. A void filling material
7693005 Sensor streamer having two-layer jacket April 6, 2010
A seismic streamer includes a jacket covering an exterior of the streamer, at least one strength member extending along the length of and disposed inside the jacket, at least one seismic sensor mounted in a sensor spacer affixed to the at least one strength member, and a void filler made
7675812 Method for attenuation of multiple reflections in seismic data March 9, 2010
A method for attenuating multiple reflections in seismic signals includes coherency filtering the seismic signals. The seismic signals are low pass filtered and high pass filtered seismic signals at a frequency selected such that substantially only multiple reflections exist in the seism
7672195 Diagonal gather trace interpolation March 2, 2010
Diagonal gather trace interpolation systems and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the method includes obtaining seismic traces from a marine seismic survey performed using typically two seismic sources fired in a flip-flop pattern. The seismic traces are processed in common fie
7671598 Method and apparatus for reducing induction noise in measurements made with a towed electromagne March 2, 2010
A method for reducing motion induced voltage in marine electromagnetic measurements includes measuring an electromagnetic field parameter at at least one position along a sensor cable towed through a body of water. Motion of the sensor cable is measured at at least one position along the
7663972 Method for three dimensional seismic travel time tomography in transversely isotropic media February 16, 2010
A method for estimating seismic velocities in vertically transversely isotropic media includes generating an initial estimate of vertical interval velocity and interval normal moveout velocity with respect to depth from seismic data. An initial estimate is generated of a first anisot
7646672 Method for wavefield separation in 3D dual sensor towed streamer data with aliased energy in cro January 12, 2010
Pressure records and vertical particle velocity records from dual sensor towed streamer data are transformed to the inline wavenumber domain. A series of scaling filters are applied to the transformed vertical particle velocity records at each inline wavenumber, wherein each of the s
7646671 Method for processing marine towed streamer seismic data from regular multi-azimuth surveys January 12, 2010
Marine towed streamer seismic data are combined from a first survey and a second survey, wherein the first survey and the second survey are shot with a bin size of L.times.L and the second survey is shot with a shooting direction rotated relative to the shooting direction
7622706 Sensor cable and multiplexed telemetry system for seismic cables having redundant/reversible opt November 24, 2009
An optical sensor cable includes at least one light source fiber extending substantially the entire length of the cable. A plurality of optical sensors are functionally coupled at an input thereof to the at least one light source fiber. At least one signal return fiber extends substa
7616523 Method for combining pressure and motion seismic signals from streamers where sensors are not at November 10, 2009
A method for using signals measured by pressure responsive seismic sensors and motion responsive seismic sensors disposed in a seismic cable includes simulating a selected range frequency response of the motion responsive sensor signals for each of a plurality of selected depths in a
7609585 Method for sub-salt migration velocity analysis October 27, 2009
A method for interpreting seismic data below a salt layer includes depth migrating the seismic data to a bottom of the salt layer. The migrating including generating an initial model of velocities below the salt layer. The initial model is scaled by a plurality of scale factors at at lea
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