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Owens-Illinois, Inc. Patents
Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Toledo, OH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE32237 Closure pre-tightener for closure applicating machines September 2, 1986
This invention provides a pre-tightening mechanism for effecting the initial application of a threaded closure on a threaded bottle neck. The pre-tightening mechanism includes a friction rail for effecting a turning movement of the closure relative to the bottle neck and a spring biased
RE31442 Method and apparatus for manufacture of glass film November 15, 1983
The invention provides a method and apparatus for the manufacture of glass film having a thickness not in excess of 0.003 inches and accomplished by drawing the film through a narrow slot-like orifice. The walls of the orifice are defined by an electrically conductive, hot glass resistan
RE31293 Machine for producing a plastic-covered glass container June 28, 1983
The disclosure relates to a machine for making a plastic covering on a rigid base article which in the illustrated form comprises a glass bottle and a conforming shrunken plastic covering thereon. The plastic is fed in oriented sheet form to the turret apparatus, cut into lengths and wra
RE30998 Hot gob detector for controlling a glassware forming machine July 20, 1982
An apparatus for detecting the presence of a gob of molten glass as it enters a cavity in the mold of an automatic glassware forming machine. The detector includes a phototransistor sensor and circuitry for generating a gob detection signal. Two or more detectors can be combined to gener
RE30805 Container with improved heat shrunk cellular sleeve November 24, 1981
There is disclosed herein improved packages, and methods of forming same, of the type wherein a container, such as for example a glass container, like a bottle or jar, is provided externally thereof with a heat shrunk, cellular thermoplastic member, circumferentially and snugly engaging
RE29320 Nestable containers July 26, 1977
A nestable container having a frusto-conical downwardly tapering sidewall, and a bottom which includes a plurality of embossed lugs disposed towards the periphery and a portion lying inside the lugs which is embossed upwardly forming a surface on the interior of the container for engagin
RE29065 Method for blow molding December 7, 1976
An improved method for forming blow molded articles of enhanced physical characteristics by orienting the material during the formation of the article. A two-stage blowing operation is provided wherein a pre-form blow mold effects a uniform and controllable transfer of heat from a freely
RE29045 Method for blow molding plastic articles November 23, 1976
A method of blow molding plastic articles in two blowing stages. A freely extruded pendant tubular parison is first blown into a pre-form, then the pre-form, while at the temperature most conductive to orientation, is blown to its final configuration. By performing certain operations on
RE28862 Easy open means for bottles and the like June 15, 1976
This disclosure relates to a bottle cap construction wherein a tear section is defined by score means in the bottle cap construction so that the tear section is initially integral with the remainder of the bottle cap throughout the entire juncture of the tear section with the remainder o
D289260 Plastic sleeve-encased bottle April 14, 1987
D289259 Plastic sleeve-encased jar April 14, 1987
D289012 Bottle March 31, 1987
D288906 Jar March 24, 1987
D288904 Bottle March 24, 1987
D288724 Flashlight March 10, 1987
D288271 Goblet or similar article February 17, 1987
D285776 Bottle September 23, 1986
D285516 Mug or similar article September 9, 1986
D284269 Jar June 17, 1986
D284167 Jar June 10, 1986
D283676 Bottle carrier May 6, 1986
D283597 Jar April 29, 1986
D282997 Tumbler or similar article March 18, 1986
D282908 Bottle carrier March 11, 1986
D275457 Bottle cap or similar article September 11, 1984
D273092 Bottle March 20, 1984
D272990 Bottle March 13, 1984
D272321 Bottle January 24, 1984
D270520 Bottle September 13, 1983
D263562 Bottle March 30, 1982
D263118 Dual compartment bottle February 23, 1982
D262867 Combined bottle and stopper February 2, 1982
D260969 Stopper September 29, 1981
D260966 Bottle September 29, 1981
D260484 Bottle September 1, 1981
D260365 Combined decanter and stopper August 25, 1981
D259440 Culture tube or similar article June 2, 1981
D259097 Bottle May 5, 1981
D259094 Bottle or similar article May 5, 1981
D259091 Pitcher May 5, 1981
D259022 Bottle or similar article April 28, 1981
D258935 Combined bottle and stopper April 21, 1981
D258195 Bottle or similar article February 10, 1981
D257504 Bottle or similar article November 11, 1980
D256668 Packaging container for foods September 2, 1980
D256097 Packaging container for food or the like July 29, 1980
D255860 Glass plate July 15, 1980
D255859 Glass dish July 15, 1980
D255660 Stopper July 1, 1980
D255659 Combined packaging tray and lid July 1, 1980

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