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RE42664 Method and apparatus for implementing parallel operations in a database management system August 30, 2011
The present invention implements parallel processing in a Database Management System. The present invention provides the ability to locate transaction and recovery information at one location and eliminates the need for read locks and two-phased commits. The present invention provide
RE39549 Method and apparatus for copying data that resides in a database April 3, 2007
A consistent set of data is supplied to a software application from databases. When a particular set of data is identified, a first process is requested to obtain a snapshot time from a database server associated with the first database. The snapshot time causes all subsequent reads of
H2189 SQL enhancements to support text queries on speech recognition results of audio data May 1, 2007
A system, method, computer program product, and application program interface for indexing data relating to results of speech recognition in a database management system provides the capability to perform simple and efficient searches on audio speech data with reduced development eff
8589909 Techniques for reducing down time in updating applications with metadata November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus for reducing down time in updating applications with metadata is provided. The application contains both code and metadata. A copy of the application is made. A software update is installed on the copy of the application. During installation, the original appli
8589903 Patch attachment facility November 19, 2013
A computer-based system can comprise a patch management system to a load patch to a software program; and an installer to install components of the software program. The installer can interpret metadata to instruct the patch management system to automatically load the patch to the so
8589813 Population selection framework, systems and methods November 19, 2013
Tools providing a flexible selection framework for automated processes. The framework can allow end-users to define their own selection criteria to select a data population to be processed (for example, by a business application). Hence, the tools provide enhanced control over what data
8589610 Method and system for receiving commands using a scoreboard on an infiniband host channel adapto November 19, 2013
A method for processing commands on a host channel adapter includes a host channel adapter receiving data from a host connected to the host channel adapter. The command includes an instruction, identification of packet data, and a length field. The host channel adapter extracts a len
8589569 Method and apparatus for invoking a plug-in on a server November 19, 2013
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system stored on a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for invoking a plug-in that is dynamically associated with a database operation. During operation, a client sends a request to a database system to perform an operati
8589436 Techniques for performing regular expression-based pattern matching in data streams November 19, 2013
Techniques for detecting patterns in one or more data streams. A pattern to be detected may be specified using a regular expression. Events received in a data stream are processed during runtime to detect occurrences of the specified pattern in the data stream.
8589386 Card view for project resource search results November 19, 2013
A system and method for facilitating displaying search results in an enterprise computing environment. An example method includes determining results of a computer based search in response to a resource request; displaying the results via one or more cards, wherein each of the one or
8589361 Reduced disk space standby November 19, 2013
A method and system for replicating database data is provided. One or more standby database replicas can be used for servicing read-only queries, and the amount of storage required is scalable in the size of the primary database storage. One technique is described for combining physi
8589357 Techniques for automatically tracking and archiving transactional data changes November 19, 2013
A technique for making versions of rows of a user-defined tracked table temporally queryable. The database management system of the technique permits temporal queries of user-defined tables. The queries return versions of rows in the user-defined table that are currently in an undo l
8589346 Techniques for combining statement level, procedural, and row level replication November 19, 2013
Techniques for replicating data in database systems are described. In an example embodiment, a set of changes is received at a destination database, where the set of changes has been applied at a source database and is being replicated from the source database to the destination data
8589340 Data synchronization via three or more paths November 19, 2013
A server is used to send data records to clients. A client #1 may synchronize with the server using a first path and a first protocol. The client #2 may synchronize with the server using a second path and a second protocol. In addition to synchronizing with the server, client #1 and
8589338 Service-oriented architecture (SOA) management of data repository November 19, 2013
A data repository includes information for multiple data systems, which can each control data in this and a number of other domains. A business process can be launched by one of the data systems to update the target data and any related data in the repository or any other related rep
8584196 Technique for efficiently evaluating a security policy November 12, 2013
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for efficiently evaluating a security policy. During operation, the system retrieves one or more roles associated with the user. Next, the system checks if a session-level cache exists for a set of Access Control Entries (ACEs)
8584143 Collection access in a parallel environment November 12, 2013
Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with collection access are described. One example system includes a data store to store a set of listener object identifiers. A listener object identifier identifies a member of a set (or collection) of listener objects. A Listener objec
8584104 Compile-time management of polyphasic modules November 12, 2013
The disclosed embodiments provide a system that facilitates the compilation of a software program. During operation, the system uses a directory hierarchy for the software program to infer a compilation unit to be used in the software program as a member of a module. Next, the system
8583902 Instruction support for performing montgomery multiplication November 12, 2013
Techniques are disclosed relating to a processor including instruction support for performing a Montgomery multiplication. The processor may issue, for execution, programmer-selectable instruction from a defined instruction set architecture (ISA). The processor may include an instruc
8583830 Inter-working with a walled garden floor-controlled system November 12, 2013
Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for inter-working between a walled garden service such as a push-to-talk service and a communication session outside of the walled garden service. According to one embodiment, a system can comprise a first communication network
8583799 Dynamic cost model based resource scheduling in distributed compute farms November 12, 2013
Systems, methods and apparatuses (i.e., utilities) for use in performing dynamic cost model (DCM)-based scheduling of resources of a distributed computing system (e.g., server farms, computing clouds, and the like). In one arrangement, cost for consumption of a resource or type of resour
8583798 Unidirectional resource and type dependencies in oracle clusterware November 12, 2013
A clusterware manager configures a resource according to resource attributes values specified by a resource profile. The resource profile conforms to a resource profile syntax that the clusterware manager is configured to interpret pursuant to clusterware manager software. The resour
8583692 DDL and DML support for hybrid columnar compressed tables November 12, 2013
Techniques for storing and manipulating tabular data are provided. According to one embodiment, a user may control whether tabular data is stored in row-level or column-major format. Furthermore, the user may control the level of data compression to achieve an optimal balance between
8583657 Method and apparatus for using a hash-partitioned index to access a table that is not partitione November 12, 2013
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that uses an index that is hash-partitioned to access a table that is not hash-partitioned. During system operation, the database receives a request to perform an operation involving a table in the database. If performing the
8583652 Efficiently registering a relational schema November 12, 2013
A method, device, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium are provided for efficiently registering a relational schema. In co-compilation and data guide approaches, a subset of entities from schema descriptions are selected for physical registration, and other entities fr
8583628 Recursive document network searching system having manual and learned component structures November 12, 2013
An apparatus and method for a recursive document network searching system comprising a searchable document database containing multiple root and sub-root documents containing relational links to other documents where the relational links are manually created or are created by way learned
8583613 On demand data conversion November 12, 2013
Novel tools for updating data structures in a database are presented. In an aspect, the tools are used to update a database's structures in response to the update of an application (such as an enterprise application) that uses the database. In another aspect, the tools may convert a
8583589 Hybrid approach for equivalence reasoning November 12, 2013
Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with equivalence reasoning are described. One example method includes constructing a clique map that maps groups of equivalent resources to a representative canonical resource. The clique map is constructed by iteratively inputting b
8583466 System and method for routing workflow items based on workflow templates in a call center November 12, 2013
The present invention facilitates the creation and implementation of Workflow Templates and also the designation of linkage between these templates and specific projects dealing with different media type handling. Workflow Templates are used to automatically generate user interface v
8582985 Input isolation of a transimpedance amplifier in optical receivers November 12, 2013
An optical receiver is described. This optical receiver has two operating modes: a calibration mode and a normal mode. During the normal mode, switches are used to electrically couple an input of a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) to an optical-to-electrical (OE) converter that receives
8582555 SIP routing customization November 12, 2013
Systems, methods, and machine-readable media are disclosed for providing customization to routing of messages in a system where routing is based on stored addresses, such as, for example, a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) system. In one embodiment, a method of providing customized rout
8582405 Matched pattern signal decoding November 12, 2013
An optical tape decoding system includes a decoder that may apply a matched pattern signal representing an address index to a track address signal including a multi-cycle wobble block representing the address index such that a signal is output having a peak corresponding to the multi
8582224 System and method for off-track write prevention and data recovery in multiple head optical tape November 12, 2013
In an optical tape drive having optical heads for writing data in tracks on an optical tape, each track having an off-track threshold, a system and method are disclosed for off-track write prevention. The system includes multiple actuators, each actuator configured to control a posit
8582164 Generating merged documents November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus for generation of electronic documents, such as a merge utility, is disclosed. In an embodiment, the merge utility merges two types of documents at least one of which is first converted from a format that is not supported by an output device to one that is. In an
8578218 Method and system for implementing a scalable, high-performance, fault-tolerant locking mechanis November 5, 2013
Described is an improved method, system, and computer program product for preventing concurrent access and processing of data by multiple threads. The inventive approach may be applied to prevent concurrent access in resequencers.
8577989 Method and apparatus for a report cache in a near real-time business intelligence system November 5, 2013
A method of optimizing the delivery of a set of data elements from a first device to a second device. The method includes retrieving from a data source the set of data elements, including a first subset of the set of data elements, a second subset of the set of data elements, and a t
8577974 Conference server simplifying management of subsequent meetings for participants of a meeting in November 5, 2013
A conference server, provided according to an aspect of the present invention, identifies a participant of a meeting in progress and requests scheduling option for a subsequent meeting from the identified participant. On receiving a scheduling option from the participant, the confere
8577871 Method and mechanism for out-of-the-box real-time SQL monitoring November 5, 2013
Methods, systems, and computer program products for monitoring database queries and executions is disclosed. The query syntax may conform to the structured query language (SQL). The approach supports various performance statistics to be monitored at each step of the query statement's
8577486 Method and apparatus for contextualizing energy consumption data November 5, 2013
Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with contextualizing energy consumption are described. One example method includes accessing stored energy consumption data and stored operation status data from production-related equipment; correlating the operation status data with
8572618 Event driven change injection and dynamic extensions to a business process execution language pr October 29, 2013
An extensible process design provides an ability to dynamically inject changes into a running process instance, such as a BPEL instance. Using a combination of BPEL, rules and events, processes can be designed to allow flexibility in terms of adding new activities, removing or skipping
8572593 Simplifying determination of whether application specific parameters are setup for optimal perfo October 29, 2013
Simplifying determination of whether application specific parameters are setup for optimal performance of associated applications. In an embodiment, a monitor program associated with an application specific parameter is identified and executed to cause retrieval of a current value of
8572579 Break on next called function or method in java debugger agent October 29, 2013
Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for optimizing handling of breakpoints in a Java debugger agent. Embodiments provide a novel command that allows execution of the application in the debugger to stop or break at the beginning of a next called function or method (e.
8572569 Modified implementation of a debugger wire protocol and command packet October 29, 2013
A client debugger application or a virtual machine includes a receiving module configured to receive a command packet of a debugging protocol from a computer. The command packet includes an identifier (ID) field. The client debugger application or the virtual machine also includes a
8572505 Automatically testing a web application that has independent display trees October 29, 2013
An automatic testing application is provided that can simulate a user interaction with a web application. The automatic testing application can determine that the web application has been completely displayed within a graphical user interface of a web browser using a consistent global pa
8572441 Maximizing encodings of version control bits for memory corruption detection October 29, 2013
Systems and methods for maximizing a number of available states for a version number used for memory corruption detection. A physical memory may be a DRAM comprising a plurality of regions. Version numbers associated with data structures allocated in the physical memory may be genera
8572161 Simplifying synchronization of copies of same data used by multiple applications October 29, 2013
Simplifying synchronization of copies of same data used by multiple applications, in particular, between a source application and multiple target applications. In one embodiment, a synchronization tool (provided external to the source application and the multiple target applications)
8572131 Techniques for more efficient usage of memory-to-CPU bandwidth October 29, 2013
Techniques are provided for more efficiently using the bandwidth of the I/O path between a CPU and volatile memory during the performance of database operation. Relational data from a relational table is stored in volatile memory as column vectors, where each column vector contains v
8572051 Making parallel execution of structured query language statements fault-tolerant October 29, 2013
Parallel execution of SQL statements is made fault-tolerant. Specifically, during parallel query processing, a new row source is created that allows checkpoints to be stored at certain points in the query processing. If a failure occurs, then the query can be restarted from the most
8572026 Data synchronisation across multiple data storages when processing transactions received on a ne October 29, 2013
A synchronization unit examines the packets on a network to determine the changes being caused to a database server, and propagates the same changes to corresponding backup server(s). As the synchronization is implemented in a separate unit, the throughput performance of database ser
8571906 Monitoring the progress of a task set within a hierarchy October 29, 2013
A system for monitoring a flow of related tasks by supervisors of an organization stores information that defines a hierarchy within an enterprise, the hierarchy including a tree structure where each of a plurality of supervisors is placed in a supervisory position over one or more s

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