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Optimum Power Technology Patents
Optimum Power Technology
Bridgeville, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7198041 Engine starting April 3, 2007
A system, an apparatus, and a method for starting an engine. The system, apparatus, and method include determining a first quantity of fuel based on engine temperature, providing the first quantity of fuel to the engine during a first cycle of the engine, determining a second quantity of
7162357 Signal conditioner and user interface January 9, 2007
A signal modifying device, user interface, and method of modifying a signal. The signal modifying device includes a processor, a first input coupled to the processor and an output coupled to the processor. Instructions are stored within the processor that, when executed by the proces
6883501 Throttle and fuel injector assembly April 26, 2005
A throttle and fuel injector assembly and method of controlling fuel and air supply to an engine. The assembly and method provide combustion air through a carburetor and fuel through a carburetor.
6701897 Engine fuel delivery management system March 9, 2004
An apparatus and method for adjusting a quantity of fuel delivered to an engine when an engine operating state transitions is provided. The apparatus and method includes determining a current steady-state quantity of fuel to be delivered to the engine and add a transitory quantity of
6539299 Apparatus and method for calibrating an engine management system March 25, 2003
A method and control apparatus for an internal combustion engine that allows an operator to calibrate engine performance relative to an engine operating characteristic. The control apparatus comprises a base engine control map that correlates values of the characteristic with values of a
6512974 Engine management system January 28, 2003
An engine management system for an internal combustion engine. The engine management system comprises an engine control system calculating an engine operating control value, a palm-size computer transportable relative to the engine control system, and an external computer communicating w
6483444 Multiport communications adapter November 19, 2002
A multiport communications adapter which permits communication links with an electronic control unit from either a desktop/laptop personal computer or palmtop personal computer.

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