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Optical Storage International Holland Patents
Optical Storage International Holland
Eindhoven, NL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5519687 Turntable device for an information disc May 21, 1996
Turntable (10) has a turntable bottom (19) and a turntable wall (20) which together define a locating space (21) in which the hub (7) of an information disc is engageable, and in which it is centered by means of a centering member (12) and clamped by magnetic clamping means. At the c
4866686 Optical record carrier and apparatus for reading the record carrier September 12, 1989
The recording surface of an optical record carrier (1) is divided into a succession of first (A) and second (B) annular zones, each including a plurality of substantially concentric information tracks. The tracks in each zone (A) include radially aligned first control words (13) and the
4855742 Method of transmitting n-bit information words, information transmission system for carrying out August 8, 1989
An information-transmission system including an encoder for converting n-bit information words (D7, . . . , D0) into transmitted m-bit code words (C10, . . . , C0), and a decoder which reconverts the received code words (C'10, . . . , C'0) into information words (D*7, . . . , D*0) co
4827469 Optically readable information disk May 2, 1989
Method of providing a substrate of an optically readable information disc with an optically detectable structure, mould for use in the method, apparatus for carrying out the method, and information disc manufactured in accordance with the method.Substrate (3) is provided with a disc hub
4622661 Optically readable storage disc November 11, 1986
An interchangeable optically readable storage disk has a substrate with a recording surface, and a cover thereon which may comprise a second substrate with a further recording layer. The disk includes a protecting arrangement at the circumference of the substrate, which includes a ba

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