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8275011 Optical transmission module, wavelength monitor, and wavelength drift detection method September 25, 2012
To detect a wavelength drift of laser light with no error, an optical transmission module (10) includes: a laser diode (20); a laser temperature calculation section (52) for detecting the temperature of the laser diode (20) that monotonously increases with respect to a wavelength of
8218973 Optical transmitter device and optical transmitter module July 10, 2012
Provided are an optical transmitter device and an optical transmitter module which are capable of reducing the optical transmitter module size while maintaining a state where an excellent optical transmission waveform quality is obtained over a wide range of frequencies. The optical
8213472 Optical transmitter and optical communications device July 3, 2012
Disclosed is an optical transmission module in which effects of conductive heat from sides of a metal case upon a thermistor are reduced, thereby allowing steady optical beam wavelengths to be obtained over a wide range of temperatures, regardless of the temperature of the usage envi
8204351 Optical module June 19, 2012
Provided is an optical module including: an optical assembly incorporating a light emitting or receiving device for converting one of an electrical signal and an optical signal into another of the electrical signal and the optical signal; a circuit board electrically connected to the
8179931 Wavelength tunable filter and wavelength tunable laser module May 15, 2012
A wavelength tunable filter and a wavelength tunable laser module are a codirectional coupler type whose characteristics do not vary significantly with a process error. They are structured so as to include a semiconductor substrate which has a first optical waveguide and a second opt
8131158 Optical transmission circuit March 6, 2012
Provided is an optical transmission circuit capable of realizing a high-quality optical signal waveform with low power consumption. An optical transmission circuit (10) includes: a laser diode (800); a modulator (900) for supplying a differential modulation current to an anode termin
8124432 Nitride semiconductor optical element and manufacturing method thereof February 28, 2012
In an InGaN-based nitride semiconductor optical device having a long wavelength (440 nm or more) equal to or more than that of blue, the increase of a wavelength is realized while suppressing In (Indium) segregation and deterioration of crystallinity. In the manufacture of an InGaN-b
8118498 Optical receptacle, optical module, and method of manufacturing an optical module February 21, 2012
Provided are an optical receptacle capable of manufacturing an optical module thereby, while suppressing a manufacturing cost, preventing a quality degradation, and suppressing a quantity of returning light by reflection. In the optical receptacle, a recess for receiving a lens and a
8107823 Optical transmission module January 31, 2012
In an optical transmission module having a communication module which is freely movable in a case, when a tensile force is generated on an optical cable after connection of an optical transmission module, optical coupling surface and an optical axis center follow each other and thus
8106408 Optical semiconductor device with flexible substrate January 31, 2012
A metal pattern for a high frequency signal is patterned on a flexile substrate, and the flexile substrate is bent in such a way as to form a substantially right angle at a spot corresponding to an end of the metal pattern for the signal. And an end of the metal pattern is fixedly at
8098998 Optical transmitter January 17, 2012
A technology to automatically control the biasing of an optical duobinary transmitter using a single-drive LN-MZ modulator is provided. A low-frequency signal is amplitude modulated onto a voltage signal input into a Mach-Zehnder optical modulator 22. The optical output from the opti
8077750 Optical transmitting module and optical transmitting device December 13, 2011
An optical transmitting module of a coaxial type is provided in which a disturbance in a waveform of light which is output from a semiconductor laser element due to a signal which is output from an optical modulator unit can be suppressed. The optical transmitting module comprises an
8068526 Semiconductor optical device November 29, 2011
A purpose is to provide a semiconductor optical device having good characteristics to be formed on a semi-insulating InP substrate. Firstly, a semi-insulating substrate including a Ru--InP layer on a conductive substrate is used. Secondly, a semi-insulating substrate including a Ru--
8000364 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same August 16, 2011
The present invention provides a nitride semiconductor light emitting device having an n-type ohmic electrode with an Au face excellent in ohmic contacts and in mounting properties, and a method of manufacturing the same. The device uses an n-type ohmic electrode having a laminate st
8000359 Laser device and controlling method therefor August 16, 2011
A laser device capable of preventing deterioration of a light signal and a controlling method therefor are provided. A wavelength tunable laser module provided with a resonator including the wavelength tunable filter and a semiconductor light amplifier having a phase adjustment region an
7998766 Semiconductor element and manufacturing method thereof August 16, 2011
A semiconductor element and a manufacturing method of the semiconductor element are provided. A ridge waveguide type semiconductor integrated element includes: an electrode of an EA portion and an electrode of an LD portion which are arranged so as to be away from each other; a contact
7986020 Optical communication module and flexible printed circuit board July 26, 2011
A flexible printed circuit board includes: a signal wiring pattern including: a transmission line for connecting an end of an optical device with an end of a signal generation circuit; and another transmission line for connecting another end of the optical device with another end of the
7953095 Transmission system and transmission method May 31, 2011
Provided is a transmission system with increased degree of freedom in a lane configuration, which corrects disalignment of data sequences in respective channels due to differences in arrival time, thereby freely changing a number of lanes. The transmission system includes: a transmit
7933304 Semiconductor laser diode and optical module employing the same April 26, 2011
It is an object of the present invention to realize a low cost laser light source capable of emitting several mW optical power while the operation current is reduced. In particular, the present invention concerns a 1.3 .mu.m wavelength band laser device suitable for several to severa
7894726 Optical receiver module February 22, 2011
A semiconductor chip on which a light receiving element is mounted, a preamplifier for amplifying an output signal from the light receiving element, and an insulating carrier substrate on which the light receiving element is mounted are connected such that the output signal from the
7875905 Semiconductor optical receiver device, optical receiver module, and method for manufacturing sem January 25, 2011
A semiconductor optical receiver device is provided, which a mesa comprising a plurality of semiconductor crystal layers formed on a semiconductor substrate including a pn junction having a first conductive semiconductor crystal layer and a second conductive semiconductor crystal lay
7855093 Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same December 21, 2010
A method of manufacturing semiconductor laser device capable of reducing .kappa.L, with manufacturing restrictions satisfied, is provided. In a distributed-feedback or distributed-reflective semiconductor laser device, immediately before burying regrowth of a diffraction grating, hal
7833807 Method of manufacturing semiconductor laser for communication, semiconductor laser for communica November 16, 2010
Some semiconductor lasers have an initial failure mode that is advanced as the amount of optical power therein, namely, the amount of optical output observed from the outside increases in almost independent of the temperature. The initial failure mode that is advanced as the amount of
7822088 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same October 26, 2010
A nitride semiconductor light emitting device operating on a low voltage and excelling in reliability and performance is to be provided. It has a multi-layered p-type clad layer of at least two layers of a first p-type clad layer and a second p-type clad layer, wherein the second p-type
7821125 Semiconductor device October 26, 2010
The invention provides a heat radiating structure which reduces a mechanical stress applied to an electronic part mounted on a printed circuit board including a semiconductor package. The heat radiating structure is constructed by a semiconductor package mounted on a printed circuit
7809038 Electro-absorption optical modulator integrated with a laser to produce high speed, uncooled, lo October 5, 2010
In a conventional EA/DFB laser, since the temperature dependence of the operation wavelength of the EA portion is substantially different from that of the DFB portion, the temperature range over which a stable operation is possible is small. In the case of using the EA/DFB laser as a
7792173 Semiconductor laser device September 7, 2010
In a multi-beam semiconductor laser device, relative difference in shear strain applied to each of light-emitting portions of a laser chip mounted on a submount is suppressed, thereby reducing relative difference in polarization angle. A semiconductor laser element array mounted on a
7766679 Pluggable module and detaching jig thereof August 3, 2010
There is provided a pluggable module having grooves, on lateral faces, for latching with a cage and engaging portions for detachment, wherein the module body is detached from the cage by using a module detaching unit which is inserted along the grooves and which locks the engaging portio
7760782 Distributed bragg reflector type directly modulated laser and distributed feed back type directl July 20, 2010
The invention aims at realizing a 1300-nm-band direct modulation laser, having a single lateral mode, in which a chip light power of several milliwatts and a low current operation are simultaneously realized. Also, the invention aims at realizing a laser light source excellent in economy
7746910 Semiconductor laser diode and its fabrication process June 29, 2010
A semiconductor laser diode device with small driving current and no distortion in the projected image. The semiconductor laser diode includes an n-GaAs substrate and, an n-cladding layer on the n-GaAs substrate, an active layer, a p-clad layer, a multilayer formed from sequentially
7738521 Semiconductor laser device June 15, 2010
A super-lattice structure is used for a portion of a laser device of a self-aligned structure to lower the resistance of the device by utilizing the extension of electric current in the layer, paying attention to the fact that the lateral conduction of high density doping in the supe
7733933 Wavelength tunable laser apparatus and wavelength control method June 8, 2010
Included are: a gain chip having a gain unit and a phase control region; a current supply for causing a positive current to flow to the phase control region; a voltage supply for applying a bias voltage to the phase control region; and a control unit for selectively driving the current
7733929 Wavelength tunable optical transmitter and optical transceiver June 8, 2010
A wavelength tunable laser module for DWDM is used, in which a single electroabsorption modulator integrated laser is mounted and an oscillation wavelength is made tunable by temperature control. Driving conditions of a laser and a modulator are determined such that they have approxi
7720127 Opto-semiconductor devices May 18, 2010
An opto-semiconductor device. An opto-semiconductor element includes a semiconductor substrate, a multilayered semiconductor layer formed on a first surface of the semiconductor substrate and having a resonator, a first electrode with multiple conductive layers formed on the multilay
7712980 Optical transmission module, optical transmission apparatus, and structure for fixing member May 11, 2010
An optical transmission module mounted pluggably to a cage having an opening. The optical transmission module comprises a gasket on at least a part of an outer periphery of the module. The gasket is deformed depending on temperature change. The gasket is deformed according to tempera
7712978 Optical module having improved access to ultraviolet curing light May 11, 2010
The optical module comprises a device mounted with a photoelectric element and a receptacle to optically connect this device and an optical fiber is provided. The receptacle comprises a device holder at its one end, allows the device holder to be fitted to the top end side of the device,
7711229 Optical integrated device and manufacturing method thereof May 4, 2010
In the optical integrated devices with ridge waveguide structure based on the conventional technology, there occur such troubles as generation of a recess in a BJ section to easily cause a crystal defect due to the mass transport phenomenon of InP when a butt joint (BJ) is grown, lowerin
7703994 Optical transceiver module April 27, 2010
Provided is a metal casing structure capable of avoiding a cavity resonance at 10 GHz and 20 GHz by controlling an eigenmode frequency in an inner space of a casing without involving an increase in cost, and a 10 Gbit/s optical transceiver module which achieves reduction in unnecessa
7674391 Manufacturing method of optical semiconductor device March 9, 2010
It is an objective to control the occurrence of the disorder of a far-field pattern and of an optical axial shift. A manufacturing method of a semiconductor laser device has the step for preparing a semiconductor substrate which has growth of a multi-layer including an active layer,
7653114 Semiconductor laser diode and the manufacturing method thereof January 26, 2010
A multibeam semiconductor laser diode having: an n-type semiconductor substrate; an n-type clad layer, an active layer, a p-type clad layer and a contact layer; a plurality of partitioning grooves extending from one end to the other end of the substrate and formed from the contact layer
7643954 Bidirectional communication system and calibrator January 5, 2010
A master station includes a group of circuits for performing an optimization method. In such a system, the optimization is achieved by adjusting the pull-up resistance and by setting the best possible clock frequency to ensure that data/clock high and low voltage levels are within pr
7636378 Semiconductor laser diode December 22, 2009
In an edge emitting laser having a window region with a ridge-waveguide structure, particularly, in a short cavity type of a laser operated with a low current, there has been a problem of its operating current being increased due to current leakage of the window portion. To solve this
7626825 Optical transmitter module December 1, 2009
An optical transmitter module is described. The optical transmitter module includes a lead pin for electrically connecting the inside and outside of a housing, and a flexible printed circuit board connected to the lead pin. The flexible printed circuit board has a signal pattern and two
7605402 Structure of chip carrier for semiconductor optical device, optical module, and optical transmit October 20, 2009
A chip carrier includes a metal-coated portion formed on a front surface of a substrate and to be mounted a device, and a rear surface of the substrate being coated with a metal, in which a metal-coated portion is formed on a side surface of the substrate and the metal-coated portion on
7596160 Nitride semiconductor lasers and its manufacturing method September 29, 2009
A nitride semiconductor laser which features low resistance and high reliability. A buried layer is formed by selective growth and the shape of a p-type cladding layer is inverted trapezoidal so that the resistance of the p-type cladding layer and that of a p-type contact layer are d
7593650 Optical receiver September 22, 2009
There is provided an optical receiver in which, between an optical receiver sub-assembly and a pre-amplifier on a main printed circuit board, two transmission lines on a flexible printed circuit board for connecting an optical receiver module with the main printed circuit board, a ba
7593445 Semiconductor optical device and optical transmission module September 22, 2009
A semiconductor optical device has a semiconductor laser portion and a modulator portion which have different mesa structures. The mesa structure of the semiconductor laser portion is a ridge waveguide structure which has air around the mesa. The mesa structure of the modulator porti
7583714 Vertical cavity surface emitting semiconductor laser device September 1, 2009
The relationship between the reflectivity characteristic of a DBR layer(s), in which an InP layer and an InGaAlAs layer are laminated alternatively, and the optical absorption characteristic of the InGaAlAs layer, is a trade-off in a vertical cavity surface emitting laser on an InP s
7577319 Semiconductor optical device and manufacturing method thereof August 18, 2009
A low reflective window structure in an existent electro-absorption optical modulator involves a trading off problem between the increase in the parasitic capacitance and the pile-up. This is because the capacitance density of the pn junction in the window structure is higher compare
7552872 Reader/writer, optical transceiver module, and cable system June 30, 2009
A reader/writer is provided which is capable of speedily recognizing a correspondence between one end and the other end of a fiber-optic cable when a plurality of fiber-optic cables is laid. The reader/writer according to the present invention reads, on receiving through the fiber-op
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