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Omron Tateisi Electronics Co. Patents
Omron Tateisi Electronics Co.
Kyoto, JP
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RE34642 Electric contact switching device June 21, 1994
A high frequency R-F switch includes a switch body of housing made from a conductive material or a non-conductive resin having a conductive layer plated on the body surfaces. The switching device includes a first external connector, a first conductor having a switching contact member
RE32985 Credit transaction processing system July 11, 1989
A credit transaction processing system processes data related to a commodity entered into by using a card (17) owned by a customer and a recording card (16) owned by a store. First, merchant transaction data necessary for a credit sale stored in the recording medium (16), such as acc
RE29796 Automatic credit loan machine October 10, 1978
This invention provides an automatic credit loan machine operable in response to a credit card introduced thereinto to dispense a predetermined loan of cash, which comprises: means for testing the genuineness of a credit card introduced; means operable in response to the testing means
RE29057 Electronic identification system employing a data bearing identification card November 30, 1976
.Iadd.An electronically alterable data card, identification card, and card decoder and encoder circuitry utilizing keyboard data input, data scrambling circuitry and data comparison on circuitry for validation and access purposes..Iaddend.
D306310 Electrornic cash register February 27, 1990
D284321 Automatic teller machine June 17, 1986
D283746 Automatic teller machine May 6, 1986
D260004 Temperature controller July 28, 1981
5408307 Cell analyzer April 18, 1995
In a cell analyze apparatus, a light beam is irradiated onto cells (or particles like the cells) flowing through a flow cell so as to measure cell light information for each cell with respect to a plurality of parameters (for example, the forward scattered light intensity, the right
5401950 IC card having improved security checking function March 28, 1995
An IC card is provided with a data storage area for storing data, an identification code area for storing a plurality of identification codes and directories for storing information indicating which of the identification codes is an identification code authorized to access the data.W
5392444 Programmable controller for completing the execution of a block of user programs within a set ti February 21, 1995
A programable controller includes a cycle time setter, a counter, and a calculator. The cycle time setter sets a cycle time for one round of execution of a sequential series of processing routines. The counter counts an execution time between the start of a first predetermined proces
5367610 Fuzzy controller for selecting an input signal November 22, 1994
In a fuzzy controller comprising a fuzzy inference device for subjecting one or a plurality of input signals to fuzzy inference operations using membership functions in accordance with a predetermined rule and outputting a non-fuzzy value determined on the basis of the results of the
5363472 Reasoning computer system November 8, 1994
A fuzzy reasoning computer comprising an input controller, fuzzy rule storage, fuzzy rule register, rule controller and a fuzzy reasoning unit. The fuzzy reasoning computer further comprises rule selection components for selecting a fuzzy rule, address generating components for convertin
5347615 Rule generating and verifying apparatus for fuzzy control using temporary exclusion of a selecte September 13, 1994
Applicable rules (IF-THEN rules) are generated with use of predetermined membership functions concerning input and output variables in response to entry of input and output values. Accordingly, time and labor required to make rules can be simplified. In addition, it can be also verified,
5345336 Micro aspherical lens and fabricating method therefor and optical device September 6, 1994
An imaging device is formed by a transparent substrate having opposite surfaces on which are formed a plurality of micro aspherical lenses. The axes of the lenses on one surface coincide with the axes of respective lenses on the other surface. A two-dimensional micro lens array const
5341323 Fuzzy membership function circuit August 23, 1994
A programmable multi-membership function circuit comprises at least one or preferably two Z function circuits, at least one or preferably two S function circuits, and a fuzzy logic circuit for calculating fuzzy logic from the output of the Z function circuits and the output of the S
5313198 Data communication apparatus May 17, 1994
A first device (1) and a second device (2) can be communicated by an electromagnetic coupling. Data to be transmitted from the first device to the second device is converted into pulse signals of different duty ratios in accordance with the H or L level of the transmission data. Further,
5264687 Optical card processing apparatus November 23, 1993
There is provided an optical card processing apparatus comprising: a card holder which is supported to a guiding mechanism so as to be reciprocated and is formed with an optical card holding portion on a lower surface; a card loading/ejecting mechanism, arranged at a card inserting port,
5263170 Monitor circuit for detecting noise conditions through input output coincidence comparison November 16, 1993
A monitor circuit is provided, which includes a data storage unit having dummy data stored therein, a buffer circuit connected to the output of the data storage unit, a coincidence circuit for comparing the data on the I/O bus connected between the buffer circuit and I/O units with the d
5249258 Reasoning computer system September 28, 1993
A fuzzy reasoning computer having a multi-stage construction is disclosed which includes a primary fuzzy reasoning computer at a rank having a reasoning system for producing a reasoned result, at least one child fuzzy reasoning computer at a lower rank having a reasoning system for produ
5247291 Display with improved frame surrounding display element September 21, 1993
Disclosed herein is a display to be applied to a digital switch. This display includes a casing (1) formed of a box-type casing (2) and a cover (3), a display element (8) facing a display window (2b) accommodated in the casing (1), a printed wiring board (9) for supporting the display
5243687 Fuzzy computer system having a fuzzy inference processing circuit for controlling and adapting o September 7, 1993
A fuzzy computer system has: a digital processor; a digital memory; a fuzzy inference processing circuit; and an interface for the fuzzy inference processing circuit. The digital memory stores programs executed by the digital processor and inference rules used by the fuzzy inference
5243335 Local area network system September 7, 1993
A local area network system in which a logical ring is formed by at least part of said node stations to pass a token frame from one station to another in an endless and cyclic fashion allowing each of said node stations which has received is allowed to transmit data, and said data co
5239620 Rule generating and verifying apparatus for fuzzy control August 24, 1993
Applicable rules (IF-THEN rules) are generated with use of predetermined membership functions concerning input and values. Whether the rules are appropriate is verified by making fuzzy inferences according to the generated rules with at least one of the rules temporarily excluded.
5227993 Multivalued ALU July 13, 1993
A multivalued Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is composed of a multivalued signal source, a memory array, a selection array, an AND array and an output circuit. The multivalued signal source generates signals each of which represents a logic value of multivalued logic. The memory array is
5218966 Electronic blood pressure meter June 15, 1993
In an electronic blood pressure meter for measuring blood pressure from a finger, there is provided a photoelectric sensor including a light emitting element and a light receiving element for detecting pulse wave components from a finger placed in a cuff. Since the variation of the DC
5218579 Numerical value setting device June 8, 1993
A numerical value setting device which accomplishes a numberical value setting or registering operation whether a power supply is interrupted or restored during its operation has a set value registering timer. The set value registering timer defines a period at the end of which the set v
5216419 Data carrier identification system June 1, 1993
This invention is directed to a data carrier identification system which is used, for example, in production lines. Different data carrier identification numbers (DCNos.) are assigned to respective different data carriers in an access enable area where data carriers can communicate with
5196687 Card reader having locking mechanism March 23, 1993
A composite card reader (11) used for IC cards, magnetic cards and the like to which the card is manually inserted and extracted is disclosed. The composite type card reader (11) has a shutter lever (28) for opening and closing a card inlet (13), a locking mechanism for locking the card
5189728 Rule generating and verifying apparatus for fuzzy control February 23, 1993
Applicable rules (IF-THEN rules) are generated with use of predetermined membership functions concerning input and output variables in response to entry of input and output values. Accordingly, time and labor required to make rules can be simplified. In addition, it can be also verified,
5183041 Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator February 2, 1993
A transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator having a plurality of treatment modes and producing a low-frequency pulse of a frequency corresponding to a selected treatment mode is provided with a plurality of indicators in association with the respective treatment modes such that one of th
5179625 Fuzzy inference system having a dominant rule detection unit January 12, 1993
A fuzzy inference system includes a rule processing means for receiving an input signal and inferencing the input signal in accordance with a plurality of fuzzy rules to generate inferenced data (B1, B2, B3, A1, A2, A3), a defuzzify means (19, 20, 119, 120, M1, 201, 203) for synthesizing
5174562 Paper sheet handling apparatus December 29, 1992
Two thickness detectors (5) each for outputting an electric signal representing the thickness of a paper sheet (B) passing thereby are arranged side by side in the width direction of a paper sheet conveyance path (3). Parameters such as paper sheet thickness, length, the existence of
5165530 Light emitting type push button switch November 24, 1992
A light emitting type push button switch having an indication unit including an operation block containing an indicator and a switch unit having a microswitch turned on or off by the pushing of the operation block through a plunger axially movably held in the case of the indication u
5165011 System for switching a rule group November 17, 1992
A system is disclosed for switching a selected one out of a plurality of rule groups to an inference device which operates on applied input data using the selected rule group. A starting rule group decision unit receives the input data and decides on a starting rule group to be used by
5159586 Device for processing optical data October 27, 1992
A device for processing optical data comprising a transparent substrate for a light to be applied, light source for projecting the diverging light onto one surface of the substrate substantially perpendicularly to the surface, lens provided on the substrate for causing the projected ligh
5155721 Optical data storage accessing apparatus October 13, 1992
An optical data storage accessing apparatus which includes a first light projecting unit including a laser diode for projecting data recording light onto a data storage medium, a second light projecting unit for projecting data recording light onto the data storage medium, and a light
5151692 Boarding gate seat checkin apparatus and method September 29, 1992
In a checkin gate apparatus, a seat table for checking practically occupied seats and also unoccupied seat deleting function are additionally provided to check which seats remain unoccupied, before the departure of passenger transport means such as airplanes. Further, unoccupied seat ass
5150420 Signature identification system September 22, 1992
A signature identification system includes an IC card having a memory storing sign data representing a genuine signature and a display device for displaying the genuine signature by readign the sign data stored in the IC card. A writing unit includes a sign reading device for reading a
5148322 Micro aspherical lens and fabricating method therefor and optical device September 15, 1992
An electron-beam resist is applied over a substrate so as to have a thickness larger than the maximum thickness of a micro aspherical lens to be fabricated, a predetermined pattern is written on this resist by electron-beam lithography and then, the resist is developed, thereby to fa
5144155 Power source apparatus using time sensitive switching September 1, 1992
A power source apparatus includes a rectifier, a smoothing circuit, an output control circuit, a switching circuit and a voltage detecting circuit. The voltage detecting circuit has a smaller time constant than the smoothing circuit. A semiconductor switching element in the output ci
5142235 Two wire detection system for producing abnormal state outputs August 25, 1992
The detection system comprises a sensor and a controller which are connected by two wires. The sensor can take more than two states as opposed to conventional detection systems. According to this arrangement, for instance, a small leakage current exists even when the sensor is in nor
5140517 IC card with keyboard for prestoring transaction data August 18, 1992
An IC card transaction system is disclosed in which at least a portion of the data required to complete a transaction processing is stored in the card by a customer in advance of transaction processing. An automatic transaction processing unit reads the transaction data stored in the car
5138521 Electronic component assembly with direct mounting for proper and effective cooling August 11, 1992
This electronic component assembly includes: a body construction comprising a planar base portion, a fin provided as projecting from the planar base portion of the body construction, and a heat generating element fixedly attached to the planar base portion of the body construction. There
5131071 Fuzzy inference apparatus July 14, 1992
A fuzzy inference engine has a plurality of individual inference sections (10) and a concluder section (110) for integrally processing outputs from the inference sections. In order for the inference sections to share membership function circuits and membership function generator circuits
5131025 Intelligent modem system which determines proper access thereto July 14, 1992
An intelligent modem system which is used for connecting an information processing terminal such as a microcomputer with a public communication line by modulating and demodulating the data transmitted between the information processing terminal and the public communication line, comp
5126709 Electromagnetic relay June 30, 1992
An electromagnetic relay having an electromagnetic block with a roughly U-shaped iron core formed with a pair of bent opposing magnetic poles at both the ends thereof and with a coil wound therearound via a spool; and an armature block with both ends thereof opposing the magnetic poles a
5120507 Reflection plate for a biochemical measuring instrument June 9, 1992
A reflection plate for a biochemical measuring instrument which is adapted to evaluate a biochemical value by obtaining a reflective property of a reflection surface of the reference reflection plate, obtaining a reflective property of test paper impregnated with biochemical sample and
5114513 Optical device and manufacturing method thereof May 19, 1992
An optical device manufacturing method includes a step of accumulating an optical device inorganic material on a stamper by use of a vacuum thin-film growing method, and a step of removing the accumulated material from the stamper, thereby producing an optical device.
5113366 Fuzzy membership function circuit May 12, 1992
A programmable multi-membership function circuit comprises at least one or preferably two Z function circuits, at least one or preferably two S function circuits, and a fuzzy logic circuit for calculating fuzzy logic from the output of the Z function circuits and the output of the S
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