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RE39985 Information reproducing system, information recording medium, and information recording apparatu January 1, 2008
A binarizing section generates binarized data from an image signal of a dot code on an information recording medium read by a code reading section. The binarizing section has a reference dot detection section, a dot area measuring section, a threshold value modifying section and a th
RE39751 Confocal microscope apparatus and photographing apparatus for confocal microscope July 31, 2007
A confocal microscope apparatus includes a disk scanner for scanning a specimen with a laser beam, and camera main body for photographing a still image. An exposure time calculation circuit is arranged to generates an exposure time signal for the camera main body. A rotation sensor,
RE39674 Peripheral and camera system using the same, for rewriting programs stored in a camera June 5, 2007
In a camera system, if software is rewritten in accordance with the change in hardware structure, compatibility between the hardware and the software is determined, thereby avoiding a problem, such as an inoperable condition or a breakdown of a component. The camera system includes a
RE38860 Scanning optical microscope November 1, 2005
A scanning optical microscope comprising a laser source, a scan optical system for scanning a sample with a laser beam from the laser source, a spectral resolving optical system for resolving spectra of fluorescent rays from the sample, a wavelength splitting optical system for splitting
RE38847 Reflected fluorescence microscope with multiple laser and excitation light sources October 25, 2005
Caged reagent release experiments are carried out by introducing laser light of a laser light source for the Caged reagent release of a first reflected illumination optical system light path into a sample side through a first dichroic mirror on a cube turret and also introducing exci
A code pattern of an information recording medium contains processing information necessary for editing data according to a restoration processing procedure for restoring multimedia information. The restoration processing procedure has a hierarchical structure of layers 1 to 5. The l
RE38092 Image forming apparatus April 29, 2003
An image forming apparatus includes a paper feed station from which sheets can be fed from a plurality of roll sheets only by placing the roll sheets in the station, a recording station for recording desired images on the sheets, and a processing station for delivering the sheets on whic
RE37579 Image display apparatus comprising an internally reflecting ocular optical system March 12, 2002
An image display apparatus which enables observation of a clear image at a wide field angle with substantially no reduction in the brightness of the observation image, and which is extremely small in size and fight in weight and hence unlikely to cause the observer to be fatigued. The im
RE37292 Optical system and optical apparatus July 24, 2001
An image display apparatus which enables observation of a clear image at a wide field angle with substantially no reduction in the brightness of the observation image, and which is extremely small in size and light in weight. The image display apparatus has an image display device (7) an
RE37175 Image display apparatus May 15, 2001
An image display apparatus which enables observation of a clear image at a wide field angle with substantially no reduction in the brightness of the image, and which is extremely small in size and light in weight and hence unlikely to cause the observer to be fatigued. The apparatus incl
RE37169 Ocular optics system having at least four reflections occurring between curved surfaces May 8, 2001
The invention relates to an ocular optics system which forms no intermediate image, is reduced in terms of size and weight with well-corrected aberrations, and is best suited for use on face- or head-mounted image display devices, and provides an ocular optics system 7 comprising thr
RE36589 Audio data recording system for recording voice data as an optically readable code on a recordin February 29, 2000
An audio data recording/reproduction system including an independent, portable camera for respectively recording still image data on a silver salt region of a film and audio data on a magnetic recording region of the film. A silver salt film developing/printing device is provided for
RE36337 Ultrasonic motor October 12, 1999
An ultrasonic motor, comprises an annular stator including an elastic member and piezo-electric elements secured to said elastic member which generate a travelling wave on the surface of the elastic member by being applied with high frequency voltages; and a rotor which is in pressur
RE36299 Optical system for microscopes September 14, 1999
An optical system for microscopes includes an objective lens for collimating beams of light emanating from an object and an imaging lens for forming parallel beams emerging from the objective lens into an image of the object at a predetermined position, and satisfies the equation:where W
RE35652 Object distance detecting apparatus November 4, 1997
An object distance detecting apparatus having a light projecting device for projecting a pulse light toward an object to be photographed and a primary semiconductor position detecting device for receiving the reflected light from the object by this light projecting device and outputting
RE35076 Endoscope apparatus for displaying images below the mucous membrance October 31, 1995
An endoscope whereby the vein image below the mucous membrane within a body cavity or the like can be observed has an insertable part to be inserted into the body cavity and is provided with an illuminating window and observing window in the tip part of the insertable part. A light guide
RE34504 Electronic endoscope system provided with a means of imaging frozen pictures having few picture January 11, 1994
There is provided a frozen picture memorizing memory holding as a frozen picture image a picture image signal imaged by an electronic endoscope. By the operation of a frozen picture directing switch, whether the frozen picture is adapted to the memorizing condition or not is judged throu
RE34411 Electronic image pickup device for endoscopes October 19, 1993
An electronic image pickup device for endoscopes is arranged so that at least two filters have mutually different transmitting wavelength ranges are inserted either alternatively or as a rotatable filter disc into an optical path of either an illuminating system or an image pickup system
RE33816 Pulse compression apparatus for ultrasonic image processing February 11, 1992
A pulse compression apparatus comprises a quadrature detector for converting an echo signal obtained by an ultrasonic transducer into a complex signal, a reference wave oscillator for producing a reference wave signal, and a correlation circuit for deriving a correlation between the
RE33689 Objective lens system for endoscopes September 10, 1991
An objective lens system for endoscopes having favorably corrected distortion. Said lens system comprising a front lens group having negative refractive power and a rear lens group having positive refractive power, arranged in said front lens group is a lens component having an aspherica
RE32421 Data transmission system for an endoscope apparatus May 19, 1987
Data transmission/reception devices are provided in endoscope, photographic attachment and light source unit. The data transmission/reception devices are connected with one another by two-way data transmission lines.
D485858 Ink bottle January 27, 2004
D484530 Ink bottle December 30, 2003
D484167 Digital camera December 23, 2003
D484156 Digital camera December 23, 2003
D483786 Camera December 16, 2003
D482390 Cap for ink bottle November 18, 2003
D482377 Lens barrel for camera November 18, 2003
D481007 Battery pack for a camera October 21, 2003
D479845 IC card September 23, 2003
D479604 Industrial endoscope apparatus September 9, 2003
D477008 Microscope July 8, 2003
D476012 IC card June 17, 2003
D476011 IC card June 17, 2003
D475714 Portion of an IC card June 10, 2003
D475713 IC card June 10, 2003
D475712 Portion of an IC card June 10, 2003
D475711 Portion of an IC card June 10, 2003
D475056 IC card May 27, 2003
D475055 Portion of an IC card May 27, 2003
D474774 IC card May 20, 2003
D474487 Microscope May 13, 2003
D474217 Microscope May 6, 2003
D473942 Remote control apparatus for industrial endoscope April 29, 2003
D473306 Remote control apparatus for industrial endoscope April 15, 2003
D473207 Voice recorder and player having digital camera April 15, 2003
D473205 Voice recorder and player April 15, 2003
D473204 Voice recorder and player April 15, 2003
D472920 Ink bottle April 8, 2003
D472918 Ink bottle with a cap April 8, 2003

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