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Olympus Corporation
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42948 Optical microscope apparatus, optical element arranging method, and storage medium November 22, 2011
An optical microscope apparatus selectively arranges a plurality of optical elements in an optical path, and includes: a manual switch unit capable of manually switching any of the plurality of optical elements; a detection unit detecting an arrangement status of manually switched op
RE41984 Still-picture acquisition method and apparatus applied to microscope December 7, 2010
A still-picture acquisition section in a computer selects a brightness-periodically-varying portion of image data of a living cell like a cardiac cell, as a sample, which makes a self-ordered periodic motion, monitors a change in brightness, generates a trigger signal at the timing a
RE41807 Capsule endoscope October 5, 2010
A capsule endoscope is disclosed that includes means for illuminating an object, means for imaging the object, and a transparent cover having a center of curvature. The transparent cover covers the illumination means and the imaging means, and the imaging means includes an objective
RE41155 Image recording apparatus March 2, 2010
In an image recording apparatus according to this invention, an image recording media which has an image data recording area and an image data management area for managing the recording state of image data in the image data recording area and cannot be overwritten is applied, and an
RE40685 Lens barrel having a flare diaphragm which can advance into and retreat from the optical path to March 31, 2009
In a lens barrel, a flare diaphragm is disposed on an optical path of lenses or in the vicinity thereof such that the flare diaphragm can advance into and retreat from the optical path for cutting deleterious light corresponding to the lenses moving in the direction of the optical ax
RE40582 Zoom lens system November 25, 2008
The invention provides a zoom lens system that is reduced in terms of both size and cost. The zoom lens system comprises a first positive lens group G1, a second negative lens group G2, a stop S, a third positive lens group G3 and a fourth positive lens group G4. During zooming from a
RE40563 Image pickup system November 4, 2008
The invention relates to an image pickup system comprising an electronic view finder suitable for achieving compactness and having a sufficient viewing angle of field and satisfactory optical performance. The image pickup system comprises an image pickup device, an image display device
RE39899 Image pickup system October 30, 2007
The invention provides a zoom lens system much more reduced in size and cost than ever before and best-suited for use on portable information terminals of small size. The zoom lens system comprises, in order from an object side thereof, a first lens group G1 having positive refracting
D654448 Head-mount display February 21, 2012
D646704 Microscope lens barrel October 11, 2011
D634362 Ink bottle March 15, 2011
D627883 Observing apparatus for an industrial endoscope November 23, 2010
D626162 Microscope body October 26, 2010
D610262 Automatic analyzer February 16, 2010
D601699 Industrial endoscope October 6, 2009
D599017 Industrial endoscope August 25, 2009
D598097 Industrial endoscopic observation device August 11, 2009
D595327 Microscope June 30, 2009
D590944 Distal portion of hemostatic forceps for endoscope April 21, 2009
D585554 Apparatus for photographing an oral cavity January 27, 2009
D575809 Image pickup microscope August 26, 2008
D575794 Image for a digital camera August 26, 2008
D575399 Endoscope August 19, 2008
D575300 Image for a digital camera August 19, 2008
D573600 Digital camera July 22, 2008
D572718 Image for a digital camera July 8, 2008
D563423 Icon for a digital camera March 4, 2008
D559854 Image for a digital camera January 15, 2008
D558881 Contact cap for photographic device of tooth January 1, 2008
D552120 Icon for a digital camera October 2, 2007
D551653 Portion of a digital voice recorder September 25, 2007
D549332 Endoscope August 21, 2007
D549262 Digital camera August 21, 2007
D546860 Camera July 17, 2007
D545432 Distal portion of hemostatic forceps for endoscope June 26, 2007
D544011 Digital camera June 5, 2007
D540366 Digital camera April 10, 2007
D538779 Digital voice recorder March 20, 2007
D537527 Treatment apparatus for endoscope February 27, 2007
D537465 Digital camera February 27, 2007
D537464 Digital camera February 27, 2007
D536449 Treatment apparatus for endoscope February 6, 2007
D536093 Treatment apparatus for endoscope January 30, 2007
D534653 Treatment apparatus for endoscope January 2, 2007
D533861 Voice recording/reproducing apparatus December 19, 2006
D533663 Treatment apparatus for endoscope December 12, 2006
D533662 Treatment apparatus for endoscope December 12, 2006
D531198 Digital camera October 31, 2006
D530365 Ink cartridge October 17, 2006
D529532 Digital camera October 3, 2006

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