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Oki Electric Industry Co. Patents
Oki Electric Industry Co.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7409157 Optical switch August 5, 2008
The present invention provides an optical switch in which a switching operation is not affected even when the polarization state of a control light varies. The optical switch includes a loop-form optical waveguide loop circuit formed from an optical nonlinear medium, a control light
6974761 Method of forming a semiconductor laser chip having a marker December 13, 2005
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor laser chip has following steps. First, a semiconductor substrate including an active layer and a block layer is provided. An electrode line pattern and a marker are formed on the semiconductor substrate. The semiconductor substrate is etched to f
6423559 Integrated circuit and fabricating method and evaluating method of integrated circuit July 23, 2002
A method of fabricating an integrated circuit of which a bonding condition can be evaluated simply is provided. Two external connecting electrodes are provided on the surface, via holes are formed below them, and conductive portions are formed in the via holes. Then, a first metal film
6403480 Process for manufacturing semiconductor device June 11, 2002
A gate oxide layer 11 and a poly-silicon layer 12 are formed on a silicon substrate 10. A tungsten silicide (WSi) layer that includes dopant is formed by a sputtering method or CVD as the metal silicide layer. This layer is designated a first wiring pattern layer 13. Subsequently, a gate
6178454 Data communication method and system therefor January 23, 2001
In data communication, data not requiring secrecy are transmitted and received via an open communication network whose security is low, while data requiring secrecy are transmitted and received via a closed communication network whose security is higher than that of the open communic
6081607 Animal body identifying device and body identifying system June 27, 2000
An animal body identifying device of the present invention includes a camera for photographing an eye of an animal, a body data capturer for capturing body data for the photographed animal from an image photographed by the camera, a body data registry for pre-storing a plurality of body
5850094 Semiconductor device December 15, 1998
The present invention relates to a semiconductor device which utilizes a first conduction MOS output transistor 11 as an output transistor. The inventive semiconductor device have a advantage that the occupied area of an electrostatic breakdown preventing circuit is smaller than that of
5163106 Waveguide-type optical switch November 10, 1992
A waveguide-type optical switch having a Y-branch structure composed of a Y-waveguide and branched waveguides provided with electrodes for electrically controlling the guide asynchronism thereof characterized in that the branched waveguides arranged at a converging angle of .theta..s
4928131 Sea clutter suppression radar May 22, 1990
A sea clutter suppression radar is capable of effectively suppressing the reflected signal using RF waves of a single frequency by simultaneously sending the RF waves each having horizontal and vertical polarizations, and detecting, from a reflected signal from a target, horizontally and
4566111 Watchdog timer January 21, 1986
A watchdog timer for monitoring the operation of a computer monitors if the period of a writing signal (W.sub.T) generated by each execution of an instruction of a program is within the predetermined duration. The present watchdog timer comprises a register (2) for storing predetermined

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