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NuVisions International, Inc. Patents
NuVisions International, Inc.
Milford, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D476957 Fiber coupling device July 8, 2003
D409154 Voltage suppressor May 4, 1999
7014370 Bare fiber optical connecting devices March 21, 2006
A quick connect fiber optic connector assembly for testing and communication that uses a modified ferrule having a reservoir formed into its tip for holding optic transmitting gel or oil. A cleaved optical fiber may be held concentrically within the ferrule for alignment with a recei
6095694 Fiber optic component coupling apparatus with locking capability and methods of fabrication and August 1, 2000
Apparatus for frictionally engaging and supporting a cylindrical, fiber optic component such as an axial ferrule is provided with the capability of releasably locking the component in the apparatus, thereby permitting coupling of the component for extended periods of time without degrada
5818993 Method of positioning and releasably locking an optical fiber in a fixed position October 6, 1998
A bare fiber adapter for holding an end portion of an optical fiber in a predetermined position. A pair of gripper members are pivotally attached to a support member for relative movement to engage and disengage the fiber between opposed gripping surfaces. An axial ferrule fiber optic
5781285 Method and apparatus for monitoring presence and direction of light in optical fibers July 14, 1998
Apparatus and method of determining presence or absence of light activity in an optical fiber without separation or disconnection thereof from other fibers or from apparatus to which the fiber is connected, and without interruption of transmission. The method involves contacting the fibe
5769698 Polishing disc for holding connector-mounted optical fibers June 23, 1998
A fixture of disc-like form for holding connector mounted optical fiber ferrules. When the connector is attached to the fixture, the ends of the ferrule and fiber extend slightly beyond the plane of the bottom surface of the fixture so that the end surfaces may be polished by movement of
5761359 Mounting sleeve for optical fiber connectors and method of use June 2, 1998
A device for releasably connecting ferrle-mounted optical fibers in optical communication to other such fibers or to optical equipment having the same or different styles of connector assemblies, for purposes of conducting testing, calibration and similar operations of the fibers. The de
5751874 Coupling device for linking optical fiber connectors May 12, 1998
A universal coupling device compatible with several industry-standard fiber optic connector styles to releasably couple the axial ferrule of one such connector in optical communication with the ferrule of another connector of the same or different style, or with the connector port of
5574813 Optical fiber connector, abutment fixture and method of compatible use thereof November 12, 1996
A method and apparatus for positioning the terminal end surface of a cleaved optical fiber in a predetermined plane relative to a base fiber adapter which serves to interface the fiber surface with optical test equipment, or the like. The bare fiber adapter includes a pair of gripping

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