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Novel Products, Inc. Patents
Novel Products, Inc.
Addison, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D290237 Height measuring device June 9, 1987
5300004 Abdomen exerciser and method of using same April 5, 1994
A device providing a sensory indication that the hands of a user executing a sit-up have moved a selected distance desired for proper execution of the sit-up, including an adjustable width base plate having substantially parallel channels disposed on opposite sides thereof, and slide pla
5038489 Posture measuring instrument August 13, 1991
A hand held instrument for determining the degree of angular deviation of a line between selected points on a subject from a gravity-dependent reference, including a transparent base through which the selected points may be viewed and a gravity-dependent indicator mounted on the base for
4753307 Device for hydrostatic weighing of humans June 28, 1988
A device for hydrostatic weighing of humans in existing swimming pools having a cradle for supporting a human body under water, a scale suspending the cradle for measuring the percent body fat of a human, a beam suspending the scale over the pool and a support frame for suspending th
4433486 Measuring instrument for compressible objects February 28, 1984
An instrument for measuring the girth of compressible objects comprising a graduated tape and a one-piece tension reading member. The tension reading member is substantially planar and comprises first and second sections interconnected by a reduced cross-sectional bendable hinge portion

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