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Novartis AG
Basel, CH
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42942 Powder filling apparatus and methods for their use November 22, 2011
The invention provides methods, systems and apparatus for the metered transport of fine powders into receptacles. According to one exemplary embodiment, an apparatus is provided which comprises a hopper having an opening. The hopper is adapted to receive a bed of fine powder. At least
RE42014 Pharmaceutical compositions December 28, 2010
A process for preparing an emulsion composition comprising a cyclosporin, a rapamycin or an ascomycin or a derivative thereof as active agent, which process comprises the step of admixing to a placebo fat emulsion a concentrate comprising a) the active agent, b) a stabiliser selected fro
RE40596 Rapamycin assay December 2, 2008
Monoclonal antibodies to rapamycin and to 40-O-alkylated derivatives of rapamycin are provided, together with novel haptens, immunogenic conjugates, and processes for making them and assay kits for using them.
PP11231 Verbena plant named `Morena` February 22, 2000
A new and distinct variety of Verbena plant, named Morena, characterized particularly as to novelty by large, early-appearing, vivid pink flowers, and a growth habit that is initially semi-erect but later spreading and hanging.
PP11197 Verbena plant named `Silvena` February 1, 2000
A new and distinct variety of Verbena plant, named Silvena, characterized particularly as to novelty by large, early-appearing purple flowers, and a growth habit that is initially semi-erect but later spreading and hanging.
PP11192 Verbena plant named `Mylena` January 25, 2000
A new and distinct variety of Verbena plant, named Mylena, characterized particularly as to novelty by large, early appearing, dark purple flowers, and a growth habit that is initially semi-erect but later spreading and hanging.
H1973 Human neutrophil collagenase splice variant July 3, 2001
The subject invention is related to human MMP-8alt genes and gene products and their differential expression when comparing a patient with a disease state to a control. A further aspect of the invention concerns compounds which antagonize the biological activity of MMP-8alt protein and m
D657049 Inhaler April 3, 2012
D657048 Inhaler April 3, 2012
D657045 Inhaler April 3, 2012
D656606 Inhaler March 27, 2012
D644424 Storage device for an inhaler September 6, 2011
D642690 Electronic pain diary August 2, 2011
D626326 Pill container and lid combination November 2, 2010
D625911 Combined pill container and reversible lid October 26, 2010
D616993 Portable-electronic device June 1, 2010
D614968 Tube and cap combination May 4, 2010
D614285 Inhaler April 20, 2010
D608448 Lens power fine tuning device January 19, 2010
D606737 Combined pill container and lid December 29, 2009
D604502 Combined pill container and lid November 24, 2009
D591418 Nebulizer April 28, 2009
D579550 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D579549 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D579548 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D579547 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D579546 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D579545 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D579544 Inhaler October 28, 2008
D574230 Package for an ophthalmic product August 5, 2008
D573836 Spill resistant lid July 29, 2008
D553733 Tablet October 23, 2007
D548087 Bottle August 7, 2007
D538661 Bottle March 20, 2007
D530814 Combined capsule and tablets October 24, 2006
D529821 Food tray October 10, 2006
D529797 Food tray October 10, 2006
D527817 Inhaler September 5, 2006
D520635 Combine capsule and tablets May 9, 2006
D474841 Dosage device May 20, 2003
D420739 Injector February 15, 2000
D420736 Attachment for an inhaler February 15, 2000
D411801 Aerosol dispenser cap July 6, 1999
D410541 Inhaler June 1, 1999
8586782 Phenylacetic acid derivatives November 19, 2013
Compounds of formula (I) pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; and pharmaceutically acceptable esters thereof; which are useful for the treatment of COX-2 dependent disorders. ##STR00001##
8586716 EPHB3-specific antibody and uses thereof November 19, 2013
EphB3-specific antibodies are provided, along with pharmaceutical compositions containing such antibody, kits containing a pharmaceutical composition, and methods of preventing and treating cancer.
8585938 UV-absorbers for ophthalmic lens materials November 19, 2013
UV absorbing compounds that are effective in blocking UV and short-wavelength blue light are disclosed. The UV absorbing compounds are particularly suitable for use in intraocular lens materials.
8580974 Processes November 12, 2013
The invention relates to a new process for producing NEP inhibitors or prodrugs thereof, in particular NEP inhibitors comprising a acid, or acid ester, backbone. In detail, the new processes, according to the present invention, ar
8580838 5-membered heterocycle-based p38 kinase inhibitors November 12, 2013
Provided are 5-membered heterocycle-based p38 kinase inhibitors. Further provided are pyrazole and imidazole-based p38 kinase, including p38.alpha., and p38.beta. kinase, inhibitors. Pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds are also provided. Methods of use of the compoun
8580806 Salts of 4-methyl N-[3-(4-methyl-imidazol-1-yl)-5-trifluoromethyl-phenyl]-3-(4-pyridin-3-yl- November 12, 2013
Salts of 4-methyl-N-[3-(4-methyl-imidazol-1-yl)-5-trifluoromethyl-phenyl]- -3-(4-pyridin-3-yl-pyrimidin-2-ylamino)-benzamide are prepared by various processes.

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