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Northrop Corporation Patents
Northrop Corporation
Hawthorne, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D332080 Aircraft December 29, 1992
D317003 Aircraft May 21, 1991
D314366 Aircraft February 5, 1991
D295037 Aircraft April 5, 1988
D294478 Aircraft March 1, 1988
D291194 Aircraft August 4, 1987
D285062 Aircraft August 12, 1986
D280007 Unmanned aircraft August 6, 1985
5596332 Aircraft location and identification system January 21, 1997
An aircraft location and identification system, including a first position determining portion located aboard a transmitting aircraft for determining a first set of present positional and tracking information is described relative to said transmitting aircraft. A transmitting portion is
5550434 Boost-mode energization and modulation circuit for an arc lamp August 27, 1996
Electrical activation of an arc lamp is accomplished by a plurality of circuits, each of which has a boost topology including a capacitor and a charging circuit for charging the capacitor by a series of current pulses. One of the circuits is an igniter circuit and includes a transformer
5402720 Booster-missile self-aligning adapter April 4, 1995
A self-aligning adapter used for attaching a booster to a missile includes a hollow tapered receptacle positioned on the missile. A tapered member sized and shaped to fit into and mate with the receptacle is positioned on the booster. The tapered member fits into the tapered receptacle t
5366180 High-lift device for aircraft November 22, 1994
High lift producing apparatus for an aircraft includes a pair of foreplanes, one for each side of the aircraft, each foreplane extending between a root end at the fuselage and a distant tip end. Wings are mounted on the fuselage aft of the foreplanes and, intermediate the wings and t
5352764 Stepwise linear magnetic polymers and methods for preparation thereof October 4, 1994
A stepwise linear polymer composition having intense magnetic properties and a method for preparation of same. A phthalimide compound and an aromatic dialiphatic acid are reacted in the presence of an acetate of monovalent metal at elevated temperatures to form a phenylenebis diphtha
5347680 Spring retracting caster September 20, 1994
A retracting caster assembly is provided with a frame, a lever, a spring, a roller, and a manual retracting bolt. The lever is pivotally connected to the frame. The roller is connected to a first end of the lever. A spring loading member connects the spring to a second end of the lever.
5341236 Nonlinear optical wavelength converters with feedback August 23, 1994
An optical frequency conversion apparatus includes at least one resonator (10) having an optical path defined by a plurality of mirrors (M1, M2). A nonlinear conversion medium (10a) is disposed within the optical path of the resonator, the nonlinear conversion medium receiving optical ra
5340915 Crosslinked magnetic polymers and methods for preparation thereof August 23, 1994
A crosslinked polymer composition having intense magnetic properties and a method for preparation of same. A phthalimide compound and an aromatic dialiphatic acid are reacted in the presence of an acetate of a monovalent metal at elevated temperatures to form a phenylenebis diphthalimidi
5336748 Epoxy and amino trialkoxysilane reaction products August 9, 1994
Silane polymer coating compositions which have excellent bonding properties for metallic surfaces and which make such surfaces highly resistant to corrosion. The compositions are formed by anhydrously reacting an epoxy trialkoxy silane with a primary amino trialkoxy silane in a stoichiom
5328540 Mechanized lay up assembly line for composite structures July 12, 1994
A mechanized lay up assembly line for composite structures has a tool delivery station having a plurality of rollers on its surface for moving tools across the surface. Adjacent to the tool delivery station is a work station. The work station includes a work surface. The work surface has
5326206 Method for compensating for bolt hole misalignment and bolt assemblies therefor July 5, 1994
Method and assembly for producing shear-resistant attachment between a prefabricated top plate having a plurality of preformed bolt passage holes and a support member having a corresponding plurality of bolt-receiving holes which may be slightly out of alignment with the bolt passage hol
5326140 Submerged cam actuated rotary latch for front access panels July 5, 1994
A submerged panel latch having an eccentric cam rotatable in the plane of the panel near the panel outer surface and accessible to the user, a latch rotor engaged by the cam and rotatable in a plane perpendicular to that of the cam, inward facing strikers on facing edges of a pair of fac
5325174 Integrated optic gyro with one Bragg transducer June 28, 1994
A laser gyroscope is provided that utilizes a single frequency shifter, in the form of a Bragg cell, to adjust the frequencies of counter-rotating optical signals in a thin film waveguide to achieve resonance along the optical path encountered by each of the signals. The system also util
5325106 Analog driver for scrollable spatial light modulator June 28, 1994
A scrollable spatial light modulator--or SLM--provides non-destructively transfer and display of an analog signal, which may include multiple levels of gray scale information, for high speed analog optical processing. Each pixel in the scrollable SLM consists of a metal-oxide-semicon
5318018 Advanced aircrew protection system June 7, 1994
An advanced aircrew protection system comprising a helmet assembly adapted to sustain a full pneumatic pressure within the helmet adjacent to the head of the wearer; a suit assembly adapted to sustain a pressure adjacent to selected parts of the body of the wearer; a neck shroud operativ
5307365 Cavity pumped, solid state lasers April 26, 1994
A highly efficient pumping configuration for a solid state laser uses a diode bar pumping source producing optical energy coherent along an axis normal to the plane of the diode junctions. Pump energy is nearly collimated by a cylindrical optical fiber and applied through a minimum w
5281305 Method for the production of optical waveguides employing trench and fill techniques January 25, 1994
A method is described for producing stacked optical waveguides in a silicon dioxide substrate and includes the steps of: etching a first trench in the substrate; filling the first trench with a glassy optical transmission media; depositing a layer of silicon dioxide over the filled trenc
5275984 Fiber coating of unbonded multi-layers for toughening ceramic fiber-matrix composites January 4, 1994
A composite comprising a ceramic matrix having immersed ceramic reinforcing fibers is strengthened and toughened by providing a multi-layer ceramic coating surrounding each fiber. The multiple layers in the fiber coating are not bonded to one another. As a result, the multiple layers sep
5270428 Corrosion-resistant silane polymer coating compositions December 14, 1993
Silane polymer coating compositions which have excellent bonding properties for metallic surfaces and which make such surfaces highly resistant to corrosion. The compositions are formed by anhydrously reacting an epoxy trialkoxy silane with a primary amino trialkoxy silane in a stoichiom
5269904 Single tank de-oxidation and anodization process December 14, 1993
The invention is a single-bath electrolytic de-oxidation and anodization process in which a workpiece surface such as an aluminum surface is electrolytically de-oxidized and then anodized to form an adhesive oxide layer in the same electrolytic chemical bath without removing the work
5268062 Method and apparatus for carbon coating and boron-doped carbon coating a porous refractory subst December 7, 1993
A gravity assisted open system for coating porous refractory substrates with a highly uniform layer of graphite or other material. Pyrolytic dissociation of downwardly flowing precursor gases in an inert atmosphere, countercurrent to an upward direction of transport of the porous ref
5265827 Paddle wheel rotorcraft November 30, 1993
An aircraft having vertical takeoff and landing capability having at least first and second laterally extending paddle wheels rotatable on a central axis generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft and between its nose and tail. Each of the paddle wheels has a plural
5252730 Polymer composition having intense magnetic properties and method for preparation thereof October 12, 1993
A polymer composition having intense magnetic properties and a method for preparation of same. A phthalimide compound and an aromatic dialiphatic acid are reacted in the presence of a metal catalyst at elevated temperatures to form a phenylenebis diphthalimidine compound. The phenyle
5251381 Precision angularity hole checker with indicator October 12, 1993
A device for the angularity of a hole has a housing, a pivotally movable probe, and a digital display for displaying angular deviation of the probe from a home position. The device can additionally or alternatively have a signaling device to signal angular deviation of the probe past a
5245927 Dual-tandem unmanned air vehicle system September 21, 1993
An unmanned air vehicle system which is intended for launch from a platform such as an aircraft or a ship and to follow other than a ballistic trajectory includes a pair of substantially similar air vehicles in a tandem relationship. A unitary tubular airframe is provided coextensive
5235439 Volume-holographic inner product processor August 10, 1993
A pattern recognition apparatus and a method for operating same. The apparatus includes a volume holographic medium (4) having a plurality of Fourier-space volume holograms representing pattern templates stored within. The apparatus further includes a spatial light modulator (1) and a
5225696 Focal plane array with charge transfer gate July 6, 1993
A radiation detection system includes an array of radiation detectors disposed on a common substrate of type-n silicon, wherein each detector includes an electrode spaced apart from the silicon by silicon dioxide. Two rows of the detectors are coupled by two rows of transfer gates to a
5222827 Fastener installation and method for composite members June 29, 1993
A fastener installation for securing a composite member to a structure. The fastener installation includes a shear member adhesively bonded to a surface of the composite member, and a pin member extending through the shear member and composite member to engage a fastener bore of a struct
5221989 Longitudinal PLZT spatial light modulator June 22, 1993
A spatial light modulator comprises a plate of non-ferroelectric PLZT ceramic. An array of pixels is formed by depositing a reflecting coating in the desired array on one side of the plate. A longitudinal electric field is applied so that the light entering the plate from the side op
5206503 X-Y translational imaging device with housing supporting means for a camera body including image April 27, 1993
An imaging device has a lens for focusing light and a sensor for imaging that light. The lens is selected such that the focus coverage area projected from the lens is much greater in area than the area of the sensor. The sensor is moved through the coverage area of the lens linearly
5206499 Strapdown stellar sensor and holographic multiple field of view telescope therefor April 27, 1993
A star tracker for generating positional information for a vehicle includes a holographic telescope (150) having one or more fields of view for imaging stellar objects. The telescope includes a plurality of radiation detectors (100) and an input aperture comprised of a primary holographi
5206285 Aqueous coating of silane precursor from epoxy and amino trialkoxysilanes April 27, 1993
Process for producing novel water-base coating compositions and for applying such compositions to metal surfaces to render them corrosion-resistant, comprising reacting an epoxy trialkoxy silane with a primary aminotrialkoxy silane in a molar ratio providing one epoxy group for react
5205171 Miniature silicon accelerometer and method April 27, 1993
A miniature accelerometer is fabricated using integrated circuit manufacturing and silicon micromachining techniques to form a closed loop, force balance sensor utilizing a silicon proofmass formed from and connected to a layer of silicon by a split flexure etched therein. The sensor
5204042 Method of making composite laminate parts combining resin transfer molding and a trapped expansi April 20, 1993
In a process for forming composite laminate parts from reinforcing fibers and resin, a mold is selected which has a mold cavity having a part definition surface therein and a resin passageway leading to the cavity. An expansion member capable of expanding to a larger volume in response t
5202168 Precision retro-reflective target tape April 13, 1993
A retro-reflective target tape comprising a lower sub-laminate having an upper transparent thick mylar backing about 2 mils thick, a release sheet therebeneath and a pressure sensitive adhesive therebetween; and an upper sub-laminate having an upper light reflective sheet with a thin,
5173443 Method of manufacture of optically transparent electrically conductive semiconductor windows December 22, 1992
Methods are disclosed for making semiconductor windows which are transparent to light in the infrared range which have good electrical conductivity and are formed of a substrate material (11) having a semiconductor coating (14) having a dopant included therein. The coating is diffuse
5171994 Infrared staring imaging array December 15, 1992
Monolithic InSb array devices are described for staring infrared imaging systems operating in the 3-5 .mu.m spectral region. These devices are fabricated with only 4 mask levels compared to 5 mask levels for prior devices and have higher output dynamic ranges and greater wafer yield
5170283 Silicon spatial light modulator December 8, 1992
A spatial light modulator including a silicon backplate having an insulating layer and a standoff grid of insulating material deposited on the backplate to define an array of cells. An electrode is deposited in each cell on said backplate. A thin membrane of doped silicon is mounted
5166949 Method and apparatus for suppressing off-axis modes in laser and ring laser gyroscopes November 24, 1992
A dielectric interference film having a central region of one thickness and a peripheral region of a different thickness is superimposed on one of the mirrors of a ring laser gyroscope for the purpose of suppressing off-axis resonant modes that are characteristic of a resonant cavity. Th
5165977 Long shelf life bismaleimide structural adhesive November 24, 1992
An adhesive patch for a composite structure, an adhesive for that patch and a method for forming the adhesive patch for the composite structure are described. The adhesive includes three uncured components of a bismaleimide polymeric mixture. Two of these components are liquid. The l
5162271 Method of forming a ductile fiber coating for toughening non-oxide ceramic matrix composites November 10, 1992
A method of toughening a fiber/matrix ceramic composite consisting of non-oxide based ceramic fibers immersed in a ceramic matrix. The method includes, prior to immersing the fibers in the matrix, applying a metallo-organic solution of a noble metal to the fibers to form a coating of
5156358 Aircraft outboard control October 20, 1992
An outboard control surface for an aircraft. The control surface is operably connected to wing side edges of the aircraft and includes a forward flap and a rearward flap with at least one of the flaps being movable into and out of alignment with the plane of the wing.
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