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RE41417 Concatenation of containers in synchronous digital hierarchy network July 6, 2010
A method of transmitting OSI layer 2 datacoms data by direct incorporation into a plurality of synchronous digital hierarchy virtual containers is disclosed, in which a higher bit rate OSI layer 2 data frame is multiplexed into a plurality of lower bit rate SDH (or SONET) virtual con
RE40999 Vlan frame format November 24, 2009
In a network device such as a network switch having a port coupled to a communications medium dedicated to a single virtual local area network and another port coupled to a communications medium shared among multiple virtual local area networks for transmitting data frames between the
RE40826 ATM over MPLS connection establishment mechanism July 7, 2009
Methods and apparatus for establishing connections between network nodes across an MPLS domain. A data receive node transmits to a data transmit node the service label that the data receive node expects to receive embedded in packets originating from the data transmit node. Any packet
RE40467 Method and apparatus for managing the flow of data within a switching device August 26, 2008
A method and apparatus for managing the flow of data within a switching device is provided. The switching device includes network interface cards connected to a common backplane. Each interface card is configured to support the maximum transfer rate of the backplane by maintaining a
RE40398 ATM telecommunications systems and method for routing narrow band traffic June 24, 2008
A telecommunications system comprises an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network having uncommitted bandwidth, and a plurality of adaptive grooming routers (AGR) coupled to the network. The AGRs comprise a group adapted to function as a virtual transit exchange whose fabric and cont
RE39878 Method and apparatus for network initiated parameter updating October 9, 2007
Disclosed is an apparatus for initiating an over the air parameter administration (OTAPA) of a mobile station without the need for interacting with a mobile station user. A unique service option number included with the initial page indicates to the mobile station that an update is b
RE38620 Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer October 12, 2004
A monolithic version of optical multiplexer/demultiplexer with an improved spectral characteristics is provided by two diffraction gratings arranged optically in tandem and with a field stop in the coupling between them, the gratings also being arranged to provide free spectral ranges di
RE37301 Multiple access protocol July 31, 2001
The mobile station to base station access in a cellular radio system is a classical problem of random multiple access using a shared common channel. Many multiple access protocols have been invented in the past with varied degrees of success in improving the throughput of the multiple ac
D609212 Telephone set February 2, 2010
D588573 Telephone March 17, 2009
D564455 Circuit pack March 18, 2008
D523438 Optical network element panel June 20, 2006
D490803 Communications cabinet June 1, 2004
D475041 Communication cabinet May 27, 2003
D465215 Indoor communications cabinet November 5, 2002
D464956 Outdoor communications panel October 29, 2002
D464643 Outdoor communications cabinet October 22, 2002
D464043 Indoor communications panel October 8, 2002
D460753 Integrated communication access device July 23, 2002
D456241 Cable guide April 30, 2002
D454548 Bulging element on printed circuit board March 19, 2002
D437302 Outer periphery of a telephone base February 6, 2001
8291044 Brokering network resources October 16, 2012
A method of brokering a network resource. The method includes providing a service broker processor and a service broker registry. Upon receiving a request at the service broker processor to register a network resource to provide a network service, the service broker processor authenticat
8219076 CDMA probe for self-testing base station receivers July 10, 2012
An access probe existing and generated within a base station to simulate a mobile terminal for the purpose of testing base station receive functionality within a communications system. The access probe data is injected at baseband rather than at RF to eliminate the need for analog/RF
8199646 System, device, and method for distributing link state information in a communication network June 12, 2012
A system, device, and method for distributing link state information in a communication network combines a link state routing protocol with a sliding window mechanism in order to efficiently distribute link state information. The sliding window mechanism permits a predetermined number
8190772 Apparatus and method for layer-2 and layer-3 VPN discovery May 29, 2012
An apparatus and a method for layer-2 and layer-3 VPN discovery are disclosed. The apparatus is incorporated in a network, and the network includes a first carrier network. The first carrier network includes at least two layer-1 provider edge devices. Layer-1 VPN information is creat
8184644 WiMAX R6 management protocol May 22, 2012
Within an access services network (ASN) operable for providing wireless access services to an access terminal and including a base station communicatively coupled to an ASN gateway, a new management protocol is provided for managing the R6 communications. The protocol includes a comm
8170418 Protected light source for multiple wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (WD May 1, 2012
A protected light source for generating seed light for at least two wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (WDM-PONs). The protected light source includes an optical coupler having N.gtoreq.2 input ports and M.gtoreq.2 output ports, each output port being optically
8170074 Tracking injection seeding power based on back facet monitoring (BFM) of an injection seeded las May 1, 2012
A method of estimating an injection power of seed light injected into an injection-seeded transmitter. A back face monitoring (BFM) response of the injection-seeded transmitter is determined, and data representative of the BFM response stored in a memory. During run-time, a controller of
8165062 WiMAX R6 control architecture April 24, 2012
Within an access services network (ASN) operable for providing wireless access services to an access terminal and including a base station communicatively coupled to an ASN gateway, a new functional process identified as an "R6 controller" is provided within the framework. The R6 con
8132017 Method and apparatus for securely synchronizing password systems March 6, 2012
A centralized password repository (CPR) provides network users with a password portal through which the user can manage password access to domains and applications on the network. A subset of the domains and applications on the network may be required, by design, to maintain a separa
8130645 Method and architecture for a scalable application and security switch using multi-level load ba March 6, 2012
A switch architecture and method provides scaling through multi-level load balancing of flows across data and application processing planes. An input/output module receives a communication session flow (forward) from a client device and selects one of a plurality of data processors to
8099646 Low density parity check (LDPC) code January 17, 2012
Low density parity check code (LDPC) base parity check matrices and the method for use thereof in communication systems. The method of expanding the base check parity matrix is described. Examples of expanded LDPC codes with different code lengths and expansion factors are also shown.
8089969 Metro ethernet service enhancements January 3, 2012
Numerous enhancements to metro Ethernet network (MEN) services include an enhancement of the overall MEN Quality of Service (QoS) architecture, an enhancement to classification at the provider edge, the use of Ethernet QoS classes, enhancements to policing and marking at ingress provider
8086235 System and method for restricting mobility in wireless networks December 27, 2011
This invention provides a method, system and apparatus for controlling mobility on a wireless network, which includes retrieving a network mobility preference, the network mobility preference indicating a level of mobility service for the mobile station, the level of mobility service
8085814 Frame structure, system and method for OFDM communications December 27, 2011
A method and apparatus are provided for performing acquisition, synchronization and cell selection within an MIMO-OFDM communication system. A coarse synchronization is performed to determine a searching window. A fine synchronization is then performed by measuring correlations betwe
8085676 Method and system for looping back traffic in QIQ ethernet rings and 1:1 protected PBT trunks December 27, 2011
A resilient virtual Ethernet ring has nodes interconnected by working and protection paths. If a span fails, the two nodes immediately on either side of the failure are cross-connected to fold the ring. Working-path traffic is cross-connected onto the protection path at the first of the
8085670 Method and system for originating connectivity fault management (CFM) frames on non-CFM aware sw December 27, 2011
A system for originating connectivity fault management (CFM) frames on non-CFM aware switches is disclosed. In the disclosed system, an OAM (Operations Administration and Management) proxy networking device connected to a core Ethernet network operates with one or more CPE (Customer
8082441 Hitless manual cryptographic key refresh in secure packet networks December 20, 2011
In a hitless manual cryptographic key refresh scheme, a state machine is independently maintained at each network node. The state machine includes a first state, a second state, and a third state. In the first state, which is the steady state, a current cryptographic key is used both for
8078708 Grid proxy architecture for network resources December 13, 2011
A Grid Proxy Architecture for Network Resources (GPAN) is proposed to allow Grid applications to access resources shared in communication network domains. GPAN bridges Grid services serving user applications and network services controlling network devices through its proxy functions
8077636 Transcoders and mixers for voice-over-IP conferencing December 13, 2011
Transcoders and mixers having reduced algorithmic delay and processing complexity. An improved mixer for signals having encoded speech parameters wherein the parameters obtained through decoding are used by a parameter estimator to improve the encoding by providing a parameter estima
8077599 Adaptive time diversity and spatial diversity for OFDM December 13, 2011
An adaptable orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing system (OFDM) that uses a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) to having OFDM signals transmitted either in accordance with time diversity to reducing signal fading or in accordance with spatial diversity to increase the data rate.
8073554 System and method for providing power management in a sensor network December 6, 2011
The present invention relates to a system and method for providing power management to sensing nodes in a sensor network. A system may include a plurality of sensing nodes, each sensing node connected through a power management device to an external power source, such as a powered node o
8073398 Method and apparatus for adaptive channel utilisation December 6, 2011
A transceiver with an adaptable filter and a method of controlling the settings of the filter to adapt to local channel assignments and usage are provided. The adaptable filter is connected in at least one of the transmitter path and the receiver path of the transceiver to separate s
8073063 Methods and systems for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) multiple zone partitio December 6, 2011
Aspects of the invention include methods and devices for inserting data and pilot symbols into Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) frames having a time domain and a frequency domain. A method involves inserting in at least one zone of a first type a two dimensional array of
8069252 Session initiation protocol enabled set-top device November 29, 2011
A method and apparatus for handling subscriber services from different sources without requiring interaction with different devices. The present invention also provides a method and apparatus for receiving multimedia services using session initiation protocol (SIP) messages received from
8068876 Beam wobbling for increased downlink coverage and capacity November 29, 2011
A method and apparatus for reducing signal interference within a cellular radio system to increase both coverage and capacity. The method and apparatus include altering the direction of beams within cell sectors is among discrete angular positions according to a predetermined, cyclic
8068558 Selective peak power reduction November 29, 2011
The present invention provides a technique for reducing the peak power of a combined signal that has a first signal of a first modulation type and a second signal of a second modulation type. Based on the combined signal, peak reduction distortion is determined. The peak reduction di
8064458 Method and apparatus for simulating IP multinetting November 22, 2011
IP Multinetting on a local area network is simulated by performing VLAN translation at a port connecting to the local area network. This allows IP addresses from multiple subnets to be associated with a single VLAN on the Local Area Network (LAN), while allowing the core switch to proces
8064341 Temporal-spatial burst switching November 22, 2011
Expanding the coverage of a time-shared network comprising electronic edge nodes interconnected by bufferless fast-switching optical nodes is enabled by combining spatial switching with temporal switching. The output side of each edge node preferably connects to a large number of cor

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