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Norris Industries, Inc. Patents
Norris Industries, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D246890 Knob face plate for a door knob January 10, 1978
D246430 Hinge leaf November 22, 1977
D246429 Pendant pull for doors, drawers or the like November 22, 1977
D246093 Handle for doors, drawers or the like October 18, 1977
D246092 Pull for doors, drawers or the like October 18, 1977
D246091 Knob for doors, drawers or the like October 18, 1977
D243662 Backing plate for door and drawer pulls and the like March 15, 1977
5446962 Process of manufacturing one-piece forged wheels September 5, 1995
A one-piece forged vehicle wheel manufactured from a single piece of metal material thereby forming a strong, lightweight wheel. The wheel is manufactured as a result of extrusion, forging and machining a metal blank to provide the desired contours and configuration. The integral nature
4501260 Cooktop ventilation system February 26, 1985
An elongated relatively narrow vent member is mounted along the rear edge of a cooktop having a plurality of burners. The vent member has an air chamber formed therein which is coupled to a vent duct having a blower at the outlet thereof which provides suction in the chamber. A motor-dri
4432568 Housing for garbage disposer February 21, 1984
A garbage disposer for mounting under a sink and adapted for optional connection with a dishwasher drain line. An upper housing for a garbage disposer with a sink inlet passage and dishwasher inlet spout disposed in vertical parallel alignment, with an integral cap for the spout closing
4369642 Detained key assembly January 25, 1983
A deadlock of the customary type for locking and unlocking a dead bolt is equipped with a conventional cylinder having a cylinder plug rotating within it, the cylinder plug carrying pin chambers aligned with pin chambers in the cylinder for reception of pin tumblers when shifted in p
4368869 Leveler for dishwasher and the like January 18, 1983
An apparatus for leveling and adjusting the height of household appliances. A nut or similar device is mounted on the appliance frame for receiving an upright weight supporting bolt. The bolt rests on a flat arm, which in turn rests on the floor or supporting surface. One end of the arm
4333324 Spring/dead bolt lock assembly June 8, 1982
One part of a key-in-knob lock set functions in a normal manner such that when the lock set is unlocked, either the outside or inside knob can be manipulated to open the door by withdrawing the latch bolt from a normal spring latch extended position. When, instead, the lock set is locked
4332330 Electrical cut-in box June 1, 1982
An electrical cut-in box particularly for use as a switch box or the like in remodeling wiring where access to the wall studs is difficult and the box must be clamped between the inner and outer surfaces of the wall. The box employs a pair of clamping members formed from folding side cle
4305903 Composite fiber reinforced member and method December 15, 1981
A composite fiber reinforced plastic member and its method of manufacture to provide a high-strength light-weight part particularly suitable for use as a structural component. The composite member comprises a body or web comprised of a glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin matrix ha
4255953 Combination spring/dead bolt lock March 17, 1981
One part of a key-in-knob lock set functions in a normal manner such that when the lock set is unlocked, either the outside or inside knob can be manipulated to open the door by withdrawing the latch bolt from a normal spring latch extended position. When, instead, the lock set is locked
4254648 Inner locking cylinder with captive key March 10, 1981
A dead bolt lock set is designed to be key actuated on the inside as well as on the outside of the door. For the inside there is an inside tailpiece in engagement with a drive slot in the dead bolt hub. A lost motion circumferential recess on the inside tailpiece provides stops at positi
4246916 Dishwasher with steam generating heater and cold water input January 27, 1981
A dishwasher which generates steam from the surface of a body of water in the dishwasher tub, without substantial heating of the entire body of water, during at least parts of the washing and rinsing operations performed on dishes within the tub. Heating only a surface layer of the b
4232907 Vehicle wheel with wheel cover and retaining clip November 11, 1980
A wheel cover for covering at least a portion of the outer face of a wheel, including an inner face of the wheel cover including a plurality of recesses and with the inner face of the wheel cover disposed adjacent an outer face of the wheel when the wheel cover is fastened in position, e
4231619 Wheel trim retention means November 4, 1980
This disclosure relates to a novel retention for retaining wheel trim on the outer face of a vehicle wheel. The invention is especially adaptable for use with wheel trim made of plastic or the like. The retention comprises specially designed spring clips which consist of both a spring
4229047 Wheel trim retention system October 21, 1980
A system is described for retaining a wheel trim member in operative relationship to a conventional multiflanged vehicle wheel which is particularly adapted for use on wheel trim members fabricated from plastic composition. The retention system comprises a cavity or pocket provided in
4218082 Anti-friction latch insert and fastening means August 19, 1980
The latch bolt assembly makes use of a metal latch bolt head in which is positioned an anti-friction insert extending entirely through a slot in the head from the angled face to the straight face. For holding the insert in place there is a slot in the inside end of the insert engaged by
4183565 Latch bolt locking mechanism for fire door locksets January 15, 1980
To lock the head of a latchbolt in extended, or locked position therein to prevent opening of a door in case of fire the latch bolt head is provided with a spring driven locking pin reciprocatably mounted in a transverse direction. In the extended locked position of the latch bolt head t
4178043 Simulated wire wheel trim for automotive wheels December 11, 1979
There is disclosed herein a simulated wire wheel cover having a construction which allows for the reduction of the number of separate parts required in the fabrication of such wheel covers and, further, also reduces the total weight of such wheel covers. This simulated wire wheel com
4171149 Wheel trim retention means October 16, 1979
This invention pertains to an improved light duty retention clip particularly suited for use in retaining automotive wheel covers, trim rings, and the like. The invention employs structure which provide an improved two point attachment to the wheel trim. The outer attachment comprise
4167648 Electric junction box September 11, 1979
An electrical junction box particularly suitable for fabrication from molded plastic has a generally rectangular horizontal cross-section with a flat bottom wall, a pair of oppositely positioned flat side walls substantially parallel to each other, and a pair of end walls which are p
4166653 Simulated wire wheel trim September 4, 1979
This disclosure relates to a simulated wire wheel cover for use on vehicle wheels which provides four depths of spokes by the use of only two sets of spoke clusters. The first set of spoke clusters overlap side to side at their radially inner ends, each spoke cluster in the first set com
4149754 Wheel trim retention April 17, 1979
This disclosure relates to a novel wheel trim retention for retaining wheel trim on the outer face of a vehicle wheel. The invention is especially adaptable for use with wheel trim made of plastic or the like. The retention system comprises specially designed spring clips which contain
4149284 Apparatus for isolating a ball-cock assembly April 17, 1979
An apparatus for isolating a ball-cock assembly locatable within a water closet flush tank from fluids contained within the flush tank has independent sleeve means of a material impervious to the fluid within the flush tank which is associated with a fluid riser of the ball-cock asse
4141234 Dead bolt guard February 27, 1979
A guard mount structure for a dead bolt installation on a door has a preassembled condition wherein a dead bolt subassembly consisting of a housing and a dead bolt shaft is attached to a sheet metal guard. The sheet metal guard has opposite plates for attachment to opposite faces of
4135633 Electrical junction and outlet box January 23, 1979
An electrical junction and outlet box is formed from a side wall fabricated from an elongated flat strip bent into a desired geometric shape, with its ends joined together by means of a dovetail joint which is appropriately staked to make for a tight joint. A bottom for the box is formed
4131322 Wheel trim retention December 26, 1978
There is disclosed herein a wheel trim retention for securely and removably attaching a wheel trim member to a vehicle wheel comprising a retention band having a plurality of clip members secured to the wheel facing side thereof each of which has a pair of tooth carrying arms which are a
4129268 Rockets including trajectory controls December 12, 1978
1. A rocket comprising a rear section including a motor, a forward war head section, an intermediate trajectory control section, and a rotatable connection between said control and motor sections, a gyroscope and a gas generator mounted within said control section, the generator ahead of
4123097 Sectional entrance handle retract mechanism October 31, 1978
For translating the linear motion of a pivotally mounted thumb piece for a front door latch into the rotary motion needed to withdraw a latch bolt, two rotary members are employed. One is a bell crank having a pivotal mounting on the mounting plate at one side of and at right angles to t
4062579 Knob attachment for door latch December 13, 1977
A door latch makes use of moldable material for most of the individual parts with opposite roses adapted to interlock with each other and be held together with a single screw on the axial center line of the knobs and accessible from the outside. Prior to installation of the latch on the
4054088 Trash compactor October 18, 1977
A trash compactor has trash compacting means attached to a chassis that is supported in the upper end of the housing for limited movement relative to its side walls and is detachable in a manner facilitating servicing of the trash compacting means. The chassis moves upwardly in response
4054087 Apparatus having a variable stroke reciprocating member and means responsive to a predetermined October 18, 1977
A domestic trash compactor is provided with electromechanical means operable on a predetermined stroke of its compacting head to control a circuit, in the disclosed embodiment, a signal circuit providing a warning that the compacted trash in the receiver should be inspected.
4045640 Stay-hot control for microwave oven August 30, 1977
The infra-red browning element of a microwave oven is automatically energized at the end of either the microwave or browning timing cycle, to provide heat to the oven for keeping the food hot (at a lower temperature than that used for browning). This end result is achieved by ganging the
4041857 Trash compactor August 16, 1977
The door of a trash compactor has an auxiliary door located to permit trash to be entered through it into the throat of the compactor. The auxiliary door, when closed, includes a throat portion which converts into a chute when the auxiliary door is opened.
4024806 Trash compactor May 24, 1977
A trash compactor has a compacting head supported by two sets of links, each set having a pair of links pivotally interconnected by a member common to both pairs and spacing the two sets of links apart. Corresponding ends of the links are pivotally connected to the head and means con
4009911 Wheel trim and method March 1, 1977
A simulated wire wheel cover and the method of assembling it. Three rows of spokes are assembled one on top of the other in overlapping relationship. Each of the three rows of spokes are comprised of a plurality of equal spoke sections, each having a plurality of spokes connected to a ba
4000689 Trash compactor January 4, 1977
The trash compactor has a throat above the chamber in which the trash receiving unit is located. The trash receiving unit consists of a pan and a container, both dimensioned so that their walls are shielded by the throat. The pan fits the chamber with its walls spaced from the walls of
3998080 Frangible construction lock system December 21, 1976
A pin tumbler lock has a housing, a cylindrical key plug provided with a keyway rotatable in the housing, a shear line between the plug and the housing, pin tumbler bores with aligned parts respectively in the housing and the key plug and spring pressed outer and inner pin tumblers in ea
3979008 Removable receptacle for trash compactor September 7, 1976
A trash compactor has a trash compacting head supported by linkage of a type that can be unfolded to extend it and folded to retract it. The linkage consists of first and second sets of links connected to the head in a spaced apart relationship. A pair of parallel, laterally spaced o
3973801 Wheel trim retention means August 10, 1976
Means are disclosed for retaining wheel trim such as a trim ring or wheel cover. The means comprises an annular retention member secured at its outer edge to the wheel trim, and having an axially extending portion inside the conventional intermediate flange of the tire rim. A plurality

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