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Nordyne, Inc. Patents
Nordyne, Inc.
St. Louis, MO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D306341 Vehicle rooftop air conditioner housing February 27, 1990
D300777 Ceiling-mounted outlet box for conditioned air April 18, 1989
8011199 HVAC control using discrete-speed thermostats and run times September 6, 2011
Methods of controlling air conditioning and HVAC units using a thermostat for a discrete-speed unit that include changing speed based on how long the unit operates at a particular speed. Speed may be increased if a unit operates for longer than a predetermined time at a particular speed,
7784296 System and method for controlling an air conditioner or heat pump August 31, 2010
A control procedure operates an expansion valve of an air conditioning system. The control procedure utilizes a first control procedure to bring a calculated superheat value within a range of a target superheat value, and a second control procedure to cause the calculated superheat value
7770806 Temperature control in variable-capacity HVAC system August 10, 2010
Relatively constant temperatures are maintained in a space by varying the capacity of heating or cooling equipment. A proportional band is used to adjust capacity to compensate for changes in heating or cooling load, and the proportional band is adjusted to bring the actual temperature w
6457653 Blowerless air conditioning system October 1, 2002
A blowerless air conditioning or heat pump system for use in providing conditioned air includes an outdoor section that is preferably coupled to an indoor section, and is advantageously used with a forced hot air furnace and a corresponding air distribution duct system of a home or b
5992410 High-efficiency furnace for mobile homes November 30, 1999
An improved high-efficiency furnace for use with manufactured housing has a modular heat exchanger assembly having a drum and a plurality of serpentine shaped tubes. A burner extends at least partially into the drum portion of the heat exchanger which acts as a combustion chamber. Hot
5619864 Compact heat pump April 15, 1997
A heat pump unit for use in small buildings where the unit must be stored in a confined space, not having access to the exterior walls of the building. The unit is contained within a rectangular housing that is divided into three compartments. An outdoor air compartment is vertically
5377503 Convertible top single package heat pump unit January 3, 1995
A single package heat pump unit is field-reconfigurable from a horizontal discharge configuration to a top discharge configuration. A supply panel covers the top and upper part of the back wall, and contains a supply vent in a vent wall, with a blank wall joining it at a ninety degree cr
5099914 Louvered heat exchanger fin stock March 31, 1992
Bi-directional fin stock, for use in heat exchangers of the fin and tube type, having louvers formed from the planar surface of the fin stock to project progressively farther into the airstream. This enables the fin stock to exchange heat with a broader airstream by translating the airfl
4924848 High-efficiency furnace for mobile homes May 15, 1990
A furnace utilizing, in the upper portion of its cabinet, a blower acting downward through a separator opening to circulate room air past a combustion chamber whose gases flow upward through a sideward-positioned board radiator member which reaches up to the flue. A substantial increase
4865013 Self-adjusting telescoping concentric flue assembly September 12, 1989
A self-adjusting, telescoping concentric flue assembly provides non-separating, substantial flexibility between the telescoping sections of both the flue and the air supply ducts. The lower flue and air supply ducts may move radially independently of each other sufficiently to permit
4710610 Electric resistance heater and limit switch assembly December 1, 1987
A heater and limit switch assembly, particularly useful for installation in the conditioned air duct of a rooftop air conditioner. The loop of a rigid-loop heater, mounted on a vertical plate by two parallel legs, is modified to provide an inward offset portion leading to the second leg.
4709753 Uni-directional fin-and-tube heat exchanger December 1, 1987
A fin-and-tube heat exchanger designed for one-way airflow, in which louvers, formed from the fin stock, progressively increase in length from the fin leading edge to its trailing edge. Their end walls channel air into stagnant air spaces behind the tubes. The tube collars may be offset
4709623 Ceiling distributor duct assembly for rooftop air conditioners December 1, 1987
A low profile ceiling duct assembly to be used with rooftop air conditioners. The unit combines an octagonal sheet metal ceiling plate which provides the upper portion of a plenum chamber; this extending into the roof space above a ceiling opening. The lower plenum portion is provide

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