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Nordson Corporation Patents
Nordson Corporation
Westlake, OH
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE39399 Segmented die for applying hot melt adhesives or other polymer melts November 14, 2006
A segmented die assembly comprises a plurality of side-by-side and separate units. Each die unit, includes a manifold segment and a die module mounted thereon. The manifold segments are interconnected and function to deliver process air and polymer melt to the modules. Each module in
RE38526 Electrostatic rotary atomizing spray device with improved atomizer cup June 8, 2004
An electrostatic, liquid spray, rotary atomizer has an atomizer housing, a power supply within the housing and an atomizer cup at a front end of the housing. The atomizer cup, which is formed of a non-conductive material, has several elongate conductive pathways embedded in the body of t
RE35883 Apparatus for dispensing conductive coating materials including color changing capability September 1, 1998
An apparatus for transferring electrically conductive coating materials, such as water-based paint, from at least one source to one or more coating dispensers or spray guns for discharge onto a substrate includes two "parallel" flow paths, each having a large reservoir pump, which transm
RE35010 Method of compensating for changes in the flow characteristics of a dispensed fluid to maintain August 8, 1995
Changes in the flow characteristics of a fluid being dispensed from a nozzle under .[.then.]. .Iadd.the .Iaddend.control of a metering valve are compensated for in order to maintain the volume of fluid dispensed over a predetermined time interval substantially equal to a selected setpoin
RE33482 Adjustable powder spray gun December 11, 1990
A powder spray gun which, in the presently preferred embodiment, is particularly adapted for spraying a particular powder spray onto the interior surfaces of containers and other target objects in a confined area. The apparatus includes a rigid tubular support member and a flexible p
RE33481 Adhesive spray gun and nozzle attachment December 11, 1990
An apparatus for spraying heated hot melt adhesive in elongated strands or fibers in a controlled, spiral pattern upon a substrate comprises a spray gun having a nozzle formed with an adhesive delivery passageway and an air delivery passageway both of which terminate at the base of the n
RE32841 Apparatus for transferring powder from bulk drums January 24, 1989
Apparatus for emptying a drum of powdered material. The drum is mounted on a support at a angle to vertical. The drum has a cap having two holes and sleeves projecting into the drum from the holes. The sleeves are aligned with the bottom corner of the drum. A feed tube, loosel
RE31867 Electrostatic spray gun April 16, 1985
An electrostatic spray gun is disclosed which comprises a high valued resistance in the barrel portion of the gun, and a second resistor in the nozzle of the gun closely adjacent to a charging electrode projecting from the nozzle to provide safer operation.
D693865 Upper portion of a wall mounted adhesive melter November 19, 2013
D667709 Cover for an adhesive dispensing gun September 25, 2012
D666696 Adhesive dispensing module September 4, 2012
D663023 Liquid dispensing syringe July 3, 2012
D663022 Male body of connector for fluid tubing July 3, 2012
D658954 Portion of a cover for an adhesive dispensing gun May 8, 2012
D647380 Cover for an adhesive dispensing gun October 25, 2011
D623664 Pump injector September 14, 2010
D623291 Liquid dispensing syringe September 7, 2010
D623200 Pump throat September 7, 2010
D620963 User interface portion of a hot melt adhesive melter August 3, 2010
D617421 Valve June 8, 2010
D616368 Electrical connector of an ultraviolet lamp bulb May 25, 2010
D611515 Hot melt adhesive melter March 9, 2010
D597629 Valve August 4, 2009
D588693 Liquid dispensing syringe March 17, 2009
D588617 Nozzle assembly March 17, 2009
D585622 Box unloader January 27, 2009
D577046 Dispenser body for receiving a syringe type fluid dispenser September 16, 2008
D569477 Nozzle May 20, 2008
D568439 Nozzle May 6, 2008
D562368 Melter unit February 19, 2008
D552716 Dispensing valve October 9, 2007
D550261 Adhesive dispensing nozzle September 4, 2007
D546920 Valve July 17, 2007
D546851 Hydraulic seal with a pivoting arm July 17, 2007
D543564 Hydraulic seal with a pivoting arm May 29, 2007
D536421 Intake portion of a liquid dispensing valve February 6, 2007
D536354 Liquid spray applicator device February 6, 2007
D536061 Tube January 30, 2007
D532864 Nozzle November 28, 2006
D532863 Nozzle November 28, 2006
D530393 Cover for a dispensing valve October 17, 2006
D529321 Liquid dispenser assembly and dispenser body portion October 3, 2006
D526383 Adhesive filter August 8, 2006
D524911 Valve July 11, 2006
D521035 Adhesive dispenser May 16, 2006
D521034 Apparatus for melting and dispensing of material May 16, 2006
D520538 Nozzle May 9, 2006
D519536 Nozzle holding portion of an adhesive dispenser April 25, 2006
D515177 Manifold for supplying liquids February 14, 2006
D511446 Body for a hand-held fluid dispenser November 15, 2005

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