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Nomura Micro Science Co., Ltd. Patents
Nomura Micro Science Co., Ltd.
Atsugi-shi, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8278219 Method for purifying chemical added with chelating agent October 2, 2012
A chelate complex is removed from a chemical which is used in a semiconductor production process and contains a compound having a chelating ability, and the cleaning load is also reduced. Specifically disclosed is a method for purifying a chemical which is used in a semiconductor pro
8202429 Method for recovering a used slurry June 19, 2012
Foreign substances which are not inherently contained in a polishing slurry are selectively separated and removed from a polishing slurry component comprised of abrasives, a solvent and an additive which are inherently contained in the polishing slurry.
7805983 Method for measuring the number of fine particles in ultrapure water and method for manufacturin October 5, 2010
A method for measuring the number of fine particles in ultrapure water includes subjecting the ultrapure water to internal pressure filtration through a hollow fiber membrane having a skin layer capable of trapping the fine particles in the ultrapure water at least on an inner surface
7625262 Material for purification of semiconductor polishing slurry, module for purification of semicond December 1, 2009
A material for purification of a semiconductor polishing slurry that without changing of pH value, is capable of efficiently purifying a polishing slurry to thereby not only prevent metal contamination of a polished object as effectively as possible but also achieve recycling of a po
7491302 Electrolytic gas generation method and electrolytic gas generation device February 17, 2009
Pure water 3 is made to pass through a carbon dioxide contact mechanism, to become carbonated water, and is supplied to an ozone gas and hydrogen gas generation section, so that the concentration of generated ozone gas becomes stable. As a result, the concentration of the generated ozone
7043394 Method and device for measuring fine particles in ultrapure water May 9, 2006
A novel measuring method which allows measurement of fine particles which are extremely fine and contained in a very small amount in ultrapure water is provided. The number frequency with respect to the fine particles having a particle diameter of 0.1 .mu.m or more is measured based
6896927 Method of preventing organic contamination from the atmosphere of electronic device substrates a May 24, 2005
An electronic device substrate, such as a semiconductor silicon wafer or a liquid crystal glass substrate, with a surface which has just undergone cleaning treatment and which is covered with a clean oxide or nitride film which will readily adsorb organic contaminants is treated with an
6851873 Method and apparatus for removing organic films February 8, 2005
A method and an apparatus for removing an organic film, such as a resist film, from a substrate surface are provided wherein a treatment liquid containing dissolved ozone, and preferably formed from liquid ethylene or propylene carbonate, or both, is contacted with the substrate having t
6699330 Method of removing contamination adhered to surfaces and apparatus used therefor March 2, 2004
A method of removing surface-deposited contaminants, comprising bringing an ozone-containing treating solution into contact with the surface of a treating target on which contaminants have deposited. The ozone-containing treating solution comprises an organic solvent having a partition
6696228 Method and apparatus for removing organic films February 24, 2004
A method and an apparatus for removing an organic film such as a resist film from a substrate surface are provided. These are very safe even at high temperatures, and use a treatment liquid which can be recycled and reused. A treatment liquid typically formed from liquid ethylene car
6187201 System for producing ultra-pure water February 13, 2001
A system for producing ultra-pure water having an electrodialysis unit 1, which has a membrane selectively permeable to monovalent cations and a membrane selectively permeable to monovalent anions, and a reverse osmosis unit 5 which is connected after the electrodialysis unit 1 in series
5626751 Filter unit and high-pressure sizing apparatus May 6, 1997
A filter unit comprises a metallic supporting plate possessed of stepped through holes opening with a larger diameter in one main surface and with a smaller diameter in the other main surface (wherein the diameter ratio of larger-diameter openings to smaller-diameter openings is desired
5573662 Apparatus for treatment of low-concentration organic waste water November 12, 1996
An apparatus for the treatment of a low-concentration organic waste water for relaim a low-concentration organic waste water having a TOC concentration of from 0.5 to 3 ppm and obtaining an ultra pure water having a TOC concentration of not more than 1 ppb is characterized by the fac
5180403 Method for vacuum deaeration January 19, 1993
A method for vacuum deaeration of a dissolved gas in a pure water, the pure water having a specific resistivity of not less than 0.1, in a vacuum degasifier column maintained at a presssure slightly higher than a saturated steam pressure at a temperature of the p
4863608 Photocatalytic treatment of water for the preparation of ultra pure water September 5, 1989
A new process step for purifying water from a small amount, particularly a last trace amount, of organic impurities included in total organic carbon (TOC) content is incorporated into known processes for the preparation of ultra pure water comprising one or more previous filtration steps
4761074 Method for measuring impurity concentrations in a liquid and an apparatus therefor August 2, 1988
A method and an apparatus for measuring an impurity concentration of a liquid comprises atomizing step for atomizing the objective liquid, e.g. pure water, having a predetermined droplet size distribution, and an evaporating step for evaporating to dryness the droplets so as to generate

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