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RE44592 Address acquisition November 12, 2013
In a GPRS system, a method of a mobile station acquiring an IP network address. The method comprises the steps of: the mobile station generating a link identifier and sending it to a gateway over a wireless link in a network address request together with a request to check if the link
RE44553 Apparatus and an associated method for facilitating communications in a radio communication syst October 22, 2013
Apparatus, and an associated method, for facilitating operation of a radio communication system that provides for multi rate data communications, such as a CDMA 2000 system that provides for 1xEV-DV communication services. A supplemental pilot, or control, signal generator embodied a
RE43689 System and method for registering attendance of entities associated with content creation September 25, 2012
A system and method for registering or otherwise associating items with generated content. Identification of who and/or what is present in connection with the generation of content is determined. In one embodiment, images, video, audio, or other media/multimedia content is generated,
RE43631 Mobile communications device with a camera September 4, 2012
The invention pertains to a mobile communications device with a camera, comprising a microphone (5), loudspeaker, display, keypad and camera. According to the invention the mobile communications device comprises at least two parts covering each other alternatively completely in the t
RE43370 Communication device with two modes of operation May 8, 2012
The invention relates to a mobile station which comprises two separate user interfaces and an outer covering (10, 11) which can be unfolded. The device has the appearance and the size of a common mobile phone when the outer covering (10, 11) is closed, whereby available is a first user
RE43260 Method for clustering and querying media items March 20, 2012
The present invention relates to managing media items in data processing terminals. More particularly, the present invention is directed to a method, a device and a computer program product for arranging, viewing and querying media items organized in hierarchical multidimensional clu
RE43256 Processing of images using a limited number of bits March 20, 2012
The invention relates to a method as well as a system, a device, an encoder and a decoder, and a computer software product for image processing by the method. In the invention, the number of bits is limited in the bit string of a pixel to be processed, wherein the pixel is encoded wi
RE43180 Management of packet switched connections in a mobile communications network February 14, 2012
In connection-oriented switching of packet data in known mobile communications systems, resources of the transmission path between the serving node (SGSN) and the radio network subsystem (RNS) and memory resources of the radio network subsystem are reserved unnecessarily due to the b
RE43071 Data transmission January 3, 2012
A method and system for large data transfer between a sender and a receiver. The sender transmits to the receiver a plurality of data packets in sequence. The time elapsed for each of the plurality of data packets after transmission of said each of the plurality of data packets is de
RE42744 Method of sending feedback information in a fast automatic repeat request forming part of an ove September 27, 2011
A method of sending feedback information in a fast physical layer hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) for frequency division duplex communications that form an overall wireless communication system is described in which the received packets are acknowledged by transmitting feedbac
RE42692 Method for compact representation of multi-code signaling in communication systems September 13, 2011
A method for compact representation of multi-code signaling that includes determining a number of multi-codes and a code offset. A codeword is formulated that includes a code group indicator and an offset indicator. The codeword represents a compact representation of multi-code signaling
RE42676 Method for determining a boundary of an information element, a system, and an electronic device September 6, 2011
A method for determining a boundary of an information element, in which a repetition coded signal transmitted by satellites is received, which signal is modulated with information elements. A group of symbols forms one information element. A group of reference values are formed on the
RE41930 Method for determining a candidate cell for an active set November 16, 2010
A method (200, 300, 400) according to the invention is a method for determining a condidate cell for an active set, where the quality factor of each cell in the active set is determined (202), a quality factor of a test cell is determined (203), and the test cell is accepted (205) as a
RE41541 Multi-service mobile station August 17, 2010
A multi-service mobile station according to the invention comprises means (42) for connecting the device by radio to telecommunication network in order to utilize typical mobile station services, such as speech and data services. Additionally, the multi-service mobile station provides me
RE41178 Radio system and methods for duplex operation March 30, 2010
A method for duplex telecommunication connection in radio connections is based on a frame-structured interactive communication and a radio system where the frame-structured interactive communication is performed in the radio connections. A means is provided for improving the use of chann
RE40825 Method and arrangement for timing the diversity weight changes in a cellular radio system July 7, 2009
A method and an arrangement are provided for timing a change of diversity weights in a radio connection between a base station and a terminal. A response timing mode is selected from a number of predefined response timing modes. The terminal is informed about the selected response timing
RE40451 Procedure for ensuring the operation of signalling channels in a V5 interface August 5, 2008
The present invention relates to a procedure for ensuring the operation of signalling channels in a V5 interface between a local exchange (LE) and an access node (AN). The interface includes at least two links (L), in conjunction with redefinition of the interface composition. Redefiniti
RE40254 Method and system for realising a fast control channel in a cellular radio network April 22, 2008
Signalling information is conveyed from a transmitting device (101) to a receiving device (102) in a cellular radio network where user data transmission takes place on a traffic channel in discrete transmission bursts (111-120; 211-220; 310-313) consisting of consecutive symbols. A p
RE39381 Establishment of a connection between a base station and a mobile station using random access ch November 7, 2006
A connection establishment method for establishing a random access type connection using a random access channel, which is used in a radio system having several subscriber terminal equipments (37 to 38) and base stations (33 to 36) where one or more transceiver units (40 to 47) opera
D669053 Handset October 16, 2012
D666980 Handset September 11, 2012
D666581 Headset device September 4, 2012
D665766 Handset August 21, 2012
D665764 Handset August 21, 2012
D665761 Handset August 21, 2012
D664920 Charger August 7, 2012
D662486 Handset June 26, 2012
D662072 Handset June 19, 2012
D661290 Handset June 5, 2012
D661289 Handset June 5, 2012
D661288 Set of handset keys June 5, 2012
D661287 Handset June 5, 2012
D661285 Antenna June 5, 2012
D661283 Headset June 5, 2012
D661278 Handset June 5, 2012
D660818 Handset May 29, 2012
D660292 Headset May 22, 2012
D660281 Handset May 22, 2012
D660280 Handset May 22, 2012
D658640 Modem May 1, 2012
D658621 Handset May 1, 2012
D658620 Handset May 1, 2012
D658619 Handset May 1, 2012
D657765 Handset April 17, 2012
D656917 Handset April 3, 2012
D655698 Handset March 13, 2012
D654905 Handset February 28, 2012
D654904 Handset February 28, 2012
D654866 Headset charger February 28, 2012
D654481 Handset February 21, 2012

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